About J’iam

Hi, My name is J’iam (pronounced Hi-am) I am a metaphysician in the dictionary sense and a metaphysicist as well as a spiritual adviser. My life has always taken a different path from others and when I was young i used to get angry about this fact, but now i am mature I accept that it was the exact way it was supposed to be! All my life was a lead up to what I am today. I have just begun to work for my true beingness at the age of 60 and will work with that for another 25 years. My task is to help bring about a divine civilization by teaching mankind (starting with myself) how to be wealthy (as opposed to being rich!) and how the individual has to Love themselves first and foremost in order to love mankind as a whole and achieve inner (and outer) Peace and prosperity.

To aid me God gave me an epiphany in 1992 that laid out the foundations of wealth for this new age. It took me 19 years to fully understand the principles and working of this new wholistic concept as it has no paid interest and works on the Higher laws of the universe. The secret of wealth is to begin by spiritualizing both ourselves and our assets (including money).

Whilst the principles are easy the actualization is not, as it goes against hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of years of man’s thinking. But that is why God gave me the tool of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network so we can achieve inner peace and prosperity and therefore achieve outer peace and prosperity for ourselves and then spread it amongst mankind until we have the energy of the “hundreth monkey”  to spread it amongst the majority of Man (note the capital M!)

That is it in a nutshell. if you want to help you are welcome, if you want to hinder then do so at your own risk because I have a bigger brother  to protect me (Lol!)


  1. Sharleen Leonard

    I was trying to order the Way of Mastery, and found the website of Jayem. However, after ordering through them, my friend said she ordered from you. Can you tell me the difference between Jayem and J’iam and the two Way of Mastery texts? Thank you.

    • Dear Sharleen,

      we are both masters on different paths. The main different is in our missions. I am actually on an asked mission from God to perform a specific task.
      Also I am working from the spiritual down whilst Jayem is working on the metaphysical down.
      all of my knowledge is free because I am doing it for God and all of God’s knowledge is free
      I have a method that even an atheist can implement and make most of the spiritual laws work for them. This method is called WPPN (the Wholisyic Peace and Prosperity Network) Of course an atheist cannot gain all the spiritual methods as they haven’t been reborn as yet.
      This method (WPPN) was given to me in a vission in 1992
      Jeyen is working on an individual basis trying to help people rise in life. I am working on a world basis by helping people rise in life. God works the WPPN on a cellular basis (the individual) to achieve His bodily end of World Peace and Prosperity!
      I work on the method fultime. I was previously reborn 3 times.
      Jayen uses the metaphysical example of reincarnation, i use the creative method of each soul being created at conception. Reimcarnation into this world does happen, but usually only every 1,000 years or so.These reincarnated souls are called manifestations and are people like the buha, christ, zoroaster, muhamad, the glory of God etc. there have been nine to date It’s the difference between us all being phoenix or just a baby birds hatched from a shell.
      Anything you want to know about please contact me directly through my details which are given at the bottom of my blogs
      ‘Kindest regards’

      may peace and prosperity Be yours,

      reverend master j’iam
      Those are the main points

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