Dynamic Budgeting Part Two

In part one I introduced a concept called Dynamic Budgeting. On the way back home this morning my thoughts turned to “Do the right things, in the right order” This is what dynamic budgeting is about. On the physical level we all know what to do, but on the spiritual level very few people know how to handle money correctly to empower it! Dynamic budgeting is about empowering your money. To empower your money spiritually you MUST do the right things in the right order. One of the biggest problems people have with dynamic budgeting is following the first rule – “to love yourself wholly and unconditionally!” This commitment is far too much for some people (those addicted to poverty of lack or excess) to make. For the rest of us it is an entirely different way of thinking, but one that makes perfect logical sense! 

If we cannot commit to loving ourselves, how can we commit to loving anyone one else? (including our spouse and children!) The spiritual laws teach, “as within, so without” Everything begins with us. So in dynamic budgeting we have to commit to ourselves first and foremost. Once we do that we have to literally “Pay ourselves first” every time money appears in our hand! Always pay ourselves first. At first it can be only a token amount – just as long as we pay ourselves first! The universe doesn’t count the amount of money you commit to yourself only the consistency with which you pay yourself first! This phase is so important i’ll repeat it here…

The universe doesn’t count the amount of money you commit to yourself, only the consistency with which you pay yourself first!”

The spiritual plane has entirely different values from the physical plane. By paying yourself consistently in token amounts you are actually building up spiritual strength! This principle of token payments is called “Invoking the Token” 

So to start my own spiritual budgeting system I committed to 2 gifts – the first to myself and the second to other people. My first weeks commitment was $1 to myself and 50 cents to other people. I continued this for 4 weeks. At the end of four weeks i increased these amounts to $3 and $1, which I continued for another 4 weeks and then increased then again to $9 and $3. And all these increases came about, not because of a pay rise but because of spiritual principles being invoked in my personal budget. 

As a spiritual budgeter you learn about wholistic accounting. There are three forms of energy in the physical world – money, goods and services. Unfortunately we are taught only to budget in one area of life – in money. Spiritually we have to budget in all three areas and treat each one as an asset

So if we gift to ourselves and to others we are promised a guaranteed return – the law of sowing and reaping, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied – thirty, fifty and one hundred fold” Now a secret with gifting in the spiritual world is that gifting is quite different from giving away. If you say, ” here, have this!” that is NOT a GIFT. It is a loss to you and a gain to the person who receives it – a classic win/lose situation. The universe never works on win/lose! EVER! To gift something there has to be an offer and an acceptance. So you say, “will you accept this gift from me?” If they say yes, then you give them the gift and it will return to you multiplied. This is now a win/win situation. They have won because they have received the gift and you have won because you will receive what you’ve gifted back multiplied! (if they refuse the offer put the gift back in your pocket and you still won’t have lost anything!)

Now if you gift money you will receive it back multiplied, but not always in the form of money! Money may return to you as goods, or as services. Services may return to you as money or goods. And goods may return to you as money or services. And of course it may return in it’s original form, so money may return as money, goods as goods and services as services! That gives us a total of nine returns on the three types of giftings

Gift :           possible  types of returns on gift

Money >>> Goods >>> Services >>> Money

Goods >>> Services >>> Money >>> Goods

Services >>> Money >>> Goods >>> Services

So how do we keep a track of all these assets? It’s really quite simple, by converting them to money and using the full amount of gifting allocations on returns. Traditionally the two types of gifting have been set at 10% of GROSS income. 10% for gifting to yourself in the form of savings and 10% as giftings to others in the form of charity. In this new age 10% of gross income is actually 16.50% after tax! So 16.5% x 2 equals 33% of after tax earning – not an easy task at all. But incredibly easy to perform on all the gifting you will receive back from your own giftings!

So in my initial stages when I was gifted some meat I would find out how much the meat was worth to buy from the butchers. Say it was worth $8. I would then pull that money out of my meat budget and gift 10% of it to myself and 10% of it as gifting to others and use the remaining 80% to increase my life style(correction, I used another 10% to pay of back debts and 70% to increase my lifestyle. But of course that only lasted until i was out of debt and it returned to 80% again.) This is called the 80/20 rule and is the spiritual application of the Perito Principle. Learn it well, for it will be a lifelong friend to you!

Now with gifting to yourself, what do you do with the monetary assets you are accumulating. On the physical level we usually collect it in a bank. On the spiritual level we have to start our own family bank. This means you will literally have your own bank to draw on when you need it and that you will build an asset for life that can then be passed onto your children, your grand children and so forth down through the generations for 500 to 1,000 years! That is the difference between a physical bank and a spiritual bank – the spiritual bank is multi-generational for your family!

You can use your family bank as your own Hire purchase company which, tied in with the seasonal fluctuations, takes advantage of thrift. You can then save some of the capital outlay you reduced by thrift  to add to your family bank. In a way this acts like interest to increase your family bank, but it is not interest at all and so pays no tax. This in turn invokes the “law of two percent” to increase (compound ) your saving well ahead of inflation. The whole thing is a perfect virtuous cycle!

The end result is that you build a multi-generational asset and fulfil the spiritual state of Patriarchy/Matriarchy – another bonus that increases you wealth!

I hope that what i have written is clear. If you have any questions please contact me so i can further expand on the answers contained herein,

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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