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suicide is painless part 2 – the conclusion




This is the follow up article to the “SUICIDE IS PAINLESS ” blog I WROTE A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I AWOKE SUNDAY MORNING ND EVERYTHING WaS OKAY, AS God solved the problem for me with a  vision ! He allowed me to go through with the suicide in vision and then fixed my head back onto my body here’s what happened. I went to the railway lines at dawn and placed my head back on my i had deliberately placed my bodyon the line and waited for the train to come. The train was exiting a tunnel so there was no way of the driver seeing me, and the tunnel was heading downhill so the train was travelling at maximum speed. let it be sufficient to say all went according to my plan and my head was cleanly lopped of and rolled to the centre of he track(that hurt a bit as I fell on my nose!.) The moment it stopped rolling my consciousnesss left my head and I could look down on it. I also lifted up a couple of feet and coul see the train pass through me from floor level (it was a passenger train) after that amazing experience I looked down at my body and my head was back on my body. So that was God’s solution (literally having my cake and eating it). I picked myself up of he track and walked home to clean up (my head was bloody and dirty)God is capable of all things – for man these things are imposible, for god all things are possible. I was filled with a great contentment inside (contentment is physical happiness)so I have entered my third lifetime on earth (for the next 20 years until I die permenently) the vision was so real that I had to check my neck to see if I could see a scar(there is none-that’s how I know it was a vision.

Praised be to God the solver of all our problems!

Thanl you lord for the solution to my problem!let me serve you in my mission through your power!

Reverend master j’iam

suicide is painles?(methinks not!)

Suicide is painless ?

Through Early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that
I realize and I can see
That Suicide is Painless
 It brings on many changes
 And I can take or leave it if I please

recently I fell into the hell of hopeless depression  and came very close to 
committing suicide! Only God's  commandment, “thou shalt no kill.” as revealed 
through moses stopped me carrying it out!luckily, a friend of mine called the policea
and they hauled me of to hospital.(thank you richard!)
It i now nearly a fortnight later I am still amazed at how hopeless the deprssion 
made me . I now understand how people who have never been depresed before can be swung away and 
top themelves after half an hour of their first encounter with depresion!. 
I have benn having depressions since I was 18 and don't even remember the first two or 

It took 20 years to get the first suicidal depression and they have started popping up 
more frequently in the past 10 years – I wonder how many more I can go through without
hurting myself/

  my family are talking about putting me in a home for my own safety as I don't 
look after myself very well, not eating properly etc.

iI’d like to stay independent, on the outside of a facility if possible as I am slowly healing from some of my problems (incontinence)(healing quite rapidly actually!)

depression – what is it??? I believe it is a separation of the brain and the soul from each other where the soul can longer influence the brain and leaves it in dispair!(a breaking of the brain soul synergy!) And hopelessness

thank you for reading this short article,

reverend mastr j’iam