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Responsibilities and Benefits, Work and Rewards!

There are two simple aspects to life – responsibilities and benefits, work and rewards! Many people in the world want benefits only and these are called materialists and usurers. Others want responsibilities only and these are called fundamentalists or “sick martyrs”. A very  few want both – these people  are called wholistically happy!

The usurers of the world are simply greedy. they are not happy because their pursuit of “benefits” usually takes them down the roads of misery – their lust after their main desire (usually money) produces many sins such as legalised theft, stealing, lying, cheating etc. Others pursue drugs, alcohol, sex and other crimes. All these aspects produce unhappy people because their focus is one sided and the one person they don’t look after is themselves!

Meanwhile those who chase after the responsibilities are a miserable lot too. Anything relaxing or fun is banned from their lives and they live in misery. Again they are unhappy because whilst pretending to focus on themselves they really focus on the “sins” of others and rail against them, ending up as fundamentalists of all kinds (politicians, dictators, religious nutters etc. ) and never able to achieve internal happiness because they become “control freaks”. They are invariably cruel to others when they gain a position of “power” . Much of the misery of the world – war, famine, corruption – is caused by this sort of person because they never obey Christ’s 11th commandment ( Love thou one another as i love thee) invariably going for the original, mostly materialistic, 10 commandments – which are basically “sharia” type laws (the old testament contains many death penalties for disobeying the laws, rules and regulations.)

The solution is to balance the two aspects of responsibilities and rewards. It is not an “either/or” choice but an “and” choice. The farmer is an ideal picture of the balanced person, because he looks ahead and sees spring coming on and plans his planting of crops. He gets up early and plants the crops after ploughing the land. Then he tends the crops and looks after them until they bear fruit and then he reaps the fruits of his works and sells them. Both aspects of the farm life produce benefits. The sowing produces hope and anticipation of good things to come. The caring of the crop produces satisfaction of caring. The selling of the crop produces the rewards of money and the satisfaction of a job well done and then the money can be spent to produce a better lifestyle for him and his family (including vacations!) . This is a balanced life, a wholistic way of life. Makes sense doesn’t it

The farming system has been working for many centuries for the farmer. But there really hasn’t been a “farming system” for ordinary people to achieve their life goals up to date. Neither capitalism or communism ever provided satisfaction for more than a few people at the top. 

For the average person today there are five aspects to life – Health, Happiness, Peace , Success and Prosperity. Within these five there are three main factors – Work, income and Home. . Unfortunately the western world today predominantly produces temporary fixes to these factors as it is run by usurers, who interests have very little in common with your interests.

To have these eight factors permanently in your life you have to set up your own system. A very few people do have this. But the time has come to expand the number of people who can obtain it. Whilst it is very difficult to set up by yourself and there are very few mentors who are willing to help you, fortunately God has seen fit to gift us the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a system that achieves all we want and need in life. It  permanently creates a legacy of syuccess in Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity that can be passed onto you children, your grand-children, your great grand-children and so forth, down through the generations for up to 500 years or more!

For whilst the way is simple enough in each factor, the whole, as a lot, becomes complicated – far to complex for capitalism or communism to handle. As far as i know there is only one wholistic organisation in the world that contains all the factors to produce a whole and happy life – and that is WPPN, the Wholistc Peace and Prosperity Network. I was gifted this in an epiphany, in answer to a prayer in 1992. Since then I have spent my life setting it up and today we have 3½ members! Yes 3½!  But that is the beginning of a whole new way of life for mankind. Over the last 21 years I have watched the world change and move towards this system, as the old usurious systems of communism and capitalism have stumbled and fallen. Communism is now gone and capitalism has fallen to it’s knees, as God chases the people of the world towards new answers like WPPN, much like a sheep dog chasing sheep towards a gate that leads to greener pastures! Lol!

The WPPN systems, when broken down into their simpler parts are easy to understand, but not neccessarily easy to do as it requires new thinking and new actions that go against the ways of the majority of mankind (who are either materialists or fundamentalists). 

To be wholistic we must apply the remedies (responsibilities) to our lives on three levels – the matrial, the metaphysical and the spiritual levels, to reap the rewards. Unless the three levels are successfully up and running in each of our lives, we can never be Healthy, Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous! Ever! We can achieve some of these things by ourselves but extremely (extremely, extremely) rarely all of them! 

But with wholistic training all are eminently achievable! The WPPN System immediately sets you up doing all the right things in token form so you are under way towards your five big goals (health happiness, peace, success and prosperity) straight away. Basically you are planting seeds!

From the token amounts you pay (three gifts, totalling $25 per month, with $15 gifted to yourself! ) you start expanding until your whole life comes under the influence of the higher laws of sowing and reaping, when your life becomes whole, full and totally happy! This may take up to twenty years (who said the path to wholistic success was immediate?), but if you don’t start you will never achieve it. The universe works on consistency and that is what WPPN offers – immediatel consistent obedience to the higherr lawsin token form (this is obeying the higher laws by the principle of  “invoking the token“. These are the seeds of your success!

Take a glimpse of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network at

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     J’iam, stop being so happy!! LOL!


Thrift is a payrise

“Thrift is Half thy store” is a quote from Ali Muhammed, the son in law of Muhammed from the 7th century. That advice is 1,400 years old and still as valid today as it was then. But today I would put it as, “Thrift is actually money you can spend twice, thus a tax free pay rise for you for no extra work!”

Most people go out to earn money, which is then highly taxed , to buy the products they want (not necessarily need). If they want a Television set worth a thousand dollars retail they have to earn at least $1,300 spare income before tax to afford that item. Otherwise they have to borrow that money from a hire purchase company and actually end up paying at least $1,500 (which equates to $1,950 before tax!) So obviously, this is a vicious cycle. To get into the virtuous cycle we have to start saving up and using thrift in combination.

Know that most businesses only make a profit for 7 out of 12 months of the year. The months that they have trouble making profits In New Zealand areJanuary and February – because everyone is broke after the Christmas splurge. The other two months are August  and September because NZ is an agricultural country and all the farm workers have no work because this is the middle of winter, beginning of spring. The agricultural workers basically live hand to mouth and spend when they’ve got money. No Money means reduced spending, so all the big sales are in August/September in New Zealand. So the months to buy are January/February and August/September. I buy all my Christmas presents in August/September as they are all cheap and Christmas is only 12-16  weeks away! It is also good to do your Christmas shopping away from the commercial pressures of the season!

Back to your $1,000 Television set. Assume you have $1,000 and want to buy that set. Even if it isn’t on sale in these 4 months (and expect it to be dropped to around $700) you can always offer them $700 and they will either say yes or no. If they say no go to their opposition (there is always opposition!). Cashflow is very important to these stores and it is very tight in these months, so don’t expect too much opposition to your offer! You are the sale the dream about!!! Remember, “nothing is worth nothing until it is sold!” The buyer has far more power in the “down” months, if the buyer just knew it and organised their buying trips  for these months! (notice the word organise!)

What it means is you’ll get your $1,000 television for $700 and you still have $300 left. So your actual $1,000 is actually worth $1,300! And you’ve already paid the tax on it, so you have increased you income by $300 whilst reducing the tax on that money to 0%! This is the power of thrift.

There are also two secondary steps to thrift that is even more powerful, which i won’t discuss today! 

Think about your buying habits and start organising around your “sales seasons” in your country!




been away for a little while, changing from windows to Linux

And I definitely like the changes. I changed to Ubuntu first and then to Linux Mint which is far better for me as I am right-handed whilst Ubuntu is left-handed! Even the logo in Ubuntu is moving from right to left as opposed from left to right for right-handed people. So it was easier than windows, but i couldn’t overcome 62 years of right-handed training! But I’d definitely recommend it for a left-handed person, as the movements will seem natural to you after living in a right-handed world for so long!

Many years ago I had a strongly left-handed flatmate who was a painter like me. One day I watched him paint a beautiful painting in less than an hour and then watched him struggle to sign it for over four hours! In the end I said to him, ” why don’t you just sign it right to left instead of struggling with it left to right?”.

A little light went on in his brain and he signed it perfectly in less than 30 seconds! We have to learn to “go with the flow and flow with the go!”, to take the righteous path of least resistance. There is nothing illegal about being left-handed, and if you want to write from right to left, then just do it! Leonardo Da Vinci wrote his books this way. If  a right-handed reader wants to read your works, they can just look in a mirror!




Order in the universe

From the beginning there has always been order in the universe. Only since the creation of Mankind has there been any disoder. Know that all disoeder comes from the gify of free will, literally the gift of being able to turn towards ar away from Love! All disorder (uncivilisation) comes from turning away from Love – theft, cheating, lying, deception, back-biting, fighting, killing, war, genocide, dictatorships, dark ages etc.

With the creation of divine civi lisation comes Peace. Prosperity, Justice, Freedom, order, certainty, etc.

 Know that the Rod of God is knowledge and obedience to higher law. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” doesn’t mean that we should beat our children with rods of wood (canes) but means we must teach them the ways of knowledge and obedience to higher law in order that divine civilisation can be contiuous, multigenerational. If spare the rod (the teaching of Moses) was interpreted as “ we can beat out children”, then Jesus’s teaching were interpreted as we can slay our enemies with a sword because He came with a rod of steel (and Jesus wept)! Surely a rod of steel means a sword?!! No it doesn’t.

In this new age we have been presented with a rod of gold. Who are we going to beat with a rod of gold? This is being interpreted as those in possession of the gold( Money, assets, services) can beat the poor withit This is exactly what the usurers of the world are doing today with their gold.

Wood was the Knowledge of Moses and equates to kindergarden and primary school. All the rules were concrete but still able to create a divine knowledge for some of mankind, on and off throughtout that age.

Steel was the knowledge of Jesus and Muhammed. Agin it was able to create divine civilisations on and off for a musch larger portion of manking for up to 300 hundred years at a time. The age of steel was the age of the middle and high schools.

Today we live in an age of Golden knowledge and the first divine civilisation is slowly being formed. But in this age the Divine Civilisation will be world wide, for all mankind (“the earth is but one country, manking it’s citizens”) and for up to 1,000 years. This is what is being formed right now! Today we are in Spiritual university and young adulthood. Soon the woes of this day will pass away and the dawing of universal peace and prosperity will arise!

 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” Matt 5:17. A greater truth never faults a lesser truth, just expands on it. Thus the five year olds truth of motor cars goess like this;, “what makes a car go?” – “the engine!” whilst the university students level of understand is, “what makes a car go?” – “the transference of stored energy in petrol into heat energy, which is then transferred into kinetic energy by the engine and transferred to the wheels by the driving linkages to create motion in the car!” Does that destroy the truth of the five year old? No. it doesn’t! It is just a more refined understanding of the truth. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “I come to build on the prophets of old not to destroy them. “The truth is the truth, is the truth, is the truth!”


A dream/vision happened last night

A couple of days ago I went for lunch with two friends and we ended up saying prayers together in the Burger King, which I I endorsed aloud and asked for an answer to the questions they had posed. Last night was the answer to those questions. They confirmed that I am on the right path and NOW is the time for a change of inner state of  beingness.

As you may well know I have 3 names and each one means servant – servant of the people, servant of Man and servant of I Am (God). To be a servant you have to occupy a yin role and I have always occupied that yin roll, all my life. But the I am also an authority and my friends opened the door to make it plain that authority is Yang and the doors of Yang opened to me last night! I won’t tell you what was the vision, but it was absolutely amazing!

One of the other six other people in the world with my station is about to die and I have to step up to the plate and start being yang/authoritative. For too long I thought that I was made just to serve people and thus open the doors for them. But looking back, whenever I have succeeded, I have always taken authority in the matter and performed what was needed for them. They were incapable of performing the tasks they needed to do and so were sent to me to perform it. That is the way I have to work from now on. I have to serve God, myself and others by being an authority. Not that this makes me special – I am already extra-ordinaryl in the way God created me differently from other people.

Some people succeed at an early age, others in their twenties, some in their thirties, some in their forties , still others in their fifties and a few in their sixties. I am amongst the latter! It has taken a LOT of training to get me where I am today, a lot! I have been studying since I was 14 years old -48 years and i am only just ready for the next step. But God has always been in charge of my life, even when i was an atheist for 14 years! Lol!

I am a universal educator who follows the teaching of all of the messengers of God, but none of their religions! That is what the prayer was asking – was I doing the right thing? And the answer is Yes! Another confirmation!

So my friends, the door is open. If you want spiritual, metaphysical and physical empowerment I have the means necessary to achieve all three through the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. It is not free or effortless – beware of anyone who offers you those things, for they are surely lying and probably trying to scam you. Nothing is ever built without effort, except failure! (it takes no effort to fall into a hole! But it always takes effort to climb a ladder so why not start from the ground up instead of in a hole 30 feet deep?)

Everything that is easy to do – no effort required – turns into an awful addiction of some sort. Everything that is initially hard to do becomes easier and easier with time and the rewards are tremendous! The higher laws are like huge levers that multiply your efforts manyfold, so we only have to start by planting three seeds and letting them grow to reap 300 seeds and saving the best 10% for replanting.We then plant those 30 seeds and reap back 3,000 to repeat the process over and over again until we are wealthy (not rich! To Be wealthy, first you have to Become Wealthy and then you become Wealthy!).

The process may be slow or fast depending on your detachment from all things. except love! Some of you will come in and manifest your wealth in a month, some in a year, some in 5 years, some in ten and some in 20 or 30 years. It doesn’t matter how log it takes, as the time will pass anyway, and if you never start you will still be in the same or worse place in 30 years!

Thank you for reading this and if you are a seeker after truth please feel free to contact me on Email at….


A picture of Bliss!


This is a picture I painted recently. I have been trying to paint a picture of Bliss for many years, but this is the first one I feel that comes anywhere near working. The next thing of the list is a picture of ecstasy as the two – ecstasy and bliss – are spiritual states of happiness and go together like a horse and carriage!

Usually bliss and ecstasy in this world are reversed with ecstsy coming first and the bliss coming second. At least it is in sex between a man and a woman. That is why women cry out to God when they are experiencing orgasm – because they are in a state of ecstasy. After the ecstasy comes the afer glow which is a euphanism for bliss.

Know that the highest form of sexual orgasm and bliss is still far lower than the lowest form of Spiritual Ecstasy and Bliss! Ask for both to experience them first hand!



The art of depression

For many years now (from the age of 18 onwards) I have suffered from depression. Unknown to me it was hormonally based and when my seratonin levels gets to low in my body my brain just collapsed. It can get quite serious. One time I spent three days trying to get back into my brain as I was suspended to the right rear of my head, whilst my body walked around for that time organising my affairs in preparation to killing itself. Another time I went to bed on a thursday and awoke the next tuesday and the only thing I remembered was getting up once to go to the toilet! Five days lost! About 9 years ago a doctor prescribed me citalopram which cured the depressions!

I noticed that during the 30 odd years of depression it was never really me who suffered. I was somehow detached, sent away from my brain during the depressions. When the depression was over my friends would say, “Oh, you’re back!” like saying “hello” to someone who had been away on a cruise ship! Lol!

Depression has nothing to do with happiness and sadness for me, but people who don’t know abount it think it is a thinking/happiness problem – BUZZZ, NO! To express this false belief I painted a picture (below) many years ago. Notice how the clown behind the mask is happy – i’ve always been happy! The sad mask is simply an illusion, blue because it is not alive – and it never manages to kill me! And what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger! Lol!


I wouldn’t wish depression on anyone else, but I don’t regret having it myself as it has helped to shape my life as I worked my way around it.  Sickness has nothing to do with internal happiness and one can be Healthy whilst being ill. How is that possible? Because sickness is only in the body and the brain, but Health is in the Soul! Extreme cases would be Steven Hawkins today, or Helen Keller and John Merrick (the elephant man) in the past.  All of these people have overcome their sicknesses to lead full and useful lifes. So always aim to be Healthy (notice the capital H – it is a Spiritual state) and deal with your sickness the best way you can. I know it took me a long time to “cure” my depression, but I have always been “Healthy”!

Mull on this if you have an unwell body and/or brain. Your Soul is above your body and we are only here for a short time. If you are 20 today it will take another 42 years to reach my age, But when you are 62 you will turn around and wonder how those 42 years disapeared in just three weeks! Lol!

Life IS short, enjoy each day to the maximum of your capacity. Look at the clouds and see the Glory of the world! Listen to the rain and be grateful that it does rain and sustain all our lives! And when you are occasionally feeling well, enjoy it to the maximum and say, “This is the true (the Spiritual) Me!”!  And amongst all this try to achieve your purpose in life – to help create a divine civilisation! Even the very, very sick are helping to do this by providing meaningful soul service to others who look after you!

Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity be upon you!


The parable of the ship, the Captain and the Owner

This parable explains the setup of all Mankind. We are each born knowing nothing, not even being able to see for the first two weeks or so. Then we are “born” into the body where we live for the first two years of our lives. Basically the body is our ship and the first two years represents the time the ship is being built in the dock. At the age of two the ship is launched into the water and the captain comes on board and wants to take over. Of course, the crewmen resist and there is a battle for ownership that the captain always wins in the end! This battle is known as “the terrible twos” by parents.

Once the captain is in the drivers seat, the ship really doesn’t go anywhere for about another 6 years, as the captain is learning the ropes of being a captain and getting the ship into order – “ship-shape and Bristol fashion!”

At the age of 7 or 8 the ship actually leaves the berth for the first time for trial runs. These last another 7 years until the ship is ready for the owner to come on board at the age of 15 – the minimum age of spiritual maturity.

The owner takes some time to settle in, depending on their education (most people are sadly lacking in this aspect). Sometimes the owner is weak-willed and won’t take over ownership of the ship. This is a common ailment that leaves the Captain in charge of the ship as substitute owner and the Captain, whilst good at his job of controlling the ship and the crew, cannot make decisions! If the captain is allowed to make decisions, they are invariably bad decisions and the ship ends upon the rocks!

After I was reborn I spent 6 months trying to destroy my ego (the Captain of the ship) but couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. So I asked God, “why can’t I destroy my ego?” and God replied, “Because I created him to serve you! Go to him and make peace, allow him to do his job and you do yours, and everyone will be happy!” So I did that, and approached him in Peace instead of battle, talked to him and told him that he was the captain, it was his job to run the ship and to take the ship places. It was My job to decide where to go! If he was happy with that I would stop fighting him and support him instead. Was he Happy? You bet your life he was/is!

Now I tell the captain where I want to go and he plots the course, provisions the ship, organizes the crew and sets off to My Destination! When he was in charge, whenever he made a decision the ship ended up on the rocks of the harbour, never even reaching the ocean. So everyone is happy now.

What happens when we die? Again use the ship parable. When we die the ship sinks, taking the crew with it. The Captain always goes down with his ship. However I, as the owner, simply go out to the helipad and hop into my helicopter and fly away into the sky to safety! That is the difference between Me, the owner, and me the captain. I am immortal, he is mortal. The ship represents our body whilst the captain represents our brain/ego. I however, the owner, represent the soul. The soul is immortal, living forever, whilst the ship and the captain have a use-by date when they can no longer keep afloat. When the ship sinks it is called death, but only two of three parts actually die. The owner lives on. Many are in denial of this fact. This is the way of all human life.

What about animals, I here someone saying? Animals also consist of a ship and the captain, but all animals have just one owner, who doesn’t live on the ship at all. This is called a collective soul. And that is the difference between Man and animals; man has an individual soul, whilst animals have a collective one. The parable of the Garden of Eden represents our release (not expulsion) from the animal way of life, from a collective soul to an individual soul.

How do you know if a person hasn’t made Peace with the captain? Because the ego will be in control and they will be addicted to something – like power, cars, sex, money, drugs, gambling, lying, cheating, stealing etc. In these cases the captain is in control and wrecking the ship, because the owner has a “hands off” policy – they are basically asleep. Once the owner awakens and confronts the captain, everything can change in that persons life! The soul makes a decision and quitting smoking is done, as are all addictions, although the ship may have to go back into dock (therapy) to repair the damage done!

So that is the parable of the Owner, the captain and the ship. Once all three are working together in their rightfull places then that person is “whole“. Once a person is whole, the ship cruises the seas and everyone aboard benefits!


Wholistic Synergies in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN)

In WPPN we start our initial synergy which is synergising the self. A synergy is a working unity of energies, that can be either internal or external in nature. Most of the world’s people are internally disunited which the Christ says is divisive – “A house (person) divided (not internally synergised) will always lose”. If that is the problem, what is the solution? Why, to simply take it out of the double negatives (divided/lose) and put it into a single positive, so, “A house (person) united (internally synergised) will always WIN”. WPPN is set up to initially help us become internally synergised (if we aren’t already). We show this internal lack of unity with a single link of chain divided…


 Now the balance may be different for each person as to the proportions of the three elements, but most people in the west have a larger body portion than brain and soul

portions. But it really doesn’t matter about the proportions, what matters is that they are synergised (welded) together, into a whole link…


 This process of internal linking is called an internal synergy. This is done naturally and safely within the network. The reason internal synergy is important, besides allowingthe person to start winning, is that only whole links (not broken ones) can join with other links to make a chain.

The second form of synergy is the external synergy which consists of putting whole links together to form a chain. Again this is naturally and easily formed with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network….


 This form of synergy is covered in the Bible by the saying “Wherever two or more of you are gathered (united/synergised) in My name (Christ) as you speak out of your mouths, so it shall Be (work can be achieved)” Today this type of synergy is called an external synergy.

 What is stronger than a straight chain? A wholistic chain – that is to say a loop chain. Only a linked chain can make a loop chain, a synergised chain! 


Can you see any weaknesses in this chain? No, neither can I, and this is the third stage of sysnergised energy the network. In motivation books this type of synergy is called “the Mastermind”, but I prefer to call it a spiritual synergy, as that is a more adequate description of it’s wholistic energy. 

Of course anyone can achieve these three forms of synergy outside of the network, but it is far, far, far harder to do,as you are starting alone. All to often it is impossible for people to even internally synergise, yet alone synergise with other whole people! This is what the network overcomes, the isolation of trying to internally synergise, externally synergise and spiritually synergise starting by yourself. You are never alone in the network for there are always mentors ahead of you in the process!In the network the wholistic, spiritual, chain is known as the “Inner Circle”. 


The inner circle is the centre around which the other members circle. Inner circle members become sponsors to new members in their downstream. They also become receivers of gifts from new and old members (including other members of the inner circle) because they are further ahead in the wealth creation process and therefor empower your internal giftings to a higher degree than external gifting to Non-WPPN members and charities. This is, of course, an advantage to all members, which is why it is set up This way!

Members of the innner circle have different degrees of mastery. The highest degree of mastery is Spiritual Mastery and we represent this by a spiral line that moves in towards the centre of the circle.


 Of course there are many masters and so the reality looks more like this…


 Of course, at the centre is the source of knowledge, otherwise known as Divine Essence. Universal Wisdom or God. It doesn’t matter what you call Him, it is all the same thing. From this unknowable source comes the knowable source and this is what the inner circle is tapped into. So this huge amount of energy is passed downline to the new, inexperienced, members that they may grow more quickly.

The inner circle is the foundation stone of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy) and members move from being internally divided to being whole withithin themselves. Then they link in with other whole members to grow and develop by Doing and then fullfilling their Beingness. At a certain stage they are ready to move into the inner circle. From there they become one of the centres of the Network and start moving up to their maximum height. The diagram looks like this…


In WPPN there is a flow down effect, starting at the top with spiritual energy, moving down to metaphysical energy and then down again to physical energy. Spiritual energy is transformed into metaphysical energy at a 10:1 ratio (one unit of Spiritual energy is equal to 10 units of metaphysical energy).

Spiritual energy is also moved down to physical energy at a ratio of 100:1, (100 units of physical energy for each unit of spiritual energy).

And metaphysical energy is moved down to physical energy at 10:1, (10 units of physical energy for each single unit of metaphysical energy.) 

 This initially all sounds very complicated but that is because most people haven’t heard anything about the subject. But is is amazingly simple to pick up and after a while it rolls of your tongue as if you had been born with the knowledge! The Network takes care of everything you don’t know and puts it into a system that works for you and educates you about these mysteries at the same time!

 The moment you join you are actually carrying out the basic actions you need to implement to become Wealthy (a spiritual state – notice the capital W.) So you start by Doing and then learning what you are doing, so it becomes a part of your Beingness (and Beingness is an essential element of Wealth.) If you have to learn your beingness by yourself it can take many, many years and then you have to start doing! WPPN saves you Time – the one thing no-one on earth can get more of! You can get more money, more goods, more fame and lots of other things, but to date no-one has even got back a single second of time for themselves! 

 Also to be wealthy means having everything you want but still Being Happy! If you have everything you want but aren’t happy, you are simply rich (a dis-empowered state of havingness). This is why it is called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy) because the answer to everything in life today relies on wholism. We can’t be partially peaceful anymore, nor can we be partially prosperous/Wealthy. To die rich and unhappy is a terrible shame. Imagine dying and having only two people at your funeral – the priest and the undertaker! That is the result of lives partially lived. But imagine heaps of people there because they Love you (as you Loved them!), now that is Bliss!

If you are internally motivated take a hard look at the wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) because it’s time is now, and the first ones in will be ahead of the rest of mankind, who delay waiting for others approval! SEE THE WPPN WEBSITE:


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