Some things are for my eyes only

Yesterday I wrote an article which was very good and brand new information/knowledge. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to publish it on WordPress. I have noticed over the past months that where I have done something wrong, something dangerous to myself or revealed something that is only for myself as a master that I have been stopped from publishing it. I wrote the other day how some advice had been stopped on Facebook for three days until I had the right answer for that person. Well that’s what happened yesterday too.

Perhaps I was revealing God’s plan for man too much? I don’t know. All I know is that the article disappeared from WordPress when I entered publish and I haven’t been able to find the draft on there or, until this morning, the original word document.

Perhaps it is a sign of, “Let thy will, not my will, be done”. I am a great believer in open-ness of knowledge. Perhaps all the knowledge I possess is not meant to be open, either at this moment or perhaps ever! I left the field of shared knowledge many years ago and moved into original knowledge. Which means every new piece of knowledge I got could no longer be tested against current knowledge of current masters.


Instead I had to go back to where the current knowledge left off and test to see if it fitted logically and spiritually into the progressive pattern of knowledge in that area. This is like man has discovered that 1+1 = 2 and 1+2 = 3 and 1+3=4, and that is where the knowledge ends. And suddenly it is revealed to me that 1+4=5! Can I test that out on current knowledge? No, because that is as yet unknown to mankind. So the testing system must be different. And sometimes the testing can last months or even years (like the testing of WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) took me 19 years! And the testing is still continuing in my own life – and working extremely well, I may add!)

So my apologies for what you are missing out on. I have other knowledge that is generally unknown to man as well. One is an accounting principle that shows man how to move from the linear process of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc., to the exponential process of 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 etc. This has been kept secret for many years and is only available to WPPN members.

This is why I am divinely protected and divinely hidden from the world too. My time is not yet come. When it does, I will burst upon the world’s stage with a bang! Lol!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

©reverend master j’iam


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About reverendjiam

Namaste I am a master metaphysician , an artist and a lover of life and people. I was given a new organisation - the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network - in an epiphany in 1992. I have spent all the time since then struggling to get it started. It was started three years ago and now has 3 members. This year will see us expand to 100 members and then we'll be launched! in the future it will spread world wide and even to our colonies in space! Since writing this I have been promoted to the level of Peacemaker. Apparently there are only seven in this class in the world at the moment. I was promoted when Nelson Mandela died and am amongst greats like John Lennon, Gandhi and The Dalai Lama. Each of us have our own particular task. Mine is to teach Peace (the state of Poor) and Prosperity (the state of Abundance), to lift people up above the negative material state into a state of heavenly BEingness, called Wealth. J'iam

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