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Living on margin or living on the edge!

When it comes to finances our basic choices are living on margin or living on the edge!

Living on the edge

Living on the edge is exactly what it says – living on the edge of financial rule by spending 100 percent of you income. In edge living you are literally on the edge of a financial cliff many hundreds of metres high. You basically hand the control of you income to other people.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found whenever I have handed control of my finances (like credit cards, hire purchase etc.) to other people the end result for me was financial pain! And that is Pain with a capital P!

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If you live on 100% of your income you are heading for a crash at some stage! Why? Because Life Circumstances change! You only need you income to reduce by 1% to be in the financial poo!

If you are living on 101%+ you are bound to have a financial crisis at some stage of your future life!

Living on margin

Living on margin means that you take control of your own finances and treat yourself like a business (you are God’s business!)

Instead of living on the cliff edge you erect a fence in off the edge and use that as a safety barrier for yourself and your family! If you do this then your children are far more likely to follow your lead and avoid the pitfalls of edge living.

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But avoiding the pitfalls of edge living is only a passive role you play on margin living. You can take the margin and invest it in yourself and your family too! Know the ultimate margin percentage we should aim for is 10% if income. Some people have achieved a 90% margin (Mover Of Men & Mountains – R.G. Le Tourneau)!

I started out many years ago with ½% gifting towards myself. I also started out with ¼% towards Gifting towards other people! By following the two forms of giftings I increased my income, not in cash but in gifted goods and services and reduction in outgoings.

So I started on 50 cents and 5 cents per week in the first month. In the second month I went to $1 and 50 cents. In the third month I increased my gifting to $3 for myself and $1 to other people.

In the forth month it increased to $9 and $3 receptively. Yet I had no increase in income!

Each time my giftings increased it was because I had gotten rid of outside drains on my personal economy.

You know we all bitch and moan about how wasteful the governments are – “they should do this, or that or another. But really we are mostly hypocrites because we don’t do those things in our own governance!

Notice what happened in four months – I moved away from the edge of the cliff and out of the crazy (suicidal) money balance. After the first four months I started to seriously work on margin!

Over a period of time I actually became a financial advisor, working voluntarily as a budget advisor for a free budgeting service. However I noticed that I only brought people up to zero and then dropped them to descend into trouble again. So I asked God what the solution was and was gifted the Dynamic Budgeting System.

You see, the hardest step in the negative Budget is getting from negative five to negative four! This is pretty much universal in the world. Organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous say that we cannot get from negative five to negative four without outside help! And it is true!

However in my time as a budgeter I noticed that there is another barrier that is very difficult to cross as well. And that is the barrier between zero and one! If we don’t get into the positive we simply chance going up or down. So God gave my a system that starts building positive energy whilst we are still in debt to others.

Look at the chart below

credit debt chart

According to the free budgeting service the break even point for our clients was Zero/ Zero!

I don’t know about you, but to me that is a failure! To set the balance at zero/zero is just plain wrong spiritually. It is a totally passive aim. Nothing is ever achieved in our lives with passivity, even on the spiritual level..

Also there is the Great Asset Beginning Barrier to cross. Remember I talked about being unable to cross, from negative six to negative five? The only way to lift above zero is to build some assets, so what the Dynamic Budgeting Service(© reverend J’iam 1993) does is to start building the credit side (assets) immediately!

By the time the client reaches zero debt they have already accumulated assets that push them straight through the “no assets” barrier! Also the their break even point is dropped to negative 10 because we have 10 in assets to balance it! Metaphysically and spiritually this is very important because the law of having states, “They that have shall be given more, they that have not shall be taken away, even what they have!” Can you see the original source of the financial crisis?

See the chart below.

credit debt break even point chartA

Okay, at the yellow zero debt point we move into another stage of personal wealth creation – the wholistic stage of physical, metaphysical and spiritual actions. The WHOLISTIC stage is where spiritual solutions to economic problems comes in!

In the Bible it states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” [Mark 3:25 King James Version].

Now that is written in the old “double negative” speak. If we change it to modern single positive speech we have, “A house United will always stand (win)” I was given Wholistic Accounting(© reverend j’iam) in 1988 and have been using it ever since.

That is about as far as I can go today without it getting mind-blowingly complex (for the Wholistic System, whilst fairly simple, is not linear in construction, but multi layered.)

I hope you have managed to get a grasp of the wholistic system to get you Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Love, Detachment and true freedom under the higher laws of the universe.

I have spent most of my adult life looking into wholistic wealth so that others don’t have too! If you want my help then simply email me.

What say we all die today?

My friends,

What say we all die today at the same time, world wide. Everyone of us! Not a single living soul remaining on earth!

Well, how would we feel? How would you feel? How would the good feel and how would the bad feel?

You see we are in a huge womb called earth, just waiting to be born into the next world and the first thing we have to do when we get there is to hand in a report on our lives! What have we done with it?

What did we do to help create a divine civilisation? What did we create as a legacy for our children, our grand children our great grand children? our friends, family and the world?

I know that we aren’t going to all die today, but many will! We can’t stop a bullet with our name on it! When our time is up, it is not a voluntary action on our part to decide to go or stay – we MUST GO! there is no choice in it for us!

You know I speak the truth. I have been over to the other side and returned to this world! That experience removed all fear of death and taught me that death from this world into the next is a reward for life, not a punishment!

But we do have to hand in a report to God in full 100% truthful mode. We cannot lie in the next world.

It is us, ourselves, who feel the hell of failure. It is not imposed on use by God. All our actions on earth are voluntary. If we decide to kill someone, that is voluntary. The spiritual returns for murder then applies to you. If you escape it all your life, you still have to answer for that murder. And there are no lawyers in Heaven!

Know EVERYONE goes to Heaven because the is no such place as hell. Hell is not a place, but a state of mind.  Heaven is being close to God, hell is being far from God! Does the Good man get closer to God than the murderer? I think so!

In this life we can get as close to God as we can in 70 short years. If we stay far from God we can still make it up in the next world but there is no Free-Will, so it takes so much longer!!

In this world we can enter heaven as close as we possibly can because we follow the rules, the discipleship, the methods of God here on earth. To the amount of love we create here on earth is the level at which we enter the next kingdom!

If we stray, delay, disobey then that is the level at which we enter the next kingdom. Yes, we may make it up in the next kingdom, but not voluntarily! It may take a million years to move the seventy years we could have done it  here on earth!

And we, not God, will be beating ourselves up with regret as we trudge our long path to the point where we should have entered Heaven!

When my father-in-law visited me from the next world I went back with him. He lived in a nice suburban house in a quiet valley in the dark. There were street lamps and every house was illuminated, but there was no sun, no moon only a cloudless night of brilliant stars! It was certainly not hell by any means,

But we both knew he was there until God called him to another level with the moon out all the time. First a quarter moon and then a half moon and then a three quarter moon and so forth. All these movements are in God’s hands in the next world.

Our regret on the other side is that all these movements are in our hands in this world!  We can land as close to God as we potentially can by using our life as a Love filled being, improving the world as best we can spiritually, metaphysically and physically!

For Heaven’s sake get a rocket up your backside, for you have no idea if you have 1,000 seconds, 1,000 minutes, 1,000 hours, 1,000 days or 1,000 weeks left here on earth! What say it is only 100 seconds left?

reverend master j’iam

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Right and Wrong


Okay, in this modern industrial age, when nothing is considered wrong or right and the world is suffering under a flood of euphemisms, I’d like to point out that the vast majority of the “opinion makers” (press, politically correct) are simply peddling Poo!

Of course there are right and wrong ways of doing things! The concept of absolute freedom from laws of the planet and laws of the universe is idiotic. Imagine if the rot spread to the laws of the road and everyone decided on the day what side of the road to drive on – that’s one way of depopulating the planet!

People would die on the roads as they drove on the left, the right and in the middle and sides of the road at their whims! Personally I wouldn’t drive on the roads to pick up the injured if I was an ambulance driver!

In this mad world of no right or wrong, people could save money by flying to wherever they want by flapping their arms – no need of aeroplanes any more!

The list of insanities goes on and on. But the insanities are fewer and fewer as we rise out of the physical realm of facts to the metaphysical plane of principles. There are literally billions of facts. But there are only hundreds of metaphysical principles. And all facts can be linked to a principle!

Most facts by themselves are not useful. But tied to a principle they do become useful! Facts tied to principles are reduced from billions to hundreds! Much easier to handle, by far!

But what say you could tie the hundreds of principles to only less than 20 Super-Principles? Well, you can do that too. You simply have to move up out of the metaphysical plane to the Spiritual Plane, where the super-principles are called the Higher Laws!

Why are they called higher laws? To separate them from man’s so called laws – which are really just rules and regulations. Man’s law has very little natural justice in it. Man’s laws can be bought or perverted by trained people who spend there time lying or looking for loop-holes in man’s badly written rules. These specialist, in perversion of man’s laws, are called lawyers, and if you can afford them, you can escape even murder!

However. the higher laws are different. The higher laws mean what they say! Man’s purpose at birth is to connect to the higher source of Love (and consequently to start working under the higher laws of today!)

If man’s rules don’t get the murderer during his life time, then God’s higher laws come into play the moment he dies! Imagine the murderers distress when he finds he has to climb the spiritual equivalent of Mount Everest in the next world – wearing ice skates!

And the fact that it may take a million years to achieve! And the double distress when he is shown how he could have been placed only two feet from the top during his lifetime of 70 years – if he had only listened!

There is a right way and a wrong way, no doubt about it! “The wages of sin are death.” the Bible says. Sin means to be using the wrong, or no, tools! The opposite of sin is discipleship. To be a disciple means to be, “A follower of the method!” To be a follower of the method means to use the right techniques, follow the law, do the right way. There is nothing hard about success, we just just have to do the right things!

reverend master j’iam

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Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

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Been quiet for a while now

You know what they say about children – “beware when they are quiet!” But what about the children of God? Well, really no one notices when they go quiet and many people are actually relieved!

But I have been quiet because I have been learning new things! Like the fact that I am more than the sum of my parts! That my whole life has been a nob-linear learning curve! And that many of these curves are coming to a head in the present in preparation for the future.

Did you know that we are heading towards a world wide awakening of the consciousness in 80% of the people?  Well, we are!

We are heading into a new day, the likes of which the world has never seen before! Look around you – we live in the most prosperous time of mankind ever! And although it is not equitably shared we have the wing of prosperity completed and now we are working on the wing of peace. Once the wing of peace is built enough the Bird of Life will lift itself off the ground and man’s consciousness will be able to SEE for the first time in the history of man! It only needs for the birds head to rise above groundlevel and the “Great Dawning” will be upon us!

In the past couple of months I have discovered that my purpose in life is to raise the consciousness of mankind. How have done that? By raising my own consciousness!

All my life I have wholistic. Never been satisfied with answers on the physical and metaphysical levels only. Always had to include the higher laws in my calculations (even as an atheist!) Now I can see God’s plan for the world and my place in His plan! My three names all mean “Servant” of some kind. The first name means “Servant of the people”. My second name means “Servant of  Man “Whilst my last name means “Servant of I Am” I have recognised in the past few months that I Am is the name of the Holy Spirit, of the Christ Spirit. I have realised that I am a Christian at last, not a Jesusite (great Be his name).

At last I know that the secret to wealth is to reach the state of Poor, which changes our Beingness to that of Happy! (Blessed are the Poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. I know that Disneyland is the happiest kingdom on Earth, but the Kingdom of heaven sublimely blows Disneyland out of the water!

I also now no that the problems we face at present are not solvable using the same level of consciousness that created them. This is because they were created on the metaphysical level and they can only be solved on the spiritual level!  “What”, I hear you say,”How can religion help us solve our problems?” I didn’t say religion – they are part of the problem! I said, “Spiritual Solutions to economic problems!”

Using the higher laws of the universe provides us with unique solutions to age old problems. Spiritually Usury is forbidden. You will find that capitalism practices usury – Debt and Interest being the main problems. In the spiritual solution debt is eliminated and replaced with gifting! Money is not predominantly used for trading and gambling, but to solve long term problems (up to a 1,000 years.)

In the spiritual solution our happiness goals are not things and money but continuity first, stability second and growth third. In the capitalist system GROWRH is first, stability second and continuity…. Meh!

I am writing again now so keep watching this blog.

I am going to put more motivation posters on here from now on.

if you really want to get ahead and become wealthy I can show you have to create “Virtuous Cycles” for only $25 per month using spiritual laws.

Don’t be fooled that I am offering “instant riches.” Good things take time and it is going to take at least 5 years, more like 10 to get your virtuous cycles going. It takes time to change from the centrifugal(riches for some) to the centripetal wealth system (wealth for all). The wealth I have created will last at least 25 generations of my descendants!

I don’t work on a linear system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, etc.) but on an exponential (folding) system (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.)

The linear system works in the physical  and metaphysical levels. It’s movement is anticlockwise it’s energy is centrifugal and leads to riches. The non-linear methods works on a centripetal basis, it moves clockwise and leads to wealth – which is happiness first joined with abundance to create the state of wealth. Between the two is the state of stillness!

It is the state of stillness that is the hardest barrier to cross. The bible states,”Be still and know I Am, God” The state of stillness must be reached on the spiritual level. You see wealth is a three step process changing from cent6rifugal, anti-clockwise movement to a stillness (no motion) to a clockwise, centripetal motion.

This huge change of consciousness is coming in the next 20 years – I can see it manifesting in parts of the world already. It will be world wide by 2035. But you can start your own transformation now and be ahead of the world at large and cut out all the pain of instant change!

In fact you can be one of the forerunners who will be able to help others deal with the new system having already planted your seeds of change (and greatness) and having seen the results for yourself!

We live in scary times if you are misinformed or we live in Great times if you eyes and heart are open! Which is it to be for you?

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