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3 states of happiness, 3 states of unhappiness

Know there are 3 states of happiness and three states of unhappiness, making 6 in all.

 On the physical plane happiness is known as contentment.

On the metaphysical plane happiness is known as Joy.

On the Spiritual plane happiness is in two parts and is known as Ecstasy and Bliss.

If we rearrange the planes starting from the top (the spiritual),we can proceed down into the unhappy states of lack of happiness…

1) Spiritual = Ecstasy and Bliss.

2) Metaphysical = Joy.

3) Physical = content.

If we don’t have Ecstasy and Bliss, we tend to fill the two positive states and move into the first state of unhappiness to replace the missing spiritual state The first state of unhappiness is, of course, Dis-content. So the flipping between the different levels we now go…

2) Metaphysical = Joy.

3) Physical = content.

4) Negative Physical = Dis-content.

Of course the “states ” of unhappiness aren’t really states at al,l because they are negatives. But for convenience here today, we will name positive States with a capital S and negaitive States with a small s. 

Once we start a downward spiral it tends to accelerate and soon we lose the Joy in life, and move into the metaphysical state of lack which is mostly Depression. So we go…

3) Physical = content.

4) Negative Physical = Dis-content.

 5) Negative Metaphysical = Depression.

 It wont be too long before we lose contentment and drop into the third negative state of Self-destruction and Addictions. Then we are completely “in the Poo!”

4) Negative Physical = Dis-content.

 5) Negative Metaphysical = Depression.

 6) Negative Spiritual = Self-destruction and Addictions

 When we reach this state of three negatives our choices are simple – rehabilitation, living death, real death or spiritual rebirth.

Rehabilitation is a long slow process fraught with difficulties and setbacks.

Living death is the Biblical state of “the wages of sin(our faults) is (living)Death” and is an inevitable outcome of not changing. Death can be granted only by God or by suicide(another, ultimate sin), Whilst rebirth is the quickest and easiest way from the bottom to the top,  because the six units are circular in shape, so self-destruction is actually spiritually right next door to Ecstasy and Bliss! The wall between the two can only be opened by rebirth though.

How do I know about this process? Because I went through it! When I reached the precipice of self destruction I was lucky enough to be shown the signs and asked for an answer, a solution. By speaking out of my mouth (as I lay in bed in the dark) “God if you exist, please show me!” Seven words and sixth months was all it took to save me! Lol! And if you are in my former situation, that is all it will take to save you too!

It is as easy as that. And if you aren’t a HARD CORE ATHEIST (like I was), it will probably take far less time! I was reborn into the Holy Spirit on a Saturday morning after 509 people prayed for me on the Friday night. I had a “Royal Rebirth” as I had not really learned of any of the “messengers of God” messages (except to refute/deny them!). Which means i was born of the Holy Spirit alone and then God told me were to go for “deepening”. And that was the beginning of my true spiritual journey into the light (away from the darkness of atheism – although the darkness kept me covered/protected for 14 years of my life). 

So my life has always been choreographed by God, even when I was in denial! LOL! And your life is the same! God is organizing your life towards a “meeting” and all you have to do is speak 7 words to be moved from any state to the top states of Ecstasy and Bliss! And once you are in Ecstasy and Bliss, then Joy and contentment come pretty much automatically as a flow-on effect. 

After you are reborn, you have to be open to NEW KNOWLEDGE from God (not churches) and be prepared to follow His words, no matter how unpopular they make you with your “friends” . Remember “all things are made anew” in the spiritual world, so many of your past friends who continue on the same destructive paths we were on, are going to, slowly or quickly, drift away ! Only to be replaced by new friends – who are on the same spiritual path we are now following!

Know their are 9 manifested paths to God through messengers. We can go to the messenger, through the messenger and to God. The tenth path is straight to God through the Holy Spirit. We are then sent to each of the messengers to reveal the spiritual history of mankind and learn the spiritual (Love) messages they bought to mankind (not the rules and regulations of their age except for the latest messenger who is the source of this miraculous “New Age”.) 

So if you can pinpoint yourself on the happiness/unhappiness scale, you have found a cure for you woes. If you are already fulfilling the Ecstasy/Bliss/Joy and contentment niches, then welcome Brother/Sister! Come and Join me in building the world anew!

Having reread this article through I feel there is still plenty of room for expansion on this subject, but it is not coming today so I have fulfilled today’s message.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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