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happy new year! (he said in a depressed tone! Lol!)

Tomorrow in the beginning of a new year (in theory) but for most of us it is simply a continuation of the last year. Because, if nothing changes within us, nothing changes in our lives! (as within, so without!)

New Year wishes (resolutions) are not enough to change our inner realities, because they are just thoughts, and thoughts have no real power (thoughts work on a powerbase of 1) To give strength to our inner realities we need to write and speak goals out loud! This takes the power of the goals up to 111 as speaking has a power base of 10 and writing has a power base of 100. Thus writing, speaking and thinking of what we want (our goals) has a total of 100 + 10 + 1 = 111.

Okay, what say we don’t know what we want in our lives? Make a list of things you DON’T WANT in your life and try to find the opposite of that AS A QUALITY and write that down as a goal. I would recommend going after the BIG SIX. These are Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity! Pretty much every good thing in life is covered by these six things!

So how do you write a goal?

Go to my blog at: for the answer to this question.

What if I have no clue at all what I want? Then write a goal (following the formuls on the peacemaker blog, and write…

My goal, right now, is to find out how to permanently improve my life for the better, in good and Godly circumstances.

Then sign it. This will at least start a flow of knowledge into your life concerning goals and there fullfilments. 

I’ll see you at the other blog where I will explain things about goals fully,

kindest regards,

reverend master j’iam

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Barriers to Wealth

The main barriers to wealth all lay in the poverty cycle of Lack.  

Lack of desire, or desire for the wrong things (like riches), are the main obstacles that stop any exploration for true methods towards wealth.

Desire for instant results is another obstacle. Know that wealth is manifested over time, not instantaneously. Any instantaneous manifestations are based in thought alone(have), not the spiritual aspects of Beingness (BE, Do, have).

Lack of knowledge is a big blockage, for it is only through true spiritual knowledge that we are “set free” – “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” The “truth” on the physical level are always facts, on the metaphysical level are always principles and on the Spiritual Level are always Higher Laws

Lack of commitment. “To the level of your belief (commitment) it shall be given to thee.” Commitment has always been a spiritual quality. If it was a physical quality, then why do we need contracts on the physical level? Because there is very little commitment on the physical level.

Working on the wrong levels is a common obstacle. We are born into the physical and tend to rise to the metaphysical (the world of principles) but do not achieve the spiritual, until we ask to be shown it.

Know that at our births our major dominant purpose is to find a connection to the spiritual world. This doesn’t come until we ask to be shown/united with it. After that our  major dominant purpose in life to help create a divine civilization in two parts – general and specific. The flow down effect goes something like this; 1 in 10 ask to connect to the spiritual world and are “reborn”. 1 in 10 of the reborn, start on their generalized divine civilization creation. And 1 in 10 of those start on their specific  divine civilization creation. So there is an awful drop-off on numbers of those who achieve the wholistic purposes in life!

A lack of wholism is another strong barrier to success. Do you think we can achieve wholistic success with partial answers? NO!!! Wholism consists of two parts. Firstly is wholism of self – the unification of body, brain and soul (an internal synergy), and then unification with the divine spirit (Empowerment!).

Lack of actions – I’ll do it tomorrow! Or commitment to the wrong actions – I’ll do some drugs, sex, theft etc tonight, just on impulse!

Lack of goals. There is a saying “JIJO” which means “Junk In, Junk Out!” The opposite of this is “QIQO”, which means “Quality In, Quality Out!” Quality is set up by correct goals and commitment to them. 

Lack of desire or desire for the wrong things. Lack of desire is the main obstacle to finding the truth, because we have to ask for the truth to be shown to us. Lack of desire for the truth hides the question way, way, way out back of the brain, under piles of rubbish thoughts!

Lack of courage is another major obstacle. Commitment to the “easy path” is actually a lack of courage, as is commitment to the status quo!

There are many addictions that stop us looking for the truth too. If we have a major dominant purpose that is not based in the truth of the higher laws of the universe, then we  are addicted to – drugs, sex, alcohol, ideology, smoking, self-destruction, sodomy, homosexuality, money, gambling etc., etc., etc. The list goes on, and on and on! Even addiction to a hobby is still an addiction that can stop us seeking the truth.

So there are SOME of the obstacles to Wealth (not riches). To find out the steps towards wealth see my blog on “9 steps to wealthan initial guide for seekers”  on

Love, health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity,

kindest regards,

reverend master j’iam


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Are you happy in your job, in your marriage, in your life? A tip!

Are you happy in your job, in your marriage, in your home, in your school, in your life?If you are unhappy in any area you are NOT fulfilling your BEingness! So how can we do this- fulfill our beingness whilst still in an unhappy situation? Surely we cant have our BEingness – our happiness – and our unhappiness existing in the same house together? Well actually we can. We can use a spiritual principle called “Invoking the token”. I am sure you’ve had days where you were sad in the morning and happy in the afternoon, so it is possible to be in both states in one day – not at once, at the same time – but one after the other!

Imagine your unhappiness to be a large black ball!


What I am going to suggest today is a cure for any unhappiness – simply start building you BEingness in token form, in a tiny tiny aspect. TODAY!!!! This is spiritually called “invoking the token.”

By building a token virtuous cycle, you are actually setting up two systems that are connected by a bar (to represent time). So sometimes you will be Happy because you are in your beingness (the red ball) and the rest of the time you will be unhappy because you are not in your beingnes (the black ball).

So how do you build your BEingness in token form? By building a token virtuous cycle!

beingness development000A

Here we have the beginning of the new virtuous cycle in red. What we do is establish a virtuous cycle and let it grow and grow and grow! Let the virtuous cycle do the work for you!

beingness development001

See how it grows over time, and more and more of your life becomes happy! Once we reach an equalibrium the unhappiness starts to disappear!

beingness development002

You see, the mistake we make is applying physical law to happiness. Happiness is not an Either/Or question, it is an AND question. We are happy and unhappy all in the same day, not continuously unhappy! So building our BEingnesss in token form is a good investment! Because it will grow. And you know what? It is possible to be permanently happy! In the above diagram we become more and more happy and as we do this the unhappiness shrinks! Because it is impossible for Happiness and unhappiness to exist at the same time! So we end up with a huge ball of happiness and no unhappiness at all – regardless of our circumstances!

beingness development003

To BE permanently happy we have to BE spirtually happy. Spiritual happiness is known as “Heaven.” Know that Heaven is achievable here on earth! If we can achieve “Hell” on earth through no effort whatsoever, then “heaven” on earth is achievable through applying the correct methods!

Heaven on earth is achievable through correct methods!

And the correct method is called “the Virtuous Cycle

And where can you set up a virtuous cycle for yourself? At WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!

For only $25 per month, WPPN will set up a complete (wholistic) virtuous cycle for you that starts growing immediately.

The longer you wait to join, the long you will have to wait for the results to manifest, for the process cannot be “hurried” like capitalistic processes. The processes of Beingness requires we walk through certain stages – each person already has, or lacks, different stages and the universe manifests the ones they need to handle to progress. So no two members are alike. They may be similar, but none are alike, the same. And each one gets different lessons from the universe. But WPPN has the answers and applications for you to pass these “tests”.

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And that is the thing no capitalistic system can get around – the individuality of each persons needs.

I was “Gifted” the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network in 1992 and could have used it just for myself to create wealth. But God gave it to me with a mission, and that mission is to help others achieve the state of both Poor and Abundance/Wealth – the two are inseparably interlinked!

You cannot BE wealthy without being Poor! BEing Poor is the first step up to BEing wealthy!  There is no way around this fact. Yes you can become rich just by just doing and having, but doing and having invariable lead to hellish conditions, unless you are lucky enough to institute a retrospective BEingness in your life! Wealth on the spiritual Plane is achieved by BEing, Doing and then having! Always start at the top (BEingness) and work down!

So I invite you to look at the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network and decide for yourself if you want to commit 100% to yourself (not to WPPN!). The commitment is always to yourself! That is why so few have done it so far, because we are taught at school to commit to everybody – except ourselves! But in the spiritual worlds commitment to self is always the first step towards progress! Once you can commit to yourself, you can commit to building your virtuous cycle! And then you WILL build it! And be successfull!

Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

kindest regards,

Reverend Master J’iam

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Best Christmas Day Ever

Yesterday was the best Christmas day of my life! Did I get tons of presents? No. Did I get lot’s of nooky? No! (lol!) Did I get get lots of Knowledge? No! So what did I get? I got a feeling, a realization, a change of reality. I spent the day in the spiritual world of I Am looking down at the world, just meditating calmly and peacefully and being grateful for who and what I am. And the silence of yesterday and today is phenomenal!

Physically I spent the day with an Old Friend and her family, in her silent home. Not silent physically, but silent spiritually – like in the silence of a church or a temple! I also spent the day in the presence of two lovely dogs, one especially lovely spiritual dog – Rex. I am not usually a dog man, but I was yesterday!

I think yesterday was my first ever Christmas, so thank you Lord, amen, amen, amen,

reverend master j’iam





Merry Christmas One and All!!!

Evol Si Dog! WHAT???

When I was 18, I was eating my school lunch one day when I happened to glance over to the left and saw a new canvas sign had been erected. I tried to read it, but it didn’t seem to make any sense. It said “Evol Si Dog”. “What does that mean”, I thought, scratching my head? I looked at it and looked at it, trying to figure out what it was trying to say to me. But no matter how I tried I couldn’t work it out. So I turned to my friend, Kenneth, and said to him, “what does that sign mean, It says “evol si dog”? And he looked at it and said to me. “You are reading it backwards, It says God is Love!”

And then I realized I was reading it backwards. It was printed on canvas and I was to the rear of the sign. The sun was shining through it and to me, it looked I was reading the right side of the sign. Of course once being told, I could understand what it said and , being an atheist, just discarded it. 

But God’s hand was in this sign. To reach my subconscious He had me read it numerous times. The subconscious can read upside down and back to front writing, no worries – it is a talent that it has.

When my children were young I used to have a children’s spelling program called Zugosaur. It was based on talking dinosaurs teaching the children to spell correctly. When they got a word right it used to say it, spell it and then show it on the screen twice, once the correct way and the other upside down and back to front – one way was to teach the conscious mind, the other way to teach the subconscious mind!

That day at lunch God had by-passed my conscious mind by using subliminal training! As an atheist I had nothing against love! So He reached me through Love on a subliminal level. Lol! God is mightier than mere men!

And what a message he gave me! GOD IS LOVE! That is the very rock foundation of God, both the unknowable essence and the knowable essence (the Holy Spirit)

Even an atheist who totally rejects God is still loved, cared for and protected by Him. His Love is unconditional, because He is Pure Love.

Love is manifested in this world in many ways – the love of a parent for their child, the love of great people (like john Lennon, Gandhi etc) for the peoples of the world, the love of people for their pets and the love of children for their parents. Love is the very essence that holds the atoms together.

We live in a universe composed of Love. Like fishes in the sea we swim in an ocean of love! And how many fished actually know water exists? Not many, because they are born into and know it for every second of their lives! The same goes with air for us. We swim in an ocean of air, 24/7/365! If it wasn’t for wind we wouldn’t even know it exists!

The same goes for love. Love tends to flow but not like the wind. It tends to be hidden from the eyes of the evil. So the evil assume it doesn’t even exist and act accordingly. To be aware of cosmic love, we have to ask to been shown it. Yes, we actually have to ask the question out aloud! Once you have uttered the question, it is already on it’s way to you! 

Do you know that God is Love and Love is God? Do you know Evol Si Dog? Lol!

If you don’t, then simply ask out aloud. I recommend you use these words, or something similar…

“God if you exist I need and want to know

and ask you to reveal yourself to me

in good and Godly circumstances!”

Once the door to love is opened, your whole life changes! You have options not available to other people. You will develop insight and wisdoms through Love practices. You will live everyday, You can achieve ecstasy and Bliss, Joy and contentment! And you will learn that death is a reward, not a punishment, for the faithful! Not a list to be sneezed at! Lol!

It still took me another 9 years to ask God/Love into my life. But when I did it only took a short while for it to be revealed to me and for me to be reborn!

Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity

Kindest Regards,

reverend master j’iam


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Get up and Fight!

That is what we are exhorted to do on the physical plane. But is that always the best thing to do? No, it’s not. Often when are asked to fight we are fighting against bullies who use their favourite weapons and who are experts with them. So if you go into a fight as a novice using a longsword against an expert with a longsword, what do you think are your chances of even surviving the first round? Very, very small indeed. When we are young we foolhardishly rush into battle. But if we survive to get older we reach a point where we think “there has to be a better way than what I’m doing now!” And the moment we have that thought the universe reveals to us better ways. We soon learn to “never give a sucker an even break!”

So if we are fighting a boxer we use a knife.

If we are fighting a knife wielder we use a gun.

If we are fighting a gunner we use a long range rifle. 

If we are fighting a rifle shooter we use a tank. 

If we are fighting a tank we use a missile. 

If we are fighting a missile we use an atom bomb. 

If we are fighting an atom bomb we throw a handful of disease spores into their face!

You see, you never “Fight fair” against people who don’t fight fair themselves!

There is always a stronger weapon to use in defense than the one attacking you is using in aggression.

The above choices were just an imaginary choice to show the way of winning, rather than fighting. The best choice of winning is win/win. But id you are fighting against poverty (win/lose) then always move up a step, so you are not “fighting fair” but consistently winning.

My choice of weapons are always spiritual first, metaphysical second and physical third. 

What sort of spiritual weapons do i use? Love and Justice, the two primary columns of the spiritual worlds. I use the application of the higher laws to ensure that I am always divinely protected. If someone attacks me they are also attacking God/the Universal spirit etc. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator gets punished or not – that is none of my business! But invariable people reap their own karma – instant karma as John Lennon called it.

To invoke instant karma we have to move ourselves from the justice column to the Love column. Man is designed to live in the Love column. When someone wrongs us and we resent it, we move ourselves over to the justice column. The trouble is that the justice column belongs to God (“justice is Mine sayeth the Lord”). Because we are in the Justice column the effect is that the perpetrator’s karmic returns are blocked. Because we cannot administer justice, only block it by being in the wrong column. My weapon of choice to solve this problem is forgiveness. By me forgiving the perpetrator and handing him/her to Justice I effectively move myself back to the love column and remove the karmic blockage, so their own karma can flow to them. That  is why “forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge!”

We have to live in the love column to be happy! In the love column we are still subject to Karma. If we plant carrots we reap carrots. If we plant thistles we reap thistles. But we have an out, which is called forgiveness. If we bring ourselves to account each day we can get the negative things we’ve done that day wiped from the karmic returns. This is a bit like weeding the garden of karma! Lol!

If someone else plants thistles they reap thistles – unless their fault was directed against us and we resent it. When we resent things we carry them into tomorrow and forever ,if they aren’t handled.

I learned this lesson many years ago when a person stole my car by forging my signature on a bill of sale. Technically (on the physical level) this was not considered a crime by the police. S o i was told to take him to small claims court. Then I found out he had been to small claims court and found guilty seven times and never paid a cent back to his victims. I brewed on this for three months before God told me to write a letter of forgiveness to this man. It took me 3 hours to write that letter!

When I had finished I asked what to do with it? “Burn it” was the reply and I did! I went to bed and slept like a baby. The next morning I went downtown early and there was the thief leaning against a lampost with a black eye, a thick lip, arm in a slink and walking with crutches. “Aha” I thought, “he reaped his karma!”  That was a very interesting lesson!

And i have used the forgiveness technique consciously since then.

Now, there are two ways to forgive people – one to Love and the other to Justice

Love is called Grace. When a friend hurts us unintentionally, then we forgive them and hand them onto Grace. So we wipe their Karmic returns by our actions, We deliberately  protect them from karma.

With malicious people, we forgive them and hand them onto Justice. Then we move ourselves back home to the Love column and hand them onto their instant karma. It invariably works! So being Spiritual is not for whimps! Lol!

So don’t get up and fight, retreat to your fortress of Spirituality and let then hurt themselves with their own actions!

Love, Peace, happiness and Prosperity,

reverend Master J’iam

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Hello, my name is J’iam, I thought I’d better formally introduce myself

Being an Englishman at heart I today realized that I’ve been blathering on without ever properly introducing myself! Lol!

 I am 62 years of physical age, but have lived my life at three times the experience rate of most people, because i have never been afraid of doing what I wanted or needed to do.

When I look at my life and see the things I have experienced it amazes me. I have actually been physically reborn by experiencing a Near Death experience (Drowning, and it was wonderful, amazing, astounding!), experienced rebirth into the spiritual world, experienced rebirth into the metaphysical world and experienced rebirth into the realm of the Poor and the Peacemakers, I have also experienced many negative things too like riches and poverty (both dis-empowered states. So what I am saying is that I am nearly 200 years old in “life experience”. And I still have another 23 years to life on this planet/plane! (Another 75 virtual years! Lol!)

My goals within the life network are as follows…

 1) to always gift the first 10% of all income to my family bank

2) to stay true to myself (so I can be true to others)

3) to be utilized as an expert public speaker, motivator and PEACEMAKER throughout the world

4) to ever increase my expertise within the fields of Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity

5) to gain a living from my expertize within 6 months, as of today


I am a spiritual master and a metaphysical master. I have come into the network to increase my physical mastery. I experience life as BE, DO and now having (the opposite order from most people! Lol!) If anyone needs help with spiritual or metaphysical problems please feel free to contact me.

How can I help? Well, I got a man access to his son after two and half years denial by the mother (the father had legal access every weekend!) simply by moving the whole case from the physical plane to the spiritual plane of Justice. It took 3 minutes and the mother phoned up the father within 18 hours and asked him to take his son for the upcoming long weekend! We had no physical communication with her at all. All i did was work the (higher) law and the law worked for him. read that again for that is a key to life – WORK THE LAW AND THE LAW WORKS FOR YOU!

 Spiritual power is the power of BEing. Metaphysical power is the power of DOing. physical power is the power of having.

 I already have Being and Doing in my arsenal and now I am moving into having. So the network “miraculously” popped into my life Lol!

 If you are a young person who is chasing after havingness you probably will succeed. But to KEEP IT you have to build your BEingness and Doingness in line with the higher laws of the universe. Otherwise you can lose your havingness a lot easier than it was built.

I have 500 year goals, do you? I have goals for 100 years do you? I have goals for 50, 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 years do you? If you don’t have all of the goals you are not working wholistically. Only by being wholistic can we establish Continuity, Stability and growth (note the order!). It is in lack of continuity that people fall over. It is in lack of stability that people have crisis. it is in lack of growth that people struggle.

But it is in continuity that we are safe, in stability that we are secure and in growth that we are content. So set your life up right. If you are already financially free then set up the continuity and stability aspects – for financial freedom is not assured on the physical level forever, unless you have set yourself up right on the spiritual and metaphysical levels as well!


 So that is my introduction of myself to you. Now we can BE friends. If you have an “unsolvable problem” my door is always open for consultation. I have access to tools like no others (e.g. the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – a tool for setting up the vituous cycle in your life!). Plus I have “powers of command” (“as ye speak out of your mouth so it shall BE”). Plus much more!


So, if you have problem that seems unsolvable, you are probably trying to solve a metaphysical or spiritual problem on a physical level. I can track the SOURCE of the problem and once that is done the solution is usually fairly simple and the results amazing!

 reverend master j’iam


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Am I Needy? YES!!!

People talk about needy people and usually they are talking about negatively based needy people. But there is another kind of needy person. And that is the Positive needy person. And guess who are the needy? ALL OF US! And especially Me! Lol! Because the positive needy are the spiritual needy and we are all “standing in the Need of prayer!”

Not only are we standing in need of prayer but we are also standing in need of protection, health (spiritual, metaphysical and physical) providence, peace, Detachment, Love, abundance, serving and service, happiness and belonging (to God)

We are all needy! Whether we chose to humble our egos and stand before the higher source and say “I Need You!” is another matter all together! If we do the rewards are tremendous. If we don’t we continue our way through life with eyes closed (we are spiritually asleep until we ask to be awakened), stumbling and falling over. 

When we ask out loud we are heard and the answer to our question moves towards us and eventually hits the mark – and we are reborn! What an event that is! Some of us experience huge things. Some of us hardly feel anything except a new brighter reality. Why is this? It depends how far away we are from the source! The greater the distance from the source, the greater the effect. Look at saul – he was far, far, far away from the source! Look at the effect it had on him! Lol!

SO if your experience was not huge, that simply means you were already close to the source and simply had to take a single step, whereas people like me had to be catapulted at high speed across the universe to the meeting! lol!

If your life is unfulfilled, then perhaps you need to ask the question. “Do you exsist Lord?” or, “let me find you!” or “my heart is ready to receive you.”  It doesn’t really matter what question you ask as long as you say it out loud, or write it down (writing is using the vibration of light. Asking is using the vibration of sound – both work! And even better when done together!)  

The spiritual state of needy is the state of Poor. “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” That is pretty obvious in its meaning isn’t it? Poor is the spiritual state of the needy who detach themselves from all needs except for the need for Love/God (love equals the knowable essence of God, God represents the unknowable essence of God). When you no longer need anything but Love/God you are freed up to have anything you want! Because you no longer need them for yoursel,f but you do need them for the second spiritual state of Abundance. In abundance we actually need to look after the poor and help crate a divine civilization! We cannot do this without abundance.b In abundance we are still of the poor. For to leave the poor means returning to he real needy stages of riches or poverty

So being reborn from the Poor state to the wealthy (abundant) state is another rebirth. People think there is only one rebirth, but there are many. I have had four so far. And each one is a rebirth into a different kind of Man (note the capital M). Each rebirth expands the horizons of Love in me! Lol! Thank you Lord! God is infinite and we are made in the image of God, so do you think there can be only one rebirth? Methinks not.

So if you are still asleep ask to be awakened. If you are awakened ask to be guided to the next rebirth in Good and Godly circumstances.

Love, peace, laughter and prosperity 

reverend master j’iam

Why are reborn people like toadstools? Because they are such Fungi to be with! Lol!



Do it, lose it!!!