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I see the world is on an ideological path of wrongness with homosexuality. People are using the word love to justify their tolerance of the “gay” behaviour which is definitly aggressive towards straight people.

When the homosexual law reform bill was fought (in New Zealand) it was argued through parliament on the grounds that…

A) homosexuality was not a physical disease,

B) it was not a mental disease and therefore

C) was not a disease at all –  it was normal behaviour!

But there is a huge flaw in that argument, as only two out of three options were mentioned. What is the missing option? Spirituality!

Homosexuality is a spiritual disease that manifests in the physical/sexual world. And in spiritual law homosexuality is forbidden (not that I believe people should be imprisoned for being homosexuals, it is after all a disease. Do we imprison people with other diseases? No, we have to Love the person, but not the disease.)

There are two sides to the spiritual ban on homosexuality

(1) homosexuality is banned and

(2) sodomy is also banned.

Both of these practices are forbidden by every manifestation who has ever trod the earth. Male homosexuals practice both – a compound error of ways.

Why is homosexuality forbidden? Because homosexuality mistakenly uses the Love of Man for Man as the love of male for female. You will notice that in the first half of the sentence the words Love and Man are spelled with capitals and in the second half love, male and female are not. This is a spiritual practice to differentiate between the two levels – the metaphysical/Spiritual (capitals) and physical (non-capitals).

The love of Man for Man does not contain any sexual element to it at all as both male and female can be Man! So the Love of Man for Man is strictly Platonic.

Love on the physical level contains an element of lust. Marriage is predominantly love and some lust. Homosexuality is predominantly lust and some love. When Lust becomes predominant it becomes a tool of destruction. Which is why it is banned spiritually.

If homosexuals want to live together as sexual partners they can. They won’t ever reach heaven on earth though, as to do that we have to be reborn into the holy spirit and that is not possible for homosexuasl (although if a homosexual is reborn he/she will have to give up homosexuality to keep it).

So them’s the facts of life! Speaking spiritually that is. For the path is straight and narrow and anyone on the homosexual path is off in the dark, away from the light of Love.


BE!!!! That is the word of life. We are urged by life itself to fulfill our BEingness. What is our BEingness?? Know there are two kinds of Beingness – a general beingness and a specific beingness. To be whole we have to fulfill both. Our general beingness is hard for most people to find because it is not taught in schools or any of the mainstream institutes. So I will tell you right now. Each and everyone of our general beingnesses is “to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered it!” If even 20% of the world had this as there specific daily goal the world would quickly become a paradise.

Another way of expressing our general beingness is “to create a divine civilisation“. There are probably many expressions of the same goal in life but those are the two I personally focus on.

Once you have your general purpose under way you will have your specific purpose pointed out to you. I got mine as a 30 year task – to help solve a huge problem in the world and, more specifically, in our everyday lives. To aid me in this I was given the WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a tool that sets up our individual lives for continuous  Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity!

I realised today that I have always been, and will always be, a PROBLEM SOLVER. Ever since I was a child I have been solving problems. That is simply a part of my beingness. Some of the problems I solve are small, some of the problems are enormous (like WPPN) but I know that they will all come into beingness, because that is my Beingness in life – to solve problems.

As a metaphysician I solve problems too. Once I was dealing with a man who hadn’t seen his child for over two years, even though he had full legal custody of his son every weekend! So he had a big problem. But to me it seemed obvious – he was dealing with the problem on the wrong level, where he had no chance of solving it. So I suggested moving the problem up to a higher plane to be solved, to move it from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. On the physical plane the “law” is basically a set of man-made rules and regulations. On this plane possession is 9/10ths of the law and she (his ex-wife) had possession of his son, so she chose to deny him access.

With a few sentences we moved the problem up to the spiritual plane. On this plane higher law rules and there is no escaping their consequences. On this plane “Justice belongs to God” and God dictates what is to happen and woe betide you if you fight against it! Anyway with three sentences we cast it into the spiritual plane and within 18 hours (without any contact from us) she phoned him up asking him to take his son for the long weekend (three days away)!

You see there is no escaping spiritual law and this is what caused her to change her mind. One of the lower aspects of spiritual law is Karma – “what you sow is what you reap.” Our actions caused her be cast into her own Karma. The only escape from negative karma was to change her practices or to seek forgiveness (forgiveness wipes the negative returns of Karma – which is why “all things are made new” when we are reborn into the spirit! The first act of rebirth is total forgiveness of all past wrongs!) In this case she chose to change her practises – and solve her husbands problem at the same time!

So seek out your general beingness and start doing that – making the world a better place to live in because you exist!  And ask to be shown your specific beingness too! You are guaranteed an answer to that question (not always an immediate answer though, but when the time is right). To ask you have to speak it aloud, e.g. “I want to know what my specific beingness is in life (and then add this rider so it always comes to you in a positive way) in Good and Godly circumstances.”
Once you have said this aloud, then write it down and sign it. Put at the top of the page, “My name is ……………….”  this is your ownership of the question. Then when it is written sign it and this is your commitment to the question.  Very soon your life will start changing for the better, you will be led to the solution to your question and you will discover your own beingness! What a release this is! What freedom! Your life will change for the better, forever!

The Archbishop’s plummy voice

I was at the opening of a cathedral in Wellington about 7 years ago when I fell into conversation with the archbishop of New Zealand. Unfortunately he was talking in a plummy voice that obviously wasn’t his own and I wanted to talk to him on a human level so I asked God, “How do I get his man to talk to me in a normal voice?”

At which point God took over my tongue and I said “Knock knock”.
To which he replied, “Who’s there?”
And I replied “God!” Remember I had no idea where this conversation was going, I was simply looking on as God used my tongue.
Of course his reply was, “God Who?”
Then I literally shouted at this archbishop, “Whaddya mean God Who!!!”.
The archbishop gave a little jump and looked surprised! And then he started to talk to me in his normal voice and we had a normal conversation, as if the whole thing hadn’t happened at all. I doubt if he even remembered his conversation with God a minute later! But I do and it still makes me chuckle to this day!

The illusion of physical energy’s strength

Know that physical energy has only the power of illusion to make it strong. Imagine there is a very small spider that can make a cobweb that it ties around you. You can easily break the cobweb but the spider has a trick – it tells you that the cobweb is actually a very thick, immensely strong steel cable that cannot be broken. If you believe this lie, then it becomes a truth for you and you are trapped by the cobweb.

A real life example of this is the circus elephant. As babies they are chained to a peg that is too strong for them to pull out of the ground. But as they grow they become far stronger than the peg – they can easily pull it out of the ground to get their freedom! But they “Know” that they can’t pull it out of the ground, so they never try to pull it out. And so they are trapped, not by the strength of the peg, but by the weakness of their beliefs. They believe the peg is stronger than they are so they never try!

Mankind is the same way too. As small children everything we hear, see or read, up until the age of 7, is taken into our brains without discrimination. As adults we must go back to this young period and weed out falsehoods inserted into us by parents, friends, teachers, media and so forth because some of those “truths” are only elephant pegs. Not truths at all, simply falsehoods posing as truths!

“To the level of your belief it shall be given to you.” Paraphrased this can be read  as “we are as weak or as strong as we believe we are!” The subconscious can’t distinguish between truths or falsehoods, except as we tell it – “this is a truth, keep it!” or “this is a falsehood, throw it out and replace it with this truth ..”

As I have explained previously the physical energy strength is 1,  metaphysical energy strength is 10 and spiritual energy strength is 100. So how do we overcome physical energy if it is so weak? By reducing it to zero by exposing it’s lies – or revealing the truth of the matter  of cobwebs.
Jesus used the words “get thee behind me satan” to extinguish a falsehood from his mind before it had taken root. Today we can use the same affirmation expressed as, “This is not my thought, I refuse to accept it!” Doing so reduces the power of the thought from one to zero and it is made harmless.

Thoughts that are already in our memory need a similar, but different, technique. With these thoughts there won’t just be one, but up to hundreds of the same thoughts (because nothing stays still and all thoughts give birth to similar thoughts. If it has been in our brain since the age of five that may be 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years of it duplicating itself like a virus.)

The bodies trick to kill virus is heat. Virus are very sensitive to heat so as soon as they start multiplying the body increases it’s temperature and we run a “fever.” The same technique can be applied to negative thoughts. I have an imaginary filing system set up in my brain with file 13 being the one in which I destroy negative thoughts. All files except file 13 are filing drawers in which I store knowledge. File 13 however only looks like a filing drawer, because once I close this drawer the back opens up and the negative  thought is cast into a fiery furnace that burns it to a non-existent crisp!
I do this many times with any negative thoughts until they are all gone. I also have a “mind jungle clearing” meditation that I do that gets rid of negative thoughts out of one ear that I then lock against them returning, I next put a “watchman at the gate” of the other ear – which is the entrance that all thoughts must take to enter my mind.
Did you know that it is a universal law that all thoughts must present themselves as they truly are (positive or negative) to gain entrance. So a negative thought cannot present itself as a positive one or visa versa. I see all positive thoughts as cleaners, builders,  philosophers or angels. Every negative thought is represented by a mongol invader, a vandal, a demolition crew member or some other evil personification.

All positive thoughts are let inside, but the door is closed on negative thoughts and they cannot get in any other way except by that door! This is the same door Jesus slammed in the face of Peter’s negative thoughts – “get thee behind me satan!” SLAM!!!

The only time the watchman has to call on me is if he has difficulty judging a thought to let it in or keep it out. Thus the process is mostly automatic after a time. Of course when I learn things – like say at a webinar – I use a sheep penning  method where I have a gate that moves the thoughts down a narrow alleyway and I separate them into the right (righteous) pen and the left (the negative) pen. The negative pen disposes of  all the “negative sheep” thoughts. All the good thoughts enter my “mind farm” to live in.
For the mind is a farm or a jungle. You cultivate a farm or grow a jungle by simply doing nothing and letting it take care of itself! The same goes with our minds. We have to cultivate our minds to turn the jungle into a productive farm!

This cultivation is supported by the saying, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a Man (mature male or female), I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly (at first); but then face to face (clearly): now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known(wholly). And now abideth (live in) faith, hope, charity (active Love), these three; but the greatest of these is charity (Love in action – the fire of God).” [1 Corinthians 13:11, 12, 13]

I hope this explains some things to you

Love and peace,


the law of abundance

I am currently watching a series of webinars on the computer about the law of abundance and i realise that taking that law and working it in isolation is a mighty dangerous thing to do. There are at least 4 other laws that are needed to be working in our lives to make abundance permanent (and what good is abundance if it is only temporary? Better not to have it at all than to have it and lose it!)

The other factors we need are Continuity, stability, detachment and growth (of all things, especially the soul;- abundance is primarily growth of goods, services and money.)

If we have four of these things without detachment they still wont work as detachment is the central pile in the foundations of life. So if you have four – abundance, stability, continuity and growth  – then these make up the four corners. from the four corners comes beams that meet in the middle in an X formation. thes beams are not long enough to reach from corner to corner, otherwise we would only need 2 beams. If there is no central pile we can cobble these together but as soon as abundance comes and puts a grand piano on the centre it will collapse as it outweighs the holding capacity of the floor. To support a grand piano we have to have a pile at the centre of the X shaped beams! Does that make sense?

another thing is that we have to put our foundations down in solid rock or heavy soil. No good putting them in quick sand! The quicksand of humanity is emotions. The solid rock of humanity is reasons backed by emotions on all three levels (the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual) Only this way can we be whole. Only a whole house can ever win ( “a house divided can never win”). Biblically speaking a whole house is a holy house! The word holy literally means whole. A holiday is a day on which we take time to reassemble the different distributed pieces of ourselves and make them whole again , To re-create our energies is a two step process 1) rest and then re-creation. if we have only rest and no recreation we remain in pieces (un-whole/ unholy)

if you have any questions on this article please feel free to email me with a question and/or questions at


A Change of Name

There is nothing much mysterious about meditation: it is simply total internal concentration. Meditation can be as simple as day dreaming or as complex as the yoga disciplines.

Meditation often leads to inspiration. One day in meditation I was told, nay, rather was asked, to change my name.  This shocked me as it was the last thing I had anticipated. I was gifted the name of J’iam and the title of Master to denote the end of my metaphysical apprenticeship. I was now a fully fledged metaphysicist and metaphysician!

I sat on the name change for 3 or 4 months testing its validity. After testing the requested name change for about four months I finally accepted it and changed my name by deed poll on July 4th 1992. This date became my new, spiritual birthday. I have stopped celebrating my old physical birthday now both of my parents are dead.

The name J’iam means the hand (or servant) of  I AM on the spiritual level. I Am is the ancient (and current) name of the Holy Spirit. There are many references to I Am in all the spiritual writings of all the religions of the world. “I Am that I Am”, “My name is I AM and this is my gift to mankind forever”, “Before Abraham was I Am”, “I Am, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end” and so on.

On the metaphysical level J’iam means “Hand of the Source (of knowledge). My job as metaphysicist is to reveal new applications of the ancient laws for this “new age”. My job as metaphysician is to help others apply these laws in their lives so they can become empowered.

The “J” in J’iam is pronounced as an H (as in the romance languages) so J’iam is pronounced Hi-am. My legal first name (Mas.) is not a name at all, but my metaphysical title – master. It was given to me in this abbreviated form, like a Japanese martial arts master. It certainly would have been difficult in western society to have master as a first name. I probably would have never been able to vote with officials thinking me a child, judging from the amount of mail I currently get addressed to MRS. J’iam! (MRS. looks like MAS, I suppose)

In my research (before accepting my new name) I found the letter J was descended from the pictogram of a hand and that its original form was “Jod” (said hod). The art of bricklaying is an ancient one going back to the time of the roots of language. This ancient craft retains some of its original wordage: even today there is such a thing as a “hod”, a brick carrier that acts as an extra hand.
One strange thing that did happen, once i changed my name by Deed Poll, is that a close friend of mine (at least I thought he was a close friend!) said to me, “I’ll never call you that (J’iam)” and walked out of my house and completely out of my life, never to be seen by me again! Wow! Some people are sensitive to the name of I Am in a negative way!
If you earnestly seek an answer you must have the courage to accept it when it comes, for often it goes directly against the ways of man. But when it comes to long term happiness there is no choice worth making save accepting the answer. After all, who knows best how to uplift the created – the Creator or the created?

Peace and Blessing to you,


3 Levels of the universe #3 – Energy, Frequency and Vibrations

Tesla said, and I quote, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

J’iam says, “ If we want to HARNESS the energies of the universe we have to think wholistically in terms of Synergising our own energies, frequencies and vibrations first.“

What does  wholistic mean? Wholistic means over-all – the Spiritual, the metaphysical and the physical are balanced and working together, not separately (Biblically if things are not wholistic, they are called divided – “a house divided against itself can never win.)

Today we will look at the energy levels of each plane. The energy level of the Spiritual plane is 100, the energy level of the metaphysical plane is 10 and the energy level of the physical plane is only 1 (the energy of the food we eat is a minuscule one tenth!) It becomes apparent that to work effectively we have to move to higher energy levels.

Plane                              Energy
Spiritual                       100
Metaphysical            10
Physical                        1

Think of physical energy like a shovel, metaphysical energy like power tools and spiritual energy like a mechanical digger to a road crew. There is a place for each on a road-works, but the saying is, “use the right tool for the job!” so you wouldn’t use a digger to dig a shovel width hole a foot deep, nor would you use a shovel to remove a hillside (like they did in the olden days!). Each tool has its own place in life and so it is within our own lives.

We are all born into the physical world; the main form of transport in the physical world is the foot – being a pedestrian. This is a fairly simple process (with hindsight, not easy when you don’t know how to walk – just watch a baby!) that requires no license at all and has fairly basic rules (like look right, look left and then look right again [left hand side of the road driving] for crossing the road.)

As we grow into adulthood we want to learn to drive. But this is a  more complex task, and even a dangerous one in the hands of fools, so we have to learn how to drive a car and then sit a test to see if we are competent to drive. If we pass the test we are given a drivers license. This moves our energy levels up from 20 miles per hour (sprinting, for short distances only) to 60 mph for up to 500 –600 miles! That is the difference between physical and metaphysical energy levels too.

Plane                            Parable
Spiritual                     flying
Metaphysical         driving
Physical                     walking

The fuel that gives us the ability to drive is petrol and this is like metaphysical energy. The metaphysical fuel we need is principles

But there is an even higher level of transport yet, and that is flying. Most people can learn to fly small aircraft and many do. Some can learn to fly very large (passenger planes) and very fast (fighters) airplanes as well, but these are far fewer numbers. Either way, this level requires a pilots license of various degrees. Why is this? Because flying is far more dangerous than driving. The speed needed to take off into flight is usually faster than the speed limit on the roads for a start! The same is true for spiritual matters – the energy levels are far higher than physical and metaphysical energies, so the rules covering its use are different.  In our analogy the physical/pedestrian is tied to facts, the metaphysical/car is tied to principles and the Spiritual/flying is tied to Higher laws.

Plane                            Workings
l                     Higher Laws
Metaphysical         Principles
Physical                      Fact

You will find that all facts stick to principles and all principles stick to higher laws. There are billions of facts, hundreds of principles and less than twenty higher laws, so handling facts becomes easy once you work out how to attach all facts to principles, which are in turn attached to higher laws!

The Amish are stuck in the physical world as they won’t drive cars. Many people will drive a car but are afraid of flying – “you’ll never get me in one of those things” which is the equivalent of a caterpillar looking at a butterfly and saying, “you’ll never catch me in one of those things!” We all know what happens to caterpillars if they live their lives right – they turn into chrysalis’s and then into butterflies. The equivalent for us is death – everyone gets their pilots license at the point of death! But we are not meant to wait until the point of death to get our spiritual licenses – “We are spiritual beings have a physical experience!” This world is just a womb for the next world. When we die we leave our bodies and brains behind – we don’t need them in the next world

The energies on the different levels are expressed in different ways. Once we understand this it becomes a lot easier to advance. On the physical level we work in thoughts. Thoughts are only a very weak vibration in the universe.

Plane                             Type
Spiritual                      Light
Metaphysical           Sound
Physical                       Thought

The first real level of empowerment is the vibration of sound, “in the beginning was the word (sound)..” The energy level of sound is up to 700 miles per hour. The next level is that of Light which has an energy level of 186,000 miles per second! The word (sound) was the first level of energy and THEN came light, the second, higher form of energy.

This is reflected in the way we live our lives on earth – we are born into the physical world of thoughts. On this level thoughts are stored in the body and this process is called Kinesthetic. Know that 60% of the world are Kinesthetics. And then we must progress into the higher energy level of sound. Know that 99% of teachers think in sounds/words. This is called auditory thinking and auditories make up 20% of the world.

Plane                         Types                  Percentages
Spiritual                    Visuals                  20%
Metaphysical         Auditories           20%
Physical                     Kinesthetics        60%

The third and highest level is that of light/vision. Again about 20% of the world think in pictures. 99% of CEOs are actually visuals because we are required to see “the big picture.”

I am a visual myself and when I listen to auditories talking, after a couple of sentences I tune out of what they are saying because the process is so slow and I can’t translate the words into pictures fast enough to keep my interest. So I hear Blah, Blah, Blah, instead of words. However, draw me a diagram and I can understand it in mere seconds. A visual statement is, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Most people are dominated by one form and have a secondary form as a back up. Thus most kinesthetics are secondary auditories. Most auditories are secondary kinesthetics and most visuals are secondary auditories. Myself, I am so far away from the kinesthetic mode that I can’t play physical games of most kinds except for badminton (where the shuttlecock moves slow enough for me to SEE it) and long distant running, a solitary sport that allows me to think and meditate. Nor can I dance. In fact I was on an art course where we danced for an hour every day for six months and my report card at the end of that time read, “Dancing: he tries hardLOL!
But even if we can’t work a level we must somehow incorporate that level into our lives by Synergising it into a whole. To paraphrase Henry Ford, “We don’t have to understand everything to be able to use everything!”

Another way to look at the three levels is to imagine our lives are lived in a two storied building. We are born into the ground (Kinesthetic) level and may live there for all of our lives, unless we notice the stairs going up to the second storey. On the second storey is a garage with cars in it and keys in the ignition for us to get in and drive as we want (this is the auditory level). And we may spend the rest of our lives moving between the first and second stories unless we happen to discover that there is a car ramp leading up to the roof and on the roof is a helicopter, again with keys in the ignition, ready to fly. This is the visual level. When we discover this level we can fly anywhere we want – and spend our whole life up there. But to be wholistic we have to strike a balance and learn to use all three levels as we need then (“Use the right tool for the job”). Thus a passenger pilot lives at home with his wife and children. He wakes up in the morning and walks to the kitchen, makes breakfast and does the things he needs to do around the house to get ready for work. He then walks down to his car and hops into it for the ride to the airport. He switches modes from walking to driving effortlessly because he has had his drivers license for so long now it is secondary to him and there is no conflict in changing modes.
He then drives to the airport and switches modes again to walk to the plane. He gets into the plane and switches modes yet again, into pilot mode. Again it is no hassle to him, he has done it hundreds of times and no longer thinks about switching modes, but does it instinctively. He then flies the plane to, say, Brisbane and then switches modes to walk out of the plane and into the terminal. And so it goes. We don’t have to have a pilots license to fly, we simply have to buy a ticket and switch from walking mode to sitting mode on the plane! So it is with the three levels, “we don’t have to know everything, to be able to use everything” We don’t have to have a pilots license to fly as a passenger!

Today I have outlined the WHAT (what we have to do) of  wholism. There is another whole area – the HOW to do it – that I explain through my books and tools (like WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network). If you are interested in learning the “how to do it”,  or if you are interested in having a PDF copy of this article (a bit batter laid out, due to the limitations of wordpress) please contact me at

Many thanks for reading this blog


Why are there so many whistle-blowers about?

Why are there so many whistle-blowers about? The spiritual reason is expressed in Luke 12:3 “Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”

As governments get more and more secretive and  usurious, the number of whistle-blowers will increase because God doesn’t want usurious governments on earth!

The whistle-blowers are actually Gods servants and the usurious governments insist on persecuting them to get silence, but that will be impossible in the long run because men’s consciousnesses are far greater than usuries of all kinds.

So i say, “thank you to all whistle-blowers, you are the conscience of mankind and you suffer for doing the right thing in this world. The worst any government can do to you is to kill you, but that only releases the truth further and wider and also releases your soul into the next realm where you will be amply rewarded “And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that they have no more that they can do.” (Luke 12:4) and then it goes on to say, “Fear him, which after he hath (been)killed hath power to cast (the killers) into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.” Luke 12:5)

So fear not you whistle-blowers, for you are constantly divinely looked after and it is up to us ordinary people to support all of you with a super-conscience – with our prayers and our actions.

reverend J’iam

3 Levels of the universe # 2 – Death on 3 levels

DEATH!!! It strikes fear into the hearts of those who haven’t experienced it , those who FEAR it (FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real), or those ignorant of it until a close or final meeting with it. The unfortunate thing about death is that we (most of us) are taught to fear it as children. The fearful always remains until it is consciously or spiritually changed. Change only comes from study or experience.

I was lucky in that I drowned at the age of 21, passed over to the other side and was returned to earth to (unknown to me then) complete a mission. I had what is called a Near Death Experience, a soul experience with death in which one actually enters through the door of death and experiences it directly. Many people have a scrape with death where they approach the door of death and are terrified because this is a metaphysical experience in which the brain and body both react to the situation by trying run away in terror. This experience doesn’t teach the JOY of Death at all, rather it leaves an impression of terror.

As the chart below shows the spirit lives on whilst the brain and body are annihilated, killed, die. There is no escaping the fact that two thirds of our human entity is destroyed at the point of death. And people tend to focus on the two thirds that is lost rather than focusing on what happens to the soul. For the soul is released like a baby from a tight womb or a chicken from a restrictive egg shell! Death is not a punishment but a reward for life!

“O SON OF THE SUPREME! I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?”

Both the brain and the body fear their own annihilation whilst the souls looks forward to it! This is the clash within Man.

As you can see in the chart below the spiritual (our soul) lives whilst the captain and the ship are lost because the ship sinks and the captain always goes down with the ship! The owner simply goes to the helipad on board the ship, and flies away! So the ship and the captain are annihilated whilst the owner gains his freedom from the ship.

Plane                  Death 1            Death 2
Spiritual             lives               Owner flies away in helicopter

Metaphysical   dies              Captain goes down with ship
Physical               dies                Ship sinks

Plane                          Death 3
Spiritual                  FREEDOM
Metaphysical       annihilation
Physical                   annihilation

I hope this makes it clear to you. If I have left anything out please let me know by emailing me on

This is part two of a multiple series that will be published in a book in the near future. all work presented here is COPYRIGHT to rev Mas J’iam 2013

3 Levels of the universe # 1

A couple of years ago I was inspired to write a chart down. It was the culmination of 35 years of studies into metaphysics. The time has come for me to release this chart to the world (everything has an order!)

The chart works on three levels and interconnects all three by describing the properties of each level. So, including the descriptive header the chart is 4 rows deep. Below is the very left hand column…

Plane                       >        
Spiritual                >
Metaphysical     >
Physical                 >

There are many (30+) columns of descriptions. The first two columns are as follows…

Plane                          Type                   Status  

Spiritual                   Soul-mind            Owner
Metaphysical        Brain-ego             Captain
Physical                    Body                       Ship

So the first column (Type) describes the three integral parts of all beings on earth, that of the Soul, the Brain and the Body. So on the top level we have the Soul/mind (did you know that your mind doesn’t reside in your brain? It resides in the eighth chakra and is connected to the brain from there) The next level down is the brain which is also called the ego. And the lowest level, the physical, is the body.

Each of these levels are described in the status column as Owner, captain and ship. So you/ your mind are the Owner of the ship and the captain must work for you. The captain is your servant who cannot make decisions (all decisions come from the soul) and who is liable to run the ship onto the rocks if he takes it out onto the harbour of his own volition. However if you tell him where to go he doesn’t have to make a decision and can carry out the whole trip safely and quickly, no matter where you want to go, exactly to your orders.

The ship is controlled by the captain and you have to let him do this. You also have to make sure he treats the ship and the seamen fairly and tell him off if he doesn’t (or praise him if he does!)

At one stage I spent six months trying to destroy the ego (captain of the ship) and in the end I asked God why I couldn’t do it? “Because I created him to serve you,” He replied, and he is under my protection. If the ship has no captain, who is going to sail it for you? DUH!!! (says I at my Idiocy) So I had to go to the captain and make peace with him, give him command of the ship, layout how I expected him to treat the crew and keep the ship in good shape (“ship shape and Bristol fashion!”) After that life was so, so much easier. I tell the captain where I want to go, he plots the course and gives orders to the crew on what to do, when to do it and where to steer the ship! In the end we all get to our destination safely and happily!

I hope that is a clear description. If you have any questions on something you want clarified please email me at