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Knock, Knock!!

Who’s there?


Oppotunity who?

Of course, you don’ recognise me because I am dressed in working clothes OPPOTUNITY!!!

please come in and explain what you mean!!!

OPPOTUNITY!! is not like lotto winnings! You have to buy a ticket to win the lottoo and your chances of winning are so low you are three times more likely to be struck by lightening!!!

real OPPORTUNITY!! gives you a one in four chance of winning – simply, consistently do the right thins and the right results will manifest!

Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem on the same level it was created on!” As there are only three level in the universe – the physical, the Metaphysical and the spiritual, I am offering spiritual solutions to economic problems!

Because economic problems are caused by bad metaphysical habits in your life! Bet you didn’t know that (I will explain in this article how we are incorrectly taught to pick up these negative habits!

By parents, friends, teachers, bankers and (most)lawyers!

On the physical level knowledge consists of facts,

On the Metaphysical level knowledge consists of principles, (meta means beyond – beyond the physical level)

On the spirital level knowledge consists of higher laws, (these laws always work – work the laws and the laws work for you!)

on the physical and metaphysical credit is the killer of spiritual law

on the spiritual level commitment to yourself is always the first principle. Commitment to cas and being bebt free is the tool that sets you free to create a permanent family bank, of which you erare the head banker. Once your bank is up and running you have access to 0% loans to advance your life!!!

Instead of using OPM (other people’s money by trading your life away (debtors buy your future income and make you a slave to them! Instead, you use OPM (YOUR own person money to create a leveraging of your assets. Same abbreviation totally different meaning and results. By using the spiritual OPM you change your energy from centrifugal (Outwards flowing) to centrupetal (inward flowing)

the first imward flowing law is the spiritual law of providence! The second inflowing law is the spiritual law of abundance.

Most people never reach law number two because they fail to learn law number one

law number one; the law of providence states “everything you need WILL BE SUPPLIED basically FREE or VERY CHEAP! The law of abundance states “everything you need WILL BE SUPPLIED (at a price – the price is that you have to supply your BEingness to the world!

We need to conquer the laws of providence so we can distinguish between our wants and needs!

Once we the difference we are in a position of empowerment (EM means from without

so our power is no longer limited to ourselves and we acquire the “POWERS OF COMMAND! [“as you speak out of your mouth so it shall be”]

so there you are – the first actions and their following benefits

In this stage too, you recognize the power of co-operation people synergizing there actions together to this end! I was gifted the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network(WPPN) – which synergises members actions and levers the benefits for all! (many doing a little bit each can achieve a lot!)

100,000 molehills = to ONE MOUNTAIN!!!!!

By working spiritual laws you build something called virtuous cycles! Virtuous cycles are the keys to true wealth. Money, by itself, is the key to riches , but the rich tend to be unhappy, no matter how much money they have! Wealth is simply being detached from all things except happiness! A wealthy Man is simply rich and happy!

The rich unhappy man went to Jesus to ask him ho to find happiness and Jesus gave him a perfect spiritual answer!(GIFT (NOT GIVE)YOUR MONEY TO THE POOR!

What is the difference between giving and gifting? Often giving is fuelled by hope of returns from the receiver (to the giver!) with gifting the gifter only wants karmic returns (spiritual returns).

Leverages! Rhe journet towards wealth is marked at definite points – the halhway point is a big celebratrory point. The half wave point to $1million is $500,000 on the physical and metaphysical planes. On the spiritual plane (because of the exponential system based on one [not 2 like the physical and metaphysical systems] the halfway point to $1million dollars is only $1,024 on the spiritual plane !!!at this point everything become easier- the difference between pushing a snowball uphill and down hill!

The snowball becomes self -propelling going downhill and You only needs pushes from the left or right to guidee it!

This is a “point of empowerment in spiritual economics!!!

(not only for you but for all the people below you!) Which is why we have the empowered gifting cycle(where we gift to the empowerers above us!!)

once you reach the empowerment point life becomes much easier and the gifts reach a point of becoming a multi-life time retirement plan(which you can will to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, down through time!)

A virtual cycle always leads to a “point of empowerment!”which is the point of WPPN (the wholistic peace and prosperity sytem!

So that, my frin , is a very brief overview of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network! How much o you think this sytem will cost us? Only $25 per month( $300 per year!) and how long will it take to become empowered? A minimum of 2 yaer (more like 5 years for most people!)

even if it took 1- to twenty years like on the physicaland metaphysical levels it is still worth because of the CERTANTY you receive!





Bonus: receive a goal setting book that helps you set every goal you need to become wealthy!

(printed to order and individually numbered for each member

And know this your wealth plan starts the same as every other member –

with a single dollar commitment!(to yourself!)

may peace and prosperity be yours through WPPN!

Reverend master j’iam