Bad News and Good News!

Today I have some bad news and some good news. First the bad news. On the way home from the supermarket a few minutes ago I was struck by an inspiration; the reason so few folks make it into the state of Wealthy (as opposed to riches) is because it is just SO HARD to setup by yourself! I’ll repeat that statement because whilst it may seem obvious, it is profoundly true –  it is just SO HARD to setup the wealth state by yourself! The few that do become wealthy are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

But then I realised that out of that negative inspiration came a shining NEW light – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy)! This is an organisation setup to help it’s members achieve wealth by teaching us what to do, how to do it and most importantly, to actually doing it for us in the beginning, so as to train us how to do it ourselves! Those three ingredients are what is lacking in most training. Motivators tell us what to do, but not how to do it, that is left up to us to do. For many that is too big a barrier to succeed , even if we do have all the knowledge under our belt. A few Masters will tell you How to do it. Masters are far rarer on the ground than motivators. But up to date there has never been an organisation that is set it up for to actually do it for you! The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network was revealed to me in 1992, 21 years ago, in an epiphany. It took me 19 years to finish testing it and get it set up properly. I officially opened it two years ago and now we have three members, the basic synergy from which everything will grow. Now I have been requested to increase the membership to 1,000 people – because the world is ready for it

The ultimate purpose of the network is to create a new breed of wealthy people who really care for themselves, their families, their societies and the world. And everything starts at the grass-roots level with the individual, US! (Think globally, act locally! and you can’t get any more local than with us, the individual cells of the body, the world.)

So that is the good news. It will take 20 years for you to become truly wealth. What stops most people is the first five years of working in isolation, against the ways of mankind (wealth is a spiritual attribute, not a physical one. First we build the spiritual attributes and then these attributes manifest themselves on the physical plane in the form of material wealth!)  

Now WPPN does it ALL for us (that is why it is called wholistic)! And it is only $25 per month! For this price you instantly have a new virtuous cycle up and running in your life. It may be a small cycle, but all seeds are small. And from the tiny acorn the mighty oak tree grows! 

In my last article one of the four factors I quoted was (3) Lack of actionsI’d like to modify/expand that to CORRECT ACTIONS. Because that is what is contained in WPPN – correct actions!

All four of the factors are covered in the network. Plus we build a Synergy of energy (also called, on the lower metaphysical level, a mastermind allegiance). All these things synergise together to create wealth in abundance. There has never been an organisation like WPPN before because the is no capitalistic reward in it for the creator. God gave it to me to set up along with a life time mission. Mty benefit is that I have become wealthy already (in spiritual terms) so I am ahead of the bunch in it’s material manifestation. If you do this, this and that then THIS will be the result! To be wealthy first you have to BE wealthy, then you will become wealthy!  It’s as simple as that!

So there is the good news – WPPN, the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network lets you BE wealthy, so you can become wealthy! So be it!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. The illustrating is going on well and this week will see it finished. But it is going to be rather long article, very detailed, so I’ll reveal it in 2 or3 pieces. I want to educate, not jamb the complete tree of knowledge down your throat in one go! Lol!



About reverendjiam

Namaste I am a master metaphysician , an artist and a lover of life and people. I was given a new organisation - the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network - in an epiphany in 1992. I have spent all the time since then struggling to get it started. It was started three years ago and now has 3 members. This year will see us expand to 100 members and then we'll be launched! in the future it will spread world wide and even to our colonies in space! Since writing this I have been promoted to the level of Peacemaker. Apparently there are only seven in this class in the world at the moment. I was promoted when Nelson Mandela died and am amongst greats like John Lennon, Gandhi and The Dalai Lama. Each of us have our own particular task. Mine is to teach Peace (the state of Poor) and Prosperity (the state of Abundance), to lift people up above the negative material state into a state of heavenly BEingness, called Wealth. J'iam

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