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Why isn’t EVERYONE Wealthy?

We live in an age of abundance – there is no denying that. But the abundance is not evenly distributed by the capitalist, the communist or the dictatorial systems. All these systems (isms) are based in the physical worlds of dog eat dog, hunter/gatherer – aggression, confrontation and possession.

Russell Brand doesn’t vote because he has recognised that the physical political system is totally corrupt and only offering two alternatives – flogging or the thumbscrew Why do we have to endure either pains?

Because there hasn’t even been an alternative of pain free life in the physical system! Pain free life exists only in the Spiritual system. Once this is established in the spiritual realm it can be established in the metaphysical and finally in the physical system – always start at the top and work down. Just as rain does!

And we can only establish wholistic systems by starting in the spiritual realm and working downwards through the remaining two realms. Always work wholistically. In the spiritual worlds this is talked about as “Being united”. Because the Bible is written in the old fashioned double negative speak it talks about the opposite of Unity/Wholeness which is division. “A house divided (against itself) will always lose.”

But if we put that into the New Age single positive it reads, “a house united (Whole) will always win!”

What is needed is a system based in the spiritual world of higher laws, based in self Stewardship, Continuity and Stability and only then growth. To date there has never been a system based in the higher laws of virtuous cycles. But today there is a spiritually based system. Revealed to reverend master j’iam in an epiphany/vision in 1992, it is called the Wholistic (Holy) Peace and Prosperity Network (system/synergy).

The physical systems are all based in instant gratification – “Do it Now” and “If it feels good do it!”. The spiritual system is based in the law of delayed gratification which states, “the longer the delay, the greater the reward!” In practical terms we can grow mung bean sprouts in a couple of days or wheat over a whole year (including preparation of the ground, reaping and letting the land rest a bit.)

All physical systems are easy to start and become harder and harder to live with. All Spiritual systems are hard to start and become easier and easier to live with! The spiritual system is not hard in itself, in fact it is very simple. But it is hard to implement because we have to go against the ways we were brought up with, against ingrained habits, friends, family and society who practice those old habits!

So it is simple over-all, but hard for the individual to change their lives, to move from the complicated systems of the physical world into the simple system of the spiritual! This is why the change from the physical/metaphysical systems into the spiritual system is called rebirth.

The physical system bases itself upon the pursuit of riches. It often uses the words riches and wealth interchangeably, but these two states are in no way interchangeable! Riches are based on doing and having, whilst wealth is based on Being, doing and having! So the one main difference is the BEingness. Beingness is what makes us happy. So by Being, doing and having we are Happy first and then rich secondly.

In being rich alone we are not happy inside ourselves because we haven’t developed our Beingness – as the Bible says, “What profits a man if he gains the world and loses his soul?” Or to put it more simply “What is the point of being rich and miserable when we can attain the state of wealth – to be both (wholistically) Happy and rich!” That is the difference between riches and Wealth (Note the capital W. Whenever I use capitals it denotes a spiritually based idea. Keep this in mind for future reference.)

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a system that develops your Beingness on the spiritual plane whilst simultaneously developing you growth in riches on the spiritual, the metaphysical and physical planes! This is why it is called the Wholistic system! The riches system is, and should be called, a partial system that promises happiness when you become rich – a promise it cannot, and never has been able to, keep!

The rich system is always promising instant (or nearly instant) rewards. The Wholistic system says it is going to take a minimum of ten years to start manifesting on the physical plane which is realistic. But it manifests very quickly on the spiritual and metaphysical (the invisible to others) planes!

But just because others can’t see the wheat growing under the ground, doesn’t mean the farmer can’t see (and enjoy) the sprouting of the wheat seeds! And members of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) enjoy seeing the growth of Continuity and Stability long before they enjoy the physical returns of their investments in themselves!

It is the growth of continuity and Stability (in that order) that sustains us for the long term return of physical riches. We gain long term rewards far before we gain the financial Abundance that Continuity and Stability finally reap! There is a saying about abundance that goes, “When abundance manifests it comes so quickly and so abundantly that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life?”

The thing with WPPN is that members are able to see the landfall long before they actually make it – like the captain of a sailing ship being able to see the land long before they reach it. When they first see land they know that it is still 11 miles away. WPPN members know that the physical land fall is still 11 years away, but get other benefits.

Like when sailing into Port Santana, the water from the Amazon River is drinkable at over 100 miles to sea! So it is entirely potable at only 11 miles. This is how the Spiritual System works for members supplying water, food, happiness in the form of Contentment (on the physical plane), Joy (on the metaphysical plane) and Ecstasy and Bliss (on the spiritual plane.)

These are the three states of happiness! If you are happy on all three planes, that is when abundance manifests so quickly and so abundantly many will wonder where it’s been hiding all your life (but you will have already known this for a long time!)

So which is it to Be for you? The easy road(???) or the simple, but harder, road? Think about it for a while and make that choice soon, for the sooner we start, the sooner the manifestations occur!

If you want the illusory easy start then continue on the road you are on. If you want the real easy start then investigate and join WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – as this is the only spiritual solution available today!

WPPN offers you the creation of Virtuous Cycles (as opposed to the vicious cycles of the physical systems of capitalism, communism and dictatorship) that bring Members Peace of Mind first and then abundance later on. Yes it takes 10 or more years, but those years will quickly pass whether you join or not. And the years that pass are not retrievable! You will awaken 10 years in the future and have to start from day one like every other member! Or you will awaken in 10 years and Be supremely Happy so that you no longer desire Abundance for yourself (this is the ultimate detachment) and it will simply manifest itself in your life and take you onto the highest spiritual plane!

. Happy or unhappy futures. To Be happy choose WPPN. To be unhappy, simply keep on doing what you are doing right now – nothing in the spiritual plane! Yes you may Be spiritually aware but to fulfil our role in life we have to Be God realised – working in the image of God! (Faith without Deeds is dead!) Love is the state of Knowing about God. Charity is the state of Knowing about God and carrying out His mission to you – simple as that.

And now abide faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Sand Water and Oil! the three states.

Today I am going to chat about Sand, Water and Oil and how these represent the three states of the universe. Of course the three states are the physical, the metaphysical and spiritual. In science classes in school you may have done the old sand, water and oil trick in a bottle to test out the different densities of the three materials. Of course sand is the densest and therefore sinks to the bottom of the bottle. The water then covers the sand and even infiltrates it. Put oil into the bottle and what happens? It floats on top of the water, because oil is less dense than water! So you end up with a bottle with three elements in it that looks like this…


Of course the next part of the experiment is to shake the bottle violently to try and mix the three elements together. The bottle then looks like this – a mixture of sand, oil and water..


But of course the three being different densities, we put the bottle down to rest and wait for five minutes to see what happens. And what happens is that they separate back into there separate parts again!


Now one of the great mysteries in life is that of the “Glass Ceilings.” People know they exist, but can’t really tell you what they are. Some put them down to prejudice, but it is far more subtle than that, because the two class ceilings are actually reflections of your place in the universe. The glass ceilings are not placed their by other people but are reflections of our own “State” within the universe. So if you are sand – in the physical universe, what you see reflected back at you are your own physical realities. So how do we escape the physical world to get through the glass ceiling, and what are we going into? We are moving from the physical sand to the Meta-physical water. Meta by the way simply means “beyond” so we have to move beyond the sand state to the the water state from the physical to the metaphysical. Luckily we are usually assisted with this at school as we enter the metaphysical state (of abstract


thinking) around the age of 8 or 9. The test for this is to ask the student to write a letter L upside down from their mind. The concrete based student cannot do this, having to have a cardboard L that he can physically rotate on the table. This simple little test is a sure fire indicator that the student has made the movement from the concrete world of the sand to the abstract world of Water – the metaphysical (although teachers don’t call it metaphysical).

So this step is usually achieved in school, but we rapidly forget this test and still tend to work in the physical world and in adulthood this lack becomes a “Glass ceiling”.

The second glass ceiling is even more subtle that the first because it is entrance into the spiritual world of oil. Know that most human beings are capable of moving from the physical to the metaphysical to the spiritual – from the sand to the water to the oil!  The reason most people don’t move is because they don’t consciously ask to be moved! That is the main gist of many of my blogs – we have to ASK out aloud to make the move!

Now, we can move from the metaphysical or the physical to the spiritual by simply asking out aloud


The further you have to move the greater the effect will be! So some people have a very slight rebirth, whilst people like myself (who was at the extreme end of the physical realm) have a huge rebirth. It doesn’t matter which one you experience, it is still a HUGE step forward in life because we move from the two temporary realms of life to the permanent realm of life, from the temporary physical and metaphysical realms to the permanent spiritual realm!


When we die in this world what happens? The body and the brain are annihilated – literally, whilst the soul continues to live on! It’s as simple as that.This is why the metaphysical ego fears death!

Even if you’ve never had a single spiritual experience in your life you – the essential you, the one that thinks in the quiet times – still continues.  Of course if we die without a single spiritual experience our souls are retarded on entry into the next world, a bit like a caterpillar that leaves the chrysalis without fully developed wings. We have a unique opportunity to get as close to God/Love as we can in this world in 70 odd years – voluntarily!!! If we miss this opportunty, we can NEVER get it back of our own free will – there is no free will in the next world (nor in the three world below us – the mineral, the vegetable and the animal worlds). Free will – the choice of either turning towards Love/God exists only in the human world! This is why our world is the end of darkness and the beginning of Light!

So we are born into ignorance (sin is the old fashioned word form ignorance) of these three worlds and have to learn about them in our lifetimes and consciously have to move from the physical to the metaphysical to the spiritual. Life is simple as that. To put it another way, when we are born our first Primary Goal is to find the source of Love and make a conscious connection with it! Then our primary purpose in life is to make a generalized divine civilization(to leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it!). We can do this by simply having children and bringing them up to be mature and reasonable adults amongst other ways.

Our secondary, and most important task, is to help create a specific divine civilization. That is to say by using our God given talents and abilities to help create a special part of divine civilization that no one else can do. Mother Teresa was one who did this. Of course there are many, many thousands who have done the same in many different ways. The difference between creating a generalized and a specific divine civilization is that you are usually offered the specific task (we have the right to refuse it!) whilst anyone can carry out a generalized civilization.

My specific part in life is to introduce the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network to the world, so that it may replace capitalism as man’s main tool for wealth creation!


And that is my bit for today. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you feel i can help you in any way,
kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Actually I lie. I don’t “have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel!” If i did i could translate that into “I have a plan so devious you could call it a scam”! And I hate scams. Scams can be described in one word – THEFT. But done with slimy words of hope and a call to greed to over-ride the victims good sense of honesty.

Every day I get at least two scam offers – and some days as many as 5! Many years ago I wrote a small book against scams and spread it abroad. One day i received a letter from a lady (a total stranger to me) in a town about 200 miles away, asking me for advice on a scam that was going around at the time called “jacks”.  I took the time to write her a letter in which I advised her that it was a scam and the reasons why it was a scam and carrying the advice to avoid it like the plague. I heard nothing back from her until about 4 months later when i received another letter asking for help as she’s paid $900 for one of these jacks and then had sold another three to other people and spent the money. Then the Commerce Commission had declared it to be illegal and told her she had to pay her victims the money back – but she a]had spent the money!

What could i do for her? Not much really. I had advised her not to touch them but temptation had over-ridden her sensibilities and, after having nearly a grand stolen off her, she had become a thief herself by perpetuating the scam and selling to other people. I’m sure she didn’t see herself as a thief but she soldit  three to other people and ripped them off. And that is theft. People who perform the act of theft on others are called thieves. I am sure that basically she was honest, but the call of “easy money” was too much for her and it blinded her to her own foolish actions in perpetuating the thefts.

There is no such thing as “EASY MONEY” and anyone who tells you that there is is a liar. Liar. liar, LIAR! However there is such a thing as good husbandry of money – but this takes effort, and some people want an “easy path” to “easy Money.” Actually looking at that phrase I ‘ve just written just add S and L to the beginning of both easys and you have the reality of easy money being “a sleazy path to to sleazy money”

But what about good husbandry of money (and our personal assets)? Ah, now that is a whole different thing! Good husbandry is basically

1) The act or practice of cultivating crops (of assets)
2) The application of scientific principles to your own life
3)  Careful management or conservation of resources and building assets (not just physical, but also metaphysical and spiritual assets)
 But these things are HARD to do I hear people say! Only in the beginning, I reply! It takes 30 days to start a new habit and 60 days to make that habit permanent! So in a year you can change six habits! You only need to change ten basic habits to become wealthy! So in less than two years you can be on the road to wealth!
One of the primary things we are exhorted to do is to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST. We do this by gifting the first 10% of income to ourselves. This means we learn to live off 90% of our income. Which provides a 10% safety barrier against fluctuations of income! Many people spend 100% of their income. Yet another huge group spend 101+%!! At this rate we are bound to fall over sooner or later. But if your income drops 5% and you are living on 90% of your income you still have a   5% safety barrier left!
And, as I love to point out, if you are gifting to yourself you are also going to be receiving back returns from the laws of sowing and reaping that will free up even more more of your income, so you can gift to other people – which in return amplifies the laws of sowing and reaping! This is how WEALTH is started! Wealth is an empowered state of Beingness. If you start with the aim of becoming empowered, then that is where you’ll end up – Empowered. Em means (spiritually) “from without” so empower means power from without. Which means power from the outside of us! What is that power? Spiritual power – the highest rating of power in the universe! So empowerment increases our energy levels too!
So what I am saying is that it is emotionally easy to fall for the words of thieves and emotionally hard to build yourself to become empowered, because it “appears to be hard”. But it isn’t that hard that it’s impossible!. It is emminently achieveable  for anyone who has the desire and the commitment (commitment is simply desires put into permanent positive action)  to actually DO it! Andt he only thing missing from that formula is KNOWLWDGE!
But the commitment to do, opens the doors of knowledge to achieving your goals. It may take a very long time if your goals are big. But I had massive goals and the universe answered me and gave me a system to lever our goals through creating virtuous cycles. I was given an organisation called WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) that saves you at least 20 years in accumulating the knowledge you need to be wealthy and increases your actions by “Invoking the token” ( a spiritual leveraging principle).
So if you want to be wealthy (which is BEing, doing and having as opposed to rich, which is simply the accumulation of money through doing and having) then you can join WPPN and have a wealth system start growing immediately (And within two weeks you be a millionaire! B.S!) Within twenty years you’l be Loving, detached, happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous! Nothing is ever achieved overnight with spiritual life. But it is achieved for sure and if you don’t start today twenty years will pass any way and you’ll still be where you are today. Is that what you want? I know i don’t and I also know I aren’t where i was 20 years ago! Thank Goodness!!!
So “I don’t have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel” but “I do have a plan (and a method) so good you can bet on it as being a certainty over time!” And it is called WPPN!
Before i go, I have to ask you a question – how many times in your lifetime have you been approached with an opportunity that says it is hard to start but gets easier and easier with time and is guaranteed to work if you persist? Not many times, i’ll bet (and i’m not a betting man, but i’ll make an exception in this case! Lol!) And that the end result is wealth, not riches (wealth is happiness first, plus all the assets you’ll ever need!)
If you tel me to go away, you know what I’ll do? I’ll just go away! I’m not interested in helping people who wont help themselves! Lol! I’ll just go somewhere else and offer it to someone who actually wants it (not just needs it – we all need it, but only those who want it will actually implement it!)
If you want to look at what I’m offering them go to my website at…

The total cost to start your own wealth plan and virtuous cycle is $25 per month. That’s it – no hidden costs or traps. You start with a three month probationary trial. After that you become a new member. And there are many, many advantages to joining. We help build people’s home, work, incomes, giftings and savings! These are the primary keys to perpetual happiness (called Wealth!)
Think about it and then investigate for yourself – self investigation of the truth is a gift of this new age we live in. Self investigation means that you decide. I believe in your ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood for yourself – this is another gift from the universe we can call upon at any stage in our lives, when we are investigating things. Not the learning of books, but the learning of the soul!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!” This is an saying from the old dog fighting days and it is almost like a parable because everyone knows it’s not referring to dogs but to men. So in modern terms it would read, “It’s not the size of the Man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Man!”

And this is entirely true. If we look at this in the terms of problems and solutions then we can replace it to read,”It’s not the size of the man in the problem, it’s the size of the solution in the Man!”

And there is always one man who comes forward with a solution to a problem that no-one else has recognised yet. Usally this man is totally ignored at first – because no one can see the problem. But over time more and more people start to see the same problem that the original man sees and  a groundswell of people start to seek a solution. Then they find the man with the solution! And gradually they start to adopt the solution offered and over time the numbers increase until they reach the “explosive Level” of the 100th monkey when they move up from 4% of the people to 60% of the people in a big bang! The reason for this is because the solution becomes a part of the “Monkey” consciousness (and the Human consciousness acts the same way!)

And then, with hindsight, the man is called a genius! Lol! But genius is the ability to SEE THE OBVIOUS! And there always has to be a first one to see the obvious! The little boy who said “The emperor has no clothes on” was one such genius!

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier, he was a trained doctor who couldn’t see any logical reason for not being able to run that time. He trained by breaking the mile down into parts and times and practiced running thos time himself.Then he broke the barrier (of dis-belief) that was stopping everyone and within 6 weeks 6 people had broken the same barrier!

You see, it is often our belief systems that stop us achieving things. Man takes advantage of these negative belief systems in animals to tether elephants to tiny pegs in the ground. The elephant can easily pull that peg out of the ground, but the elephant “knows’ that it can’t because it struggled to pull it out of the ground as a baby elephant and just couldn’t, because as a baby elephant it was just too small. So it gave up trying to pull the peg out of the ground. And then it grew up with the same thought in it’s head and never loses that thought, so can it always be held by the same tiny peg! Luckily elephant geniuses don’t exist or we’d be in trouble!

What are man’s “elephant pegs” in life? Well, belief in capitalism is one of the greatest pegs that hinders mankind’s progress today. Because we believe that there is no alternative to capitalism, we keep on treading the same old treadmill, doing the same things over and over in the hope of different results! And what does capitalism produce? BOOM and BUST, BOOM and BUST, BOOM And BUST!

Capitalism does not produce a stable economy.

This is shown through the Kondratieff long wave cycle discovered in the 1920s . This cycle can be traced back as far as Babylon. To date no one has come up with a replacement system – hold on, I lie! WPPN, the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a replacement system for capitalism.

You see capitalism main fault is that it works on emotions. And the emotions are then backed by false emotions to empower it. Working on emotions is false logic. Emotions have a power energy base of ONE – virtually next to zero energy.

In the metaphysical we must work on  logic backed by emotions and then the emotions fuel the logic. The metaphysical cycle works on an energy base of TEN.

In the spiritual we must work on Higher Laws back by commitment and logic that is called “Enthusiasm” (enthusiasm literally means the God within). It is on this level that WPPN works by creating a virtuous cycle for its individual members to make them individually peaceful and prosperous (run a sub 4 minute mile!)

WPPN works on an individual level because each person is a cell in the body of the world. If the cells are not healthy how can the body ever be healthy? It can’t. There is a saying, “Think global, but act local!” That means think of the end result (world peace and prosperity) but work on yourself to heal yourself by becoming peaceful and prosperous in yourself – you can’t get anymore local than by beginning with yourself. If you become peaceful and prosperou,s you make you family the same way! So your spouse and children will grow with you and make at least three cells healthy(if you have only one child)!

And once we have a healthy family, we attract  others to us who want what we’ve got and so we begin influencing others to act the same way we have to get the same results (WPPN is infinitely duplicatable – capitalism is not, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer).

And so the solution is there and all we need to do now  is to DO IT! This will end the  Kondratieff cycle forever! And usher in a new age of economic stability because we, the cells of the body, will own all the assets instead of the other way around (like the dog’s tail wagging the dog!)

I look forward to that day (in the not too distant future). So if you are a leader amonst Men then come and join the quiet solution of WPPN.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Names are important!

In this day and age i meet many people who have no idea that their name even has a meaning and so they have no idea what the meaning of their name is! But names are important. Every name has a meaning and, as far as their usefulness to you goes in adulthood, they can be helpful or a hindrance.

My original (birth certificate) name meant – faithful servant of St Columbus, brave warrior and red (the colour). When I became a mature (spiritual) adult I was given the name of reverend master j’iam. In this new name my first name means servant of the people, my second name means servant of Man (Note the capital M) and true (last) name means servant of I Am – which is the Holy Spirit, the knowable God.

I was given the name J’iam first in a vision. I had no idea what it meant and had to find out by going to the library and researching it. At that stage there was no internet. in my home or business. I found out that the J came from Babylon and meant “HOD” which in turn meant “an extra hand” The term hod came from the bricklayers in Babylon and was a tool that held bricks in so they could be carried up ladders. Hods are still in use around the world today (although not in New Zealand – I asked!).

The J is followed by an apostophe which means “of”. and the name is completed by I Am, which is the name of the Holy Spirit – “I Am the way the light and the truth….” and  “Before Abraham was I Am(was)” etc. Because the j came from the word Hod it is pronounced as an H in the rest of the (non-English speaking) world, so J’iam is pronounced HI_AM. You will notice that in writings I spell J’iam with a small I and a small A. This is to help people not call me Mr JLIM! Lol! Later on I will introduce the capital I and A.

When I did get the internet a few months later I went online to see if anyone else had the same name. Unfortunately it wouldn’t accept an apostrophe in those days so i entered Jiam and got one quarter off a million replies (in 1993!) as jiam is Chinese for “sowing machine factory” (clothing factory) and every little town in china has at least one. It’s like the old New Zealand post office – there was one in every town – two houses together meant one post office! LOL!

Each of my names is also a title/position. As i said reverend (it is not a religious title) means scholar and servant of the people. This is my first level as a writer and metaphysicist.

Master means Servant of Man – with Man being the metaphysical being. A Man can be either male otr female andf has nothing to do with sexual differences. That belongs on the physical plane. We all become Man when we nmove from emotional thinking to logical thinking. The first tool of Man is deductive reasoning!  It is unfortunate that man in english is used to describe a male and woman is used to describe a female. I stopped using man and woman years ago as male and female are objective, scientific descriptions of the two sexes on the physical plane.

As a master I am a metaphysician which means I use metaphysical means of curing problems. All problems come from one of three sources – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual. If we have a problem and we find the source plane the solution becomes obvious. If we have a physical problem we can’t use spiritual solutions. If we have a metaphysical problem we can’t use physical solutions! And so forth! Just as a physician solves physical problems so a metaphysician solves metaphysical problems!

On the highest level – the spiritual – i am an apostle and a disciple. The word apostle means on who has received a message and a disciple means one who follows the “method” of the message. The message i received is WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Newtwork(1992). And the method I follow is the WPPN Method! Did you know that word sinner doesn’t mean a bad person as such, but simply “one who doesn’t follow the method!”

The apostle and disciple came to me last night as i lay in bed (I must be God’s laziest fellow! Lol!) And now i can see the reasoning and the meanings behind all my spiritual names.

When Jesus came he met a man called Simon and said to him. “come with me and I’ll make you a fisher of men (‘s hearts)” And He gave Simon a new, spiritual name of Cephas “you are Simon the son of Jonah: you shall be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a stone.” Stone of corner means a strong foundation of faith – “and upon this rock I will build My church” The name Cephas is still around today in a different form because when Christianity was taken to Greece Cephas was translated as Petros which rhwn became Peter in Latin and English today! Are you a Peter? and did you know the origin of your name?

Certain names are a bit poisonous. I’ve never met a happy Erin. There are probably many but the ones i have met have all been troubled. Erin means Ireland and that is a troubled land in itself, so the trouble passes down with the name. Please don’t call your children Erin, and if you are an Erin then please ask divine spirit what you spiritual name is! And it will be given to you!

When we are born it is left to our parents to name us, but they cannot see the future. We are all born as physical babies and spiritual eggs that don’t hatch until after fifteen years old. So if our parents are birds thay are likely to call us sparrow or lark. But when we are spiritually reborn it may turn out that we were butterfly eggs all along (God is the ultimate Cuckoo!) and we will be given a spirtual name to match our spiritual being. Thus we may be given the name of Monarch or red admiral. And of course our parents will usually be upset! Lol! Because all their lives they thought you were a bird like them!

So I say to you – if you don’t know the meaning of your name then go online and look it up! It is probably right for you but may not be, in which case you’ll have to ask out loud for your spiritual name!

I hope this blog has helped clear some things up for you.
kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The VIRTUOUS CYCLE part ONE (of 3)

This is a revealing of how to set up the Virtuous cycle for yourself. It is a detailed explanation, so it is going to take some time, hence the three parts (or maybe 4).

In Life there are always two choices. With the Virtuous cycle we have an opposite cycle too,  which is called the vicious cycle. We will look at this first because we have to know both sides of the story to actually Know the truth (“You will Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”  By knowing the negative side of things we can recognise those traits in ourselves (past or present) and (especially useful) in others. Why is this useful? Because we don’t have to experience the pain of the negative cycle to learn from it ourselves. We can simply see it manifest in other’s lives and avoid the actions (source) that caused the reactions! This is a far less painful way of learning.

As I said there are always (at least) two ways of doing things. One is to experience negative things ourselves – very painful! The second is to experience negative things through other people (far more detached.) The third way is to follow a master’s example and avoid the pain altogether! Much easier!

The vicious cycle starts with no, or bad. goals. Most people have with no goals. And spiritual law dictated that “man, left to his own devices, is inclined towards evil”  If you have no goals, then your life is more likely to drift into negative circumstances than positive circumstances. That is just the way of life. Like a boat upon the lake is more likely to drift into rocks than to the dock!

As you can see from the below diagram, no goals tends to create negative actions in life, which in turn plant bad seeds (bad goals definitely plant bad seeds!) Either way, bad seeds reap bad results! Bad results – Is that what we want in our lives? Methinks not! Lol!


So we don’t want the vicious/negative cycle in our lives, but many people suffer from this cycle, not because they are actually bad, but because they have no goals! Man left to his own (no) devices is inclined towards evil (negative results) So how do we avoid negative results in our own lives? The only positive (spiritual) way is to set up a system called the virtuous cycle.

In the virtuous cycle we become farmers of our own lives! In this cycle “Man, in the virtuous cycle, is destined towards peace and prosperity!” Notice the two elements – peace and prosperity(wealth). The two are inseparable in the spiritual realm, for we cannot ever be wholly peaceful without wealth (prosperity equals a continuous flow of energy) or peace (a detached state of bliss). The two must be balanced in all our lives. Spirituality is not about denial of the positives. Spirituality is about denial of the negatives and acceptance of the positives! There is a good definition of spirituality …


And the negative cycle is called the vicious cycle, whilst the positive cycle is called the Virtuous Cycle.  I don’t think I have to explain the vicious cycle any more with examples etc. It is important that we get onto the virtuous cycle because implementing the virtuous cycle deleted the vicious cycle entirely!

The Virtuous Cycle

The Virtuous cycle is the exact opposite of the vicious cycle, in that we deliberately plant good seeds by taking good actions, derived from setting good goals! Setting good goals by themselves is not the complete answer, but it is the beginning of the answer. Would you set out to sea with a captain who has no destination in mind? I certainly wouldn’t, but that is the way i worked when i was younger and inexperienced! After a few very hairy journeys and shipwrecks I decided to only get aboard with captains who offered me a definite destination! Lol! That is when i learned about the virtuous cycle.

As I said, you have to have the right goals*. But goals without actions are like standing on the dock without ever getting aboard a ship!

If we have good goals and then action those goals, then we are going to have good results come back to us! Simple as that! Good Goals and Good Actions plant good seeds in the spiritual world, which will return to you as a good crop (results/returns). Nothing complicated here, is there? The basic layout is simple. It’s the application that is difficult to know, as they go against the ways of man. It is the application of the virtuous I am introducing here today.


So I have shown you the two cycles thus far. It is important to know that there are two cycles, so we can deliberately choose one or the other (only an idiot would deliberately choose the vicious cycle, but there are idiots in the world and i have met a couple of them over the past 40 years of adulthood!

Know that in the spiritual cycle, all energy works on the principle of Gifting. If it is not based on gifting, it belongs to either the metaphysical or physical cycles. In the two lower realms gifting is replaced by trading/exchange.

For a gift to be made it has to Be offered and accepted. If an offer isn’t made and accepted then the object is simply given away. Why is this difference important? Because giving away is a win/lose situation, whilst Gifting is a Win/Win situation! How does this work. If I say “Here. have this!” and give it to you you have gained the object and I have lost it – win/lose. If I offer you the object and you accept it then you have won and I have won too. How does that work. By me offering it and you accepting, we set in motion the law of “Sowing and reaping” – “as you sow, so shall you reap MULTIPLIED, 30, 50, 100 fold“. So you have received the benefit of the gift, but i will receive that gift back multiplied! And that is guaranteed by the higher laws! So, how can I ever lose by gifting? I can’t! And that is why it is called the virtuous cycle. Virtue in the spiritual sense means morally pure (good).

Gifting, looked at in another way, is a form of spiritual investment! Are we not told, “if you want to be wealthy, then invest!” by bankers and capital managers? The same goes on the spiritual level too, except the investment is different (offer and acceptance)  and the returns are much higher! Lol!

So Giftings, in the form of an offer and an acceptance, equals returns to you from the higher laws of sowing and reaping (also called the law of Karma – sowing and reaping is western terminology, Karma is eastern).


Gifting is the foundation of the laws of sowing and reaping. We can gift Cash, Goods, Services and LOVE. And we can get all of these gifts back in the same manner or transformed! So we can gift cash and get it back as goods multiplied. or we can gift goods and get it back as service multiplied. Or we can gift Love and get is back as any and all of the returns multiplied (Love is the strongest form of energy!)!

I think that is enough for today. Tomorrow we will look at HOW to implement the virtuous cycle – who to pay and how etc.

At the end of this mini course I will offer the whole thing as a booklet in the PDF format (free, as a gift from me to you! Lol!)

kindest regards,