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A disciple is one who follows the method of the master!

A disciple is one who follows the method of the master!

A Christian disciple follows the methods of Jesus, the Christ!

The personality of Jesus is no replacement for the words of the Christ that He conveyed to us.

Only by following His words and directions, do we become disciples. The word disciple means
“a follower of the METHOD!” Do you think His Holiness Jesus came and went, without leaving a definite Method for us to follow? No, He did not leave us method-less!His words make up the methodology of the Christ!

Why do you think the new testament is called “the Gospel (the good news).”

The word sinner means “Not a follower of the method” if you want to succeed you have to have a method! If you want to succeed spiritually you have to have a spiritual method! We are told that the fruits of sin are (spiritual)death!

Can you imagine wanting to dig a tunnel beneath a river and having no method of doing so. Without a method you cannot make plans and without plans you cannot succeed. Success is “life”, failure is “death” (Biblically speaking!)

Even if you write a goal and make a plan set upon that written goal, until you discover the correct method you cannot succeed!

The central commandment Around which He(Jesus, the Christ) built his “Method” was the eleventh commandment – John 13:34, “A new commandment I give unto you(in addition to the original 10 commandments), That you love one another; as I have loved you” This was given after the last supper and is the central foundation of Jesus’s (the Christ’s) teachings.

Moses gave 10 testaments to the Jews and Christ gave just one to the Christians! 10 + 1 = 11th commandment. Yet very few Christians know the eleventh commandment and even fewer practice it. If I ask you “are you a Christian?” And you say “yes!” and then I ask you,”do you follow the commandment of Jesus?” and you say “No!” then how can you call yourself a Christian?” It’s bit like saying, “I am a follower of the road code” and then setting out on the left or the right according to your whim! Driving on the “wrong side” of the road will lead to death or serious injury(perhaps not at 3 am on a Monday morning, but definitely at 5 pm on a Friday evening!

By my definition a Christian is one who follows the commandment and methods of Christ (I Am) who was upon Jesus for three years. I am is the name of “The Christ.” The Christ is defined in the bible as an impersonal thing – “I can do all things through Christ WHICH (not a personal who!)strengtheneth me!”

It is important to realise that Jesus(the Man) and the Christ are separate parts, that Jesus became “The Christ” after nearly 6 weeks of spiritual “fasting.” Jesus went into the desert and fasted for 40 days and nights(5 weeks and 5 days.) He entered the desert as Jesus the “Good Man” and came out as Jesus, “The Christ.” Know that “The Christ” is also called “I Am”, the holy spirit and after the Christ descending on him, Jesus spoke in three ways about himself – I, as Jesus, the master.

We as Jesus and God together. And as “I Am” as the holy spirit. The holy spirit descended upon Him after his lengthy fast, for the following three years until his mission was finished!

The Christ’s name is “I AM” as expressed in, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by I Am.” [John 14:6] Also in such saying as,

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I Am(was)”[John 8:58]

and “Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me(I am) will never thirst.” [John 9:5]

and, “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.” [John 9:5]

and, “Jesus said to her, ” I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies,” [John 11:25]

you see the secret of eternal life is we have to go to the messenger, through the messenger to the holy spirit (called I am)

Because I had what is called a “royal rebirth,” I went the opposite direction, straight to I am and them back to the messengers!(all of them!) If you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew, or whatever, you can ask to have a royal rebirth too! Simply speak it out of your mouth aloud and wait for the answer – if you are really open to it (the truth) it will come. If you are not open to it, the answer will not come to you!

Answers! We can all be Christians despite our individual Faiths

I have devised a good test to tell the difference between Christians and Jesus-ites (a Jesus-ite is a follower of the cult of Jesus and a non follower of I Am – the Christ spirit.)  I simply ask them if they know what the eleventh commandment is.

If they answer,”there are only ten commandments” they are a Jesus-ite or a Moses-ite.

If they know it, they are on the way to being a Christian.

If they practice it they are a Christian. If you practice the eleventh commandment you are a Christian no matter what religion or faith you follow! The first Christian I met at the age of 18 was a both a Christian and a Muslim! I was an atheist at the time and his advice to me was “God always Provides!” This is pure simple Christian advice!

You see the Christ is above personal faith. It’s name is I Am and it is accessible to anyone. I had what is called a “Royal Rebirth” and was asked by the Christ spirit to become a Bahai – which I did after reading the words of Baha’u’llah, Muhammed, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha and seeing that they were all written by the same hand (Christ) only in different coloured pens!

So, where will you find the eleventh commandment? Look up John 13:34

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Notice how the words, “One another” are repeated twice. This is the clue to the Wholistic mature of this commandment. One is the old fashioned English word for yourself – “How is one today?”

An-other is the old fashioned way of describing other people.

So translated in modern English the commandment reads, “Love Yourself and other people” Twice it repeats this to emphasise the importance of this aspect.

Love yourself FIRST. Why? Because “as within, so without.” If we cannot love the God within how can we love the God without? If we don’t pay ourselves first how can we pay others second? If we don’t obey our inner, higher selves how can we obey our outer, higher selves? Well, quite simply, we can’t!

If we don’t Love the God within us, we cannot love the God without us! If we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love others!

So that is the What to do! Next, how do we do it? The answer is God’s way – “As I have Loved you.” So How does God Love us? Why wholly and unconditionally, of course! So we must love ourselves, Others and God wholly and unconditionally! This is the simple secret to Heaven of Earth!

And, the crux of the whole thing, what is the Method? There must Be a method, for without a method, nothing is achieved (except by chance – and we have all won the big lotto prize by chance, haven’t we? Lol!) The method for this time and day is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (church, organisation, Method, Synergy)

This (WPPN)was revealed in 1992 and created in 2011. It took 19 years to be fully understood for the first time!

So anyone of any religion can Be a Christian (I Am, is the Christ! Jesus (Blessed Be His name) was the Christ on earth for only three years.) He went into the desert as Jesus the Man and came out as Jesus the Christ after fasting for 40 days and nights (5 weeks and 5 days).

Since then there have been three other Christs on earth. But the eleventh commandment still stands. None of the other human Christs revoked it in any way! In fact they added to it, refined it even further!

In this New Age the churches and religions are fading away. In their place are rising a new breed of believers, who call themselves “Spiritual.” Know that the spiritual way is the way of the Fire (The Holy Spirit) and Jesus told us we must be reborn into both the Water and the Fire (the Holy Spirit) to Be whole (Holy)

We live in age “the likes of which Mankind has never seen before!” Look around you and see what is happening in the world as it metamorphoses from a caterpillar to a butterfly! We live in an age of miracles, most of which are so “common” these days that they are totally ignored!

Take the car for example. We have been travelling behind horses backsides for over 5,000 years! And travelling at 4 to 12 miles an hour for all that time! Yet today we can all travel at 60 mph at any time (By car, train, bus or motorcycle) and can travel at 550 mph in a jumbo jet! Is this not a miracle with a capital M? YES! It is! But we take it for granted every day!

200 years ago it would take a letter at least six months to travel around the world from England to New Zealand. Today the letter is becoming extinct, instead we email each other and complain when it doesn’t arrive in half an hour anywhere on earth!

So the times have changed and the old methods of life have changed as well. In the New Age the old methods only allow some to live comfortably. In the New Age all are allowed to live comfortably and we don’t have to suffer under the reigns of capitalism and communism any more, because the keys to our Own Freedom are in our Own Hands (WPPN)!

Know you have to have 6 elements aligned to succeed –

(1) a desire

(2) a Goal

(3) a method

(4) a Plan

(5) activation of the plan and finally….

(6) fruition of the plan

After that we return to number one again.

And what is the most common lack that stops people succeeding? Why the method of course!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is the Method and the Activation of a New Age plan of success – simple as that!

If you want to know what the method is, simply contact me on <> There is no pressure, no obligation I am simply one man and two followers of the WPPN Method. I offer you the truth and you have to decide whether to accept it or not! If you accept it you start a 30 year journey that offers you success under the higher laws of the universe (God never backs out on His promises!)

There are no short cuts, the commitment is to yourself for the rest of your life. But I guarantee that within 5 years your life will have totally changed for the better, as you see the results manifesting from the virtuous cycles you create in WPPN.

You see we all know what a vicious cycle is, but far less of us know what a virtuous cycle is. And even less of us know HOW to create a virtuous cycle, and even less know how to create wholistic (Multiple) virtuous cycles that lead to permanent, stable and ever growing success that we pass onto our children (if they want it) our grand children, our great grandchildren down through the generations for at least 500 to 1,000 years!

Only WPPN works on God’s virtuous cycles to create wealth (Abundance + Detachment) over the period of our whole life! By 2035 it will dominate the world economy and people will be free, peaceful and prosperous! And then my mission will be completed and I will die in 2036 to go home again!

Come and join me in spreading the truth to the world. The best way to spread the truth is by demonstrating it to the world by manifesting it in our own lives!

Kindest regards,


reverend master jiam00427

The ELEVEN commandments

It seems strange to me that after 2,000 years Christ’s One new commandment hasn’t been added to the ten old commandments, so that Christians can be free! The eleventh commandment is contained in John 13:34 and states “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you” This is a personal metaphysical/Spiritual commandment that should be applied by all Christians. Why? Because if you are carrying out this commandment you automatically are filling out the old ten commandments and doing even more!

The eleventh commandment is critical to following the Christ (I Am) not Jesus (who became The Christ after fasting in the desert for 40 full days!). If you follow Jesus, and not the Christ, you are simply another cultist. The idea with any messenger of God is to go to the messenger and through the messenger to the Holy Spirit. If you stop at the messenger you become a cultist. How can you recognise a cultist? “One way Jesus” is one of their calls!

When Jesus the man spoke He spoke in three ways. “I” is Jesus the man. “We” is Jesus and God (in the form of the Holy Spirt) speaking. And “I Am” is God/the Holy Spirit talking alone! Thus “I Am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by I Am”   ( John 14:6) and also “before Abraham wasI Am (was already existent)” (John 8:58).

We must go through Jesus to the Holy Spirit to be reborn into the fire of God. My name is J’iam which actually means “hand of I Am” which in turn means “servant of the holy spirit.” Why is this so import – the Holy spirit? Because this is the knowable essence of God. There is also an unknowable essence of God, but man can never know that essence. The closest we can come to God in this life is through the Holy Spirit – whose name is I AM.

If you consider this revelation of the Holy Spirit then each and every messenger of God is also a Christ. Zoroaster (who sent the three Magi [Zoroastrian Priests] to the birth of Jesus [like one master greeting the birth of another]) was also imbued with the Christ Spirit. So we can correctly call him Zoroaster Christ. As was Muhammed – Muhammed Christ. As was the Buddha – Buddha Christ. And so forth, for all the messengers of God! 

So back to the eleventh commandment – That ye love one another; as I have loved you”. One is the old English word for yourself – “How is one today?” Another is the old English word for others (English has changed a lot in the past 400 years!). So the first part means Love yourself and others! The second part means to Love yourself and others as the Christ Loves us. And how is that? Why wholly and unconditionally, of course! So in modern English the complete commandment reads, ” Love yourself and others, wholly and unconditionally” Do this and you become an internal refection of the I Am. “as with, so without – as above, so below” (this is a Hermetic saying, not actually biblical. But it is so true it has been taken up by Christians because the source was obviously the Christ, I Am). It is reflected today in the saying, “Think globally, act locally” It is exactly the same principle – “as without. so within”.

The spiritual truth is that God Loves who the Most? God loves God first and Foremost! We are made in the image of God so who should we love the most? Why the god within us, of course – the I AM (not the I). Only after loving our true selves can we love others (“as with..”) Love ourselves wholly and Unconditionally and then we can love others wholly and unconditionally! We can only practice on others, what we practice on/within ourselves! That is the basic simplicity of the eleventh commandment!

To Love ourselves holy and unconditionally we have to subjugate the “I” to the “I Am“.  We have to substitute our own free will  for God’s will. Only in this way can we start living as a Christ-ians and attain the state of heaven on earth! Is this not why the messengers of God come to us, with new messages every 700 to 1,000 years? To ready us for separation from the earth with the eternal? Is not the best way to learn to drive a car to drive a toy car first as a child? So it is with separation from this world. At death the body and ego die, are annihilated. Best we not be only living in either of those states. So what is left? The spiritual state. If we live in the spiritual state we are practically living in heaven on earth, so when we die it is seen as an release from the body and the brain. But these two are still useful to us here on earth and can become very good friends indeed! But only on the understanding that “even the best of friends must part at some stage” and for us that separation is death. And the death of the body and brain are like the release of the dove into the sky. Death is seen by the spiritual as a reward, by the body and brain as a punishment if they are in control!

Another way of looking at it is to imagine we are caterpillars. So there are two catapillars sitting on a leaf when a butterfly flew overhead and one turned to the other and said. “You’ll never catch me up in one of those things!” LOL! Caterpillars don’t really know about the chrysalis – they only feel the urge to eat, eat, eat! Which grows them to such a size the must enter a chrysalis! Death is Man’s (note the capital M) chrysalis! The body and brain make up man (note the small m), whilst the soul is called Man. That is why the wise start calling man and woman “male and female” because Man is a non-sexual state of soul and it matters not if you are male or female to become a Man. What matters is you souls actions. And your souls actions should be guided by the eleventh commandment, that “You love yourself, and others, wholly and unconditionally

amen, amen, amen