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A Christmas card for you to use!

Christmas is fast approaching, so I’d like to gift you something to make life a little easier – a Christmas card you can send out to friends and relatives by email! Simply download this card and save to your computer, then attach to an email Christmas list!

So Please accept this gift from me to you. 

The original was a Victorian card in a bad way that I fixed up, recoloured and enhanced, which is why i have put my copyright on the card. Please feel free to use this card for any non-commercial purposes. If you own a free picture site you can use it for that too, just don’t remove my copyright marks please (also it would be nice to receive an email acknowledging that you are using it for this purpose – I have other pictures you can use as well)     ENJOY!!!



Bad News and Good News!

Today I have some bad news and some good news. First the bad news. On the way home from the supermarket a few minutes ago I was struck by an inspiration; the reason so few folks make it into the state of Wealthy (as opposed to riches) is because it is just SO HARD to setup by yourself! I’ll repeat that statement because whilst it may seem obvious, it is profoundly true –  it is just SO HARD to setup the wealth state by yourself! The few that do become wealthy are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

But then I realised that out of that negative inspiration came a shining NEW light – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy)! This is an organisation setup to help it’s members achieve wealth by teaching us what to do, how to do it and most importantly, to actually doing it for us in the beginning, so as to train us how to do it ourselves! Those three ingredients are what is lacking in most training. Motivators tell us what to do, but not how to do it, that is left up to us to do. For many that is too big a barrier to succeed , even if we do have all the knowledge under our belt. A few Masters will tell you How to do it. Masters are far rarer on the ground than motivators. But up to date there has never been an organisation that is set it up for to actually do it for you! The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network was revealed to me in 1992, 21 years ago, in an epiphany. It took me 19 years to finish testing it and get it set up properly. I officially opened it two years ago and now we have three members, the basic synergy from which everything will grow. Now I have been requested to increase the membership to 1,000 people – because the world is ready for it

The ultimate purpose of the network is to create a new breed of wealthy people who really care for themselves, their families, their societies and the world. And everything starts at the grass-roots level with the individual, US! (Think globally, act locally! and you can’t get any more local than with us, the individual cells of the body, the world.)

So that is the good news. It will take 20 years for you to become truly wealth. What stops most people is the first five years of working in isolation, against the ways of mankind (wealth is a spiritual attribute, not a physical one. First we build the spiritual attributes and then these attributes manifest themselves on the physical plane in the form of material wealth!)  

Now WPPN does it ALL for us (that is why it is called wholistic)! And it is only $25 per month! For this price you instantly have a new virtuous cycle up and running in your life. It may be a small cycle, but all seeds are small. And from the tiny acorn the mighty oak tree grows! 

In my last article one of the four factors I quoted was (3) Lack of actionsI’d like to modify/expand that to CORRECT ACTIONS. Because that is what is contained in WPPN – correct actions!

All four of the factors are covered in the network. Plus we build a Synergy of energy (also called, on the lower metaphysical level, a mastermind allegiance). All these things synergise together to create wealth in abundance. There has never been an organisation like WPPN before because the is no capitalistic reward in it for the creator. God gave it to me to set up along with a life time mission. Mty benefit is that I have become wealthy already (in spiritual terms) so I am ahead of the bunch in it’s material manifestation. If you do this, this and that then THIS will be the result! To be wealthy first you have to BE wealthy, then you will become wealthy!  It’s as simple as that!

So there is the good news – WPPN, the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network lets you BE wealthy, so you can become wealthy! So be it!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. The illustrating is going on well and this week will see it finished. But it is going to be rather long article, very detailed, so I’ll reveal it in 2 or3 pieces. I want to educate, not jamb the complete tree of knowledge down your throat in one go! Lol!



Announcement – BIG BLOG coming!

I got up this morning and started working on the secret of perpetual wealth, through creating a virtuous cycle. I have done maybe half and have run out of energy. I will have a sleep and maybe finish it later today or tomorrow morning (I always feel fresh, alert and inspired in the mornings) and once I have finished the diagrams I will start writing the blog. 

The virtuous cycle is a fairly simple process, but it has to be done right (correctly) for it to work for sure. And by right i mean that all the factors have to be correct and then it has to be done consistently, for the rest of our lives! I know that sounds too hard for some of you but consider this…

Only the laws of chance can make you a millionaire overnight – that is why so many people play lottto! But the laws of chance are limited to the physical world, are very, very slender (in your chance of winning) and probably wont happen in your lifetime. For you to win the lotto, it will probably take 100,000 years under the laws of chance! Are you going to live that long? I think not.

Only the higher laws of the universe can guarantee that you will become wealthy, BUT, they take at least 20 years to create this true wealth in your life. Have you got twenty years? Of course you have! So what stops most people creating their own wealth?

(1) Lack of will. 

(2)  Lack of knowledge

(3) Lack of action

(4) lack of commitment

Those are the four main factors that stop the majority of the world achieving wealth (and YES, there is enough wealth in the world for everyone to BE wealthy!)

In the upcoming blog I will explain in diagrams and words how to start the virtuous cycle by “invoking the token” and then using the results of these token actions to achieve “full tithing (x 2)” and improvement of lifestyle through the spiritual “Pereto Priciple” (the Peroto Principle works on three levels – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual – and it works differently on each level!)

So I hope you will be patient with me as I work on this project. See you within a week with the report, (it may be in two parts as it is a big subject)

kindest regards



How to handle Manipulative and Malicious people.

All the people living only in the physical world are actually spiritually asleep. In the physical plane the asleep are constantly dreaming. If the dreams are positive that is good. If the dreams are negative they are called nightmares and that is bad. Unfortunately those with nightmares are able to project them onto other people and if you are the one being imposed on it is a real pain. There are few remedies for these projections on the physical plane. The best way to handle them is to move them to the spiritual plane, because (like in a game of scissors, paper and rock) the spiritual is far more powerful than the physical.

 I have told the story about my friend who hadn’t seen his son for over two and half years – even though he had legal custody every weekend! His ex was basically being malicious with her son by denying access. Even though he had spent thousands of dollars and tried all legal channels, he hadn’t succeeded in gaining even one second of access. Why is this? Because justice doesn’t exist on the physical plane except in the form of an eye for an eye. And he certainly wasn’t in position to apply this to the mother of his son. Know that the “law” on the physical plane are simply man’s rules and regulations, not justice.

So as a last straw he came to me (why am I always the last port of call, instead of the first? LOL!) and poured his heart out to me (that’s why!). I immediately saw what was wrong and recommended that he hand it over to justice. “How do I do that?” he asked. So I told him that he had to forgive her wholly and unconditionally. Fortunately he was a visual (he could see pictures in his mind) and I told him to “see” his ex standing there in front of him. Then I got him to say the following words out loud, “I forgive you wholly and unconditionally for all past wrongs against me and when the next wrong is performed against me I immediately forgive you that one too and immediately hand you onto justice.” And that was the complete ceremony/action.

 “What else do i have to do?” he asked. “nothing, it is all done, now we just have to wait.” I replied. He seemed a bit surprised at this, but accepted it and we had a nice cup of tea and a chat. The next morning (Wednesday) he phoned me up at 10 o’clock and told me excitedly. “Guess what, my ex has just phoned me up and asked me to take my son for the long weekend on Saturday!!” To say he was excited was an understatement! Lol!

 But for me the action was not unexpected as once it is taken all the responsibility for the actions lay on the manipulators shoulders. And once faced with the inevitability of punishment for their actions they almost invariably stop. And if they don’t they answer to “instant Karma” as John Lennon calls it. I have seen this happen within hours in another case I handled before (my first case actually).

In this case, the man concerned had stolen my car by forging my signature on the ownership papers that he had persuaded my wife to give him (I wasn’t home at the time). He them used my car to steal a trailer, which he then filled up with his current girlfriends possessions and took them all to another city and sold the lot and pocketed the cash! I found out from the police that “technically” he hadn’t actually stolen my car! I was told to take him to the small claims court and basically sue him. At he had been found guilty 6 times by the same court and hadn’t paid a penny back to any of the claimants! And he had also been to prison for fraud! So my case against him seemed pretty hopeless even if I won!


At this stage I hadn’t learned the forgiveness technique and I stewed on what to do for three months. In the end I was stumped and asked God what to do (why is god always the last port of call? Lol!) Within a very short time i was told to write a letter of forgiveness to him. This was a real struggle for me and it took four hours for me to get it right! After i had got it right i asked what to do with the letter, and i was told to BURN IT! Which i did and went to bed internally calm. The next morning i went down town at about 8:30 and there was this man leaning against a pole, battered with a thick lip, black eyes, a broken arm, a broken leg and on crutches. I just looked at him and thought, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied!” and really understood why forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge.

 Forgiveness is not really a form of revenge at all, but a shifting of internal reality within the forgiver. Justice belongs to God – it is a spiritual energy that doesn’t belong to man at all (Justice is Mine sayeth the Lord”). For man our spiritual energy is Love. When we desire revenge we move ourselves out of the Love column of life and place ourselves into the Justice column. As we are incapable of administering justice all this achieves is the blocking up of the justice column and casting us into a world of pain, as we now become a protector of the wrongdoer against justice! So not only have we been wronged by them, but we have compounded the matter by wronging ourselves as well! It is the latter error that really hurts us!

By forgiving them we move ourselves out of the justice column and back into the love column – welcome home! That is our reward for forgiveness, the return to the Love column of spirituality. And that is the ultimate form of reward! The justice column is then unblocked and the justice flows very quickly. It is not our doing that they reap what they sow. That is entirely their fault. They sowed the seeds and they have to reap them. If they don’t want that way of life any more, they are always free to approach the spiritual world and ask to be entered. And that will be granted and all their past faults will be wiped! That is one of the beauties of “re-birth” the unloading of all the karmic returns still coming to them! Plus the beauty of being admitted to the spiritual world! The law of sowing and reaping is a self-applied law that either resists/punishes us or assists/rewards us. The more you resist the law the stronger the returns become! Until the returns from the law break you and you cry out for relief!


For the good sower of seeds the rewards are always good – “a good tree can’t bear bad fruits, nor can a bad tree bear good fruits” that is the working of the law of sowing and reaping. Unfortunately/fortunately the returns to the good are hidden from the wrong doers – “Only the righteous know the rewards of the righteous”. It is unfortunate for the wrong doers as they can’t see the path to redemption (the opening of the spiritual doors), only the thistles they are reaping. It is fortunate for the righteous as they can see the returns and over time learn to trust the law! Trust of the higher laws is a huge step towards spiritual freedom! A HUGE STEP! Lol!


Trust of the higher laws brings with it a detachment from the negative sowing and reaping of other people and an attachment to Love on a stronger, higher, purer level. The whole purpose of the spiritual world is for us to be detached from ALL except love. And the higher laws are a manifestation of love. It takes a while to learn this. Forgiveness is not the ultimate form of revenge, but the ultimate form of freedom from all fear (with fear standing for False Evidence Appearing Real). Freedom from fear and attachment to Love leads to ultimate calm and peace, the state of Nirvana or Heaven.


Anyway, if you have had the fortune to read this it is because you are ready to receive it. Those not in need of it, or not ready for it, will be blocked from reading it by the higher laws. If you haven’t learned of this law’s use yet, then you are into a new plane of learning. If you know of this i am sure you will be nodding your head in agreement, because the closer we get to the source of love the fewer our differences are!

If you have any questions or need a problem solved on this level please feel free to contact me on email at

Love, Peace and Prosperity,







Spiritual Magnetism

I was going to write about something completely different today, but just as I started a very loud thought came into my head, not even a thought really, more of a command, for me to write about spiritual magnetism. So read on and see what is revealed to me, as it is revealed.

We are each of two elements, a magnet and iron filings that are attracted to magnets. As magnets we attract other people towards our qualities, be they good or bad. As iron filing we are attracted to magnets we want to follow (this is our free will at play). The test in life – all our tests – is to follow the true magnets and dispel the false magnets. This is our choice because we are not just iron filing with qualities of attraction to magnets, we can be attracted or repelled by whichever magnets we want. This ability to attract or dispel is called our discernment!  After being attracted to a spiritual magnet we have to become magnetic iron filings ourselves! 

Once we become magnetized we have to align our magnetism up so all three magnets within us (the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual magnets) are aligned north and south. It’s no use having two magnetic poles aligned and one misaligned for that just destroys our magnetic power. Once all three elements are aligned correctly, we are deemed to be whole (holy in the bible)) What benefit is there in being whole? Only whole magnets can align with other whole magnets to make a bigger magnet. So two magnets aligned north to south make a bigger magnet aligned north to south. This is called a synergy. The formula for synergies is 1+1=3, because there is a gain in the alignment. Remember the other iron filings are not internally aligned at all and are therefore open to outside influence. If the influence is bad , then it is too bad for the iron filing. If the external influence is good, then the iron filing benefit. 

Because good magnets are aligned and bad magnets are unaligned, the battle between the two is never equal. The good will eventually win every time. This is because unaligned magnets are always held together by ideaology or contracts, whilst good magnets are held together by spiritual qualities and synergies. The Good magnets never weaken or stop their attraction – ever. They attract 24/7/365! The bonded magnets need to sleep and rest. they work only 16/7/365(x60 – the expected lifespan of an evil entity e.g. communism/ dictatorship is around 60 years or three generations).

Therefore the answer to all the problems in the world today lays in the spiritual plane. To end money problems simply spiritualize your money (WPPN  does this!) To end poverty introduce Prospering spiritual Principles into your life (WPPN  does this too!). To end corruption introduce spiritual success into you life (WPPN  does this too!). To end the housing shortage in the world introduce zero percent mortgages, so the once a house is acquired, the land stays in your family forever (WPPN  does this too!). To end the world work shortage, especially in the west, introduce spiritual cooperatives into the world, where the workers own the business. To destroy spiritual unhappiness the world over introduce spiritual happiness in to your life  (WPPN  does this too!). To destroy war and disharmony you must into spiritual peace into your life (Yes, i know it is getting repetitive, but WPPN  does this too!)

Only a positive can destroy a negative! Have you ever heard of unhappiness being cured by unhappiness? I haven’t; it’s simply a sideways move, a change of unhappiness!. By introducing all these positive spiritual qualities into your life you become Whole, Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous!. When you are whole you can then align with other whole magnets to increase your synergised power into the world at large. This is how the principle of the hundredth monkey works spiritually!


The traditional way to being spiritual is to Be, Do and have. The WPPN way is to DO, learn the beingness gradually and increase it over time, until you are fully whole. This is like starting to heal the body one cell at a time. One clean healthy cell is not health in the broader tern, but it is a step towards health! The doing in token form (one cell at a time) is called “invoking the token” and is a little known spiritual principle of doing a little action to achieve a lot from that action, through the workings of the higher laws. This is like a farmer with only hand tools and no knowledge of farming, digging and planting a little garden every day. Over time the crops from the gardens start appearing in his life, creating Knowledge and rewards! This is then amplified by strengthening the farmer (from eating the food he grows) enriching the farmer (from the inevitable surplus crops from the gardens) which is then used to buy better tools and so the cycle becomes stronger and stronger as it is repeated over and over! The secret with this method is to start it today! WPPN is only $25 per month for several reasons, the primary one being a low entrance price so no one is denied access to this unique spiritual wealth creating enterprise.The second reason is to show the world that it is legitimate, not a scam (if i was dishonest I could make millions per month, for perhaps a year or two: then the dishonesty would catch up to me and I would lose it all. Not that it ever truly was mine – i would have just stolen it, and theft is not ownership in the spiritual world). Dishonesty is pointless and no one ever needs to lie or remember the lies they’ve told when they tell the truth! That is motivation to tell the truth in itself.

You see spirituality is about ownership. We have to own the qualities of wealth, health and happiness to actually HAVE  wealth, health and happiness. As a wise man said, “To be wealthy, first you have to BE wealthy, then you will become wealthy!” Spiritual qualities are like seeds that take time to grow (there is a law called the law of delayed gratification, which states,”the longer the delay, the greater the reward!) To grow a crop first you have to dig a garden, plant the seeds and then wait! Not an easy thing to do if you are hungry! WPPN takes care of this by making tiny plots and combining them together, kind of like the cooperative potato gardens my father used to belong to when I was a child. At the sowing season everyone went and dug up the potatoes and got a fair share of them (which wasfhar larger than they could manage to grow by themselves because “Many hands make light work!”

To date there has never been a spiritual organisation like WPPN, because today the time is right! Today it is NEW! But in a hundred years time it will be the normal way of life and people will have forgotten about capitalism, communism, dictatorships and usury and just take the new of life for granted!!  To our descendants this will be just everyday, normal behaviour, just as flying in a jet at near supersonic speed, above the height of Mount Everest, in full air-conditioned comfort is normal for us today – what a shock that would be for people of 100 years ago (our ancestors)! At that stage airplanes were little more than powered kites!

The predictions of 100 years ago is that airplanes could grow big enough to fly 20 people across the Atlantic (with two mechanics aboard to keep the engines running!) Lol! Today we commonly fly 600 people aboard an aircraft and not a mechanic on board!! But can you see the principle of invoking the token. If we hadn’t had our tiny, unreliable airplanes we wouldn’t have our monstrous, reliable jumbo jets! Everything has to start small and grow bigger.

So it is with spiritual principles. These can only be started in one person at a time! And then one person becomes two. And two becomes four, and 4 becomes 8, which in turn becomes 16 and so forth. It takes only twenty steps to reach a million re spiritualised souls! Only 30 steps to create a billion (1,000 million). And after that it will be only three steps to cover the whole world (8 billion people).

Everything becomes easier with time. The hardest part of Spirituality is the discipline involved with it! It is hard to jump from a life raft to a full blown sea cruiser 11 stories tall! We have to put one ring on the ladder and make our way onto the deck one step at a time. This is what invoking the token is about – one step at a time to climb out of the deep pit of modern life. We can still have all the great benefits of modern life, but it is with a different attitude.  The difference old and new is like the difference between being a slave on a farm as compared to being the farm owner! 

In WPPN the spiritual power comes from three forms of gifting. All contributions in WPPN are gifts, because as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied under higher law. The first person you gift to is – YOURSELF! This invokes the Eleventh Commandment about always paying yourself first. Of course spiritual payment is always in the form of gifting. The second gift is to other people, to wealthier, more advanced along the path to spiritual wealth, people in the network. This has the effect of increasing the power of your returns from the gift. This principle of gifting to more empowered people is called a gifting circle (or gift gearing). This gift amounts to $5 per month. Once you have been in the network for a little while, you will start receiving gifts from others, thereby become a full part of the FLOW of gifting. This is a very important step forward, spiritually speaking. 

And the third gift is to the WPPN network itself, to help build it. So those are the three forms of  gifting within the network. There are no hidden fees or annual charges. All the network does is help you to change from a physical economy to a spiritual economy! As I said before, “there has never been an organisation in the world to date, to help you do this!” Until Now and it’s name is The Wholistuc Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN)

Now I’ll go back and read what  I’ve written, so i can catch up to you! LOL!

Okay, there, have read it, and it speaks the truth very clearly about WPPN and spiritual advancement. Once man awakens and starts to use the spiritual principles of the network in their lives, amnkind as a whole will strat moving forward after being stuck in the mud for so long!

See the WPPN Website at          

keeping in mind what was written today.

There are other amazing benefits to belonging to the network too – like education, beginning with a free copy of the book “Commitments” which has all the goals you’ll ever need laid out in it, just awaiting your signatures (commitment). 

For any questions at all please write to me at

Love, Peace and Prosperity


Religion or Spirituality?

In the olden days we had two choices – to be of the “dead” (the spiritually dead), or to be of the living (the spiritually alive – religious). Today we live in a new age where all the previously dead have been resurrected into spiritual life and the two classes now consist of the spiritually asleep and the spiritually awake. That is the main difference between people of the old age and people of this new age.

If you are spiritually awake today you are likely to class yourself as “spiritual” because the responsibility for spiritual growth has been removed from the churches of the world and placed on each individuals shoulders. We, not any outside influence, are the captains of our own spiritual ships. 

If you are spiritually aware you will eventually come under the reign of the higher laws of the universe. To come under the reign of these higher laws, you have to submit your will to God’s will and actually LIVE the higher laws! Under the higher laws there are definite freedoms and definite “no go” areas. As long as we stay out of the “no go” (forbidden) areas and work within the permitted areas we will always be building ourselves a virtuous cycle. As soon as we go into the forbidden areas we lose all our virtuous cycle and inherit a vicious cycle instead. In the old days the virtuous cycle was called heaven and the vicious cycle was called hell. Either way, virtuous /heaven or vicious/hell, the end results still feel the same! 

Because the rules have changed we can no longer go to the former institutes (churches and faiths) for guidance because they are still using the old ways. Instead we must seek out masters of the new age. The supreme source manifestation of this age is Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God – it’s amazing that most of the churches in New Zealand have “to the Glory of God” (to Baha’u’llah – this is Persian for the Glory of God) written on their foundation stones!). Then there are various masters, on various levels at different ages since 1844. Today I am a master who has been sent to new Zealand.

There is no glory in being sent a master – we are always sent to spiritually bankrupt places and New Zealand is definitely spiritually bankrupt and corrupted. Almost invariably the local masters are initially ignored by the ones they are sent to counsel. And that has been my experience to date. But we just have to keep on keeping on. There are masters who have entered this world and departed with exactly zero followers. This is not a failure, because the master is the single disciple during his life time. And the master is also a bubbling wellspring of new knowledge and enlightenment, and this is still poured into the world because of his very existence on earth!  To date we have 3 and a half disciples (including myself). I am hopeful that the half will become a whole, as soon as he recovers his health. I am open to receiving another 97 disciples at the moment to build a perpetual synergy of Wealth and Prosperity. The next sub-target is for members is 9, then 19, then 49 and then the 100. All in the Good Lord’s time, not mine.  

Sometimes I use J’iam’s prayer for patience, when I am feeling low and alone. It goes like this…

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY!” (the gestures in this prayer consist of shaking one’s fist up towards the heavens!) And then laughing out loud! God has a wonderful sense of humour! When we laugh together, I always feel connected and my spirit soars!  Lol!

But back to serious now. We have been given these choices because this new age is one of Unity. The first unification is the unity of body, brain and soul – the self. A spiritual unity is also called a synergy. Once we are internally synergsed as people, then we can synergise with other synergised(whole) people to create bigger units. Like a cell can unite with other cells to make a kidney or a heart etc. Only by having whole cells and uniting them together can we make the body (the world) whole, peaceful and prosperous). So world peace and Prosperity starts with us, the individuals of the world. You and I both know that politicians can’t achieve world peace – their weapons for peace are war and fear! (talk about an oxymoron!) Weapons and fear only achieve dominance, and dominance is not peace.The tools for peace are example (within ourselves) education and actions. We all know the theory that politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but that isn’nt going to happen until the usurers of the world are gotten rid of and the people actually own the vast majority of the worlds assets. Only then will the politicians start listening to the people. For although they claim to be leaders, where the people go the politicians follow

Gandhi had a saying..

“First they ignore us

then they laugh at us

then they fight us

and then we win!”

This is the classic path of all the masters of the world. At the moment I am in the ignored box. But soon I will be recognised by more and more people and then they will start laughing at us. Then they will start fearing us and start fighting us. This is when we have reached a certain percentage of the population (the princople of the 100th monkey) and by then it is too late to fight and win against us. And of course we naturally “win” and our ways become the ways of the world at large and then everyone wonders why we were resisted!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) is a system designed by God to enable the people of the world to grab a hold of their own assets and remove them from the hands of usurers. I suggest you take a look at WPPN. There is a teaser website(no website can contain all the knowledge of the network) at…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me at…

love, peace and prosperity to you.


A rabbits thoughts on Sex – a greeting card made by J’iam



This card is based on an old limerick, combined with an old photograph of a Victorian actress dressed up as a rabbit! The two come together to make a very  good card!

Most dangerous advice!

I was listening to the radio yesterday , mostly as background noise, when my attention was caught by an announcer saying “there is no right or wrong, only a bunch of decisions to be made!” I couldn’t believe my ears! The announcer then went on to expand on the theme and it was exactly what I feared it was – advice saying there is no right or wrong! This is very bad advice to people as it is based solely in the physical realm and excludes the spiritual realm as if it doesn’t exist at all. There is right and wrong in the universe but it doesn’t happen on the physical level anymore, as the physical and the spiritual have been separated in this new age. The physical is now the level of man made rules and regulations. These has no basis in right and wrong anymore, so we get mass abortion (the genocide of our unborn next generation), homosexuality legalized, sodomy legalized (because of the legalization of homosexuality), murder no longer a divinely punishable offence (the spiritual penalty for murder is the death sentence) but a man-made 15 years in jail, and the list goes on. 

Just because we live in a physical world doesn’t mean we should stick to physical law on the big events – there is right and wrong under spiritual law, no two ways about it. This is because under spiritual law there are two cycles. The good cycle known as the virtuous cycle, and the bad cycle know as the vicious cycle. Both of these cycles are tied into a self regulating law called the law of sowing and reaping (or Karma in the east) which states, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, thirty, fifty or 100 fold” Under this law every positive (good) you do comes back to you multiplied and everything negative (bad) also comes back multiplied. Do you want good returns (the virtuous cycle) or bad returns (the vicious cycle)?

There are certain things we cannot do. Murder, Arson and Drug Pushing all have the death penalty attached to them – not as punishments but as mercies from God to the one who committed the crime. If the death penalty is carried out then they no longer have to account for that crime on the other side, because they have repaid the crime with their lives. This is a huge benefit to the soul of receiver of the penalty! The soul is always more important than the physical life of all of us! Remember that.

Why is murder a death penalty cause? Because it is interfering with God’s creativeness. God creates us all at the point of conception in a three way process of male (sperm), female(egg) and God (a soul is attached to the created human). Imagine that we are caterpillars. at some stage of life we are transformed into chrysalis’s to be changed into butterflies. Again this is an act of creation by God. Murder takes away the transformation period. No one can die until the time is right for that soul! Only God knows the right time. Therefore murder is forbidden and carries the death penalty. The same goes with arson. In this age arson is not just setting fire to things, it also includes explosions. So all terrorists who blow upthings are classified as arsonists under spiritual law. And drug pushing? Drug pushing is also a form of living murder as it separated the addict from access to his soul. If you’ve ever met a full blown addict you’ll no what i am talking about. They will do anything for the next push including selling their own children! And murder, prostitution of their own bodies, theft etc, etc. So those who manufacture and distribute the drugs are liable for the death penalty, no ifs, buts or maybes. 

So the advice that there is no right or wrong, is wrong in itself. How can you make a decision based on right or wrong if you have to make a choice to turn left or right, and someone has taken down the sign that said, “Road to Left” and “Quicksand to right!”? You obviously can’t make that decision wisely anymore and leave your choices up the laws of cahance (chance only exists in the physical world!)

In this new age the different levels of physical, metaphysical and spiritual have been widely separated. Why is this? So we as individuals can reunite then and become whole in our lives! in the old days the three levels were all over-lapping because we didn’t have the spiritual choices available to us in this new age. We are still born separated, but now have to make our own choice to be whole, to unite ourselves inwardly. In the old system we were nudged and guided in that direction. In this new age we receive far less nudging and guidance because we have been set free! We are free to chose to become whole (to unite the spiritual, the metaphysical and the physical within us) or free to remain separate. At the moment we are in a transition stage of mankind. As things become worse and worse from the law of sowing and reaping for mankind, people will be forced to make decisions (all decisions come form the soul) to “make the hard choices“. The choice of deciding between unlimited freedom in the physical or absolute freedom under the spiritual laws! Under spiritual laws there are places that are forbidden to go (like the tar pits and the erupting volcano) and there are places of absolute freedom (places of safety – the rest of the universe!). Unlimited freedom means you are free to fall into the tar pits, volcanoes and off cliffs. Absolute freedom means there are fences around the tar pits and other dangerous places. Simple as that. Do you want unlimited freedom or absolute freedom? The choice of absolute freedom also includes the right to choose not to go to certain places!

To anyone living solely  in the physical world the advice that there is no right or wrong rings a bell of familiarity. To the anyone living in the spiritual worlds the same advice rings alarm bells! As an adult imagine giving your three year old unlimited freedom to walk/run anywhere he wanted! Straight across the nearest road! He may get away with it a couple of times, but sooner or later he is going to be struck down by a car! The spiritual laws are the adult part of us, the physical laws are the small child part of us. We have to become whole to grow up into adults. Otherwise we are just dangers to ourselves. The adult knows not to run across roads, but they are free to run down the beach into the surf! The adult knows not to jump off cliffs, but they are free to climb the cliffs with mountain gear! The adult knows not to run into molten lava but we can walk across fire in bare feet under certain conditions! The adult can read the sign that says, “Danger, high voltage” and know not to touch, but at the same time enjoy all the benefits of electricity in his home.

This is the difference between unlimited freedom and absolute freedom. Unlimited freedom has no safety barriers, Absolute freedom is the removal of all dangerous decisions and the freedom to do whatever is left. Fire walking looks dangerous, but it is not. Cliff climbing looks dangerous, but it is not. Swimming in the surf can appear dangerous, but there is a lifeguard on the beach! Touching high voltage lines IS dangerous, life threatening – that is why the signs are there! But using electricity in our homes is completely safe within the rules (don’t poke knitting needles in electric plugs! Lol!)

So be alert, check out things of the physical world against the laws of the spiritual world. And then try to balance the whole to become wholistic in yourself (this internal wholism is know as an internal synergy). If you want guidance of the right way to become whole I’d suggest you take a look at the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – 

or get in contact with me at I am the world’ s best synergising master, I can lead you to the spiritual paths of truth, without getting you involved in any particular religions. I can lead you to a wholistic life because i am a spiritual master (look at my name, j’iam. j means hand, ‘ means of, I Am is the holy spirit, the knowable essence of God! My name literally means servant of Love.)

Love and peace,

kindest regards,

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Spiritual law is an insurance policy against dangerous living. Physical law is a reckless way of living by itself!

What is dwnd? What does it mean??

I shifted rooms a few weeks ago and ended up stacking a box on top of my speakers. I was laying in bed and looked up and saw the word dwnd. What does that mean, I thought? Every day i looked at it from my bed and pondered on it’s meaning. Then after three weeks I looked at it again, but instead of just looking at the word, i looked at it’s surrounding to see if i could grab any meaning from them. And straight away I noticed that all the smaller words surrounding it were printed upside down! It suddenly became apparent to me that I was looking at the word dwnd upside down! So I inverted it in my head and realised that the word actually read “pump” the right way up! And that “pump” was the brand name of a spring water company! And that was the meaning of the word, but it had been reversed by turning it through 180 degrees. So dwnd means nothing until it is re-rotated through another 180 degrees! How does this little life lesson for me tie in with real life? 

We are born into the physical world of opposites. Our major dominant purpose at birth is to find the metaphysical and spiritual worlds so we can become adults. Many people have a job finding either worlds. But the secret lays in dwnd. The physical world consists of opposites that attract each other. To move out of the physical into the metaphysical world we have to turn the physical attributes upside down and look for qualities that attract each other, for the mataphysical world is one of “like attracts like” also expressed as “birds of a feather flock together“.

Once we can get out of our one-eyed vision of the physical world we can see the stereo world of the metaphysical! But as long as we stare at the physical world we can’t achieve the metaphysical! This is the way of life – we have to let go of, become DETACHED FROM, one idea for another, larger idea to come into focus. So dwnp becomes pump! And the physical becomes the physical and the meta-physical wolds!. Meta is a suffix that means”beyond“. so the metaphysical world is beyond the physical world. Which is why it is so hard to find!

We are born into, and live in, the physical world for the first part of our lives (the parts of our lives go in seven year cycles. Every seven years, every atom in our bodies is replaced, so we are no longer the same person.  Every seven years we undergo a spiritual transformation. From the age of birth until seven we live in a concrete, physical world – why do you think we believe in Santa and satan? Because they are concrete representations of good and evil. But at the age of seven we move into the metaphysical world of abstract thinking and no longer need concrete examples of things to understand them (although some people – fundamentalists, never grow out of the physical). So from the age of 8 to 15 we live in  both the physical and metaphysical worlds. 

At the age of 15 we should move into the spiritual world, but unfortunately that is right in the middle of the teenage years and we are hormonely raging know-it-alls! Lol! But we CAN make spiritual choices for ourselves from the age of 15 as this is considered the age of spiritual maturity, the age at which we can make out own minds up about spiritual matters. The problem with moving from the physical/metaphysical worlds to the spiritual is that the rules of engagement change again and we have to use a different method to have the spiritual worlds revealed to us/

And what is the method to reveal the spiritual worlds to each and every one of us? It is to simply ask to be shown! I know I remained an atheist for 14 years, even though for 7 of those years I Knew that there is life after death, after drowning at the age of 21! It took me another 7 years to actually ask aloud to be shown the spiritual world! The spiritual world is like a gentleman’s club whose membership is closed to only those who ask to be entered into it! We literally have to knock on the door of the club. Entry (for the most part) is only open to those who ask! And who can ask to gain entry? Why everyone of course! That is the paradigm, the paradox of the spiritual world – it is an exclusive club that is open to anyone who wants to join! LOL!!! 

So like my dwnd/pump, the answer is right there in front of our noses. So close to our noses, that we tend to look right through it to find the solution we are seeking! Like focusing afar whilst needing to focus closely to see the writing with the answer on it!

So if you are far from the spiritual world, and want to join it, simply ask aloud right now! Say, “I want to know about the spiritual world and enter into it in good and Godly circumstances!” These 17 words are all that is needed! As soon as you have said it aloud, it creates a vibration in the universe, like the vibration within the club caused by you pressing the bell on the street entrance(you can’t hear the bell ringing inside the club, but it definitely rings and a “butler” is sent to open the door!). So knock on the door, ring the bell, speak aloud your request to be admitted as a member of the club. That (for the vast majority of mankind) is the only way to do it!

And there is the secret to finding entrance to the spiritual world. Speak it aloud and the “Butler” will be sent to admit you. It took me sixth months to gain entry, as I had to remove my suit of armour, my bullet proof vestings, my raincoats etc to enter through the door because these things are not needed inside the centrally heated, protected environs of the club! I have seen people answered overnight, for they were as close to the answer as I was far away from it! Your time of entry is unknown, to you but far quicker than you imagine it to be! Once you are admitted inside you will be “reborn” again as a new person/soul/member. Be not afraid for everything will be taken care of – the source of all love and compassion in the universe hears your call and answers it and no man can resist it, no man can stop him coming to you and revealing the truth to you. Well only one man can can stop that happening and that is you – we have free will, the choice to turn towards or to turn away from Love. That is why we have to ask aloud; then there can be no mistake in you wanting to be admitted to the spiritual world because you have literally asked for it!  

The answer to the question will be perfect for you, for the creator knows how we are made and knows exactly what we need.

So again I ask you(for the third time) to speak your request aloud. Just the once – God (or whatever you want to call Him) can hear the merest whisper in the loudest storm. You simply have to speak it – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” [Matthew 7:7]

amen, amen, amen,


Another synergistic artwork


This is a synergistic picture I finished today. The Nude is by John William Godward, the Lion is by John Macallan-Swan and I, reverend master j’iam, am the third part of the synergy. It actually started out when I was cruising through a directory and the two pictures were next to each other, in the same direction as they are in the finished picture. In my minds eye i saw the two images actually merge together and the picture was finalised in my mind – before i even started work.

I took the nude picture and made it twice as long horizontally by adding the amount of pixels (about 2,500) in the picture to the right as canvas. I then took the original picture and reverse it horizontally and pasted it on the canvas. Next i cut the lion out from it’s original background and pasted it on top of the reversed nude, to the right. That just left me with a leg to clone out and a bit of seashore to insert and the picture was pretty much done. A bit of shadowing on the lion to cement it down onto the beach and a bit of blending on the outline to fade it into the picture. I also changed the direction the lions eyes were looking in and inserted his right eye, as there was only a blank there and it didn’t “feel right.”

This picture took less than two hours, but it was so finished even before it was started, so I’m not surprised at all! Pictures usually take a lot longer than that (one took 25 years!) but i feel that this is a finished picture, complete and whole in it’s own right.