I went to a seminar yesterday which was really excellent. On the way home in the train I got this inspiration – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I heard an italian builder saying , “we a builda da perfect tower, Then Luigi say”We needa to fixa da foundations!” Now look at it!”

Today I sought out an old photo of the tower and Modified it to fit the frame correctly, put in the words in a balloon and published it here!

In WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) we have a list of things we don’t change. We believe in building houses to last for a minimum of 500 years. Yes they are more expensive but far, far cheaper to live in than the standard mortgaged house you get from a bank. especially if you have a WPPN ZERO PERCENT Mortgage! 500 years is at least 12 generations! Which means 11 generations of YOUR FAMILY will be living at a reduced cost because they don’t have to pay rent or mortgage. This is really a gift of 20% to 35%+ of their weekly/annual income!

This is something we can achieve on this earth whilst still alive by fulfilling our Matriarchal/Patriarchal obligations (and the whole of the baby boomer generation is set to potentially achieve this status in the next 15 years.) This is partially why WPPN was created. We are the greediest generation in the history of mankind, creating very little for our children to inherit and spending all of our inheritances . We simply flick our kids off at the age of 21 to fend for themselves! That is not good enough! Our MDP (Major Dominant Purpose) on earth is to help create a divine civilisation. What have we done? Four fifths of five eights of ****-all! Awaken ladies and gentlemen to your responsiblities. Arise from your beds of slumber and start building the world anew for OUR children, OUR grand-children and so forth down through the generations!

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