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Is the love of money the root of all evil? I think not!

If the love of money is the root of ALL evil, then where is pedophilia based in money? And Arson? And, and, and. So the saying is wrong for this age. It should read “the love of money is the root of many evils“, But is it “love of” or it is it “lusting after”. I don’t believe it is love of because “God is Love“, Love is detached, not attached. To be attached to something is to “Lust after it”. So the quote should read “The lusting after money is the source of many evils“.

Even “lusting after” is too wordy,  better and clearer to read “attachment” So we end up with the quote…


And that, I believe, is the true quote for today, for this age .

Now if attachment to money is the source of many evils, then the opposite must be true too. The opposite of attachment is DETACHMENT. So Detachment from money must be the source of many good (works).

And this too is true, because the spiritual life is set up on two columns – connection to Love and good works (creating a divine civilisation). How can we create a divine civilisation without access to money, as money is the universal  (Godly) form of exchange between Goods, Services and and Money! What I am saying here that the secret of using money spiritually is to use it in a detached way. But how do we learn how to do this? By gifting! Gifting is the training tool of detachment! To Be Spiritual, we must gift properly. To gift properly we must practice, practice, practice! 

Know that Gifting is of two forms – gifting to yourself and gifting to others. Which is the most important? Gifting to yourself is. I know that this will sound contradictory to many, but the source is spiritual. Who does God Love and Honour first? God of course! The love of God for God is the highest and purest form of Love. We (you and I) are made in the image of God. So spiritually we must love our Godly part first and our physical part second. This is supported by the eleventh commandment (how many of you didn’t know there are 11 commandments?) Christ gave just one commandment, “Love thou One another as I love thee” [John 13:34] One is, and always has been, the word for yourself. Another is the old English word for other people, So it reads “Love yourself and others, as I Love you”. And how are we loved? Wholly and unconditionally! So it reads in full. “Love yourself and others wholly (Holy) and unconditionally” And that is the eleventh commandment for today, for this age. And gifting is the training ground for implementing this commandment. 

People find it hard to gift to themselves wholly and unconditionally because they have been taught that to think of yourself first is “evil” or “egotistical”. But spiritually this is not so. God loves Himself above all others! And we should too! Because the spiritual principle is “As within, so without“. What we have ourselves is what we can practice. Got the ability to heal? Then “Physician heal thyself!” You wouldn’t go to a sick doctor to get healed yourself would you? Of course not. How is a sick doctor going to heal you when he can’t even heal himself?!

So when we gift to ourselves, how do we handle it in a spiritual way? We create a legacy for many to use. In my case that is a family bank that will pass down through the generations. Always gift to yourself first, then to others. At the moment I am gifting to myself first,  then to others in the form of myself, two of my sons and three of my grand children. All gifts go into the family bank. At the moment the gifts are very small, as I am still in the Poor stage but I am rapidly approaching the Wealthy stage, when my training will amplify my giftings in proportion to my income –  to full 10% and 10% (the Spiritual Perito Principle) of gross income. If you haven’t been gifting consistently, on a regular basis then it is very hard to implement when wealth (prosperity) comes upon you and you easily fall out of prosperity.(wealth is not earned like riches [doing and having] but earned by the returns from seed gifting [all seeds produce an abundant crop in return])

All big things come from small things. The oak tree comes from an acorn, we come from two tiny elements (ovum and sperm) and wealth comes from “seed gifting”. Seed gifting is also called “Invoking the token“, where we do something on a small scale (seed) and grow it from there to a full crop. In gifting, the amount of money you gift is not important, What is important in the eyes of the laws is the consistency of the gifting. Giftings must be made every time you receive a windfall or salary, without exception. This is the hard part of giftings – without exception! Which is why we start small and grow it with our returns (windfalls/karmic returns) at the full two 10%’s. We can afford to reach the full 10 percents of gross with the returns because they initially have no tax attached to them and over time our surpluses grow to easily accommodate tax and the full 10%s which means we end up gifting 2 x 16.5%s = 33% of our gross income. No one can afford that on a non-spiritual (physical) level. And even if they can, they probably won’t because they are too attached to money to do it! .

So we start with a seed and when we reap a grown plant we pay the full ten percents of gross to ourselves and others!  Spiritually, what this is achieving is this; the seed gifting is done by the poor and the full 10 percents are done by the wealthy. So gifting in seed is the beginning of our transformation to wealth (prosperity). Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!

The Wholistic (holy) Peace and Prosperity Network is an organisation to help us transform ourselves to the station of Poor and then to the station of Wealthy. In this age most of us cannot be just Poor (except those deemed to this station by God) but use Poor as a stepping stone to wealth (Wealth is a spiritual manifestation of this new age), WPPN was gifted to me by God in an vision in 1992, and I have been working on it ever since. It is a huge concept, absolutely enormous! But still very simple in it’s elements and easy to do, because everything starts with a seed! Plant the seed, tend the plant, reap the crop! Only in this way can we actually learn to Love money in a spiritual way that produces a divine civilisation! Which is our secondary purpose in life.



The sure path to Peace and Prosperity

The sure path to Peace and Prosperity – the beginners guide to certainty of inner Peace and Prosperity (start here!)

We all crave these two things – Inner peace and Prosperity. That the two are irretreviably interlinked cannot be denied. Our ancestors (the Victorians) knew this only too well but did not have the tools to achieve boths states at once. Today we have the means, but have forgotten the targets in this age of materialism! Spiritual objects/goals are not clear any more! But once in a while you get explorers like myself who have left “cicvilisation and “gone bush” to explore what’s over the hill and in doing so have found a new valley to colonize.

And that is what i am offering today. To reach the new valley you will have to follow me into the bush on a thin  foot track that will one day be a motorway. But the way is quite safe. It just takes a little bit of courage to plunge into the bush after living all our lives in the open spaces. But once inside the bush you’ll be amazed at the calm and quiete of it. And you’ll be able to here bird song all day instead of just in the morning (before it is drowned out by the rush of traffic and industrial noise.)

So what actions do we have to take to reach the new valley? We initially have to spiritualise our money, followed by our possessions and services. Then we have to spiritualise ourselves and find our purpose in life. (i’ll tell you what that is right now – to build a divine civilisation!) 

So why start with money? Because it is always best to start with something we think we are familiar with. We all think we are familiar with money but really only one in a hundred know the true qualities of money! Because money is not only a physical thing but also a metaphysical and Spiritual thing too. And as we discover these two things the POWER of our money increased from 1 to 10, to 100 (physical energy, metaphysical energy and Spiritual energy)

Surely it is better to work at an energy level of 100 than 1?  Of course it is but working at higher energy levels is like moving from the sandpit and working with a bucket and shovel to moving to the quarry and working with Dynamite and bulldozers. We have more energy but we have to be trained to handle these things properly lest we hurt ourselves or others!

Education is the initial answer to all spiritual problems. The master can teach you the principles but after that you must do these things for and to yourself to make them work in your life. Spiritual education is different from physical education.In physical education you get a piece of paper saying you are learned. In spiritual education you have to apply them to your life so you Be-come spiritual. “You shall know them through their deeds, because a bad tree can’t give good fruit nor can a good tree give bad fruit!” in spiritual terms an educated man is one who knows the difference between right and wrong and who chooses to follow the right path. In schooling, an “educated” man is a learned one. Yet I have met “learned” men who were stupid in their actions, following the paths of their educators – who really knew nothing about education at all! I’m sure you have met such a person too, if you think about it.

The thing with spiritual education is that you are offered a “truth” that you must test to destruction and work to implementation. The truth cannot be destroyed and the truth will always build itself up very quickly. Between the two testing methods you’ll quickly come to realise that “This IS true” and the truth will make the “long 14 inch journey” from your head to your heart and it will become YOUR TRUTH! Which you can then offer to other people. The spiritual teacher always offers the truth for you to test and never demands that you believe it, just because he/she is saying it!

Today I am going to offer you a spiritual truth. Money was not invented by man but was a gift from God to man. It must be this because money is a universal form of exchange. It moves goods into services, services into goods and both inot money and money into both. If it is universal it must have come from a universal source. the only universal source I can think of is God! If God created money then it must have spiritual aspects. And it does. To find the spiritual aspects of money we have to stop chasing it and start offering it to others as a gift (just like knowledge) One of the best ways I know of doing this is to break money down into it’s smallest part and offer this to others as a gift. In New Zealand the smallest coin is 10 cents, but if you live in a country with 5 cents or even 1 cent coins, use those. Go to your bank and get $1 worth of the smallest coins available and take those out and offer them as gifts to people. To offer a gift spiritually there has to be an offerer and a receiver. You cannot just say, “here have this” as that is a win lose situation. You have lost and they have won! Instead you must say, “will you accept this gift from me?” and wait for them to answer. If they say yes then give them the gift wholly and unconditionally. the money has to pass from your property to their property – they can do whatever they want with it! You have then created a win/win situation (every spiritual transaction is a win/win transaction, you just have to learn how they work)

In the case of gifting the transaction opens you to the returns from the law of “sowing and reaping” which states, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, 30, 50 100 fold” so you may be gifting 1, 2, 5 or 10 cents but are guaranteed a return of a greater amount so there is never a loss to you in gifting, only an increased return! And what do we call an increased return in the physical world? Why, an investment of course! Gifting is always a spiritual investment!

So my challenge to you today is for you to have the courage to do something different with something familiar. Try gifting small amounts of money to as many people as you can! 

But what if they refuse my gift? Then simply put it back in your pocket and move onto the next person. Anyone who refuses a gift is in poverty and poverty is the opposite of wealth! Don’t try to push your gift onto a person in poverty, just dismiss them and walk away.

What do you say to people who say, “what’s it for?” Simply answer them, “It’s to make you happy!” Because it is. Whilst you are seemingly gifting money you are really gifting Love! Because the amount of money is so small most people cant “see” it (appreciate it). If you were to gift them a $100 dollars, all they would be able to see is the money and not appreciate it at a spiritual level. Try it today and observe how such a small gift can lift peoples spirits, because, “there is no such thing as a small gift of Love!” Once you have seen this with your own “eyes” (heart) you can never go back to the old beliefs on money you were taught by materialists (like “money is the root of all evil”) Money is a huge source of Goodness and Graciousness in this world, once we learn to use it properly!

This simple act of gifting is beginning of a new inner peace and (later) a growing prosperity. Inner peace and prosperity are essential to outer peace and prosperity, because things are always “grown in the garden of the heart” in the spiritual world. As it says in scripture, “as within, so without!”

If you decide to test this knowledge out and want to report the results to me and get further training then please feel free to contact me directly on my private email address..



Some thoughts on death


I have made death a messenger of joy to you. Why then do you grieve? I made the light to shed on you its splendour. Why do you veil yourself from it?

In the spiritual aspect death is a welcome friend rather than the enemy of man as known on the physical level ( a skeleton bearing a scythe! I ask you!) God’s Love for us is whole, complete and unconditional. How could death be a punishment. It is actually a reward for the soul because at death the soul is freed from the bopdy and the brain (ego) into the next world. However the ego sees death as a punishment because it actually annihilates the ship (body) and the captain of the ship (brain). It is only when we, the soul (the owner of the ship) approach the captain and make peace with him that things settle down into a peace, instead of the warring that is so dominant is so many peoples lives!

Seen from the spiritual point of view means the ship sinks at sea and, as tradition dictated, the captain goes down with the ship! The owner just hops into the helicopter on the helipad and flies away to safety! (I bet you didn’t know there was a helipad and chopper aboard, did you?). That is why the soul is in charge – he actually owns the ship and understands that all earthly things have a limited life span. But the soul is not earthly at all, it is made in the image of God and God is eternal – as are we! So the death of the ship means the release of the soul from the ship! That is why death is a messenger of joy to the soul. We are butterflies, designed to fly in the sky and this world is the caterpillar and chrysalis stages before the birth of the butterfly. 

Everything looks different from the souls point of view. The death :penalty” is not actually a penalty but a form of forgiveness that frees us up from three major types of crime – murder, arson and drug-pushing. Why these three? Because they all interfere with God’s creative process. If we just decided to eject a baby from the womb at any time we felt like it many babies would die from premature birth. God decides when a baby is born, whether it dies or not is up to God. The baby that dies at birth misses the pains and sorrows of this world but also misses out on the free will tests and trials that most os have to suffer through to learn out lesson! (that we must submit our free will to Love. God!) But for that child nothing is missing in the next world because one of the first gifts we receive is infinite knowledge (I know because i have died and passed onto the next world to receive this gift. And i really cried when i was put back here on earth and felt that knowledge slipping away!)

In this new age the death penalty is prescribed for these three crimes because God doesn’t engage in “double jeopardy” If we kill someone we can get forgiveness for that crime by forfeiting our own life. In doing this we receive forgiveness for that action and don’t have to account for it in the next world. If we kill someone and spend the rest of our life in prison we still have to account for that crime – which is being punished for the same crime twice, “double jeopardy!”

I believe that the most humane way of dying is to drown, as it is quick, painless and, once the ego stops fighting for life, very pleasant indeed! I know, because that is how I died at the age of twenty one at a beach (read my blog on a near death experience).

So murder is the deliberate taking of a human life (manslaughter is the accidental raking of a life) Arson is setting fire to things as well as causing explosions (bombs etc) whilst the death penalty for drug makers and pushers is because drugs separate the soul from the body and brain. So basically the owner is denied access to the ship! And that is a silent form of murder. We have all known addicts and know that they are soulless. And that is reason why the death penalty for drug pushing. And one day alcohol will be declared a drug too (it has been banned since the seventh century!). 

I know that having written this it won’t make me popular, but I am not here to win a popularity contest but to point out the truth of situations. The philosopher Socrates, who drank hemlock after his trial for allegedly corrupting the youth of Athens is an example of the soul over-riding the body and ego because the corrupt system was going to kill him anyway and it is better in those circumstances to do the job yourself. 

My son is named Anis and he was names after a martyr who offered to kill the Prophet,  “The Bab” (who actually asked for a volunteer to kill him) Because of his devotion Anis was allowed to be martyred with the Bab and their bodies were forever mingled after being shot by an execution squad of 750 shooters! What I an trying to point out is that the actions of the soul are different from the actions of the body and brain because it works under the same laws, but on a different, higher level!

Take the law of attraction. It, like all laws manifests differently on each of the three levels. On the physical level the law of attraction states, “Opposites attract”. And this is true; yin and yang, day and night, black and white, goof and bad etc. But on the metaphysical level the same law is the total opposite and states, “Like attracts like” or put differently, “birds of a feather flock together!”. And on the spiritual level the law of attract states, “Love attracts all, except the human heart that chooses to turn away (remember, we have free will). If you have a problem with the law of attraction you have to trace the source of the problem – is it physical, metaphysical or spiritual? Find the source of the problem and the solution becomes obvious and easy (to see, not necessarily easy to do!)

Well I hope that I haven’t offended too many of you, but if i have ask yourself. “is what I’ve said the truth on the spiritual level?”  If it is, you are having problems with the physical or metaphysical over-riding the spiritual and making you life un-happy. If I haven’t offended you, congratulations you are detached from death and should seek out the Benefits of death to you (not just the impact on you)

I love you all,


Die in Peace, not pieces!

When we are born, what is our primary purpose? To grow up so we can recognise our spiritual function.

Once we have recognised this, what then is our primary purpose? To help create a divine civilisation! Not in just one aspect but in two aspects.

(1) a general divine civilisation using the qualities we all have and

(2) a specific divine civilisation using our own unique set of talents and abilities.

Only then can we be whole – Holy (as it is stated in the Bible).

Only then can we die in peace, rather than in pieces!


Sorry, I will be absent for a short while

I am undergoing an internal change that has stopped me doing most things including writing this blog and writing in my dairy (i have filled four this year so far). It is a very interesting experience,  like being a catapiller in in a chrysallis and changing into a butterfly. I am deep in a profound state of beingness and am awaiting to come out of it to see what has happened to “myself”. I think it is exciting but feel no excitement about it, just isness. I willl be back with you as soon as possible.

if possible please say some prayers for spiritual supoort me. Many thanks,


Continuous revelation throughout the ages

Do you think that God has ever left us alone throughout Man’s existence? Such a concept is inconceivable to any spiritual believer as they can feel his presence every day. So why are their so many messengers from God? Because every 700 to 1,000 years man has grown enough spiritually to receive another message from God through a human messenger. Consider all life to be a school with the messengers from God as it’s teachers and God as the headmaster. Each year the children move up a grade – and it’s the same with the school of mankind except the school year id 700 to 1,000 years long! So Abraham was one of the early messengers from God and he had three sets of children, each of whom God promised to raise a great nation. One went off to raise moses and Jesus, the other Krishna, Buddha and Zoroaster, the final one Mohammad, before all three branches merged back into one.

Each time a messenger came they bought two teachings one the spiritual teachings to connect us to God and the other the social teachings that would produce a Divine Civilization in the following 700 to 1,000 years.


 Notice how the message is given to the capacity of God’s children, not the capacity of the Holy Spirit (notice too how the huge Holy Spirit glass is much, much reduced in scale in the diagram). Much like a primer one student is taught to the level they need not to that of the university student. Notice too how each messenger brings a bigger message. This the way it is at school too, but mankind has free will and can stay in primer one if he chooses to. And some do! Judaism is classed as primer one (for the purposes of this talk). But their souls still grow to some extent. So today Judaism doesn’t carry out any of the many death penalties prescribed in the Torah (the old testament), like the death penalty for Jews who “curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death” (Leviticus). All these things have been dropped from the Jewish faith because they now follow the teachings of Christ and other teachers who came after Moses and who changed the essential social teachings.

This phenomena is much like children who grow in size and mind despite their choosing to stay in primer one. A twelve year old primer one student no longer needs a nap or to have his shoe laces tied for him, but he refuses to read beyond the primer one level!

But the teaching of God are not just social teaching. Far more important is the spiritual teaching, and each time a new messenger comes the amount of social teaching decrease and the Spiritual teaching increase!


For those who stay in primer one, their social teaching decrease somewhat but not nearly as much as their Spiritual teaching in proportion. It’s like much of the glass evaporates with the Spiritual laws evaporating far more quickly the the social laws. The effect of this is to leave the cup half empty, so today the Jewish faith looks like this…


 Of course this applies to all religions. In this new age the social laws that uphold the churches has been so diminished that many aren’t belonging to religions any more, preferring to call themselves “Spiritual”. And this is perfectly valid in this era of exchange, although it will swing back when the new religion is consolidated. But it will be within the scope of the “Spiritual” people of the world! The religious people are far further away from the new religion than the spiritual people are – they are already half way in! In the new age there is no clergy at all, each Man has to be his own clergy! There are social teachings (for how else can we make a divine civilization if we have no foundation stones, but the vast majority of the new Divine House will be made of spiritual teachings! In this age we have plumbing and electrical wiring, insulation, internet and so forth as parts of our houses. The proportion of house to foundations is far increased in this new age and the foundations are no longer hewn from solid stone, but poured from concrete.


 WPPN is a part of the progress of mankind towards the new Divine Civilization, although it is not part of any religion, but accepts them all as bearers of truth and Love.

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is simply a tool to help mankind achieve their true inner potential in this new age. Communism is dead and capitalism is dying a slow agonizing death at the moment – what is to replace them? WPPN of course!  

WPPN sets up a virtuous wholistic cycle in our lives that empowers us to Be Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous (in other words wealthy). Only when the wealth of the world is more evenly distributed (shared) can mankind stop warring. And by distributed i don’t mean grabbed form one portion of the population and given to another portion unearned. The new way is to organize your life in a way that allows you to earn what you have and thereby denying it ti the usurers of the world. WPPN does this, all within the scope of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Physical laws, with the dominance being on Spiritual and Metaphysical!

I hope this helps you,



Five Spiritual Stations

Know that there are five spiritual stations that are essential targets of achievement for all mankind. The five stations are…




Unity and


Let me explain further.

Holiness in the Oxford Dictionary is explained as “Whole” in modern English. To be whole is very important, because we cannot ever be successful as partial Beings. This is explained in the saying, “A house divided against itself will always lose”. This is in the form of a double negative – the old way of speaking. If we translate it into a single positive (the New Age way of speaking) then it says, “a house united within itself will always win!” Already Holiness has linked with Unity. To Be partial is to Be dis-united. To Be Holy is to Be United – simple as that (Spiritual law is always simple, which is why it confuses man, who is always looking for ever more complex answers on the physical plane, to explain, or explain away, Spiritual Law).

 Holiness = Wholistic/United

 The Spiritual State of Poor is also the foundation of Peace. Peace is not simply the absence of war and fighting but the presence of Detachment from all things except Love. This is what Peace means in spiritual terms. So we don’t have to be out of stress, just detached from it within ourselves to Be Peaceful within. This is why His Holiness Jesus said, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!” Peace/Poor is literally the first form of Heaven on earth! To be still amongst the busy world is to be in Heaven. To Be still (Peaceful) is to Be able to hear the voice of God, “Be still and know I AM, God!” Notice how the spiritual state of Poor links in with the spiritual state of Peace. This is essentially why the Poor are blessed!

 Poor = Peaceful/Still/Detached

 Wealthy is also a Spiritual state, but this Station cannot be achieved until the primary Spiritual State of Poor has been achieved. It is always in this order – Poor, Wealthy, walk, run. Our Victorian Ancestors always linked Peace and Prosperity together because they instinctively knew that the two states formed a whole, even if they couldn’t achieve it in their lifetimes as the world was not well developed enough. Peace and Prosperity, peace and Prosperity, peace and prosperity is how they are expressed Spiritually, Metaphysically and physically (notice the Capitals – two for spiritual, one for metaphysical and none for physical)

 Wealthy = Peaceful/Still, United/Whole, Peaceful/Detached

 Synergy is again tied in with Unity, Here synergy is expressed as, ” The sum of the Whole (Holiness) is greater than the sum of the parts (Peace, Poor, Prosperity), thus 1 + 1 = 3! Where does the extra energy come from? From the Universe. Expressed as letters , rather than numbers it is A + B = 3, where A = 1 and B = 1. To get the extra sum to make three it reads,

 A + B + (a + b + U) = 3 where U is equal to universal energy (God)

Ah, now that makes sense!!!

 Synergy = wholistic Unity/unification of energies

 World peace is simply the unification of the peaceful cells of the world’s body – the people. That is why world peace can never be achieved by politicians, but only by individuals educated to internally unite their separate inner pieces into a united whole ( “a house united [Soul, Brain and Body] will always win (Peace, Prosperity, Detachment, Synergy, Holiness”).

Only when a certain percentage of the world’s people are “Successful at Peace” can the world become “Successful at Peace” too. Because the world is the Body and the people are the cells of the body. If the skin looks healthy but the cells are sick, is the body really heathy? No, of course not. If the skin is aged and wrinkled but the cells are healthy, is the body fit? Of course it is. That is why we are exhorted in this age to “Think Global, act local” Think of the body/World Peace but act on ourselves (the smallest, but most important individual cell of the body) to become peaceful! Why only on ourselves at first? Because the only cell we can change for the better in the world is reflected in the mirror – it is ourselves!

 To try to teach others to be Peaceful whilst being in a state of disharmony ourselves is hypocrisy – “do as i say, not as I do!” Whereas to Be Peaceful is a demonstration – ” Be like me, follow me, do as I do!” To be a hypocrite is like trying to be a safety match with no striking strip to light it. Only a burning match can light another match and we are all internally matches, just waiting to be lit! Only a peaceful, internally united person is alight with the light of Love, Love of God (the Fire of God) that can light the other matches! We must each be reborn into the water and fire of God. The water is the Knowledge of God, “you will Know the truth and the truth will set you free!” whilst the fire is the Actions of God – knowledge plus actions equals a lit match, or spiritually speaking, a candle lit at both ends! Knowledge alone cannot light another match – how can we light a match by pouring water on it?

 In the physical world everything is separated, but in the spiritual world everything is united into a big whole “All things are involved in all things!”

 We must look at the individual elements only with the purpose of educating ourselves as to their use and their place within the whole. In the spiritual world education is defined as, ” the ability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood for yourself and to correctly act on it” Whilst in the physical world education is defined as “Learning” I have known very learned men who were actually stupid within themselves because they couldn’t tell the difference between the truth and falsehood, as their learning had blinded them to it!

Spiritually speaking a learned man can be stupid whilst a “stupid (unlearned) man can be intelligent. “The emperor has no clothes on!” immediately springs to mind! Lol!

I met a Poor man, a janitor, in Singapore who was actually very intelligent. He invited me to his house to talk and I turned up at their teatime. Being a good Muslim he invited me to eat (I was an atheist at the time) and I accepted. It was only when he got another plate and gave me half the food off of his plate that I realized that what they had on the table was all the food in the house – there was none in a pot spare on the stove, like I was used to at home! I tried to refuse his food and he simply looked me in the eye with complete, 100% sincerity and said, “God always provides” And I took the food and ate it with gratitude in my heart that this “simple” Poor man had shared his food with me. It took me another eight years to understand Spiritually the enormity of his action (I was reborn eight years later). I was walking down the street and every thing stopped (I was left standing with one foot in the air) and he was in front of me speaking those words again and at last, I understood the power of the faith of that man! That was part of my education! Praise Be to God, for he is always with us – even whilst we are “spiritually asleep” (I could not understand at the time [before my rebirth] why people claimed I was spiritual, whilst I claimed to be an atheist. I was blind in that spot! Lol!) Looking back God has been with me every step of my life, no matter how i treated Him, because i only hated dogma, not love (and God IS Love).

 So that is an introduction to the higher spiritual states that we must aim for to Be truly Spiritual. It’s funny, but in 1992 God gave me an epiphany that gave birth to the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. Now I look at each word and translated into spiritual language and it reads the Holy Poor and Wealthy Synergy! I have had this organization for 21 years and only just realized that this morning! WPPN is first and foremost a spiritual training organization, not a business. Profit is not the primary purpose of the network but EMPOWERMENT of the individual. Only by empowering the individual can we start healing the cells of the world, so the body can start growing stronger and stronger! World peace is possible because individual peace is possible. World peace is probable because individual peace is probable, now god has revealed WPPN. World peace is inevitable because God has revealed an Idea that will educate Man, one at a time, each one becoming a candle of peace until the whole world is lit up with the light of Peace! We cannot stop an idea whose time has come!

 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear,

[He that hath eyes to see, let him see (wholistic)”]

 Amen, Amen, Amen!

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A Good Laugh! (a start to your three hours minimum daily laughter)

Here is a genuine(Lol!) photo of Hercules the Basset sky-diving from a great height. To get the photo I had to jump out with him (backwards) and I guarantee this picture is not photo-shopped in any way(liar! but it’s a good little picture of a great adventure in our minds!)  ENJOY!!!


The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Antidotes

 The “seven deadly sins” are as follows

Pride, Coveting, Lust, Envy, Greed, Anger and Sloth.

 These are easily remembered if you use the acronym of the French policeman – PC le Gas!Whilst many know the list few know the antidotes, which are mainly spiritual, with some metaphysical and physical in nature.

The seven antidotes are…

 Pride = Humility and Detachment

Coveting = Contentment and Detachment

Lust = Liking, Love and Detachment

Envy = being true to yourself and Detachment 

Greed = Internal happiness, Contentment and Detachment

Anger = Inner Calm, Peace, Contentment and Detachment

Sloth = Inner Commitment, Mission and Joy

 Notice none of the remedies are singular in nature – they all involve two or more remedies combined. The remedy to sin is always a synergy of positive laws and energies. You could say all sin is rectified by Syn(ergies) Notice that the most prescribed remedy is Detachment as this is a spiritual state of achievement that basically covers all the sins in the universe. That is to say that all sins are caused by attachment to non-spiritual things. The remedy to attachments is detachment!

Know too that the seven deadly sins used to be a complete list in the “olden days” (pre- 1844) but it is not a complete list today, because the world has dramatically changed! We live in an age of miracles today. Therefore the attachments apply to more things! (Drugs immediately spring to mind)

Detachment; why is this the most prescribed remedy? Because detachment is the primary essence of the state of Poor, the first spiritual empowered state. To Be Poor we have to become detached from all things except Love (Spiritual, metaphysical and physical). We then achieved the Blessed state of Poor, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Notice that they are Poor in Spirit, not necessarily in possessions. Why do they achieve the kingdom of heaven? Because the Poor work under the higher laws of the Providence which state that everything we Need will be provided, either free or very cheap. Working under the laws of providence is the first stage of wholistic empowerment. Empowerment means we are no longer just internally powered by our own efforts, but Wholistically powered by the laws of the Universe! Wholistic means we use all the laws of the universe, not just one! The purpose of the Poor is to help establish a general Divine civilization here on earth. By doing that they cover their general divine beingness.

 What is the second form of empowerment? Why Wealth of course (not riches, which are dis-empowered). The empowerment of the laws of Wealth state that anything we Want we can have, but at a cost to us. And the cost is that we must fulfill our specific Divine Beingness. Our Beingness at this level is to help create a specific Divine civilization, one that uses our inner talents and abilities – that no one else in the world has, in the exact proportions that we do. The higher laws of empowerment have only been distributed world wide since 1844 so the world in general hasn’t awoken to them yet. The churches of the world are still working under the old regime of “it’s good to be poor and bad to be rich” so they guide people into a one way (incomplete) path. Today we need to become Poor first and then Wealthy second. The old fashioned poor has be renamed poverty and rich remains the same so there are now 4 states on beingness in the world, two empowered and two disempowered. The empowered states are….

Poor  and Wealthy

 The dis- empowered states are….

poverty and riches

These can be shown in a single diagram with a horizontal line between them to denote the line of Empowerment. Everything above the line is empowered, everything below the line is dis-empowered.



 In the Bible a young, rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked Him “what can I do to attain the kingdom of heaven?”

His answer was in two parts, 1) to gift his money to the Poor (who are already in the kingdom of heaven) and 2) to follow Christ (I Am)

Sadly the man turned away because he was too attached to it to carry through with the cure. But what say he had carried through and gifted what he had to the Poor. He would have actually become detached from possessions and, because he had gifted it to the Poor he would have received it back multiplied (under the higher law of sowing and reaping – also called Karma) and been able to move over to the Wealth state!

Which is exactly what he had asked for! But because the answer wasn’t material in nature, but spiritual, the materialist wasn’t able to see it as an answer at all. Our attachments are what keep us where we are, even if those attachments are making our lives a misery!

Notice what a huge part detachment has to play in all the cures above. This is because detachment is one of the primary keys to the spiritual world.

The SADDEST thing I’ve ever seen

The saddest thing I have seen in my entire life is a child’s Love for his mother die right in front of my eyes. When my son was around 9 years old his mother (my ex-wife) beat his half-brother up really viciously. She threw him against a wall, breaking his arm and then kicked him in the groin causing him to need 5 stitches in the groin. I was with him the day when we went to the letter box and there was an envelope addressed to him. I gave him the envelope and watched him open it and read the letter. And then right in front of my eyes I saw the love for his mother die! It was like the air around him turned a dark shade of grey (it was a beautiful summers day). I took the letter off him a read him and saw what it contained and understood what had happened. 

A couple years later I  received a letter from his father in prison, asking me to take custody of his son. I got so close to getting him, but she specified he had to go to a catholic home , knowing full well that I wasn’t a catholic (not was she or any of her relatives – she just wanted to “win” by denying me access) Her son then went through a series of homes, onto borstal and eventually into prison. Not that she cared – she had “won the battle” against me! Proud Mum! Poor son!! He eventually to get straight, has married and has children of his own now. He lives in another country to keep away from his mother who is just as insane today as she was then. Perhaps not mentally insane but definitely spiritually insane!