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True Wealth starts with us Spiritualising our money!

Know that true Wealth starts with us Spiritualising our money! How do we do this? By recognising the 11th commandment and implementing it in our lives in practical ways!

And how do we do that? By giftiing in two forms. The first gift must always be to yourself. Why is that? Because we are made in the image of God and who does God recognise first? Why Himself of course, in the form of Agape Love – the love of God for God. In our case we recognise ourselves first and gift the first percentage of ALL our incomes to ourselves, in the form of creating a family bank.

The  Gifting to others is represented by the Love of Man for Man.

By doing these two things FIRST whenever we get any income, giftings or windfalls we will always be spiritualising our money/assets(goods and services, as well). As we continue doing this, the Love power of our money and assetts grows ever larger until it becomes self-sustaining and starts producing more, far more, than we are putting in! That is when wealth starts to flow in.

The other thing we have to do is to synergise ourself internally by uniting body, brain and soul into a cohesive working whole – “a house united will always win!”

By doing these two basics correctly  we make ourselves “right” and you know the saying, “If a Man is right, his world is right!”

The other paths to riches are closed to spiritual people because we have chosen the spiritual path and the other two paths are non-spiritual. To fulfill the spiritual path to wealth we have to fulfill all three levels. But fulfilling the spiritual path is by far the hardest because the knowledge is not generally known. I have spent 30 years discovering the spiritual methods to wealth and it is part of my life’s task to reveal it to spiritual people, so we can pick up (the huge) slack in the world left by usuerers and lay the foundations of Divine Civilisation.

This is what I an going to teach in my webinars and what is ready to implement in our lives, in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN, go and have a look )

Membership is now open. By being a member you have three forms of gifting – one to self, one to others and one to helping create a divine (Spiritual) form of civilisation! At the moment we have three members, including myself. So be a hero and become the forth (can you imagine being the fourth disciple of Jesus, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela?) It takes special insight (genius even) to recognise the inherent abilities of a new system in it’s infant stages – how many of us bought Apple shares when nobody wanted them?

reverend j’iam


Rank and station is not much talked about in these days of “egalitarianism”. In the physical world “egalitarianism” basically is interpreted as “everyone can do everything themselves!” But think about it for a while and you’ll see that it’s not true. Some people have talents in some areas, whilst others have abosulutely none in that area at all – some people can sing like a song bird, others caw like a crow and still others can only hiss!

So there are areas where we shouldn’t go. The hisser will never ever be a songbird and to tell the hisser so is cruel. But that hisser may be a mathematical genius! And in great demand by the songbirds of the world, to put their economies right! So their is a place for everyone in this universe and that is the way God designed it! Man, on the other hand, says there is only a place in this world for people with certain talents and that we’ll all have 2 or three totally different careers in outr lifetimess – to which i say “BULL” (you can add more ontp the end of that statement if you want. Lol!) We will only have one personal Major Dominant Purpose (Rank) in life, but it may manifest in different ways throughout life (purpose). So the songbird sings in clubs at  first, on stage secondly and finally in television. The hisser (mathematician) works in personal advise firstly, commercial advise secondly and finally in education. And so it goes for each of us.

Rank is more to do with our position in life. Consider life to be like an army. At the top of the army is always a general. Under him are the officer classes and under the officer classes are the “other ranks”. So it is in life. We each have to find our rank and our station. We can improve our stations with education and training which is why, on the station level, “life is a do it to myself project“.

On the rank level it is very hard to change ranks. We are born into a rank level (not necessarily our parents rank either) and it is very hard to change the rank assigned to us in life. That is why they say, “you can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy!” The hardest part of rank is recognising that your rank is different from your parents and brothers and sisters. God is the ultimate Cuckoo, laying eggs (souls) where ever He wants. So Mr and Mrs Partridge may have a peacock egg laid in their nest and never ever know that, even when it grows up! And the peacock may grow up thinking it is a partridge and suffer muchly as a peacock trying to fill the wrong niche in life. We all know the story about the ugly duckling! This story is about rank, not station. Once you recognise your rank your can work on your station quite easily. The hard part is, always, finding your rank!

If something has suddenly clicked in your brain and you understand that you don’t know what your rank is right now, what do you do? Simple, you just ask God (aloud)  to tell you and to give you a demonstration, under the laws of providence, in good and Godly circumstances. And because all knowledge is free and provided, it may come to you in the next half hour to six months! (you may be totally prepared for the answer or you may have to be prepared for it, depending on how far away from it you are when you ask!) “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,”[Mattew 7:7] That is God’s promise and God is a prayer hearing, prayer answering God!

Need Help, email me, <>

We NEED to follow a certain path

If we are to be successful we NEED to follow a certain path.

We have a choice of three paths – the physical, the metaphysical or the spiritual. I have been a follower of the spiritual path all my life (even when I was an “atheist”!) And having been on the spiritual path all my life it has been tough trying to get ahead. Every time I turned around there were obstacles that stopped me proceeding. According to the physical and metaphysical believers it was because i “secretly didn’t want to succeed”.To me that sounded like bull. And it was on that level. Being spiritual I was trying to follow the wrong paths. But one thing I have recognised on all paths is that people struggle until they find the right path and then suddenluy the doors open and entry is gained to the success they have been seeking. Now I see the key is finding the right path for each of us – my path is the spiritual path and there is not much in the way of practical knowledge on this path.

So I have decided to become a teacher in this subject. I have already written a lot on this subject to train myself. As I cam accross mistakes in the other two levels for me I sought out the truth of what was right for me and wrote them down. Looking back i have a huge volume of work ready to go, so I am going to start webinars.

Spiritual goal setting is different from physical and metaphysical goal setting. One of the imediately noticeable differences is that we have to state what we are going to do in return for receiving the goal!

Another difference is in the timing. Spiritual goals go beyond the grave because we, as spiritual beings, continue to live on beyond the grave, whereas the physical and metaphysical parts of us don’t – they are annihilated at death.

So many things are different about spiritual success that it is like going to a new planet (which in a way, it is)

Yet, it is so simple! Not neccessarily easy though, as we have to go against the thinking of mankind as a whole (80% of manking at least).

Don’t believe these “gurus” who promise one shot answetrs to all your problems. You have to have a wholistic answer on whatever level you work on and the higher the level the bigger the solution. So physical solutions are on the level of 1, metaphysical solutions are on the level of 10 and spiritual solutions are on the level of 100.

Anyone who wants wholistic spiritual knowledge on success please let me know

love and peace


I Admit I was wrong!

For many years I have been trying to be like “normal” people but have had no luck in changing myself. Why is this? Because I am not normal. I am not ordinary – I am extra-ordinary!!!

All these years of isolation and training, living a life on the “path less followed” have been building up to this point. Today I realised that I am extra-ordinary and that I am as such because I have a job to do in this world – to teach the spiritual people of this planet God’s way to wealth! Because we spiritual people have given up our free will to attain the state of spirituality we must follow the right path – God’s path to wealth and this path is not like the physical and metaphysical paths at al, at all!

There is  definite step by step process to achieving spiritual wealth. Many try following the physical and metaphysical routes, but in doing so tend to leave the spiritual path – “what profits a man if he gains the world andf loses his soul?”

The path to spiritual weallth is “straight and narrow!” We HAVE to follow certain proceedures in an orderly fashion, much as the captain of a space flight must follow an exacting and orderly process to launch!

In the near future I am going to start producing webinars to explain the steps to spiritual wealth.I hope you will join me.


SEX – Spiritual Erotica X-No forbidden fruits

Today I an revealing a new knowledge from God for spiritual people. Over the past decade the world has lost it’s moral compass as far as homosexuality, sodomy, pedophilia and beastiality go, so God has revealed to me a new dynamic called….



X no forbidden fruits

(SEX for those crazy on acronyms! Lol!)

Why is this necessary? Because God doesn’t forbid eroticism at all – if fact married spiritual people need it to reach the higher states of  sexual ecstasy! Why do we need to reach sexual ecstasy? Because sexual ecstasy overlaps with Spiritual Ecstasy and Bliss!

The three states of happiness in life are…

Contentment –  on the physical level

Joy –  on the metaphysical level

Ecstasy and Bliss –  on the Spiritual level

The highest form of sexual ecstasy overlaps with the lowest form of Spiritual Ecstasy. That is why women (and men) cry out to God when they are in that high sexual state. And following that is a period of “after-glow” which is another name for sexual/spiritual Bliss!

That is why eroticism is important to spiritual people. But the 4 big forbiddens have been ever-expanding over the past twenty years. So God has laid out this guideline for Men (Men/Man with a capital M means both males and females).

You can use your imagination (we are made in the “Image(ination)” of God) in any areas except the four forbidden areas.

Also Marriage is being seperated into Real (Spiritual) marriage and false (physical/non-Spiritual) marriage.

Spiritual marriage is basically a synergy of two heterosexual people and false marriage is a contracted marriage between anyone and anything! Now you don’t have to worry about what other people are doing, you just have to know what state your marriage/partnership is in (you don’t have to be legally married to be spiritually married either! I know people who have been “married” for nearly 20 years and don’t have a bit of paper. They also have children! But I recommended against them getting officially married because that piece of paper would have trapped then into a much tighter “contract/sysnergy” and they would have busted up.) Because it’s like swapping a comfortable pair of shoes for rediculously tight fashion shoes! The new shoes pinch and cause huge bunions, in-grown tonails and so forth and eventually break the “new” marrige up, taking the old one invisible marriage with it!

Even if homosexuals “Love” each other they cannot create a synergy because they are disobeying God’s rules and are therefore “not whole” (A house diveded can never win (never create a synergy)” Even heterosexuals can be in a false marriage if they didn’t create a synergy at the wedding ceremony!

So from this point this new knowledge is released into the world and the spiritual people will be freed up from the corruptions of unsynergised people.

So what are the four forbiddens?

1) Homosexuality

2) Sodomy (anal sex)

3) Pedophilia (sex with children)

4) Bestiality (sex with animals – dogs, horses, sheep etc.)

Besides these four areas, things are pretty open for spiritual people.

So why has God given me this knowledge to pass onto you? Because I talk to Him and I listen to what He says. And He needed someone to be the frontman (every new law/regulation comes from one person in the beginning!) And I have never gone out of my way to be popular when it came to Gods rules and regulations.

A spiritual person works to different rules from the religious person because they have submitted their free will to the Will of God. Only in true submission is there true freedom! Religion asks your submission to the rules of the church entity, but that is just an illusion of freedom. Personally I detest religion because most religions contain so much dogma they are no longer obeying Christs exhortation to “Know the truth – and the truth will set you free!”

So to recap the good news – you are now free to experience any area of sexual imagination except for the four forbidden areas of homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality and pedophilia.

So make love to your partner tonight with a new confidence in KNOWing what “Not to Do!”

May you KNOW THE TRUTH and may you be ever free!


Poverty: how to get out of it and into Wealth

Poverty is one of the terrible diseases of this new age. Poverty is a choice thing. Poverty is not the same as being poor as poor is either a choice thing or a none choice thing. Also being poor is a positive spiritual state whilst being in poverty is a negative physical state.

People is poverty WANT to be in poverty. this is a perversion of their brains in denial of the positive states of Abundance and Poor. The state of poverty is the lowest of the low and I call people in this state of poverty “Povertics”.Povertics deny both the states of Happiness and Havingness. There is also a second state of poverty known as riches where the members accept the the state of Havingness and yet deny the state of happiness.

Both states of riches and poverty are dis-empowered. The states of Poor and Wealthy (abundance) are both Empowered. This is why Jesus said “Blessed are the Poor in spirit…

Notice the words Poor in SPIRIT. The state of being poor IS a Spiritual state. And It is one that all people must pass through to get to abundance. This was perfectly demonstrated when a rich man (an man with lots of Havingness but no happiness (Spiritual beingness) approached Jesus and asked Him how to achieve the kingdom (of wealth). Jesus replied, “Gift all your money to the Poor” and the rich man turned around and walked away. But what would have happened if he had gifted all his money to the poor? In doing so he would have “Lost” all his money!
But in gifting there is no loss because we are promised as you sow (gift) so you shall reap multiplied. No, the gifting to the poor was simply a release mechanism to allow the rich man to let go of attachment to his possessions. Once he had “let go” he would have achieved DETACHMENT. To be detached from all things except Love/god (“God is Love!) is the greatest blessing of all and a straight path towards wealth (abundance). Because he had gifted a fortune to the poor he would have received a larger fortune back (multiplied) and would have simply moved over to the wealthy column.

So what is the difference between rich and wealthy. The rich man only fills two out of three states – the physical and the metaphysical. The wealthy man fills three states – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual (the states of detachment, Beingness and Happiness, to name but three!)

The rich man was so near and yet so far from the answer he sought. But we don’t have to be! All we need to do is seek and attain the state of Poor. This does not mean that you have to lose a single possession. All you have to do is lose your attachments to your possessions to become poor.

I suggest that to start your travel towards the state of wealthy yo state obeying the 11th commandment. What, I hear people saying, there are only 10 commandments! Sorry you are wrong. Christ gave just one commandment. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you”This is the 11th commandment. If you are doing this one commandment you are automatically doing the other ten commandments of the old Jewish faith.
So what does this one commandment mean? It means “Love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally” How do i reach this conclusion. It’s in the words one and Another. When the english translation of the Bible was made One meant yourself and another meant other people. In the past 5 centuries the meaning have changed completely. In Shakespeare’s play when a character is asked, “how is one today?” he replies “One is fine!” So the word one means yourself/myself – Me!

And how are we Loved by God? Why wholly and unconditionally of course! So we are asked to love ourselves (first) and others wholly and unconditionally.

How do we love ourself wholly and unconditionally? By always paying ourselves first! Except in the spiritual world their is no payment so we have to GIFT to ourselves first. And then put that giftings into a “family bank” that passes down through the generations so we leave a legacy – which is basically creating a divine civilisation.
And then we gift to others. For an offering to be a gift there has to be an offer and an acceptance. You can’t just say, “here have this!” as that created a win/lose situation. There is no loss in spiritual transactions. Which is why there has to be an offer and an acceptance. So I say, “will you accept this gift from me? and if they say yes then i give it to them and I have created a win/win situation. They have won because they have received the gift and I have won because i will receive the gift back multiplied!(with spiritual “interest”)

It is good to begin with the smallest coin of the realm. In new Zealand that is ten cents. Why is this? Because it is such a small amount of money they cannot see the monetary value! So the accept the gift and it still makes them Happy! If you try it with a $100 note they will see the monetary value and (povertics and rich people) will not get happiness from it!

Also by using the smallest coin possible you are able to gift hundreds of times so you can actually SEE the returns from the gifts as they compound rapidly, right is front of your eyes!

So that is a brief outline of the two types of poverty and how to easily escape it. I will continue with more insights into the states of Poor and Wealth in the near future.

If you are eager to know more simply email me <> Please include the words “want to know more” in the title of your email so I can recognise them as not junk.

kindest regards,



Because I started my lifes journey in Art in the photographic field I ended up doing wedding photography. From attending a wedding every week for several years I started to notice things. Many odf the people getting married were not really fully committing to the relationship – they were basically getting married with their bags already packed! In the end going to these weddings put me off wedding photography so badly I dropped out of that job permanently!

Once in a while you’d get a really good marriage starting up but we were lucky if they were 1 in 5! 3 in 5 were okay to various degrees and I wished them luck. But 1 in 5 were pointless – there was no reason for them to get married because one or both of them already had their bags packed.

The marriage ceremony is about commitment, about two people committing to each other for life. But more often than not it’s about ceremony, rather than commitment. Let me say this bluntly. If the commitment isn’t whole and double-sided then the marriage is doomed to a life expectancy of 5, or less, years. Physical attraction can hold people together for up to five years, but if the wholistic commitment isn’t made within that time then “POOF!!” up it goes in smoke!

Any of us can be fooled. Just over 4 years ago I married a lady who wanted a big wedding ceremony, but didn’t want to be married to me! I was very loyal and kept the marriage going for 3 and half years until i was exhausted from the effort! We went to marriage guidance after only three months of marriage and she sat there saying, “He just wants to be married to me!” as if there was something wrong with that.  Duh, of course I did, I was in love with her, but apparently she wasn’t with me and not committed either.  If she had known herself better she could have been honest with me and I would have gone through the ceremony for her, but not signed the legal papers! It would have been much easier on me, I can tell you.

In the Bible is says , “to the level of your belief it shall be given to you.” If you replace the word faith with commitment it is still 100% true! Faith and commitment are very closely related – like the Brown kiwi and the grey kiwi – variations of the same species!

So I say to you you, commit, commit, commit! Be slow to commit and even slower to break that commitment. But when the commitment is supposed to be two sided and only one side is working, don’t be afraid to break it because commitments on the spiritual level are actually called synergies, and marriage is designed to be a synergy. The formula for a synergy is 1+1=3 because the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergies can only be formed between whole people. But if we make a synergy with a non-whole person it no longer adds up but multiplies instead. So if we have a whole person that totals 1 plus a non-whole person (which we will call half/.5) the multiplying the two together always totals less than 1 – 1x.5=.5 !! If you think about it in another way, the negative person always drains the positive person acting like a lightening rod to drain the energy away and not keeping any of the energy for itself!

So how does one become whole? By uniting body, brain and soul into one by commons goals and synergising the three to work together. The Bible talks about a “House divided can never win” If we translate that from the double negative (divided/never) into a single positive then it reads “A house united (synergised/united) will always win!”  A house united is an internal synergy. A marriage is an external synergy that needs two synergised people to make it work. A synergy made between a synergised person and a non-synergised on is always going to fail because the energy levels of the “synergy” is always going to be below one. Nothing under one ever works (except on paper!)

A non-working synergy is quite easily broken by the synergised partner. It cannot be kept going by the non-synergised partner. It only requires a few words from the synergised partner mouth to “disband” the synergy and make him/herself whole again.

And that is where the damage comes from in an incorrect synergy. By taking on a non-synergised partner (be it personal or business) you are effectively making yourself non-whole again, separated, dis-united. By getting rid of the non-whole portion of your life (the non-whole partner) you effectively go back to being whole within yourself again and the power starts to flow again! Ah, Happy days!
















I want to tell you that you are dying. No if or buts! You are in the process of dying right now and you have no idea when it’s going to happen! Nor do I.  We are all dying. It starts the moment we are conceived, But because most of us live until 70 we get complacent. But we can die at any given moment.

Know that dying is a solitary process. You can be walking along a busy road and struck down and be totally isolated at any moment. Once your time is up, no one in this world can help you at all! Know that 2% of the [population die each year so there is a 50 year turnover of population. Thousand die each year before even being born. Thousands die at birth, thousands die at the age of 5, 10 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. And after that age the numbers start to rise!

So don’t get complacent! Ask yourself, “why am I here?” it’s a simple enough question, but one that will take you to your very core of existence. Know you are here to pass a very simple test – do you want to turn towards Love or do you want to turn away from love?

I’ll repeat that



Only those who survive to be over the age of fifteen have to answer that question. Before the age of 15 we really don’t have a conscious choice. So if you are over the age of 15 what is your answer to that question. I hope it will be to turn towards love!

Then the next question is, “what are you DOING to achieve turning towards love? What are you actually achieving with this goal? You see to turn towards Love you have to make a connection with the divine source of love – God, the Divine Essence, the Supreme Love – call it what you will. To connect with the Divine source of Love your have to literally speak the question out aloud – e.g. “do you exist and can you show me?” (and variations of that theme).

You cannot think that and get an answer! It has to be spoken aloud! And written down if you want to achieve it faster,but it has to be spoken aloud! Once you have done this you are destined to meet the source of love in this life (even if it is only minutes before you die – you may be destined to die next week or next month). But once asked in this life, it will be answered in this life. And once you get the answer death is no longer of concern to you.

If you think you have been reborn but are still afraid of death, then you haven’t been reborn, you have only gained an intellectual understanding of death and Love. A spiritual understanding of the two releases you from the worries and woes of this life! Nothing the world can do can phase you any more because you will Know that you are eternal! And that your true purpose in life is to help create a Divine Civilisation, so that when you do go the world will be a better place for your having been in it!

If you don’t ask this question in life then you will have to experience death blind, and lose your chance of creating a Divine Civilisation here on earth. These two events are not small events and the lose is enormous to the the one who loses the chance. So if you are not reborn as yet then ask. Ask right now! ASK RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY AND ALOUD!

Hope I haven’t been to rough on you, but I did warn you not to read this article!




The Fire and The Water rebirths

Know there are two forms of rebirth. One is into the Water and into the fire (spirit) the other is into the fire and then into the water. What is the difference between fire and water? Water represents the manifestations, the messengers of God. Each manifestation is a perfect reflection of God. When you see a perfect reflection of God, it is as if you are looking at God Himself. The difference between a perfect reflection and the real sun is that you can put your hand upon the mirror of God without being burned. That is why it is called the water (the refection)

The Fire represents “I Am”, the Holy Spirit, the beams of light that come straight from the Sun (the unknowable essence) of God. Sometimes people are born straight into the the Holy Spirit, having a fire rebirth. This is known as a royal rebirth because it is far less common than water rebirths. With a fire rebirth you are first reborn into the spirit and are then introduced to the manifestations who become your masters on earth. Gandhi had a royal rebirth because he read the Hindu scriptures , the Koran and the Bible all as Gods messages. The fire rebirth allows the recipient to to see all the messengers of God have two messages – the eternal truth of the Love of God and the temporary truth of the social teachings for the age (that they reveal). The fire recipient reads the eternal truth of God in each manifestations work and ignores past social teachings in favour of the current social teachings. The water person tends to take the social teachings of their manifestation with equal solemnity as the Pure t teachings of the love of God and descend into “One Messenger Only” ideology. So they look for the differences in the messengers and condemn all later messengers as false for changing the “rules”  And from that stems all the religious wars in the world.

Whereas the Fire person looks at the commonalities of all the messengers and can see no difference in them. All messengers came from God and lead to God, if you go to them and through them to the Holy Spirit!
Each and every messenger speaks as God when they use the words I Am. So the phrase, “I Am the way the light and the truth! There is not other way to God except through I Am!” is Jesus speaking as God. As is, “Before Abraham was, I Am (was)”. There are many many examples of God speaking directly to us through His (Knowable) voice, I Am. When ever a phrase has I Am in it know that god is speaking directly to you!
I Am is different from I am. I am is the name of the lowest chakra (red) in the human body. The name of the highest chakra (the white one that lays above the head is I Am.) The only physical difference between the two is the spelling of Am – “as below, so above”. the difference between the two in actuality is the difference between soil and light!

I’d like to share my experience of my rebirth with you, if you don’t mind. I was born into an army family with an artistic temperament (not a good combination!). I was spiritually uneducated for the first 14 years of my live except for births, weddings and funerals – hatch, match and dispatch as they are known in army terms!
I was born a visual and even as a child I loved Knowledge. In my 14th year I had a science teacher who i really respected as he always taught us, “Don’t believe what I tell you. Test it in the test tube so you will be able to confirm the truth od what I speak and the knowledge will then be yours!” This really sprang true for me. At the end of the year the school decided that we had to have “religious instruction” and this science teacher was elected to teach us (me). He started spouting on some dogma so I put my hand up and said, “Where is the proof in all this? To which he replied (Standing over my desk staring down at me menacingly) “You don’t need proof, you have to believe what I say!” Which was the opposite of what he had been teaching us all year for science! So I instantly became an atheist to protect me from the dogma of the world!
I remained an atheist for 14 years, even though I died and went to the next world and returned to this one through a near death experience at the age of 21 (seven years later).
How, you may ask, do you remain an atheist after an experience like that?!!! It’s quite simple – to become aware of God consciously we actually have to ask him to reveal Himself to us – that is our free will, to turn towards Love/God or to turn away! It would take me falling into the lowest state of unhappiness to call out to him.

A slight diversion here to explore the states of Happiness. Know that physical happiness is called “Contentment”, metaphysical happiness is called “Joy” and Spiritual happiness is in two parts and is called “Ecstasy and Bliss”. Now if you ecstasy and bliss are missing you can only fill two positive states of happiness and one negative state of unhappiness. Know that the first state of unhappiness is Dis-content. If your then lose the Joy of life you then fill the second state of unhappiness, which is Depression. Having reached this stage you invariably lose the contentment and enter in the third state of unhappiness(misery) which is self-destruction! When I reached self destruction I took a look at myself and wondered if God really did exist. I pondered over this for a while (days) and then, whilst laying in bed in the dark, I spoke these words aloud, “God, if you exist, please show me.) This was a perfect question for an atheist to ask (or anyone for that mater!) as if He existed then He would reveal Himself and if he didn’t I would die knowing that my atheistic beliefs were true!

From that point on my life started changing(unbeknownst to me on the conscious level), He sent a messenger along to guide me to the point of rebirth, which happened about 6 months after the question on a Saturday morning. I awoke that morning and I Knew God existed! It was a marvelous day! I was walking down the passage when God spoke to me and said,
“I want you to become a Baha’i!”
And I said , “A what???”
To which He replied, ” A Baha’i!’
“Okay” says I, ” but where do I find these Baha’i s?”
To which He replied, “They are in the Phone book!”
So I looked them up in the phone book and there they were! So I phoned them up and said the the person that answered, “I want to become a Baha’i!”
And they said to me, “Do you know who Baha’ullah is?”
and I said, “No!” as I’d never heard of the Baha’i faith before nor yet it’s founder, Baha’ullah.  (the Glory of God).
So I said “can you send someone around straight away to tell me about Him?”
To which they replied, “No, we are all busy!” ( I was the answer to the prayer they said the precious evening! LOL!)
” So when can you send someone around?” I asked.
“Tomorrow at 2pm” was the reply so I set of to see the new world I had been reborn into. It felt like I was walking on air after discarding all the burdens I had been carrying! The birds came down from the trees and fluttered around my head, whilst dogs approached me and licked my hands in recognition of my new state. Even in the park I’d look at a family and their faces would burst into Joyful, spontaneous smiles!
So the Sunday rolled around and the person came to see me. they showed me the Bible and I said, “that is from the hand of God.” Then they showed me the Holy Kora and I said, “that too is from the hand of God.” and then they showed me the writing of Baha’ullah and I again said, “that too is from the hand of God.” and signed my membership form!

After Being a Baha’i for 20 years God spoke to me one day and said, “I want you to leave the Faith.” I was very chary of that voice. Why would I want to leave the Faith? But God said to me, “If you don’t leave I’m going to remove the Holy Spirit from you. You can have it back as soon as you have left. Again I was very resistant. But if it was god He must have a reason, I thought. Then one morning I awoke and the Holy Spirit was gone from me! It was awful! It was worse than dying and agonising death! We have no idea how bad it is until we have ascended from the black hole of Calcutta to heaven and then been ejected back to the black hole after 20 years! So I left the faith and the moment I did the spirit returned to me, confirming that it truly was God who asked me to leave. After many years out of the faith i realise that God had a plan for me that didn’t allow me to be associated with any faith in this world. That plan is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) that He revealed to me in 1992, and on which I have worked ever since. WPPN is a replacement system for the two “isms” of the past – communism and capitalism! My life’s mission is to spread the WPPN system so it becomes world-wide, heralding in a new age, the likes of which mankind has never seen before!

So leaving the faith was the end of one part of my cycle here on earth. Baha’llah was actually my Master and because He teaches that all the manifestations are messengers from God I got all the masters as my masters too! But there comes a time when the apprentice has to leave the master to start his own mission and that was when I was asked to leave the Baha’i faith. It was to be a few years before I got WPPN as my personal mission. for the first 15 it wad my general mission only. Only when it became my personal mission did it become Whole (Holy).

Today I am 5 years into my mission and have recruited two members – both my sons! “But be not worried by that J’iam, for the beginning of the longest journey is always the first step! And you were my first step and your sons are special to Me for they are the second and third steps of the long journey. This year you are going to take more steps as people will be brought to you and you will recruit them into the network, much like I recruited you to me and into the faith!”

This year my goal is to recruit another 98 memebrs to take our synergy of three up to one hundred. Special points along the way will the synergy of 19 and 50 (half way point). once we reach a hundred a thousand is the next step. Once that is reached 10,000 then 100,000, then 1 million, then 10, 100 and 1,000 million! By that stage the world will be transformed as the vast majority of assets will be in the hands of members and the usurers will be denied access to assets of all kinds! And Peace (which is impossible without prosperity) will be established!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


My mind is blank

so why am I bothering to tap the keys. because I know that sooner or later that spark of influence will invade me and take over my hands and produce something good.

My son has the flu today. He tried to throw it at me and i refused to catch it! It is quite true what they say that you “catch” a cold” But what we don’t think about is “who threw it at us?” And if someone is throwing something at us are we obliged to catch it? And of course, the answer is No! If someone throws a hedgehog at you you don’t have to catch it because it’s going to hurt your hands! Just get out the way and let it drop on the ground.

The same goes for the flu. Catching it is a voluntary action. You don’t HAVE to catch it, the choice id yours. So why even bother?  Well, unless you actually think about it and have an alternative action (letting it drop on the ground) you are going to catch it.

Years ago when I learned that catching flu was an option, I decided to get only one a year. Before that I used to get up to half a dozen per annum! So I caught one flu a year for ten years until, one day, I thought “If I can reduce my catching the flue down to one a year, why don’t I just reduce it by one more and get none a year?” So I made that decision and have rarely had the flu in the past 15 years.

If I do inadvertently catch one I get rid of it overnight by sweating it out. I get into bed with lots of blankets, two hot water bottles (one for my stomach and one for my kidneys) turn on the electric blanket and sweat it out. Sometimes i have wonderful hallucinations and that’s fun! But the next morning I awake soaking in sweat and the flu is gone.

Why does sweating out work? Because flu is caused by excessive viruses. The bodies natural defense is to increase the bodies temperature as virus are very sensitive to heat and can’t breed as well when the body is hotter. As they only have a very short life they breed very quickly. But if they can’t breed, they drop very quickly too! And that is why the body causes a fever for virus. Some silly doctors think that all fevers are bad and prescribe medicine to artificially lower the body temperature, thus making the virus last for weeks!

Western medicine is of the opinion that bacterial infections  are the cause of many diseases, but I believe that they are, many times, simply a side affect. We carry something like 4 kilos of bacteria in our body! Why? In preparation for the time when we die – their job is to quickly decompose the body and recycle it. When our life energy decreases the bacteria start multiplying thinking that we are dying! But we are simply lacking in life energy, usually because of stress and enervation. If we are not whole (including rested and re-created) we are enervated (enervated means: to feel drained of energy) Recreation is when we re-create our energies to be re-energised (and thus healthy). To recreate we have to be rested first (rested means: to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself) So we have to wind down first and then get into a recreative position. This usually requires two days in a row to achieve – day 1 to rest, day 2 to recreate our energies!

I worked for two years having two separate days off per week – Sunday and Wednesday. After those two years I was utterly exhausted and quit my job, even though I had no other job to go to. I was prepared to starve to death rather that work myself to death! But I quickly found another job with a two day weekend (sunday and monday) and within weeks I was revitalised as I had the two days for rest and recreation. In the split days I had only been working, resting, working, resting, working. In the new Job I was working, resting, recreating, working, resting, recreating, and so forth!

Give these ideas a try, what have you got to lose (except your misery!)?