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Day five of the fast

Yesterday I went to the hospital and did a “tilt test” This is where they tested my blood pressure to see if i faint when standing up . What the doctor found was that my blood pressure drops by 30% when I stand! And when he sprayed some medicine under my tongue it dropped by 50%! No wonder I was fainting left, right and centre! For ten years I’ve been on the wrong medicine! Now I am taking only one (which I was already on). 

The doctor I dealt with was Indian and when I told him I was fasting he didn’t bat an eyelid! Not like European doctors who have no idea of  the benefits of fasting at all and usually end up ranting at me!

In this age it is a command to consult competent doctors. There are many incompetent doctors – like the second to last one I had who told me I had varicose veins and would suffer the pain for life, $42  please, when I had sciatica which i got rid of with some ayurvedic medicine that cost me only $5! 

My last doctor wasn’t much better either so i have changed again. Better luck this time i hope! (I do move around quite a bit so finding good doctors in new towns is a problem).

Anyway the fast is going well. My brain is quiet and I feel happy inside. 

One of the benefits of fasting is weight loss. You release an average of 500 grams a day! So that is another good thing about fasting. The main thing about fasting is that much of the weight loss is not energy, but toxins, being dispelled from the body. These toxins are the source of many illnesses and weight gains. 

Is hunger a problem when fasting? Only for the first 36 hours because the brain can only resists the fasting desire for that long. After this time the desire to eat just disappears as the body adapts to using stored energy and eliminating toxins.

When you are fasting your breathe will smell awful as you release toxins through the lungs. You release more toxins through the lungs because your bowel stops working and goes into a state of suspended animation for the period of the fast. But when you are clean your breath will smell of acetone. That is the big revealer of your state of internal cleansliness and freedom from toxins. The human breath doesn’t smell bad, only the toxins we eliminate!

At the end of today i reach the one eighth point (hopefully) of my intended fast.

By the way, I am spending my food money on food to build an emergency supply. The united states is printing money at a rate where hyper inflation is a good possibility and it’s debt are huge, which could lead to an economic collapse. Where the biggest economy in the world goes down, the west is sure to follow or suffer the consequences of it’s actions.

I am building a months supply of food for myself over the next six weeks. Plus getting myself a little camp stove, water purifiers etc. I reccomend that you start preparing too! And if no emergency happens you can simply eat the food and replace it as you go so you’ll always have it!

I am getting good ideas whilst fasting and these will be written down in future episodes.


I am also getting help to set up my first shop from a friend who has talents that I don’t (there is no one more ignorant than an expert out of his field of expertise!). I have been trying to set a shop up online for the past two years but not a hope! Lol!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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