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today is the 11th of the 12th of 2013 – 11.12.13!

Today is a special number day. It is 11.12.13! And that is the last time nearly a century that this sequence will appear (the next one in is on 01.02.03 (2103)! 

Also it has special significant in that by adding all the numbers together we get 36. If we add 3 + 6 we get 9 (and 9 is the number of completion.)

So expect changes in the world today! I know it has changed in my world, as I am now a peacemaker! As of today! Lol!

And expect changes in the world at large in the future, as the energy of Peace and Prosperity compounds and replaces the usurers of the world with the peacemakers of the world! So BE it!

love, peace and prosperity