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DO, BE and HAVE – not Be, Do and Have!

I advocate the process of DOing, BEing and HAVEing rather than Being, Doing and Having! Why is this? Because the hardest step of all is our Beingness! It is better to start off with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) and start on the doingnesses that introduce the correct Beingnesses into our lives. WPPN is the only organisation in the world that does this. I am trying to set WPPN up successfully on the internet but can’t find out who my competitors are, because i don’t have any yet! (if you can give me a clue as to who I am competing against, please let me know!)

As a member of WPPN we start using our money in a spiritual way on a small scale  ($25 per month into three forms of gifting, which is called “invoking the token” spiritually). This invoking of the token teaches us new spiritual habits that lead to spiritual solutions to economic problems! It also creates a new virtuous cycle to get us out of the old vicious cycle.  Plus it moves us from a linear based income solution to an exponentially based income. In this new system we don’t see any increase in the first two steps as they are both indentical – 1 and 2! It is the third step where we see a small increase of 33%, because the physical/linear system goes 1, 2, 3 whilst the spiritual/exponential system goes 1, 2, 4.  4 divided by 3 is 1.33, which turned into a percentage is 133%, minus the original 100% equals a gain of 33%!

The next step is even bigger as the sequence then goes 1. 2. 4, 8, as opposed to 1. 2. 3. 4.

8 over 4 is 100% increase in this stage. And that is how the path to abundance is opened up for sure/with a certainty! First the doing, which is followed by the  being which is then  followed by the havingness – three simple steps!! No capitalistic or usurious system allows the individual to do it in this way, only WPPN.

Wppn is very simple in it’s setup. Step A is followed by step B and so forth. An initial look makes it seem complicaqted, because it is very, very big. But in reality it is a series of simple steps, all tied together in a logical sequence. This makes it look compicated at first glance, but once you get used to the simple steps to abundance/Wealth each step becomes as plain as the nose of your face, and you wonder where this has been hiding all your life (Well, it didn’t exist at all until 1992 when I received it in an epiphany! And then it took another 19 years to set it up to take it out to the world!)

if you want to get a glimpse of it, see the Wholistic Peace and Propserity Network at…




J’iam’s #1 most serious rule! (and it’s not what you’d think!)

My most serious rule in life is that I should laugh for a minimum of 3 hours per day! I have lived by that rule since 1978. And it has stood me in good stead too. For example when I lived in Woodville (in the country at an electrical sub-station) there was a knock on my door one day. When I ansered it there stood the husband of a lady I used to talk to over the fence as she ran past on her daily jog. I said “Hello, how can I help you?” and he said, “Sstep outside please, I’m going to thump you!” Goodness I thought, what’s gotten under this man’s bonnet. So I said to him, “If you are going to thump me, I want to know the reason why!”

“You know why!” he said.

“No, I don’t know, I have no idea at all!” I replied

“You’ve been having it off with my wife!” he said. At which point I laughed out loud, a good hearty belly laugh!

He stood there not knowing what to do! He had prepared the scene in his mind what he was going to do. If he does this then I’ll do that, or if he does that then I’ll do this. But the one thing he hadn’t prepared for was for me to laugh at the idea.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but we only talk over the fence. Someone has been backbiting to you haven’t they?” And that was the real reason he was there on the doorstep. Neighbours had been whispering in his ear that she and I were having sex because the had a reason to like me (but not sexually – I’ll tell you why in a minute)

I said to the husband, “Paul, people have been backbiting to you (backbiting is vicious gossip and is forebidden by God in this new age). Go and ask her why she is friendly with me, I think you’ll be surprised! Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”

“Um, no thanks” he said rather embassed by the scene that had taken place. I felt sorry for him and said, “well, the offer is always open!” and he left.

The reason why the lady (Simone, names are changed to protect the innocent) was very friendly with me (I was a solo father then) was because she had a problem at the time. One day she was jogging past as i was in the garden and she said, “Well I won’t be chatting to you any more soon!”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because the docters are going to be putting me in a wheel chair!”

“Why would they do that?” My jaw dropping as I asked!

“Because I have artheritis in my knees, hands and other joints.” she replied sadly.

Now a few months before, Green lipped mussell had been discovered to be effective with arthuritis and I had been reading about the latest “miracle cure” in books and magazines, so I asked her, Have you heard about green lipped mussells? They are supposed to be marvellous for arthuritis!”

“No,” she replied, “never heard of them.” So I went on to explain they were the latest thing on the market for her problem. Then she asked me, “How much are they?” and I replied, ” about a dollar per tablet”

“Oh” she said, “that’s very dear (expensive)”- this was back in 1979 and it was expensive.And I said, “Well think about it. They want to put you into a wheelchair, which means they have given up on curing you. What if they work? How much will that be worth to you? Not living your life in a wheel chair!”
She thought about that and said her thanks and goodbyes and i didn’t see her for about three weeks, until one day she came running up to my fance and said. ” I want to thank you! Those pills are marvellous and they have cured my artheritis completely! I can now Run again (not just jog/walk like she had been doing!) ”

I was so happy for her! What a difference it had made in her life – she was beaming with true (inner, spiritua) happiness! And because of that the small minded neighbours had put one and one and come up with 69! And then had run to her husband with tales/rumours/gossip/backbiting of infidelity! And he had believed them and had determined to come down and thump me up!

So there is the power of laughter. Laughter, like music,  “has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” (William Congreve). This is because Laughter and Music are both forms of spiritual relaxation! But laughter is the more powerful of the two! Not many people know this though, and so the world continues on it’s weary, depressing and depressed way!

There is a saying about laughter, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone” (Ella Wheeler Wilcox.) Laughter eminates, like light. A candle can eminate light to every corner of a darkened room, but there is nothing that can eminate misery, like a dark light you can strike that spreads darkness to every corner of the roon and makes it black. Evil does not have the power of emination at all. Rather it must sneakily move around the room closing all the curtains, and plugging up the gaps toblock out the light. Evil must be contained within a box. Open up the box and it is no longer dark inside!

Even if you live in darkness the sun always shines. Even in the most vicious storm the sun is still shining within six miles of you – straight up above the clouds. Always remember that the sun is always shining. Even at night it still shines on the other side of the world and we are moving towards the light at 1,000 miles per hour! And the darkest portion of the night is always before dawn!

It reminds me of an incident i had in Palmerston North in 1986. I was walking down the street in a foul mood and I noticed that no one was smiling at me, so i thought, “Why is no one smiling at me?” And a small voice whispered in my ear, “try smiling at someone yourself!” So I saw an old lady approaching and forced a cheesy grin onto my face! Fortunatly for me she must have been nearly blind and couldn’t see the forcedness of the smile, but saw it as a genuine smile and beamed a genuine heart-felt smile back at me! And that changed my mood from foul to beaming and I was able to cast out genuine smiles to every person I met. And they all cast genuine smiles back at me, so in the space of 100 feet my world changed from a dark place to a bright place! Lol!

So don’t think of laughter as a fickle thing. Think of it as a powerful force of for change – firstly within ourselves and secondly in the world. For laughter is a manifesting, emminating force that changes the world for the better. Try laughing three hours a day, make a commitment to it for one month and see how your world changes for the better. As I said, the first three minutes are the hardest. And you can ask for laughter at any time under the laws of providence, because laughter is a neccessity to Man, not a luxury!

Go forth and Laugh!


Appearences and Realities


This is a drawing I did about 15 years ago of Sir Edmund Hillary. Just after that I was inspired to write to Him to offer him a gift of $5 for his charities in Nepal. I wrote explaining what i was doing with WPPN (it wasn’t even started then, though!) and that I was a great believer in gifting. And then I forgot all about until about two weeks later when I got a confirmation from him. Instead of putting it into his charities he returned it to me signed! This was a huge confirmation that what I was doing was important. If I’d wanted to I could have sold the note for $300 and added to my own task. But the confirmation was so important that I had it framed and it is still hanging on my wall today, just over my shoulder.


Above is another drawing of someone on the top of Mount Everest. It is taken from a very famous photograph of 1952. Most people assume that the picyure is of Sir Edmund, but it’s not . The picture is of Sherpa Tensing and it was taken by Sir Edmund Hillary as he stood atop the mountain. As he explained to many people over the years, “Tensing didn’t know how to use a camera and rather than take of my masks and gloves ( a dangerous thing to do at that altitude) and try to explain him how to work the camera, I simply got him to pose and took it myself” Very practical! And of course most people assumed it was Sir Edmund because what can you see of him? Nothing really – no hands, no face just an anonymous mountaineer holding a British flag aloft. Tensing was a part of the synergy to conquered everest! The photo proves Two people conquered the mountain, the subject and the photographer. As one of them had to be Edmund Hillary the picture proves in the abstract that both of them were there!

The illusion that the photo is Emund Hillary is so strong, that I had a woman verbally attack me when I pointed out the reality of the picture. Instead of arguing with her my response was to tell her to do some research on the subject but I doubt if she did because her illusion was so strong, that the illusion was more important than reality to her! And that is the way of many people in the world. Many people are so convinced that the illusion they follow is reality, that they will attack you if you try to break that illusion!

There is a saying, “In the land of the blind a one eyed man would be king.” But that only worlks if the one eyed man doesn’t ripple their illusions. I have rephrased that saying to, “In the land of the blind a one-eyed man would guard his tongue most carefully, lest the blind find out he has sight and rip his eye out!”

That is why masters are hidden from the world until they are strong enough to challenge its illusions with the truth. Gandhi wrote, “first they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us and then we win!” This is a perfect description of the process that ties in with the saying, “when the student is ready the Master will appear!” You see, people aren’t actually blind in this age, rather they are asleep. “never awakeken a sleep walker” is another favourite saying because  it is dangerous to do so – more dangerous to the awakener than the awakened!  What the master does is waits until a sleeper starts awakening and opens one eye. Then they can see the master. The master then welcomes them to awakedness and starts training them in the realities of sight. From their they become a synergy (where the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts) and you have two sighted people looking for new people stirring. After a while, another two are found and you then have 4 sighted people, who in turn again double their numbers to 8. These eight then double to 16, to 32, to 64, to 128. By the time the numbers have doubled 10 times how many will you have? Exactly 1,024 people. What will you have if you double it another ten times? Why 1,048,576 of course! This is why the exponential system is called the folding system in the Bible. People were not as educated then as they were today. But anyone can understand the principle of folding (say a sheet of cloth). 0 folds is a flat sheet. One fold is a sheet folded in half to give two thicknesses of sheet. If we then fold it in half again (2 fold) that gives us 4 thicknesses, another fold (3 fold) gives 8 thicknesses and so forth. The completelist of folding up to 30 fold is shewn below

0    fold    =    1
1    fold    =    2
2    fold    =    4
3    fold    =    8
4    fold    =    16
5    fold    =    32
6    fold    =    64
7    fold    =    128
8    fold    =    256
9    fold    =    512
10    fold    =    1,024
11    fold    =    2048
12    fold    =    4096
13    fold    =    8192
14    fold    =    16384
15    fold    =    32768
16    fold    =    65536
17    fold    =    131072
18    fold    =    262144
19    fold    =    524288
20    fold    =    1,048,576
21    fold    =    2097152
22    fold    =    4194304
23    fold    =    8388608
24    fold    =    16777216
25    fold    =    33554432
26    fold    =    67108864
27    fold    =    134217728
28    fold    =    268435456
29    fold    =    536870912
30    fold    =    107,3741,824

Can you see why Gandhi said, “And then we win”? Because by the time the blind wake up to the danger (to their sleep mode) the numbers of awakened people is already far to big to stop! Besides what can a sleeper do, except thrash blindly about? It is inevitable that once one person has been awakened by God all people will eventually be awakened By Him! LOL!

You will also notice that in the above chart the halfway point to a million people is not 500,000 people, but only 1,024 people (10 is half of 20. ten fold is 1,024 whilst 20 fold is 1,048,576.) This is why God and Spiritual people always win the battle – the odds are stacked up against the resisters of spiritual evolution!

I hope this has been of help to you today,





‘oo iz zis Johnny Depp? ‘e ‘as stolen my face!


I do a lot of restoration work and I was going through Gustave Courbet pictures when I noticed the similarity of this Courbet self portrait to Johnny Depp. So I made this card up. Courbet was born in 1819 and died in 1877. The picture was actually painted in the 1840’s so it is well over 150 years old. And yet we see johnny depp standing there. Why is this? Because the universe recycles faces! I have two photos of an old girlfriend. One from the 1980’s when she was 23 and the other from 1915, long before she was born, again at about the same age! In this picture she is working in an ammunition factory in england in 1915! Again this is a face recycle.

Man hasn’t noticed it so much in the past because there weren’t as many painting as photographs and the poor couldn’t afford paintings of themselves. So the numbers were too small to compare millions of faces. But with 140 years of photography and the expansion of the internet they are becoming more prevelant.

People quite offten think they know me personally from their pasts but they don’t. Instead they recognise me from my soul (although they don’t know that!). Children are especially good at recognising my soul. In fact I often say to parents (after acknowledging the child first) that “my name is Sid, which stands forSanta in disguise!”

I have actually played Santa for many years. Once I was Santa in front of 10,000 people at a meeting. I was overwhelmed with the love people have for Santa. Why is this? Because Santa is Love from outside the family personified. Besides mum and dad and grandpa and grandma, Santa is a very important person in all childrens lives, as he represents spiritual love from outside the family. Because he is love made concrete children grow out of him at the age when they gain abstract thought, which is usually around 8 years old. But I notice that even though they know Santa is no longer true in a concrete sense, he is still true in the abstarct sense and the older children instinctively keep the story up with their younger siblings! The symbol changes, but the love remains!

A Merry Christmas to you! (but it’s not Christmas today, you say! Know that every day is Christmas in Heaven!!!!)



Empowerment and Disempowerment

People are either empowered or dis-empowered. Money is the primary source of power in most peoples lives. Empowerment is gained by spiritualizing their primary asset – money and then going on to spiritualize our other two material assets – goods and services. We do this by a process called Wholistic accounting. 

Dis-empowerment is gained by simply doing nothing (it doesn’t take any effort to fall into a sink-hole!) and becoming addicted to the ways of the lower world. Examples of addiction are smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, money and power to name but a few. Everything that can be spiritualized is also the addition if left to grow untended. All addictions drain away “seeds of success” into “seeds of destruction”. 

 People who spiritualize money go on to spiritualize everything in their lives eventually becoming wholly spiritual (Holy)

 The first two steps are to…

 (1) Pay yourself in the form of 10% of gross in the form of permanent savings (permanent seed money)

(2) Pay others 10% of gross in the form of giftings

 That is an awful lot of money in this day and age of high taxes. But the two 10% are only end goals. We don’t have to start at the top. In fact it is better to start at the bottom and let the higher laws of the universe do the work for you. We do this through applying the spiritual principle of “invoking the token” which is like a form of spiritual hire purchase.

Because we are using spiritual law it amplifies our efforts many-fold. Whilst we start working with money (by spiritualizing it) it is not the money that actually does the work, but the spiritual principles! Money is only the token that invokes the higher laws into action – and that is the secret of success! Invoking the token to get the higher laws working in your life!

You see the higher laws don’t care about your money. What they care about is your consistency. If money has a power base of 1, then consistency has a power base of 1,000! Consistency is the key to working the higher laws of the universe. Just as consistency in the key to flying a jumbo jet. You wouldn’t want to fly on a jumbo with an erratic Captain flying it, would you? The same goes for the higher laws of the universe; we are all “captains of our own ships”. If the captain is inconsistent the shipends up on the rocks! 

Keep doing the same token over and over and over and it becomes an inbuilt habit that you do without thinking about, thus starting a higher process. Spiritualized money becomes the seeds that produce fruits. The fruit is then divided, 10%, 10% and 80%.10% to permanent savings, 10% to gifting to others and 80% to yourself to increase your lifestyle!

Money is only one form of power we possess. The other two are 

(1) Goods

(2) Services

When we gift money we can reap a crop in the form of goods. When I first started I was given $8 worth of meat so I went to my meat budget for the week and removed $8 and split it 80 cents to my gifting, 80 cents to gifting to others and $6.40 to increasing my lifestyle. So I had a $6.40 pay increase that week! And had planted extra seeds that would come back to me (under the laws of sowing and reaping/karma) in the future. The same goes for services. When we get services we had meant to pay for as a gift we allocate that money 10% to our giftings, 10% to gifting to others and 80% to increasing our lifestyles!

I call this the 10/10/80 rule, and if we do this consistently in our lives our living costs as a percentage of our income reduce and our income increases as the law works more and more consistently in our lives. Notice hoe the word consistency keeps appearing!

Empowerment is about consistency and disempowerment is about inconsistency! Simple as that!

The way to use to 10/10/80 rules is through Wholistic Accounting. Wholistic accounting takes all three forms of energy and translates them back into money all the time. Why is this? Because money is the universal means of exchange. Money can translate goods into services, services into goods, money into goods and services. Unfortunately addicts only work with translating money into goods and/or services. Retailers work with translating goods onto money and plumbers work with translating services into money. Only wholistic people (holy in biblical terms) work all three consistently with wholistic accounting.

Invoking the token is called that because it uses money is is not powered by money. Rather it is powered by the consistency of the gifting. Spiritual Law uses money as a “token of faith” to start the higher laws working in your life. It is the returns from the higher laws that takes us to the second state of “wealthy” The first state of the higher laws is when we become “Poor” which is the state that marks our detachment from materialism/lower law to our attachment to Spiritual/higher Law.

Habits are defined as ” A settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up.” All good habits are hard to start but become easier and easier to live with over time. All bad habits are easy to start but become harder and harder to live with over time. Good habits lead to the virtuous cycle, bad habits lead to the vicious cycle. Those are our basic choices in life – virtuous cycle or vicious cycle. It is always possible to escape the vicious cycle by starting good habits. It is harder to leave the virtuous cycle because good habits are “hard to give up.” The thing with the virtuous cycle is that every seed bears fruit and every fruiting bears more seeds to plant! This is the core of the virtuous cycle. And only the virtuous know the true rewards of virtue – and they aren’t just good feeling! Far from it the rewards are the 5 main aspects of life







These five things are the fruits of the seeds you sow with wholistic accounting! Notice the order (they are listed in order of importance) . Prosperity is last on the bill! If you gain a lot of money without the other four that is not prosperity, that is RICHES. Riches are like being a bird in a gilded cage. It looks very nice from the outside but for the bird it is hell! Riches look very nice to people in poverty but they can only see what they lack and can’t see the hell of riches. The wealthy are healthy, happy, peaceful, successful and then prosperous. But these 5 things tend to be hidden from the rich and the povertics (povertics defines people in poverty – read the Thelemica by Rev J’iam to understand the four different stations of Wealth, Poor, rich and poverty.)

The state of health in the spiritual state is spelled with a capital H. So there is health (physical) and Health (Spiritual) Know that we don’t have to be 100% healthy to be 100% Healthy. And Know too that being 100% Healthy tends to lead to an increase in health! As long as we are Healthy and Happy and Peaceful that tends to diminish the health problems down and increase the health fitness up. A man with no legs can be far Fitter than an athlete who is number one in the world! (Whenever I write any attribute with a capital Letter that indicates a Spiritual Quality.) 

And that brings me to The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, or WPPN. WPPN is not a business, it is a tool to help us on our paths to Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity. It works on invoking the token to implement to 10/10/80 rule in your life, Plus it works on the major problems in most peoples lives of Work, Income and Housing (note the capitals). For a token amount per month you can start three forms of giftings that return to in many ways, the most important being new Habit formations and Knowledge (“you will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”).

WPPN is here to help us succeed in Spiritual/wholistic accounting so that our lives can increase in Quality first and then in quantity second! And it’s Permanent (all Spiritual Law is Permanent!) in that it passes down to your children, your grand children, your great grand children and so forth down through the generations for at least 500 years! Imagine crating that as a legacy! Well that is what every WPPN member does!WPPN is the only institute in the world that works on wholistic accounting to increase your empowerment! It is well worth a look at! Have a look at our new website on


Jesus, the Christ

Jesus, the Christ, is actually two separate entities. There is Jesus the very great, very wise  metaphysician and prophet. And then there is the Christ contained within Him.

Although a great person all His life, He was not the Christ until He went into the desert and fasted for 40 days. During the fast the Christ Spirit descended onto Him.As two people Jesus spoke in three forms

1) I, as Jesus the Man

2) We, as both Jesus and God

3) I Am, as God alone

As followers of God we have three choices, to follow a messenger of God (Jesus, Mohammed, Budha, etc.) or to follow the Christ Spirit, I Am. Or to follow both  – (Jesus AND Christ, Muhammed AND Christ, Budha AND Christ, etc.) So our choices are the physical either/or, or the spiritual AND.

Either/or is always divisive – christians hate muslims and muslims hate christians (notice the small c’s and m’s) Whilst AND is always Uniting: Chistians Love all people. And Christians includes Muslims, Hindus, Budhists, Jews and even Atheists and other non-religious people! As Christians we can follow any, and all, of the great manifestations (Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah etc). We can pick up any holy writings and recognise the Voice of God as “I Am” within those writings!

 My name is J’iam, which means “Hod of  I Am” Hod is an ancient babylonian bricklayers tool that literally means “extra hand” So I am the hand of I Am. I Am is the knowable divine essence of God (And God IS Love) so my name means “Servant of Love” My other two names are Rev and Mas, which mean reverend and master. Reverend means “servant of people” whilst master means “servant of Man” . So lined up my names mean servant of people (physical), servant of Man (metaphysical) and servant of God/Love (Spiritual). WOW! I think God gave me that name to remind me that I am His servant! Lol!

In my life journey I have met Christians of many denominations and faiths. Not many, but some. One of these Christians was a Muslim man who taught me about belief in God, long before I was reborn (I was still an atheist then). You can always tell a Christian by the light within their eyes! Most christians I meet don’t have the “light within”. As don’t most people of most religions.Christians have a belief in the possibility of “It can Be done( “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me“) whilst most christians live in an atmosphere of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), Real Christians always laugh and enjoy life, regardless of their circumstances. False christians (or muslims or jews or, or, or…) don’t enjoy life and are are burdened down with fear, hate and politics.)

Most religions today are justs cults (“beware of false prophets bearing my name!”). If you want to know the Christ Spirit all you have to do is ask out aloud, perhaps with these words, “God if the christ spirit exists please show me! Allow me to be reborn into the Christ spirit!” and then be prepared to meet God! Be prepared to cast off your fears, doubts and worries! Be prepared to find God in the humblest piece of grass, or in the song of a bird or in the eyes of another Christian (regardless of what Faith they follow) Lol! God is Good, God is great, God is Mighty, Amen. Amen, Amen!



We are only human – born to make mistakes!

We are only human – born to make mistakes they say. But we are not born to be stupid. We are made to learn from and not repeat our mistakes. To keep making the same mistake over, and over and over, is stupidity.

Only by making a mistake do we have the chance to redeem ourselves by analysing the mistake and putting in place a system or method of preventing it happening again! We learn the remedies to mistakes and move on to tackle the next one! Thus do we aquire wisdom. We are not born to make mistakes, but born to rectify mistakes!

There are two ways of dealing with mistakes in life – one is to experience it. pick up the pieces and put in place a system to prevent it happening again. This is called the hindsight method.

The other is to read and educate ourselves about possible mistakes and put systems in place to prevent them happening! This is called the foresight method. Personally I prefer the foresight method as it is a lot less painful (better to prevent the chopping off of a finger in a bandsaw that to chop off a finger and never do it again!)

The world is in it’s current financiakl woes because the people have let banks and other usurious institutes rule the economic world for too long. The time has come to prevent economic fluctuations and disasters borne by the ordinary person (the banks fail and we pay for their mistakes!) The time has come for the entrance of spiritual (non-usurious) entities like WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) to start manifesting itself in the economic lives of us – the ordinary people of the world. Yes, we don’t have a lot individually, but many doing a little each does make a lot! And it doesn’t take that much to tumble usurers – only 3% of the population is needed to start a positive revolution (whereas 10%+ of the population is needed to start a negative revolution!)

So come and join the WPPN revolution – the WPPN website is at…

How do I actually Implement the Higher Laws in my Life

The easiest way to implement the higher laws in your life is to join WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network), because WPPN is set up on the higher laws to invoke the tokens that actually starts the higher laws working in your life. As long as these tokens are consistently worked, they return to you crops through the laws of sowing and reaping (as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, 10, 50 100 fold).

The law of sowing and reaping is the western name for the law of Karma – they are both the same law. From the returns of this law we can pay the tokens at the full measures of 10%, 10%, 10% and 70% by gifting in three token forms and keeping the majority for life improvement for yourself and your family. The three forms of gifting are…

1) Gifting to yourself – $15 per month and 10% of returns to permanent savings in the family bank.

2)Gifting to others further up along the wealth creation process of $5 per month (which increases your returns on these giftings, as you are gifting to people more empowered than you are) and gifting to children, descendants in the form of 10% of returns to create a family bank (your true form of personal wealth creation)

3)Gifting to WPPN of $5 per month to grow the network and a gift of 1-10% of returns from each windfall to grow the overall network (for others further on down the wealth creation process)

The other 70% of each windfall is then used to advance your living circumstances (life improvement for yourself and your family) in whatever form you see fit.

The purpose of WPPN is to help it’s members become …

1) Spiritually Poor (an empowered state of detachment)

2) Spiritually abundant, which is the highest state of detachment (Poor)

First we have to become detached from a little (what we have) and then we have to become detached from a lot (Wealth). To become Poor (notice the capital P!) we have to become Detached from everything except Love.

The Poor work under the laws of providence whish state “everything you need will be provided either free or very cheap” WPPN teaches you how to use the laws of providence (whilst quietly building your foundations of abundance/Wealth). The obligation of the poor is that they have fulfill their general beingness.
The state of Wealth is the highest form of detachment. The wealthy work under both the laws of Providence and Abundance! The wealthy are both Poor and Abundant! Read that again, the wealthy are both Poor and Abundant! If an abundant Man loses their abundance they simply continue life in the state of Poor. And sooner, or later, they return to abundance again.

The Wealthy work under the laws of Abundance which state, “everything you want you can have but there is a cost.” What is the cost of Wealth?

1) you have to look after the Poor. (“the first inheritance of the wealthy is the Poor”)
2) you have to remain detached from the wealth (still remain Poor within)
3)You have to fulfill your general and specific beingnesses.

WPPN is set up to initially fulfill every member’s general beingness. Which lays the foundations to you finding and fulfilling your specific beingness.

Our general beingness are things we can all do (e.g gifting in token form) to help create a general divine (Spiritual) civilisation.

Our specific beingness are things only we can do e.g. Utilising our special talents and capabilities to help create a specific divine (Spiritual) civilisation (like using 10%’s of gross incomes for giftings)

WPPN also helps you move your life from the physical plane to the metaphysical and Spiritual planes. Thus increasing your energy levels from 1 to 10, to 100! (111 total).

WPPN is not created to just make a profit, although the wealth principles and higher laws ensure that one is made on every level. All profits belong to the members and are distributed only within the network (except for a very small percentage to charitable gifting to outside organizations like Oxfam etc. Most of the gifting are distributed within the network to members undergoing tests and to internal charities we will set up in the future, e.g. Pre-made homes built to last 500 years, for members only)

WPPN is set up with a social conscience. More than this it is set up with a metaphysical and Spiritual conscience! Both of these things have the social conscience contained within them as a part of their structures!

WPPN is an empowering structure that changes lives forever because it is multi-generational. The changes are in your life firstly, then in your children’s lives, your grandchildren’s lives, your great-grandchildren’s lives and so forth, down through the generations. WPPN is a permanent fix to age old problems, not a temporary physical fix (like putting a plaster on a hole in a dam!) but one that becomes bigger and bigger as each generation grows and starts taking over the control of their lives (which have been set in place by you and WPPN, to be passed down through your descendants.) Each generation becomes bigger and bigger – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 people etc. Until the whole world (and space) are free of usuries and empowered and in control of there own lives from birth to death.

You and WPPN will squeeze all usuries out of existence by allowing YOU to take over control of the world’s assets (your assets!) for the first time in the history of mankind. Usurers are the enemies of spirituality who control the world by manipulation rather than by self-fulfillment, thus creating a class of greedy, non-caring super-rich. The answer to the rich is to replace them with the Wealthy and the Poor spiritual states. Only WPPN is set up to do this in your lifetime and over the generations.  

WPPN costs $25 per month to join. Joining instantly sets you up in the metaphysical and spiritual states of helping to create a divine civilisation – in both your life, your families lives and mankind’s, as a whole, lives.
WPPN then teaches you by your actions within the network and by access to education (for members only) on the higher spiritual laws and their workings (you don’t have to be the least religious to be spiritual!)
Over all, WPPN is the most powerful form of immediate life change, for the better, in the world today – and you can join for just $25 per month.
Just by joining you change your metaphysical and spiritual states for the better, which is later followed by the physical state of betterment (manifestation of physical assets, money, goods and services).
There is even a three month money back guarantee, if you are not happy with WPPN and it’s benefits to you.
Plus there is a bonus of the secret book “Commitments” (available to network members only) which includes every goal you’ll ever need to become both Poor and Wealthy! (given to members in four monthly parts).

So why are you waiting? Join today! Right now! Here>



What is you general and specific beingnesses?

An elephant IS an eagle!

Today is a sad day for New Zealand because today we  started trading in “gay” marriages. Because the “government” has passed a law saying homosexual marriage is legal, people on the physical level now think that homosexuality is right. But on the spiritual level it will never Be right, for it is spiritually forbidden by every manifestation that has trod on this earth – Moses, Budha, Krishna, Zoroaster Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah. Everyone one of them forbid homosexuality.

But in this material world they seem to think that legislation can alter reality. That by legislating elephants to be eagles the elephants will be able to fly! Not going to happen. You can legislate until you are blue in the face and the elephant will never change into an eagle. You will get many dead elephants at the bottom of cliffs – the bodies of those elephants so caught up in the illusion that they were convinced they actually could fly! An eagle can fly, “I’m an eagle (i have a piece of paper that legally makes me an eagle) therefore I can fly!” Wheeee  – SPLAT!

And there will be casualties at the bottom of the cliffs, the bodies of those fallen on by the falling elephants, probably just casual bystanders passing by.

I don’t know if you’ve thought of it yet ladies, but you are one of the casualties of homosexual marriage. Making homosexual marriage legal means also that the New Zealand government have sneakily made sodomy legal for every one. So men can legally expect to sodomise their wifes in New Zealand from now on. Do you know what sodomy is? It is the penetration of the anus by a rigid penis. This is a very painful experience. It is also spiritually forbidden. So two birds have been legally maimed with one legislative action. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it Moral (Spiritual Law). So expect a new pressure in the bedroom from now on, ladies!

By the way, I am giving up eagle training as I may get my arm crushed by an elephant trying to land on my wrist!


An open letter to Nelson Mandela

Dear Nelson,

as much as the people of South Aftrica and the world Love you, it is time for them to release you and let you go to the next world. You have worked long and hard in your time on earth and achieve a mighty lot! It is time for you to receive your reward so I am here to help you clear the blockages of the misplaced Love the peoples are placing on you, wanting to keep your mortal remains with them as long as they can. In doing so they are not thinking, “What is best for Nelson?” Your life is at an end and the taste of the afterklife is so close you can taste its sweetness on your lips and smell it’s fragrance in your nose. But they won’t let you go!

So I will let you go. Go Nelson to the next world and claim your reward for your life! God gives you permission to do this, so ignore your “fans” and simply pick up the hem of your robe and leave this planet. Let them grieve over the “loss” of the ship and the captain, whilst you fly into the next world on your private helicopter! Lol! I know where you are and I ask you to serve God’s causes here on earth from the afterlife!

Go, Nelson, go Nelson, go, go, go. And may Gods Peace, Love and Glory embrace you!

Thank you for your service to mankind,

Love and Peace,

reverend master J’iam