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The Punch

From the age of 14 I suffered badly from ingrown toenails which made compulsory school sports an agony. I was 17 when ordered to play a game of “scrag”, a rough and tumble game with the sole purpose of tackling and being tackled. I managed to stay out of the game until one lad took it upon himself to get me involved. He threw the ball to me and I simply threw it back to him and he got tackled.

In the locker room after the game he started getting on my back, goading me and calling me a coward.  I ignored him and worked at getting my shoes off with as little pain as possible. This guy was a lot bigger than me so I suppose he thought he had the advantage. Anyway he kept on and on and on until something snapped inside me and I took an almighty swing at him.

I was on the floor stooped over my foot when I started, with him standing over me to the rear. In a split second I had turned, leapt and took my swing. I shifted states at this stage. The anger disappeared and I became strangely detached. I was in a time altered state, staring at my fist in fascination.  It was travelling so fast it was whistling! Yet because of my altered state appeared to be travelling in slow motion, humming in a low pitch as it went.  Physically my feet had slipped from underneath me and my body was swinging around and out. My body ended parallel to the ground with me looking at him eye to eye. This was good fortune for both of us because it pulled me outwards: when my fist reached its target it just grazed the tip of his chin and nose.

At this stage I returned to the physical state only to find myself falling to the ground at a great rate. I managed to put out my hands and feet to soften the crash so not much more than my pride was hurt. The other boys in the room laughed which broke the tension. But the boy I had swung at was white as a sheet. He had come close to getting his jaw broken: he knew it, I knew it and everyone else knew it too.  After that there was no trouble at all when I took the sidelines in games. Looking back I see that God protects us all – from ourselves and from each other!

A Hole in the Head!

A growth appeared on my forehead and try as I might, I just couldn’t get rid of it so I went to the doctor who said he would cut it out for me. A little bit of anaesthetic, out comes the scalpel and he carves a conical hole around the growth and removes it. He put a plaster on it and informed me that it was fine but that I would have a hole in my head about a quarter of an inch deep. I replied, “No, I won’t!” to which he retorted, “Oh yes, you will!” so I responded quite emphatically, “I will not!” He then stopped arguing and smugly said, “Well, we’ll see when the plaster comes off.”

When I went back and he removed the plaster, I was watching his face because he was smugly expecting a hole to be where smooth skin now was. His jaw dropped and he stammered, “I’ve never seen that before!” and I thought, but didn’t say, “No, and you won’t again, because every time you do this operation you tell the patients to heal with a hole in their head.”
I had gone home and told my body to fill the hole. It did so because the body is self-healing and obeys the commands of the mind – be they positive or negative. Because people trust doctors they will allow the doctor’s commands to override their body’s natural healing processes commands. Hence, the multitude of holes in the head! 

All the Possessions in the World

I had a dream, so real it was a vision. I dreamed I was in the presence of God and He asked me, “J’iam, what do you want?” And I replied, “I want all the material possessions in the world.”

God snapped His fingers and all the people in the world disappeared! As the dream faded into a fog there was a howl of loneliness: it was coming from me.  
Then, like a video rewinding, I was back at the start of the dream and God was saying to me, “J’iam, what do you want?” This time I replied, “I want everyone to love one another.”  
Again He snapped His fingers and this time all the possessions disappeared! As the dream faded I could see the people gravitating towards each other. Attachment to material possessions is a great barrier to Love.

The Walking Stick

It was Christmas and we were spending it with my wife’s relatives in Pahiatua. The noon meal was followed by an afternoon activity – a walk to a hidden waterfall on the farm property.
Knowing that it is far more efficient to walk with a stick I looked for a suitable one to serve me (a walking stick instantly increases your walking ability by at least 50%, probably more. It is the use of a stick that allowed the Victorians to walk such long distances as a matter of course).  Shortly I found a stick that was just right so I picked it up and set off with it. I got a bit of gentle ribbing from the family but I persevered. As the track got rougher it came in handy, giving me a third leg, so to speak, for stability. Then the track disappeared and, as we ascended a small river bed, the going got harder with every step.

We came to a place that was impassable, forcing us to detour up and over the bank. With the stick I dug a small hole in the bank, jammed the stick into it and allowed the ladies and older members to use it as a step up. This was repeated on numerous occasions until we reached the waterfall where we rested, talked and played. On the return journey I used the stick extensively as a brake and tripod to slow and steady my descent.

When the walk was over and the cars were in sight I casually dropped the stick on the ground, whereupon it snapped clean in half!
I stopped instantly, staring at the broken parts – it was rotten in the middle!  Yet it had stood a pounding and pummeling that should have broken it from the start.

If it had snapped any time during the trip it could have resulted in a serious fall onto sharp rocks. But it didn’t happen that way. And the reason is because the law of providence protected us all, putting a metaphysical strength into the stick that overcame its physical weakness.

The Sad Lady

As a solo dad on a benefit I was not exactly rolling in money, so hitchhiking was a necessary means of transport. Usually this was no problem as I asked God to provide the opportunity to meet interesting people or those who I could help in some way. The result of this arrangement was that it was most unusual for me to wait for more than half a dozen cars for a lift.
One day I had to go to Palmerston North for some now forgotten reason so I walked the mile to the main road and started thumbing. But nothing happened: I stood there for a couple of fruitless hours. I decided that if I hadn’t caught a lift by the time the scheduled bus came I would catch that instead. No sooner had I thought that than the bus came into view and so I flagged it down.
As soon as I entered the bus I saw a very sad lady. “Perhaps,” I thought, “I am meant to help her.” But there was no way I could find out because all the seats around and opposite her were filled.  So I sat to the front of the bus on the opposite side and said a little prayer, “God if you want me to help her, please bring her to me.”  

The bus went less than a hundred metres down the road when there was a muffled bang. The driver stopped the bus and got out to check. A few seconds later he climbed back onboard and announced to us, “We have a blown tire on the left rear. I can fix it but I’ll have to ask all the passengers on the left to move to the right hand side for a while.” So it was the sad lady came and sat next to me.
It turned out she was travelling down to see her husband on remand in prison. She had two small children and was finding it hard going alone. I put on my silly act to cheer her up and we talked of many things – both silly and serious. At the bus terminal we had a cup of tea together and I gave her a little prayer book. She departed happy and buoyed up!
The journey home was no trouble at all – I got a lift from the second passing car!


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Drowning – a Near Death Experience

ImageIn the summer of 1972 I was a young man living in Auckland. One day the guys in my flat took me sight-seeing to Muriwai Beach. One asked me if I had ever been surfing to which I replied, “No”, so he offered me the use of his surfboard.

Now, I am not a strong swimmer and I should have declined the offer.  Nor can I float (except for an inch of the top of my head that sticks out the water, so breath I have to swim!) But I accepted the offer and off I went into one of the most terrifying and yet strangely wonderful experiences I have ever had. The first wave dumped me off the surfboard and pushed me underwater. On surfacing to take a breath another wave pushed me under again. Again the same thing happened, three times surfacing and three times being shoved under again. On the last time I was caught in an underwater rip and dragged backwards along the seabed.  
At this stage I went in to a terrible panic and I can remember being pulled along the seabed, screaming into the water and clawing the sandy bottom.  This was sheer animal panic, the same sort that is felt by all men facing death for the first time. Now I could feel my lungs burning for air and my heart pounding in my ears. Everything seemed to rise to an incredible crescendo of panic, noise and pain at which point the whole thing stopped – instantaneously.  
Then I was in a new state: I could no longer hear my heartbeat and the silence was amazing. The panic and pain was gone completely: I was peaceful calm and happy. It was a peace of great magnitude, such as I had never felt before. Surrounded by a love of immense depth I realized that there was no time either – everything just IS. Next came a most unusual sensation as I “withdrew” from my body: I felt my teeth, my hair and my fingernails. I realized for the first time that these mineral parts of me were alive.
Then I was free of my body, looking down at it. It was floating in the water in a lotus position, completely inert. I looked at it and felt a deep loving gratitude towards it for being such a wonderful servant and vehicle, fare-welling it but having no regrets in the parting. Next I was “seeing” with a new type of vision. Although I had no eyes I could see everything differently and far better! I could see through 360 degrees – to the top, the bottom, the front and back as well as to the left and right of me.  Then I started seeing in different bands of the spectrum – the green, red and blue spectrums still stick in my memory. In the blue band the water had gold flashes in it – a most lovely sight.
While all this was happening I was having another experience – tapping into the universal source of knowledge. Things I had always wondered about were suddenly “answered”. Well, not so much answered as I knew the answer. As the experience progresses it gets harder to describe because much of the experience defies translation into mere words. The next major experience was
“the journey”.  It felt as if layers were “peeling” from me, something like layers peeling off a cooked onion.  I was going into the central core of my being.  In it was a “black hole” or opening.  I knew that once I had passed through this opening I would never return to this world. Yet I felt no fear, in fact I had a huge desire to complete the journey.
Sadly I never made it through, being shot instead to the surface – literally onto the surfboard. I can’t remember the journey to the shore but I do remember most vividly lying on the beach crying at the “injustice” of being returned to this world. I can also remember all the knowledge I’d gained draining from me and that really hurt! From that moment on my quest, my hunger was for that knowledge to return. And over the years I have gathered some of it back.
Has it changed my life? Yes!  First-hand experience of death removes all fear of it. The thought of death as annihilation is totally wiped. I also now know that death is not a punishment, but the ultimate reward for life!   


“I have made death a messenger of joy to thee.
Wherefore dost thou grieve?
I made the light to shed on thee its splendor.
Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?”



Behold a revolutionary!

ImageI used to think I was a moderate. But recently I have been proved to be a revolutionary because i am doing God’s work and God is the ultimate in revolutionaries! 21 years ago God gave me an epiphany which i accepted as the truth (after long hard testing mind you!) and since that time I have been working on bringing that epiphany into reality. The first 16 years were based in the general world, that is to say me helping to create a general, non-specific divine civilisation. But five years ago I was given the same task again but this time on a personal level to help create a specific divine civilisation! I still have another 25 years left to go and hopefully, God willing, i will succeed at getting this huge project off the ground and into general beingness. Of course if it were left up to me alone there is no way i could do this, but with God doing the vast majority of work in the project and me doing a miniscule amount it will come into being because what God wills, will always dominate! (“…all are His servants and all abide by His bidding”)

So I sit here and work in isolation each day, knowing that one day soon the world will discover me and i will be the latest sensation. And each day i try to prepare myself for that coming whirlwind, planning, planning, planning!

I want some good “No” men (or women) around me, people who will analyse the situation and speak up if they think i am wrong in any actions. Mohamed once stopped his army in the desert and ordered them to camp there, away from a nearby oasis. His followers asked him if he had made this decision as Mohamed the Prophet or as Mohamed the man. When he replies as the man they quickly suggested it would be far wiser to occupy the oasis and be in control of the water – a strong point in desert country. And he agreed that yes it would be far better, so they moved onto to occupy the oasis and to win the battle! That is the value of No” men!

Howard Hughes, the richest man in the world, died of starvation because he surrounded himself with yes men who did his every wish, no matter how damaging it was to his health and his body. And so whilst the coroners used the fancy word malnutrition he actually starved to death in a luxury hotel room!

“give me “No” men or give me death!” to re-quote a well known phrase(“give me liberty or give me death!”)

Oh God, guide me, protect me and deliver me into positive circumstances under the auspices of your infallible protection and guidance,