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Class Reunion 2025 – a book on the secrets of wealth

This is the opening of a book I have written on the secret of creating Physical Wealth(only). Read this excerpt and see if you like it. If you do and want the whole book just email me and i will gift you it. This story is told in parable style like “acres of diamonds” It has it;s own ISBN number and a colour cover too


Class Reunion 2025, by Reverend J’iam – an excerpt of the beginning of the  book


ISBN 0-473-02030-0

Class of 05 announces the sign strung from the rafters of the hall where the twenty year school reunion is being held. There’s a large gathering around a man standing beneath the banner. Hes considered the most successful member of the 2005 graduating class, for he is wealthy and powerful.

Bob lives an enviable lifestyle. He donates large sums to various charities, yet each year sees an increase in his wealth. Strangely, he was not picked as the most likely to succeed in the graduating yearbook – in fact no mention was made of his potential at all. The gathered old boys, curious at his success, were crowding around asking questions.
How did you do it? Is it luck? Did you inherit your riches? How do you manage to have everything while many of us struggle to make ends meet? You weren’t top of the class; you studied the same subjects, under the same teachers. Why has your life turned out so differently from ours? The questions washed over him like a Tsunami.

Raising his hand for silence Bob looked around the sea of remembered faces, rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and replied. Because youre old school-friends I’ll share the secrets of my success with you tonight. The great news about my success is that you too can do what Ive done, have the things I have, or even more, if you want. He pulled up a chair and sat comfortably facing the audience, who moved into a circle around him.
My friends, it is true that we shared common ground when we were at school. You will find nothing in our schooling that accounts for the differences in our fortunes – rather the answer lies in what happened AFTER leaving. For it was then that my true education began and the differences in our fortunes started. Know that knowledge is of two kinds. The first type is of things known. This is the type we receive in school and it’s commonly called general knowledge. Then there is the learning of unknown or empowering knowledge. This is available only to those who seek it.

It’s in this area of hidden knowledge that the principles of wealth creation, and retention, lay. If you are not wealthy it is because you either don’t know, or don’t practice, these wealth principles. Most likely the first. Neither luck or inheritance have a part to play in true wealth creation – it is the application of the wealth principles that creates wealth, and it is these that must be sought after, found and put into practice.

School teachers dont know the wealth principles because they are not general knowledge! Think it out for yourself. If teachers knew how to be wealthy they would be driving around in Rolls Royces or Mercedes! No, the wealth principles lie outside of the schooling system and teachers never leave school to find them!

What about Luck, which some say is the source of wealth? I believe that luck is a fickle master that may lead you to unearned riches, then back into poverty with the same ease. Luck makes spendthrifts of many recipients, for there is no value to unearned money. Too soon the money will evaporate leaving only insatiable cravings and unfilled desires.
Others luck makes into misers who starve in the midst of their gold: they wont spend their money for they dont know how to replace it once its gone. How can they? The money came by chance, not design, thus its not consciously repeatable. They hide themselves away in fear of robbery that could remove the money so easily gained. How unfortunate and lonely is the life of a miser! There may be some who can take their good fortune and make it multiply for them, still retaining their happy ways. But I have not come across many like this, so far. A hum of agreement came from the listening group and there was a general nodding of heads.

One of Bob’s classmates spoke out, So your wealth is not because of luck or inheritance – we now understand this. So please tell us how you came into your great wealth.

Certainly,” Bob agreed. After leaving school it dawned on me one day that there were two paths I could follow. One led to wealth and all the good things in life, the other to small rewards with years of scrimping and struggling. I saw this reflected in the lives of other people in society, on TV, in magazines and in my friends and work-mates. Yet it is the latter path of refined poverty that the majority seem to travel, despite their unhappiness of this lifestyle…


Of course this is only the steps to physical wealth. The steps to metaphysical and spiritual wealth can “easily” be contained in an A4 book, with very small type and a foot thick! Which is why God hads created the Wholitistic Peace and Prosperity network; it is a system that gets spiritual wealth going in your life immediately and you learn by the doing to create the Beingness needed to achieve true wealth (including Happiness, Peace, Success and prosperity)

If you want the whole book in PDF format simply email me at <> and accept it as a gift from me to you,

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An addition to my post on Petitions and Synergies

After finishing the last post (not an army pun! Lol!) I was riding my bicycle to the supermarket, when a thought struck me. So I’ve come home to add it to the last article. Petitions are appeals to people/politicians. You have more change of winning the lotto (1 in 3,800,000) than of getting change through a petition. But with a synergy you are almost guaranteed a change because your appeal is to the universe,/God/Love and “He is a Prayer hearing, Prayer answering God!” Although it is a request if  it is made from the godly side of our images it is also a command. So a synergy is a combination of energies.

I have used the powers of command alone (by myself) to apply justice to a situation that had been going on for five years. It stopped the next day and has not started up again.

If you get two people with powers of command creating a synergy the effect is enormous! One person with the power of command and any amount of whole people also has a huge effect.

A group of Whole people synergising has the lowest effect of all but this effect is still far more than can be achieved on the physical level. 

As you can see there are different levels to synergising. As you grow you are introduced to them, sometimes through a higher rebirthing process, sometimes by epiphany and sometimes by infusion of knowledge – “You will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free

I hope this clarifies the previous writings,

Love and Peace





Petitions and Synergies

What is the different between a petition and a Synergy? Only two things. Both are a list of people wanting to achieve something. Petitions are usually against achieving something – like a petition against a government project. Petitions are always on the physical level. And petitions require a lot of signatures (because of the physical planes low energy rate of 1) Also most petitions are counted and then disposed of by governments. I have seen petitions of half a million signatures discarded without a word by government! So that is the quality and effect of a petition. 

Synergies, on the other hand, are a totally different kettle of fish, Synergies are always spiritually based. The spiritual energy level of 100 makes them far more effective, especially if they are worked under specified higher laws! The minimum number of people needed for an external synergy  is only TWO (2) (spiritual petitions are always between different souls. There is also an internal synergy within a soul that unites body, brain and soul to make a person whole. External Synergies can only be carried out between two or more whole souls). This is is explained in the saying, “Where ever two or more of you are gathered in My Name, as you speak out of your mouth so it shall Be” [Matthew 18:18,19]. Which means it requires only two whole people to create a synergy and whatever spiritually, metaphysically and physical lawful purpose they decree will be achieved by spiritual means. We can speak it out of our mouths – using the power of sound – or write it down and speak it out of our mouths using both the power of Light and Sound. Either way it is a very efficient way of achieving good as the energy base then becomes 100+. 

I have used this power to reunite a father and son in only 18 hours. The father has spent thousands of dollars and hadn’t seen his son for over 2 and half years – even though he had full legal custody every weekend! The problem was the mother was using man’s law to deny him access and on this level “possession is nine tenths of the law” Man’s law is simply rules and regulations. By moving it out of the physical plane with a synergy of two we took it into the spiritual plane of judgement! There is no wheedling you way around spiritual judgement – none at all. Either you do it, or you suffer the consequences!

So within 18 hours of us creating our synergy the mother phoned him up asking him to take his son for the long weekend! Talk about efficiency! Neither of us had any communication with the mother. But what happened is that she was bought face to face with spiritual justice and deflected to it’s power and offered the boy to the father. Very few fight spiritual justice and the results can be quite severe for those that do. I know, i have seen it. 

Another time a business man came to me with a business problem that was caused by him trying to create a synergy with a non-whole person. He had taken on this person as a synergy partner with no capital offered, no sweat equity, no verbal or  written commitment from the person. He had then named the shop after that person! Of course it didn’t make any money for the business man and after six draining months he came to me for a solution. I pointed out his synergy mistake and made a true synergy with him and moved the old “synergy partner” out to the level of an employee. Within the month he was making a profit! Lol! The law always works, if you work the law!

So that is the difference between a petition and a synergy. Anyone wanting to know more about synergies or wanting help to create a synergy, or fix one that isn’t working for them, (synergies can quite easily be annulled or repaired)  please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at

kindest regards




What is the best choice?

We have three choices in life  – to learn everything by ourselves or to learn everything by the experience of others, or a mixture (balance) of the two. Many people on the physical plane are into learning everything by themselves through there own experience. Unfortunately this is a painful experience, especially things like losing fingers, bankruptcy, marriage break-ups etc. These are things that are best studied in other people with the aim of avoiding them ourselves!

Then there are Good things to experience. Most people on the physical plane don’t seem to really want to experience the good things in life – things like being wealthy, happy, successful, peaceful and healthy (not in that order.) In these fields people tend to ignore the experiencing and go for second hand study of the experiences. Why is this? Because these five factors take work to achieve, but more than that they require us to move out of the physical into the metaphysical and Spiritual worlds. And for most people that is asking too much! Personally i believe that we should Practice the positive things in life and try to achieve them and study the negative things in life and try to avoid them! Practice the Positive and avoid the Negative! As the song says. “you’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!” So that is the balance we should aim for!

I’ll tell you a secret: to achieve big things in life we need to move off the physical plane up into the metaphysical and spiritual planes. Why is this? Because of the laws. On the physical plane the laws consist of man’s rules and regulations. On the metaphysical plane (the brain’s plane) the laws consist of principles. On the Spiritual plane the laws consist of the higher laws of the universe – Providence, Grace and Justice. The difference between the levels is in the energy and numbers of laws.

On the physical level the numbers of laws is extremely large. And the energy on the physical level is extremely low – just 1. On the metaphysical level the numbers of laws (principles) in probably less than 500. And the energy level is 10. On the spiritual level the number of laws (higher laws)  is less than 20 with the three “biggies,” all having energy levels of 100+! So the higher you go, the less the number of laws and the higher the energy levels. Which means each following level gets easier and easier to work! The main thing that stops people progressing is their “glass ceilings”. Glass ceilings are not actually ceiling at all, but barriers (perfect mirrors) that reflect their own experiences back at them. Until we can break through these barriers we cannot even see the the different levels. We actually have to experience the different levels for them to take a hold in our lives.

The physical levels beliefs systems consist of agnostic, atheist, religion and science. The metaphysical plane consists of science, principles and philosophy. The spiritual level consists of Spirituality, science, detachment and actions.

physical          = agnostic, atheist, religion and science.

metaphysical =  science, principles and philosophy.

spiritual         = Spirituality, science, detachment and actions

If you imagine the above layout to be an ocean then the physical plane represents the sea surface – lots of waves, storms and very little life. Man lives his life in a small boat on the ocean surface – a very rough life indeed!  

The metaphysical represents the sea under the surface, perhaps down to 1,000 metres when the ocean becomes pitch black. Here the sea teams with life and currents. Life and death are a daily part of events. But below the 1,000 metres mark the sea changes again with the pressure increasing (although in spiritual terms it is the opposite – the pressure actually decreases in the spiritual plane) the currents are a lot slower and life is far more rare at this depth.

In spiritual terms the depths of the ocean are the Beingness of spirituality. The pressure of the ocean can be compared to the energy level of 100+. The deeper into the ocean we dive the greater the pressure (energy level) becomes! It’s a pretty crude analogy, but a true one that can be expanded on with meditation, where you can change the rules of the ocean to reflect the rules of spirituality.

Personally I’d say the best choice by far is the spiritual choice. From this level you can look down and see the other levels exposed for what they are – levels of life we have to live but not get stuck in (Be detached from). Just as deep see fish rise to the surface at night time, so too can we descend to the physical and metaphysical planes when we really have too – but we don’t spend the majority of our lives there! We just do what we have to do without becoming attached to the level! I hope this is clear to you. 

Kindest regards,


What is the first thing we must do when we are reborn?

Should we go out shouting to the whole world that God exists, trying to “convert” everyone? No, we shouldn’t. Should we join a group and learn how to perform miracles? No, we shouldn’t. Should we give away all our possessions and become hard on ourselves, fasting and living on a single piece of rice a day? No, we shouldn’t! 

So what should we do? Read the pure words of God! For only the pure word of God can transform the dross of the world into the gold of the heart! Wel,l how will I know what is the pure word of God? By His name, “I Am”.  All religious writings have phrases with “I Am” in them. In this way you know God, and only god, is talking in that sentence. In the Bible it says, “I Am the way the light and the truth. There is no other way to God except through I Am!” (although many read the word me as Jesus it is actually I Am – what are the first two words in the quote? I Am.) It is God who is talking here through the Holy Spirit (the knowable essence of God).

With any religion we are meant to go to the messenger and through the messenger to the Holy spirit. Jesus describes this action as being reborn into the water (the messenger – as they are bubbling wellsprings of God’s message. A bubbling wellspring is water!) and then into the fire/spirit – the Holy Spirit, the knowable essence of God. The water is the box the gift comes in, the Spirit/fire is the actual gift inside the box! We have to open the box to get the benefits of the spirit. What is the point of falling in Love with the box and never opening it? Unfortunately this is the sad reality of many believers, in many faiths in the world today.

When I was reborn I read 4 books in the first month and then had nothing to read, so I asked God for more spiritual information/books. Within three days a man knocked at my door and gifted me a pile of books over two metres high! Lol! It took me a year to read them all! But that gave me the foundation stones of faith, of true belief. True belief is when you make God your first port of call in any situation, not your last port of call! It is also learning to live under the higher laws of the universe and submitting your will to His Will.

When I lived in Woodville I used to get sent newly born Christians and my advise was always – get yourself a red letter Bible and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Read the red letters first because those are the pure words that come from the mouth of God. The the remaining black words are simply fillers, expansions, explanations and, in some cases, distractions.

I was lucky in that I also read the Holy Koran and New Age spiritual manifestations words, not open to the Christians I advised. For God never leaves us to ourselves. I see God as the headmaster and Manifestations as the school teachers. Every year we get a new teacher and never do they say, “forget everything you’ve learned in the past” because they simply build on the shoulders of the past years teachers “If I have seen further than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton.

Nor do they say, “I am your last teacher, so you must stay on this class forever!” at the end of the current year you will be allowed to progress onto the next teacher – if you will accept him! If you don’t accept him, then you stay in the same class over and over and over! Your friends of this year will grow and grow and grow, and become adults. You will also grow too, but you will remain at the same education level forever, until you decide to move on! Which means you must accept a new teacher! For God the Headmaster teaches us about continuous education.

In spiritual terms this is known as continuous revelation and every 700 to 1,000 years a new teacher appears to the world, asking us to step forward and advance to the next level. He also brings new benefits that are spread on everyone alike. Look at Jesus, when he came the Jewish laws of death penalties were replaced and today even the Jews don’t practice their own faith’s rules!

When Muhammed came he bought new rules too and within 700 years the Christians were using Islamic rules to justify the “Holy wars” of the crusades! Today we live under the rule of a new manifestation who brought us the equality of males and females, who taught that science and religion should agree, because one is How God created the universe and the other is Why he created it. If the two don’t agree then one or the other must be wrong! The new Manifestation also bought about the concept of the unity of mankind -“the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens!” There is so much more – basically all the benefits of the world today – that he bought too. But until the human heart asks to have those truths revealed to him he stays ignorant of the facts. God is totally visible to anyone who asks him, partially visible to those who ask him for that and totally invisible to the rest of the world! LOL!

If you want God to be totally visible for you, then you must ask him out aloud. Nothing happens until it is spoken. Thoughts have no energy which is why thoughts of progress are called wishes! Spoken words are called affirmations and written words (which use the vibrations of light, rather than sound) are called goals. I recommend that you write your goa/desirel down to meet God fully in His current manifestation and then speak it aloud! This is 100 times more powerful, and so much quicker for Him to respond to you, because you are more open!

God will respond and you will be guided to the ultimate truth and then, then you can quietly sit and read the pure word of God. It may take several years before you are “changed” enough to perform any task for Him. But when you are ready, you will be told! Lol!

God is closer to you than the artery in your neck. Don’t go seeking afar. Every word you utter is heard by God, why go chasing after rainbows to find Him. Just ask, just ask, just ask!

kindest regards,





Who is my family? We have a choice to make!

Although we are born into the physical world and into a physical family, we are not permanent members of our physical family. At some point in life we can make a connection to the Spiritual World and be reborn anew. Then who is our family? God becomes our spiritual Father and other reborn people become our brothers and sisters. Do we still belong to our physical family? It depends on whether or not they too have been reborn, or are at least good people, if not reborn. If your physical family is Mafia, or drug dealers or gossipers and back-biters then you no longer belong to that family, it is as simple as that! And that is a hard thing to do, to remove yourself from a dangerous family environment. Because of all the years we have spent within that family, it feels safer to be in it than to leave it.

But we must leave it, because we are remade anew and you become like the people you associate with. If you continue to associate with a negative physical family then you will fall back down to that level. But if you associate with a new positive spiritual family you will be lifted up to that level. Jesus expressed this when he was told, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

In the old age we were judged as either spiritually alive or  spiritually dead. In this new age, after the resurrection, all people are now considered spiritually alive – but in two classifications, the spiritually awake and the spiritually asleep! The spiritually asleep still add to this new age – now they add their dreams to the world and add to the progress of mankind, with new inventions etc.

But they also add their nightmares to the world which retards civilisation – landmines are a good example. What kind of spiritual person would develop a bomb that targets children? They wouldn’t of course. But because the sleepers own the assets of the world it is really hard to start at the top and work down. That is why God is now urging us to build our own assets, combine them and start buying up the factories, farms and houses of the world. Once we start this new system it will grow at an amazing speed, to buy up all the assets of the world and then we can shut certain “assets” (that are spiritual liabilities) down!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a tool to help us build our assets as individuals.


Not only assets for us, but for our children, our grandchildren and our great grand children, etc. down though the generations. Once we get a hold of an asset, it will not be released into the hands of usurers and the spiritually asleep ever again. Which is the meaning behind the above logo.

Once we have picked an axe off of the ground and started chopping wood with it why should we ever give it back to an axe murderer? That would be stupid! 

Our first duty is always to our spiritual family – the Poor, the defenceless, the weal and ill, the women and children, the reborn. 

reverend J’iam

see our website:

The Sleeping Girl with different socks by J’iam


This is a painting I did about 20 years ago. It is quite small (8×6″) and done in palette knife. I have blown this picture up to 20×30 inches and it still looks good!

I was on an art course at the time and I used to travel over the mountains from Pahiatua to Palmerston North to attend daily. I always turned up on time, whilst some of the young ones who lived down the road from the course were frequently late, by up to half an hour daily. This girl came in on a Monday suffering from a mega-hangover. She was so hungover she had put on different coloured socks to wear to the course! Anyway she was a good model because she basically couldn’t move. So I did this painting in less than an hour. I’m still pleased with it today.


With Power comes Responsibilities and Benefits

True power in life comes from empowerment. Empowerment means Power from without. Empowerment from without comes when we internally synergise ourselves, or become empowered within.

With power comes responsibility. With responsibility comes benefits. When we are initially empowered we receive a  benefit straight away, that of the wiping of all past karmic debts. All debts under the law of sowing and reaping are wiped and we start with a clean slate. This is a huge benefit! Then we must start looking at our responsibilities and growing these in harmony with our benefits. At rebirth we are made brand new. All our past faults are forgiven and we start accruing new debts as soon as we start breaking laws (which we still have to learn). So we have to learn to forgive ourselves each and every day and accept God’s forgiveness along with that. God can never forgive us alone, we have to be with Him by forgiving ourselves too!

And we also have to learn how to find out the good things we did that day, recognise them and bring them into tomorrow. Far too few people do this. But if they don’t they are trying to eliminate negatives only, and to eliminate a negative it has to be replaced by a positive. Otherwise we eliminate a negative and it is immediately replaced by two or more other negatives! 

One of the first responsibilities we inherit is our responsibility for the Poor. And, just having been reborn, we are the poor. So we have a responsibility for ourselves. This is covered in the 11th commandment which tells us to “Love ourselves and others, wholly and unconditionally” 

Unfortunately this goes against most peoples inner convictions to external motivation. To be empowered we have to change from external motivation to internal motivation! (“as within, so without“) Saul was externally motivated. He thought he could solve his problems by massacring others. God struck him down, changed his name to Paul and changed his mission to first changing himself and then to changing others. SOME CHANGE!!! Lol!

Protection of others always starts at home – first learn to protect yourself and then learn how to protect others. If the lifeguard cannot swim extremely strongly how is he going to rescue someone who can’t swim well? He can’t and will simply end up being  dragged under the water to be drowned along with the one he is trying to save!

So always start at home and then expand outwards! I remember going to a Salvation Army service in Woodville many years ago and listening to a sermon from a visiting preacher … “if you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load, from the seeds he sowed… ) At the end of the meeting everyone rushed by me standing on the steps, got into their cars and went off looking for someone to give a lift too on that wet and stormy day! Leaving me to walk 2 miles home into the country, laughing at the inspiration the sermon had given them and the uselessness of the sermon to the man standing by the road, wanting a lift home! You see they all thought they had to go somewhere different to find someone to pick up. That is always the way with externally motivated people! Internally motivated people turn to the person standing next to them to see if their neighbour needs their  help.

Unless we are internally motivated we will travel the world looking for people to help and always just missing them by a minute, 59 seconds, 58 seconds and so forth until we get down to tenths of a second and then hundreds of a second etc. etc.

If we don’s carry out our responsibilities to ourselves, how can we carry them out for other people. If we don’t accept the benefits for ourselves, how can we demonstrate them to others who want them and are seeking those benefits, never being able to see them because the so called spiritual are a “miserable pack of b*ggers”  Lol!

What are things most wanted by the world at large? Love and Laughter! What are the benefits of spirituality? LOVE and LAUGHTER! Only by accepting these two benefits and sharing them with the world will we attract people to a better way of life! 

We can’t attract spiritual souls to Love with do and don’t rules and regulations, disempowerment and misery. So STOP IT! Be happy, be Empowered, be Detached, Be internally Motivated, Be different from the ways of the world, Be immersed in the ways of God. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is God’s smile in the Rising Sun! I hear God’s laughter in the morning chorus of the birds! I hear “Glory to God” in the birds prayers to Him!

Sure you’ll have detractors who say, “He’s weird, eccentric, strange, loony etc” But what business is it of yours to worry about what others think of you? It is your responsibility to be happy, to be joyful, to carefree and love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally! That is what draws to hearts of men towards you! And then you give them the pure words of God, for only these words can change the dross of the world into the gold of faith!

Life is simple, not complicated – let go, let go, let go! let go of your problems and let God take care of them . Let go of your fears and attach yourself to the certainties of Love! Let go of your inhibitions and grab a hold of the courage of Faith! Then my friend you will have changed yourself into God’s gold and be able to attract the seekers after Him.

love and Peace 



Greetings From Masterton – a card by J’iam


This is a greetings card I designed many years ago, after spending 5 years creating the picture of the town’s main street. The original picture was a sepia toned postcard which I copied into the computer. I then spent time cleaning the picture and colouring it in the computer. This took probably about 30 hours over six months. And then nothing happened for another 18 months. The problem was the sky. It was totally empty and I needed something to fill it but I couldn’t find anything to fill it to my satisfaction.

Then one day I was in Carterton (about 8 miles south of Masterton) and looked up into the sky and saw the most amazing cloud formation that I just knew would fit the picture perfectly. So I took the photo, went home and fitted it into place and the picture was finished! 

This is not the longest time I have taken to finish a picture. I have one that took 25 years to finish! I’ll dig that out and post it in a short while.


Good things are worth waiting for!



Her Stroke of Insight!

It’s not often that I recommend other peoples videos, but this one is exceptional and explains the difference between the right hand side of the brain and the left hand side of the brain. To BE-come whole we must balance the right hand side of the brain with the left hand side. Most of us are dominated by the left hand brain. I use a parable of a ship. the body is the ship and the crewmen, the left hand side of the brain is the captain of the ship. The right hand side of the brain is the OWNER of the ship. The right hand side is in connection with LOVE and the Universe. When we die we move wholly to the right hand side of the brain and then beyond that into the next world. To live as hu-Man BE-ings we must let go of the left hand side of the brain’s control of everything and strike a balance. The Captain is still important to run the ship. But the OWNER of the ship , the essential You, must issue the commands to the captain, telling him where you want to go. For that is the weakness of the captain – he cannot make decisions! Only the Owner can make those decisions. But the owners cannot run the ship – he just hasn’t got the skill to keep the ship off the rocks and “shipshape and Bristol fashion!” So the owner has to trust the captain and not interfere in his work, whilst  the captain has to trust the owner and work for him. 

I tried to destroy my ego for six months, day and night, but every tactic I tried failed. After six months I asked God what I was doing wrong, to not be able to destroy my ego? I was told, “I created the ego as a servant for you! If you destroy your servant how are you going to get any work done?” I had been trying to destroy my ego and God had been protecting him! No wonder i couldn’t “win”! I was told to approach the captain and acknowledge his skills and formally make him the Captain of the ship. I would respect him and trust him to do my bidding. In exchange he would be given a free hand over the ship but would have to obey my orders! We shook hands on it and we have worked together just fine over the past 25 years!

I Know that when I die I lose the ship and the captain (the captain always goes down with the ship) but I, the owner, simply go to the back of the ship where there is a helipad , get into the helicopter and take off – for safety and a continued life!

Anyway the presenter of this video was studying the brain and wanted to be able to help her schizophrenic brother and one day suffered a stroke that paralysed the left hand side of her brain. That experience was a little like my near death experience. Her conclusions are one I agree with 100%

In the beginning of this article I said we have to balance the two sides of the brain. Balance is a poor description of the process. The true word we are looking for is to SYNERGISE the two sides of the brain with the soul to become whole (holy in the Bible and other great manifestations books). A synergy is summed up as formula “where the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!” Once we become whole we can achieve Nirvana, heaven on earth and Be ready for the separation from this earth, because we are detached from all things except LOVE (and God IS Love)

so go to this site and have a look, she is a truly inspiration speaker

as I said it is well worth watching – if you are ready for it!

kindest regards,