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introducing THE CHURCH OF TENTH PATH – The world’s first cooperative church – The world’s first cooperative church

The world’s first cooperative church!


What does a cooperative church do?It puts the parishioners in first place by solving most of their financial and life problems for them first and the church leaders in a distinctly second place, and creates permanent wealth and spiritual solutions to economic problems. It teaches the parishioners how to live on margin (90% of their income ) and builds them a permanent family bank that lasts many generations! As well as taking care of many other problems – like income generation, retirement income, mortgages,etc., etc.,

Church contributions are split as follows

40% to the self gifting family bank (pay you first[obeying the 11th commandment])

10% to the wealth gifting circle(other people)

10% to church costs

20% to 0% mortgages

10% for job creation cooperatives

10% for charitable workcircle

100% The charitable work circle which means they can get a little or a lot depending on how well they can expnad the church!they can also work a job in one of the church businesses!so no one should starve working for the church.

Of course once you join you become part of the “gifting cycle receivers” as everyone must join under someone!For their to be gifters there must be receivers otherwise the circle is not complete/whole! WHOLENESS IS AN ATTRIBUTE OF God (I AM)[God is involved in all things (wholeness)


my kindest regards to you,