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a gift to the world

today I offer a simple little gift to you in the form of a Gif (animated) image.It is part of my job as an Artist and restorer to update and finish past artists work (work they could not finish because the tools hadn’t been invented in their lifetimes)To this extent I have taken still photos taken in the Edwardian period and put them into an animated gif. the original purpose of the photos was to allow analysis f movement. if you want to repeat the original purpose you can simply split the gif up into the original frames using irfaview!


so here it is, please accept it as a gift from me to you



please enjoy,

courteyreverend master j’iam






In 1992 I was given a weekend long vision that came to be called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy) this is shortened to WPPN!

It is a structure that creates wealth (as opposed to RICHES) what is the difference? Wealth is simply riches with internal detachment and innr Peace & sublime happiness!

Spiritually this is called ABUNDANCE! Whereas riches are called accumulations, which are a burden to Man! And wppn is the stucture we each need to become wealthy/Abundant, because- FROM STRUCTURE COMES FREEDOM!

Know thre are \3 ways of getting a wealth structure in your life!

Thet are…..




BY YOURSELF; is by far the hardest way as you have to be very persistant to discover the methodology by self discovery!

BY MENTOR; I tried this but had no success as very few people know the secrets of wealth!(especially rich peiople)

BY AN EXISTING STRUCTURE; in the end I asked I am (God)who gave me an all weekend vision that gave me a structure called WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network [WPPN]) As far as I know I am the only one in possesssion of this so far! The vision occurred in 1992.

Now I am offering it to you as a path to true spiritual and material wealth! God wants to redistribute the wealth of the world from the top (The super Rich) to the bottom (God’s people) where it will be put to better use!

WPPN consists of 6 virtuous cycles and obeys the 11th commandment (love thou One another as I love thee!) If christians only knew that the 11th commandment is the powerhouse of the teaching s of jesus/God they would be so much better off!

To be wholistic (HOLY!!!) is the easy path to wealth(Not riches!!)because wholistic wealth is riches with sublime happiness!

This sublime happinesss must br achieved first and this is done through the actioning of the 11th commandment and the 6 virtuous cycles!Predominantly GIFTING!

The way to work GIFTINGS are as follows…..

The amounts for each sectionn(which add up to make 100%of Gifts ) are as follows…..

be;ow they are, expressed as a pie chart……..

Notice number 1 and 2 are on both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane in importance!

3, 4,5 , 6, are of importance too – not in any logical physical sequence, bu in spiritual importance!

To BE Wealthy it is important to first be spirituallyPOOR!(jesus said “Blessed are the poor in spirit,(spiritually) for theirs is the kingdom of heaven(the power of the higher laws)

The poor are not in poverty, they are working under spiritual law to recover from poverty(including riches). To learn the laws of abundance we must first learn the laws that the poor work under which are called the laws of providence! It is the laws of providence that sets the poor free of poverty!!

and gifting (done the correct way ) is the tool to implement the laws of providence because they state “as you sow (spiritually invest) so shall you reap 30, 50 100 fold!” Folding is the spiritual form of exponential growth that starts with one!(1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,etc.)

one of the mot importance spiritual laws is called “INVOKING THE TOKEN” where we use token amounts of money empoweredwith Love (Finite Plus infinite!)

Thew WPPN structure is set up to combine both types of power together to maximise results!Which is why they are called virtuous cycles!

The opposite of virtuous cycles are called vicious cycles and debt is usually the first step into vicious cycles!which is why it is important to be debt free. BY creating our own family bank you can loan your own money at non-usurious rates and become your own financier!

I spent a month in hospital and when I came out I still didn’t have a single debt- except what others had created for me!And Ipaid those debts off with my family bank, no problems!!!

WPPN is a feature of wealth creation – you can join it for $25 a month and receive a gift of a book called “Commitmens”t which contains all the goals you need to become wealthy! this book is personalised to you and is not available anywhere else in the world!!!

introducing THE CHURCH OF TENTH PATH – The world’s first cooperative church – The world’s first cooperative church

The world’s first cooperative church!


What does a cooperative church do?It puts the parishioners in first place by solving most of their financial and life problems for them first and the church leaders in a distinctly second place, and creates permanent wealth and spiritual solutions to economic problems. It teaches the parishioners how to live on margin (90% of their income ) and builds them a permanent family bank that lasts many generations! As well as taking care of many other problems – like income generation, retirement income, mortgages,etc., etc.,

Church contributions are split as follows

40% to the self gifting family bank (pay you first[obeying the 11th commandment])

10% to the wealth gifting circle(other people)

10% to church costs

20% to 0% mortgages

10% for job creation cooperatives

10% for charitable workcircle

100% The charitable work circle which means they can get a little or a lot depending on how well they can expnad the church!they can also work a job in one of the church businesses!so no one should starve working for the church.

Of course once you join you become part of the “gifting cycle receivers” as everyone must join under someone!For their to be gifters there must be receivers otherwise the circle is not complete/whole! WHOLENESS IS AN ATTRIBUTE OF God (I AM)[God is involved in all things (wholeness)


my kindest regards to you,





Knock, Knock!!

Who’s there?


Oppotunity who?

Of course, you don’ recognise me because I am dressed in working clothes OPPOTUNITY!!!

please come in and explain what you mean!!!

OPPOTUNITY!! is not like lotto winnings! You have to buy a ticket to win the lottoo and your chances of winning are so low you are three times more likely to be struck by lightening!!!

real OPPORTUNITY!! gives you a one in four chance of winning – simply, consistently do the right thins and the right results will manifest!

Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem on the same level it was created on!” As there are only three level in the universe – the physical, the Metaphysical and the spiritual, I am offering spiritual solutions to economic problems!

Because economic problems are caused by bad metaphysical habits in your life! Bet you didn’t know that (I will explain in this article how we are incorrectly taught to pick up these negative habits!

By parents, friends, teachers, bankers and (most)lawyers!

On the physical level knowledge consists of facts,

On the Metaphysical level knowledge consists of principles, (meta means beyond – beyond the physical level)

On the spirital level knowledge consists of higher laws, (these laws always work – work the laws and the laws work for you!)

on the physical and metaphysical credit is the killer of spiritual law

on the spiritual level commitment to yourself is always the first principle. Commitment to cas and being bebt free is the tool that sets you free to create a permanent family bank, of which you erare the head banker. Once your bank is up and running you have access to 0% loans to advance your life!!!

Instead of using OPM (other people’s money by trading your life away (debtors buy your future income and make you a slave to them! Instead, you use OPM (YOUR own person money to create a leveraging of your assets. Same abbreviation totally different meaning and results. By using the spiritual OPM you change your energy from centrifugal (Outwards flowing) to centrupetal (inward flowing)

the first imward flowing law is the spiritual law of providence! The second inflowing law is the spiritual law of abundance.

Most people never reach law number two because they fail to learn law number one

law number one; the law of providence states “everything you need WILL BE SUPPLIED basically FREE or VERY CHEAP! The law of abundance states “everything you need WILL BE SUPPLIED (at a price – the price is that you have to supply your BEingness to the world!

We need to conquer the laws of providence so we can distinguish between our wants and needs!

Once we the difference we are in a position of empowerment (EM means from without

so our power is no longer limited to ourselves and we acquire the “POWERS OF COMMAND! [“as you speak out of your mouth so it shall be”]

so there you are – the first actions and their following benefits

In this stage too, you recognize the power of co-operation people synergizing there actions together to this end! I was gifted the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network(WPPN) – which synergises members actions and levers the benefits for all! (many doing a little bit each can achieve a lot!)

100,000 molehills = to ONE MOUNTAIN!!!!!

By working spiritual laws you build something called virtuous cycles! Virtuous cycles are the keys to true wealth. Money, by itself, is the key to riches , but the rich tend to be unhappy, no matter how much money they have! Wealth is simply being detached from all things except happiness! A wealthy Man is simply rich and happy!

The rich unhappy man went to Jesus to ask him ho to find happiness and Jesus gave him a perfect spiritual answer!(GIFT (NOT GIVE)YOUR MONEY TO THE POOR!

What is the difference between giving and gifting? Often giving is fuelled by hope of returns from the receiver (to the giver!) with gifting the gifter only wants karmic returns (spiritual returns).

Leverages! Rhe journet towards wealth is marked at definite points – the halhway point is a big celebratrory point. The half wave point to $1million is $500,000 on the physical and metaphysical planes. On the spiritual plane (because of the exponential system based on one [not 2 like the physical and metaphysical systems] the halfway point to $1million dollars is only $1,024 on the spiritual plane !!!at this point everything become easier- the difference between pushing a snowball uphill and down hill!

The snowball becomes self -propelling going downhill and You only needs pushes from the left or right to guidee it!

This is a “point of empowerment in spiritual economics!!!

(not only for you but for all the people below you!) Which is why we have the empowered gifting cycle(where we gift to the empowerers above us!!)

once you reach the empowerment point life becomes much easier and the gifts reach a point of becoming a multi-life time retirement plan(which you can will to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, down through time!)

A virtual cycle always leads to a “point of empowerment!”which is the point of WPPN (the wholistic peace and prosperity sytem!

So that, my frin , is a very brief overview of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network! How much o you think this sytem will cost us? Only $25 per month( $300 per year!) and how long will it take to become empowered? A minimum of 2 yaer (more like 5 years for most people!)

even if it took 1- to twenty years like on the physicaland metaphysical levels it is still worth because of the CERTANTY you receive!





Bonus: receive a goal setting book that helps you set every goal you need to become wealthy!

(printed to order and individually numbered for each member

And know this your wealth plan starts the same as every other member –

with a single dollar commitment!(to yourself!)

may peace and prosperity be yours through WPPN!

Reverend master j’iam

suicide is painles?(methinks not!)

Suicide is painless ?

Through Early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that
I realize and I can see
That Suicide is Painless
 It brings on many changes
 And I can take or leave it if I please

recently I fell into the hell of hopeless depression  and came very close to 
committing suicide! Only God's  commandment, “thou shalt no kill.” as revealed 
through moses stopped me carrying it out!luckily, a friend of mine called the policea
and they hauled me of to hospital.(thank you richard!)
It i now nearly a fortnight later I am still amazed at how hopeless the deprssion 
made me . I now understand how people who have never been depresed before can be swung away and 
top themelves after half an hour of their first encounter with depresion!. 
I have benn having depressions since I was 18 and don't even remember the first two or 

It took 20 years to get the first suicidal depression and they have started popping up 
more frequently in the past 10 years – I wonder how many more I can go through without
hurting myself/

  my family are talking about putting me in a home for my own safety as I don't 
look after myself very well, not eating properly etc.

iI’d like to stay independent, on the outside of a facility if possible as I am slowly healing from some of my problems (incontinence)(healing quite rapidly actually!)

depression – what is it??? I believe it is a separation of the brain and the soul from each other where the soul can longer influence the brain and leaves it in dispair!(a breaking of the brain soul synergy!) And hopelessness

thank you for reading this short article,

reverend mastr j’iam

A disciple is one who follows the method of the master!

A disciple is one who follows the method of the master!

A Christian disciple follows the methods of Jesus, the Christ!

The personality of Jesus is no replacement for the words of the Christ that He conveyed to us.

Only by following His words and directions, do we become disciples. The word disciple means
“a follower of the METHOD!” Do you think His Holiness Jesus came and went, without leaving a definite Method for us to follow? No, He did not leave us method-less!His words make up the methodology of the Christ!

Why do you think the new testament is called “the Gospel (the good news).”

The word sinner means “Not a follower of the method” if you want to succeed you have to have a method! If you want to succeed spiritually you have to have a spiritual method! We are told that the fruits of sin are (spiritual)death!

Can you imagine wanting to dig a tunnel beneath a river and having no method of doing so. Without a method you cannot make plans and without plans you cannot succeed. Success is “life”, failure is “death” (Biblically speaking!)

Even if you write a goal and make a plan set upon that written goal, until you discover the correct method you cannot succeed!

The central commandment Around which He(Jesus, the Christ) built his “Method” was the eleventh commandment – John 13:34, “A new commandment I give unto you(in addition to the original 10 commandments), That you love one another; as I have loved you” This was given after the last supper and is the central foundation of Jesus’s (the Christ’s) teachings.

Moses gave 10 testaments to the Jews and Christ gave just one to the Christians! 10 + 1 = 11th commandment. Yet very few Christians know the eleventh commandment and even fewer practice it. If I ask you “are you a Christian?” And you say “yes!” and then I ask you,”do you follow the commandment of Jesus?” and you say “No!” then how can you call yourself a Christian?” It’s bit like saying, “I am a follower of the road code” and then setting out on the left or the right according to your whim! Driving on the “wrong side” of the road will lead to death or serious injury(perhaps not at 3 am on a Monday morning, but definitely at 5 pm on a Friday evening!

By my definition a Christian is one who follows the commandment and methods of Christ (I Am) who was upon Jesus for three years. I am is the name of “The Christ.” The Christ is defined in the bible as an impersonal thing – “I can do all things through Christ WHICH (not a personal who!)strengtheneth me!”

It is important to realise that Jesus(the Man) and the Christ are separate parts, that Jesus became “The Christ” after nearly 6 weeks of spiritual “fasting.” Jesus went into the desert and fasted for 40 days and nights(5 weeks and 5 days.) He entered the desert as Jesus the “Good Man” and came out as Jesus, “The Christ.” Know that “The Christ” is also called “I Am”, the holy spirit and after the Christ descending on him, Jesus spoke in three ways about himself – I, as Jesus, the master.

We as Jesus and God together. And as “I Am” as the holy spirit. The holy spirit descended upon Him after his lengthy fast, for the following three years until his mission was finished!

The Christ’s name is “I AM” as expressed in, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by I Am.” [John 14:6] Also in such saying as,

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I Am(was)”[John 8:58]

and “Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me(I am) will never thirst.” [John 9:5]

and, “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.” [John 9:5]

and, “Jesus said to her, ” I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies,” [John 11:25]

you see the secret of eternal life is we have to go to the messenger, through the messenger to the holy spirit (called I am)

Because I had what is called a “royal rebirth,” I went the opposite direction, straight to I am and them back to the messengers!(all of them!) If you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew, or whatever, you can ask to have a royal rebirth too! Simply speak it out of your mouth aloud and wait for the answer – if you are really open to it (the truth) it will come. If you are not open to it, the answer will not come to you!

Years ago -at the age of 28 – I underwent a royal rebirth.

On the first day God asked me to become a follower of “The Glory of God!” so I did! On the following Monday (I was reborn on the Saturday) I went to see the lady God elected to bring me to him.

When I told i had become a follower of the “Glory of God” she screamed out “ARGH, the devil has got you!” and she put me through exorcism. At the end of my exorcism she cried out, “please bring J’iam back to the true religion instead of the glory of God!”
to which God replied,



I have access to a huge resource – I AM! I AM is God’s knowable essence. God consists of two elements – the Knowable essence and the unknowable essence (which we can never know in this world).

I AM is the source of all knowable things – Love, Life and knowledge!

“the Supreme Horizon. Blessed is the soul that hath gazed on the Most Mighty Sign, and the ear that hath heard His most sweet Voice, and woe to whosoever hath turned aside and done wickedly.

  1. [1 Jesus.]
    [2 The Sacred Lote-Tree, the Tree beyond which there is no passing (See Qur’an 53:8-18). A symbol of the Manifestation of God.

O thou who hast turned away from God! Wert thou to look with the eye of fairness upon the Divine Lote-Tree, thou wouldst perceive the marks of thy sword on its boughs, and its branches, and its leaves, notwithstanding that God created thee for the purpose of recognizing and of serving it.”

The Glory of God

Notice how the word IT is used. The holy Spirit is always referred to in the impersonal form – “I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me.” I have seen this written (Incorrectly) on numerous times as “who strengtheneth me” (with the who meaning Jesus).

This is wrong. Jesus’s last name was not Christ! Jesus went into the desert and fasted for two days under 6 weeks and the holy spirit descended onto him. So he went in as Jesus the good man and came out as Jesus, the Christ.

If we understand this one thing then the two divisions of God makes sense. The Christ Spirit (Holy Spirit) cannot die – ever.

The death of Jesus(the man) extended the range of tribulations for mankind to a new extreme, but gave us new powers to deal with them!

The death of Jesus was a parable that showed us how to deal with the new extreme tribulations – through I Am!

I AM the light of the world”

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I AM the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” [John 8:12] kjv

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me(I AM).” [John 14:6] kjv

I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me.” [Phillipians 4:15] kjv

Just as there are two elements to God – the knowable and the unknowable, so too are there two ways to reaching God – directly and indirectly. The direct way is known as a “royal rebirth”

In a royal rebirth you go directly to I AM and are directed back to all the manifestations of God! This is the direct way to God. Gandhi had a royal rebirth and always read (and quoted) the Hindu, the Christian and the Muslim scriptures

The second way to God is the indirect way – to a messenger of God and through the messenger of God to I AM. Most people go to the messenger of God but not through the messenger to the real source of power, I AM.

Why is this? Because the religions usually elevates the messenger to the position of the knowable essence of God (an example of this is changing the word “which” to “who” “I can do all things through Christ Which/X who strengtheneth me.”

So the new indirect believer is inducted into a church that elevated Jesus to the position of God (which is blesphemy and they are inducted into a cult!) An example follows of an extreme change to the bible which subtly lifts jesus the man to the position of God…

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” English standard bible]

the standards of this bible are very low indeed!

Have you ever felt like you are a very powerful train who is applying full power but can’t get traction on the rails because they are covered in oil? This is what being in a church is like that is not connecting you to the holy spirit. The holy spirit is not manifestations of “Talking in tongues” this does happen occasionally and I have even spoken in tongues myself (on a moving motorbike through town!) but the vast majority are just babble! A person who speaks babble is just a babblard, not spiritually ignited and powerful!

Friends I ask you not to take offense at what I have written, but to investigatye what I have said as if it has an element of truth to it. Only by studyying it will you see the truth of I AM and become empowered. Also ask God to give you guidence so you can see the truth of what I have said. I also recommend that you ask (Aloud) to unite with the true source of Love, Light and power! (I AM)

Know there are many levels of rebirth in the spiritual world, above and beyond our initial rebirth into the world of manifestations and the holy spirit (I AM).

The birth into I AM is the second level of rebirth! And there are many rebirths after this too!

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God [Matt 4:4, Deutronomy 8:3]

yours faithfully

reverend master j’iam

Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

037 new paradigm2015.04

Been quiet for a while now

You know what they say about children – “beware when they are quiet!” But what about the children of God? Well, really no one notices when they go quiet and many people are actually relieved!

But I have been quiet because I have been learning new things! Like the fact that I am more than the sum of my parts! That my whole life has been a nob-linear learning curve! And that many of these curves are coming to a head in the present in preparation for the future.

Did you know that we are heading towards a world wide awakening of the consciousness in 80% of the people?  Well, we are!

We are heading into a new day, the likes of which the world has never seen before! Look around you – we live in the most prosperous time of mankind ever! And although it is not equitably shared we have the wing of prosperity completed and now we are working on the wing of peace. Once the wing of peace is built enough the Bird of Life will lift itself off the ground and man’s consciousness will be able to SEE for the first time in the history of man! It only needs for the birds head to rise above groundlevel and the “Great Dawning” will be upon us!

In the past couple of months I have discovered that my purpose in life is to raise the consciousness of mankind. How have done that? By raising my own consciousness!

All my life I have wholistic. Never been satisfied with answers on the physical and metaphysical levels only. Always had to include the higher laws in my calculations (even as an atheist!) Now I can see God’s plan for the world and my place in His plan! My three names all mean “Servant” of some kind. The first name means “Servant of the people”. My second name means “Servant of  Man “Whilst my last name means “Servant of I Am” I have recognised in the past few months that I Am is the name of the Holy Spirit, of the Christ Spirit. I have realised that I am a Christian at last, not a Jesusite (great Be his name).

At last I know that the secret to wealth is to reach the state of Poor, which changes our Beingness to that of Happy! (Blessed are the Poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. I know that Disneyland is the happiest kingdom on Earth, but the Kingdom of heaven sublimely blows Disneyland out of the water!

I also now no that the problems we face at present are not solvable using the same level of consciousness that created them. This is because they were created on the metaphysical level and they can only be solved on the spiritual level!  “What”, I hear you say,”How can religion help us solve our problems?” I didn’t say religion – they are part of the problem! I said, “Spiritual Solutions to economic problems!”

Using the higher laws of the universe provides us with unique solutions to age old problems. Spiritually Usury is forbidden. You will find that capitalism practices usury – Debt and Interest being the main problems. In the spiritual solution debt is eliminated and replaced with gifting! Money is not predominantly used for trading and gambling, but to solve long term problems (up to a 1,000 years.)

In the spiritual solution our happiness goals are not things and money but continuity first, stability second and growth third. In the capitalist system GROWRH is first, stability second and continuity…. Meh!

I am writing again now so keep watching this blog.

I am going to put more motivation posters on here from now on.

if you really want to get ahead and become wealthy I can show you have to create “Virtuous Cycles” for only $25 per month using spiritual laws.

Don’t be fooled that I am offering “instant riches.” Good things take time and it is going to take at least 5 years, more like 10 to get your virtuous cycles going. It takes time to change from the centrifugal(riches for some) to the centripetal wealth system (wealth for all). The wealth I have created will last at least 25 generations of my descendants!

I don’t work on a linear system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, etc.) but on an exponential (folding) system (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.)

The linear system works in the physical  and metaphysical levels. It’s movement is anticlockwise it’s energy is centrifugal and leads to riches. The non-linear methods works on a centripetal basis, it moves clockwise and leads to wealth – which is happiness first joined with abundance to create the state of wealth. Between the two is the state of stillness!

It is the state of stillness that is the hardest barrier to cross. The bible states,”Be still and know I Am, God” The state of stillness must be reached on the spiritual level. You see wealth is a three step process changing from cent6rifugal, anti-clockwise movement to a stillness (no motion) to a clockwise, centripetal motion.

This huge change of consciousness is coming in the next 20 years – I can see it manifesting in parts of the world already. It will be world wide by 2035. But you can start your own transformation now and be ahead of the world at large and cut out all the pain of instant change!

In fact you can be one of the forerunners who will be able to help others deal with the new system having already planted your seeds of change (and greatness) and having seen the results for yourself!

We live in scary times if you are misinformed or we live in Great times if you eyes and heart are open! Which is it to be for you?

toadstool laughing 700