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The State of Poor is like unto a Chrysalis

The State of Poor is like unto a Chrysalis in that, in this new age, it has become a state of transformation. Transforming into what? Why a butterfly of course! And what is the State of the butterfly? Abundance!


So the complete process goes from caterpillar, to chrysalis and butterfly – the physical, metaphysical and spiritual states! Also known as disempowered, empowered and synergistically empowered and poverty, detachment and Abundant.


So, seen this way the process is wholistic and continuous. This has been kept a secret, and veiled to non-believers, since the beginning of Man. It is only in this age of spiritual maturity that it is being revealed. It is still pretty much veiled to those in poverty in this new age. It is only as man becomes more educated (not learned, but educated – the ability to recognise truth for yourself, by yourself) that it will be more widely known. Parents will learn it and teach it to their children as a part of their upbringing, as the parents will create permanent incomes and assets that pass down through the generations. One of the biggest assets in life is education!


Know that the future economy is returning to a slave economy – that is to say not human slaves, but machine slaves and human masters. This requires a whole different setup from the capitalistic economy. Know that every person on earth has enough potential assets to become a millionaire in 30 years. Everyone! EVERYONE! The only thing lacking is education, hope and correct actions (Faith, Hope and Charity [with charity being Love in action]).


The world is desperately lacking in education at the moment. Much of what is called “Education” is actually learning. Education is different in that we have to teach our children to be innerly self-motivated, to be able to distinguish between truth and falsehood for themselves!


Neither science or religion are doing this at the moment, except in rare cases.


The real process is for us – the caterpillars – to grow through learning to the stage where we can enter an educated state of self-determination, to choose to connect with Love and Higher education of the spiritual world.  Only then can we enter the state of Poor (the chrysalis.) For the majority (90%) the state of Poor is just a transcendent stage in this new age – into the state of Abundance! Once we become Abundant we achieved a supreme spiritual state!


In this state we are wholly peaceful and prosperous. We are whole Men. We are Holy Men (Holy means whole!)


So the spiritual state is not a state of religion (water – the knowledge of God/Love) but a state of spirituality (Fire – the actions of God/Love)!


How does the caterpillar escape the physical world it is born into? By simply asking, out aloud!  God/Love is not separate from us. The caterpillar breathes, eats and lives in the air of the world. The very air itself IS God/Love. We are part of the air, not separate from it! So all we have to do is ask to be shown the Air (God/Love) aloud and our question will be answered under the laws of providence – “ask you will receive, knock the door will open!”


So there is nothing mysterious to finding God/Love. All we have to do is ask for a connection out aloud. Why aloud? Because of the energy levels of speech. Thoughts have an energy level of 1 – only just above zero. Sound has an energy level of 10 and is the first type of spiritual energy – “in the beginning (the first energy form) was the word (sound is the first form of energy), and the Word was with God, and the Word was (is) God.”


Every word you speak goes out of your mouth, into your ear, by-passes your consciousness and goes to your subconscious. It is only the subconscious that can actually ask for the connection to Love/God! So we have to speak it aloud for it to be heard by the subconscious! That is the only path to a connection (except if God forces it, like on Saul, but this is exceedingly rare.)


And that, my friend, is the secret of finding God/Love. You will notice that I use the combined words of God/Love all the time. This is because God IS Love and Love is God. The two are inseparable. The image of God being a judgmental old man, ever ready to destroy the world is totally incorrect. Love/God does not destroy things, but replaces them with a better, a positive system/energy. Only light can replace darkness!


People destroy themselves by Karma (the laws of Sowing and Reaping) – an automatic self-regulating system imposed on the non-spiritual to prevent the destruction of the world as a whole. Karma is a bit like the white blood cells, which destroy germs (negative energy.) The spiritual are exempt from the laws of sowing and reaping by spiritual habits like Love and Forgiveness. The first Gift upon entering the spiritual kingdom is removal of all past negative Karma – thus the saying, “All things are made new!”


Sadly, humans being human, most will only ask when they are desperate – when the pain of changing seems to be less than the pain of staying the same! But you don’t have to wait for that point. You can ask at any point in your life. I ask you to ask to see if what I have said here today is true! Ask, you will receive an answer.


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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ENERGY! Life is all about energy levels!

 Life is all about energy levels – and about increasing our energies as we get older and (hopefully) wiser!. 

When we are born we have an energy level of 1. And we stay in the first level of ones until such time as we start abstract thinking (usually around about the age of 8 for most people, but some never make the transition!). The first level is known as the physical plane whilst the second plane is called the metaphysical. Most of the world (60%) tend to rise slightly into the metaphysical and then settle back down into the physical in adulthood. This is a shame as the energy levels on the metaphysical is based in 10s. If we are able to combine the physical and metaphysical planes, our energies increase frpm 1 to a base of 11 (10+1=11!).

If we imagine we are road builders and we want to build a road a mile long,  then in the physical plane what are our instruments? Why a spoon of course!


In the metaphysical plane what tools do we have? Why, shovels of course. Now which is easier to build a road with? A spoon or a shovel? The shovel of course!


But men stopped digging roads with shovels way back at the turn of 1900s, so what level took over from spoons and shovels? The spiritual level! Know that spiritual energy is based on 100. So if we compare that to shovels and spoons we get a Bobcat earth mover! Now we can use this energy level to build the road. 



With the spiritual 100 and the metaphysical 10 and the physical 1 we get a combination of 111! Know that 111 is the “break free” energy level!

But today even this is not enough to build the super highways we use! So there must be a still even higher level again! And there is! Know that there are two levels to the spiritual plane the water (100) and the Fire (level 1,000!) And where does this higher level abide? In the higher laws of the universe! So if you have a combined energy of 111 and set up something called “a virtuous cycle” you can tap into the 1,000 energy and your own energy shoots up to 1,111! At this level of Beingness no one can resist you, because you are gifted the “Powers of Command” (“as you speak out of your mouth, so it shall be!”) in all things except one (the power of life and death – creation).

At this level our road equipment is a huge double engined earth scraper, like below!


And what is the road we are building? Why it is our major dominant purpose in life! Which is to…

1) find the source of divine love

2) help build a general divine civilization and 

3) help to build a specific divine civilization!

Of course you can’t just hop into an earthmover and drive it immediately – there is training involved and all masters have to get their licences first! “Well, where’s your license then, smarty pants???”  My license is my name – J’iam – which means “hand of I Am”. Know I Am is the name of the knowable essence of Love. Extend it out a bit and my name means “servant of Love”! That is my graduation gift from above.

Know it only takes 111 units of energy to internally synergize yourself into a single unit. Until you reach this stage you are not “Whole” and the Bibles says “a House divided(not whole) can never win” Win what? Win the energy levels of 1,000!! To gain this is to be EM-powered – literally powered from without! Once you have this energy, you can put the house divided rule into a single positive and state “A house united (synergised) will always win!” Can you see the logic in that? I know I can. If you can’t, then ask to have this text revealed to you in a way you can understand it, using the divine laws of providence – in good and Godly circumstances! “Ask and you will receive!”

If anyone has any questions about this subject (that I have just skimmed today) please feel free to ask me! Remember, “There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people who are too scared to ask!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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