The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Antidotes

 The “seven deadly sins” are as follows

Pride, Coveting, Lust, Envy, Greed, Anger and Sloth.

 These are easily remembered if you use the acronym of the French policeman – PC le Gas!Whilst many know the list few know the antidotes, which are mainly spiritual, with some metaphysical and physical in nature.

The seven antidotes are…

 Pride = Humility and Detachment

Coveting = Contentment and Detachment

Lust = Liking, Love and Detachment

Envy = being true to yourself and Detachment 

Greed = Internal happiness, Contentment and Detachment

Anger = Inner Calm, Peace, Contentment and Detachment

Sloth = Inner Commitment, Mission and Joy

 Notice none of the remedies are singular in nature – they all involve two or more remedies combined. The remedy to sin is always a synergy of positive laws and energies. You could say all sin is rectified by Syn(ergies) Notice that the most prescribed remedy is Detachment as this is a spiritual state of achievement that basically covers all the sins in the universe. That is to say that all sins are caused by attachment to non-spiritual things. The remedy to attachments is detachment!

Know too that the seven deadly sins used to be a complete list in the “olden days” (pre- 1844) but it is not a complete list today, because the world has dramatically changed! We live in an age of miracles today. Therefore the attachments apply to more things! (Drugs immediately spring to mind)

Detachment; why is this the most prescribed remedy? Because detachment is the primary essence of the state of Poor, the first spiritual empowered state. To Be Poor we have to become detached from all things except Love (Spiritual, metaphysical and physical). We then achieved the Blessed state of Poor, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Notice that they are Poor in Spirit, not necessarily in possessions. Why do they achieve the kingdom of heaven? Because the Poor work under the higher laws of the Providence which state that everything we Need will be provided, either free or very cheap. Working under the laws of providence is the first stage of wholistic empowerment. Empowerment means we are no longer just internally powered by our own efforts, but Wholistically powered by the laws of the Universe! Wholistic means we use all the laws of the universe, not just one! The purpose of the Poor is to help establish a general Divine civilization here on earth. By doing that they cover their general divine beingness.

 What is the second form of empowerment? Why Wealth of course (not riches, which are dis-empowered). The empowerment of the laws of Wealth state that anything we Want we can have, but at a cost to us. And the cost is that we must fulfill our specific Divine Beingness. Our Beingness at this level is to help create a specific Divine civilization, one that uses our inner talents and abilities – that no one else in the world has, in the exact proportions that we do. The higher laws of empowerment have only been distributed world wide since 1844 so the world in general hasn’t awoken to them yet. The churches of the world are still working under the old regime of “it’s good to be poor and bad to be rich” so they guide people into a one way (incomplete) path. Today we need to become Poor first and then Wealthy second. The old fashioned poor has be renamed poverty and rich remains the same so there are now 4 states on beingness in the world, two empowered and two disempowered. The empowered states are….

Poor  and Wealthy

 The dis- empowered states are….

poverty and riches

These can be shown in a single diagram with a horizontal line between them to denote the line of Empowerment. Everything above the line is empowered, everything below the line is dis-empowered.



 In the Bible a young, rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked Him “what can I do to attain the kingdom of heaven?”

His answer was in two parts, 1) to gift his money to the Poor (who are already in the kingdom of heaven) and 2) to follow Christ (I Am)

Sadly the man turned away because he was too attached to it to carry through with the cure. But what say he had carried through and gifted what he had to the Poor. He would have actually become detached from possessions and, because he had gifted it to the Poor he would have received it back multiplied (under the higher law of sowing and reaping – also called Karma) and been able to move over to the Wealth state!

Which is exactly what he had asked for! But because the answer wasn’t material in nature, but spiritual, the materialist wasn’t able to see it as an answer at all. Our attachments are what keep us where we are, even if those attachments are making our lives a misery!

Notice what a huge part detachment has to play in all the cures above. This is because detachment is one of the primary keys to the spiritual world.

About reverendjiam

Namaste I am a master metaphysician , an artist and a lover of life and people. I was given a new organisation - the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network - in an epiphany in 1992. I have spent all the time since then struggling to get it started. It was started three years ago and now has 3 members. This year will see us expand to 100 members and then we'll be launched! in the future it will spread world wide and even to our colonies in space! Since writing this I have been promoted to the level of Peacemaker. Apparently there are only seven in this class in the world at the moment. I was promoted when Nelson Mandela died and am amongst greats like John Lennon, Gandhi and The Dalai Lama. Each of us have our own particular task. Mine is to teach Peace (the state of Poor) and Prosperity (the state of Abundance), to lift people up above the negative material state into a state of heavenly BEingness, called Wealth. J'iam

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