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Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Einstein was spiritual, not religious and that is the way the western world is going.

Science without religion (Spirituality) is lame,

whilst religion (Spirituality) without science is blind.

~ Einstein

Science is the study of How God made the world, Spirituality is the study of Why He created it. If the two don’t agree then one or the other must be wrong! Break down the dogmas on both side and the truth is standing there, for all to see!


Rev Mas J’iam


litlle by little by little

I have been working on the WPPN project now for 21 years and everytime I turn a corner there is new knowledge for me to learn and absorb! At the moment i am getting a lot on the spiritual realities of life – not what people imagine, but the hard facts. There is no free will on the spiritual plane, we must submit to the will of God and God’s ways are different to our ways! Very different. But excellent at the same time!

we wait

ImageWe wait quietly on the dim forest floor waiting for the rotten capitalists and usurers to fall. as more and more falls of the – big limbs etc, we get more light to grow. Within the next ten years WPPN will spread worldwide and people will say, “It’s so obvious now, why didn’t someone think of it before?”