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Producing wealth in your own life

Are you working hard in your boss’s life, producing wealth for him, but not working at all in your own life to produce wealth for yourself?

Life is a “do-it-to-yourself project” and if you put one tenth as much energy into your own life as you do into your bosses you would be content (detached) in five years and physically wealthy in 15 years! So 4 hours per week is the difference between poverty and wealth over 15 years!

The path out of poverty is always open to everyone and if you have a regular income your path is so much easier! But it requires self-discipline (discipline means a “follower of the method”) and most people in poverty don’t want to impose self-discipline on themselves – that is why they are in poverty!!!

So they struggle on – broke and in poverty – for the rest of their lives, until the pain of staying the same becomes less than the pain of changing!

Once we want to change we have to ask the universe for guidance! We have to ask that question out aloud! Much like wanting to get into a gentleman’s club, walking up to the door and never knocking! How is the butler inside going to hear you if you never knock? How are you going to get the universal knowledge to wealth if you never ask? You are not ever going to get it if you don’t ask for it (knock at the door!) “Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open!”

Be grateful if you are feeling the pain, because all you have to do is ask the universe to show you the path to Wealth (not riches) and you will be shown. And then you have to make the choice – do it, become Poor and then Wealthy, or do I remain in poverty and aim to be rich (also a state of poverty!) The pain you are feeling is like a dog howling because it is sitting on a thorn! The solution? “Get up and move to another spot where there is no thorn, you lazy dog!”

The hound dog is howling, so forlorn,

Laziest dog that was ever born,

He’s howling because he’s sitting on a thorn,

Just too darn lazy to move over!” (from the song, “Life gets tedious don’t it?”)

Karma is the law of sowing and reaping. What we do produces the same results back to us in larger quantities! In banking this is called investing! If we invest positively we sow seeds of wheat, barley or corn. If we don’t invest at all we let seeds of thistles, weeds and thorns take a hold on our land (life).

Come the reaping time we reap what we have sown (or not sown) and the wheat, barley or corn produces a fine crop! But the thistles, weeds and thorns produce a horrible crop that sting, burn and hurt us!

Notice how it takes no effort to sow the negative crops! They simply sow themselves. That is because we are a part of nature and our lives are a patch of land we live in for all our lives. We cannot stop the coming of the autumn, the winter, the spring and the summer in our lives anymore that we can stop the autumn, winter, spring and summer of the world!

In the autumn we reap what we have sown in the spring! If it is a good crop it will keep us well fed for the following winter. If it is a negative crop it is going to hurt us (the thistles and thorns don’t “hate” us – they don’t even know we exist!) and cause a very, very lean winter! (I suppose you could eat thistle soup [poverty]!)

Notice how the cartoon man is in debt. Debt can be either negative (the vast majority of debt (97%) is negative) or positive (3%). The worst form of debt is debt used to finance another debt – e.g. hire purchase on a car. Wait a minute, I hear some people say, a car is an asset! BUZZ! WRONG! A car is definitely useful to the individual but definitely a negative investment (a cost). How do I know that? Because when you are in business you can claim the car and its costs against tax! There is now way you can claim profits against tax, so it must be a liability! But it is a necessary part of business so we are allowed to claim the costs of business against a car!

I knew some people who were in deep financial trouble who came to me for help. One look at their lives told me the source of their problems – their cars. They had three cars (liabilities) on hire purchase (liabilities – thus liabilities on liabilities!) on two small incomes! The only asset they had was their house. I told them to sell two of the cars to get rid of the negative debts (they were parents and a grown child) and offered to set up an investment plan for them (a virtuous cycle).

Instead of listening to me, they sold their house to (temporarily) support their cars! They still lost their cars because the house money was only a temporary fix. And when the house money was gone they were back in the same dire financial situation – not enough income to cover their outgoings! I’m afraid I gave up on them as they came to me for advice, but never listened to it and never acted on it at all! In fact they went down the opposite road!

These same people also asked for advice on a cheque for $1,000 they received as a tax refund. They asked me what to do with it. I advised them to go into a different bank and open up a new account with it. “Why?” they asked. “Because if you put it into your current account your bank manager will cease it (they owed the bank $5,000).

“Oh we trust our bank manager – he would never do that!” they said. “Thump, thump, thump” (that’s me banging my head against the wall!) Two days later they phoned me up, crying, saying “The bank manager seized our money!! What can we do?!!!”

“Well, nothing actually!” was my reply. “I told you what would happen if you banked it with him.”

Why are people so stupid? Because they work on emotions, not logic. Logic gives us systems to follow. The system is the discipline and the follower of the system is the disciple!

People who don’t follow a system were, and are, called sinners (sinner means “one who doesn’t follow the system”) People who don’t follow systems are ALWAYS following emotions! Always!!!

Learn this; “The path to Peace and Prosperity always follows a system. The path to ruin always follows the emotions.”

The path to wealth is always hidden in plain sight. We can’t see it because it is right in front of our noses – literally, “Hidden in plain sight!” The only way we can see it is to ask to be shown it. Only by asking do our eyes re-focus on the answer we have overlooked for so long!

Why do people work so diligently on their neighbours (bosses) farm and leave their own to ruin? Because they don’t know any better. They are born in their own piece of land but not taught how to cultivate it! They are taught to cultivate the neighbour’s farm but never think to do the same to their own land! Why? Because they are still working on emotions!

It is only when we wake up and realise that the true source of wealth for ourselves is right knowledge (“you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”) accompanied by right actions and persistence of those actions!

 So what we need for wealth is…


Right knowledge

Right actions

Persistence of those actions!


Those are the fundamentals of all success – of ALL Success!

That will be $100,000 please! That is what this knowledge is worth. I’ll bet if you paid that much for it, you would carry the actions out. But because I’m gifting it too you free the vast majority will treat it with contempt (an emotional feeling!)

So Please, listen, ask and seek, and when the answer comes – do it, Do It , DO IT!

Of course the answer lays right in front of you. I have spent 36 years studying and test the Universal wealth creation systems and am now Wealthy in Spirit and soon to be wealthy on the physical plane. You could always ask me for advice – I won’t turn you away as a local millionaire turned me away in 1979! (Fortunately for me! I then asked the universe and was given my personal secret of wealth – to help create 100 millionaires (initially) using spiritual wealth creation methods (called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – WPPN.) This is my mission in life to establish a new spiritual wealth creation system on earth.

So if you want a mentor to show you the way please contact me today,

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Lament not, rejoice not . . .

Lament not in poverty and rejoice not in riches, for one follows the other as sure as night follows day!

There is a tidal flow to possessions that happens, not every day, but on a regular basis. It’s like we all live on the seashore and the tide comes in and goes out. When the tide is in we are flowing in possessions. When the tide is out we are not! But when the tide is out we know that it will come in again!

So if the tide is so regular, surely we should organise our lives to take advantage of them? You’d think so, but most people living in the physical world don’t! Mainly because most people don’t even know the four states of beingness in the universe – riches, poverty, Poor and Wealth. Notice that the states of Poor and Wealth have capital letters to indicate that they are Positive Spiritual states, whilst riches and poverty don’t have capitals, thereby indicating that they are negative physical states.

These two differences – Positive/Spiritual and negative/physical can be expressed in two words – Empowered and disempowered. Empowered is a Spiritual state that is Guided, planned and protected – a state of “do-it-to-yourself”.  Whilst disempowered is a physical state of chance, basically a “have-it-done-to-you” project!

These states can be laid out as below to show the difference

wealth poor riches poverty

The yellow words are Spiritual/Empowered, the white line represents the barrier between Empowered and disempowered, whilst the grey words are physical/disempowered.

So the two ultra-simple states in the universe are Empowered and disempowered!

Which would you rather be? Empowered or disempowered? Me, I’ve chosen Empowered. How do we become disempowered? By doing nothing! We are all born into disempowerment! Empowerment is a choice we have to make in spiritual adulthood (after the age of 15). If we don’t even know that this state exists how are we going to choose it? Well, to put it simply, we can’t! That is why I am telling you here today! If you want to remains disempowered then stop reading! If you are already empowered, I can hear you chuckling! Lol!

Once we know that there are two states in the universe then how do we choose the state we want to Be in? If you want to stay disempowered then simply…….


 To choose Empowerment we have to speak (ASK) it out aloud! By saying something like. . .


 “I hereby choose to be Spiritually Empowered! Please show me the true path!”


If you want to become empowered I challenge you to go back and read the last sentence out aloud! It is as easy as that! Once uttered the universe changes your paths direction so you are headed to a meeting, an encounter with Love! When you meet Love you have met God – for God IS love and Love IS God! The point of this meeting is called rebirth and at that point all negative karma (the law of sowing and reaping) is wiped! This is a truly great gift for we all carry negative karma which reduces our chances of success in the physical world.

Also you will see things that are blindingly obvious that were hidden in the physical world (glass ceilings – there are two of them!) You will go through a series of insights and the realities of those insights are so blindingly obvious that you wonder why you never saw them before (you never asked to see them! Lol!)

You will reach heights of Ecstasy like you’ve never experienced before! Sex(orgasm) is ecstasy on the physical level and  is as close as you can come to the Spiritual Ecstasy on the physical plane. Orgasm is close to the spiritual state of happiness’s Ecstasy whilst the “afterglow” of sex is as close as we can get to Bliss – the second state of spiritual happiness. Why do you think people (even atheists and agnostics) call out, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” when they are coming? Because this is when they are approaching Ecstasy and Bliss!

Let me reveal a secret to you – free of charge! Lol! There are three levels of happiness. On the physical level it is called Contentment. On the metaphysical level it is called Joy. And on the spiritual level it is called Ecstasy and Bliss! And all three levels of happiness can only Be reached on the spiritual plane – even contentment, which is a solely physical state! There is no contentment in the physical plane, which is why we are told to strive, strive, strive!


Below I have placed the original verse of The Glory of God, which explains the fundamentals of what I have written about today and leads to the discovery of the four different stations of life (poverty, riches, Poor and Wealthy.)


Be not troubled in poverty nor confident in riches, for poverty is followed by riches, and riches are followed by poverty. Yet to be Poor in all save God is a wondrous gift, belittle not the value thereof, for in the end it will make thee rich in God, and thus thou shalt know the meaning of the utterance, “In truth ye are the Poor,” and the holy words, “God is the all-possessing,” shall even as the true morn break forth gloriously resplendent upon the horizon of the lover’s heart, and abide secure on the throne of Wealth.

The Glory of God


I hope that you have gotten much out of this article. I hope that you read the sentence, “I hereby choose to be Spiritually Empowered! Please show me the true path!” aloud, for that will change your life completely (although you cannot see it yet – unless you were Blessed with instant rebirth!)


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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