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Send your roots deep!

We are all seeds and we can all grow. Unfortunately the focus of men is to gain riches, which means growing lots of foliage and ignoring the roots. This leads to the negative state riches, where the body grows fat whilst the soul starves. “What profits the man if he gains the world and loses his soul?”

The secret of lifetime happiness is to get your roots to grow deep, into the moist under earth down to a stream of water (Love)! This takes some effort, but is well worth it. It doesn’t take physical effort, but spiritual effort. This state is called the state of Poor (note the capital P.) In the state of Poor we are tapped into the flowing water of love and are provided for by the laws of providence – which state, “everything we NEED will be provided, either free or very cheap!”

This is a blessed state is the first step to abundance. We cannot get to Abundance (wealth) without passing through the state of Poor, because one is dependent upon the other. That is to say the state of Abundance is a natural progression from the state of Poor. Because abundant people always remain Poor as well as Abundant. It is the combination of Poor and Abundance that gives us true wealth.

Any state of “wealth” that doesn’t include Love and the state of Poor are simply riches, which are a state of poverty pretending to be Wealthy/Abundant. You will know these rich folks by their deeds. The most obvious one being their egos and the fact that they don’t gift! Yet, because of the material possessions they have, much of the world actually wants to Be rich! This is like aiming for starvation through eating only white rice! Yes you will get fat and then you will die of mineral and vitamin deficiencies! It’s just an illusion of health whilst actually a form of self-destruction!

Once you have tapped into the underground water why would you want to leave it? So the abundant never do; although people are so busy looking at their possessions that they fail to notice the Love! And so the confusion amongst the outer people continues. But an abundant Man knows another Abundant Man and also knows a Poor man! And the Poor Man knows the Abundant Man because he recognises the state of Poor still in the Abundant Man. Does that make sense to you?

The only either or in the whole system is between the poverty states of riches and poverty and the empowered sates of Poor and Abundant. So you can either Be Empowered or dis-Empowered. Those are our choices. One is real the other is a state of illusion! Need I say it, but only the states of Poor and Abundant are real, empowered.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Sons of anarchy!

I was riding home on my bicycle yesterday and i saw a person wearing a black teeshirt with the above logo emblazoned on it – “Sons of anarchy!”.

Hello son of anarchy, i said, I am the master of stability – without even thinking about it! And then it struck me! That is what I am – a master of stability. I have just recently been moved from my sons home to a bed and breakfast and i should be upset. The room is even tinier than the old one, i know no-one here and the internet connection is erratic!

But here i have been the happiest of my life because here there is no negative noises being manifested and my spirituality is blossoming. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. At least here i have privacy too. So in that way I am stable!

Also I have reached a point where I am saving 10% of my income and putting it into a family bank! Soon my income will expand and i will be aiming for 10% of gross which is the equivalent of 16.5%  of net income (income after tax). At last I am living on margin – which is one of the Biblical principles of success! And soon the margin will increase to 16.5%

When i get a reliable income i will start to increase this to 33% so I am gifting the full 10% of gross to myself and others too. These are my goals and these are what I am gradually achieving.

Of course i am using spiritual laws with my money to create what is called, “A Virtuous Cycle”. So that every penny gifted to myself and others is returned many fold, not just in money but in providence and abundance as well. Abundance is not just a lot of money but an abundance of other good things in life too. The three things we need to build are Stability, continuity and growth – in that order! Because this is the spiritual order of things! The spiritual order leads to Wealth from the state of Poor(note the capitals.

If we start at growth we are starting from the physical plane and are doomed to be either rich (if we succeed) or in poverty (if we don’t succeed). Know we cannot progress to the states of Poor and Wealth by starting on increasing our money supply to so called “abundance” (which are really riches.)

So I can see that I am a master of stability because every thing I am doing is following the higher, spiritual laws. Sooner or later abundance will pop into my life and it wont affect me at all because the money is not really mine to spend, waste or fritter away. When abundance does come it, “comes so abundantly and so fast that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life!”

I will give you an example of the manifestation of abundance – Parkinson. he was a struggling talk host who made his way through times of hardship always dedicating himself to his BEingness – talk host/interviewer. He said (in his autobiography) that one of his goals was to own a Bentley car. When he was “discovered” and abundance started flowing in his life his first big paycheck was ti the exact half pence to buy a brand new Bentley! Lol! The universe has a way of telling us we have “arrived”.

We don’t have to be at our destination to KNOW we are on the right path. There are signs pointing everywhere! So If I am on the last leg of a journey to Auckland there will be signs in the temperature and humidity as well as the scenery, the plants and the road signs saying,

>Auckland 100 Km>>>>>

We don’t have to actually be there to know that we are near there and soon will be reaping the benefits of BEING THERE (see the Peter Sellers film” Being There” – it is a lovely metaphysical and spiritual film – a masterpiece!)

So that answer I was given on the bike was quite enlightening to me!

As for the sons of anarchy what have they got other than a teeshirt? Nothing because to have anything takes organization and anarchy actually means that the person is against organization of any kind – except organized destruction!

There is a saying, The difference between an abundant man and a man in poverty (poverty and riches) is only ONE WORD – ORGANISATION!

I would like to add another word to that – and the word is Spiritual.

So he difference between an abundant man and a man in poverty (poverty and riches) is only TWO WORDS –  SPIRITUAL  ORGANISATION!

You see in the old order it was okay to aim at being rich – though very few could achieve it. But in this New Age Abundance, not riches, are the aim.  Look at the age we live in – it is an age of abundance and miracles. The only thing wrong with the world today is the distribution system, war and corruption! The answer to all three problems is spiritual, spiritual and spiritual!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Build a meaningful life! Beingness coach available.

We have to build a meaningful life. To do this means we have to build our BEingness! Our BEingness is always inside of us, so we have to build our lives from the inside to the outside. (“as within, so without“. “as in heaven, so on earth“)

This is a bit like planting a seed. At first nothing seems to happen because we have planted the seed INSIDE the soil. But under the soil the seed is actually expanding and growing and soon it’s leaves will pop above the ground, showing us it’s outside element. It’s inside element is it’s roots. Without roots the plant cannot survive – as simple as that!

Our BEingness is our inner roots that are dug into the soil of the soul.

Without BEingness all we have left is doingness and havingness. Doingness and havingness are a bit like going to hell and being given a beer and a lusty blonde to sit on your knee! What is hellish about that? The beer mug has a hole in it and the blond doesn’t! Lol! The states of being and doing can only manifest riches which is possession of money without happiness. “What profits the man to gain the world (possessions) and loses his soul (happiness)”. ALL PERMANENT HAPPINESS COMES FROM THE SOUL! Only temporary happiness comes from possessions (i had a friend who bought a $13,000 car. I counted the number of days it made her happy – three days). So material possessions can cost as much as $4,000 per day to make you happy. And of course like any addiction, it takes larger and larger amounts to make you happy for less and less time! Until money can’t provide you any happiness at all, no matter how much you’ve got!.And you are rich!

So it is important to build our BEingness! In fact it is vital! Because the only thing we take from this world to the next world is . . . our BEingness!

There are four states in the universe, two dis-empowered and two empowered states. Two states of Lack and two states of Empowerment (BEingness). The two states of lack are RICHES and POVERTY.

The states of Empowerment/BEingness are the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE! On the physical plane the state of Poor is known as Peace and the state of Abundance is known as Prosperity. That is why Christmas cards often have Peace and Prosperity written in their message – “Have a Peaceful Christmas and  a Prosperous New Year!” This is the ultimate spiritual greeting!

To achieve the states of Poor and Abundance, we first have to achieve the state of Poor and then progress onto the state of abundance. There is no way around this process. We cannot plant a seed and reap a crop before the seed has grown into a full sized plant

The stae of Poor is defined spiritually as “The kingdom of heaven” whilst those in the state of abundance are defined as “the children of God” We have to build within us the kingdom of heaven first, as these are the foundations of the house. Once we have strong foundations we can build the house! Remeber the wise man builds his house upon the rocks! Why? So it will remain standing during times of storms! The foolish man builds his house upon the sand (no foundations) and the first rain destroys the house!

Both POOR and ABUNDANT are empowered states. What does this mean? It means that the poor work under the higher laws of PROVIDENCE, whilst the ABUNDANT work under the higher laws of of abundance.

Know the laws of Providence state “Everything we NEED will be given to us basically free or very cheap“.

The laws of abundance state, “Everything we WANT will be given to us, but there is a cost

And what is the cost? Very few people know the answer to this question, so pay attention! The cost is that we have to fulfill our BEingness! (there are two types of BEingness to fullfull – a general beingness and a specific(personal) beingness! Not as easy as people say, is it? But the path is staright and narrow, that is to say, there is a routine and that routine has to be followed exactly to the letter – “The path is straight and narrow!” 


But if you want abundance that is what you have to do! It’s as simple as that – do this, this and that and the states of Poor and Abundance will happen. Don’t do these things and only riches and poverty happen! Riches can be gained by simply doing and having. Poverty is gained by not doing and not having!

I want to announce to the world that I am a BEINGNESS COACH! I can teach you the road to the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE (also known as WEALTH). Both have to be started simultaneously and the state of POOR will manifest first! This is like the roots and the body of the plant. The state of abundance comes later and this is like the fruit on the plant. Which comes first, the fruit or the plant? The plant of course! No plant, no fruits! (“to everything there is a time“)

So if you want to set yourself up right for life (and the afterlife as well) I can help you with your Beingness. Simply contact me and I will set up a free $50 appointment on skype to discuss your case. It can be either private or business, it makes no difference to the laws. 


I have done things like applied justice to a man who hadn’r seen his son for 2 and half years – even though he had legal custody every weekend! He had spent these years and thousands of dollars battling her and achieved absolutely nothing –  “possession is 9/10ths of the law” on the physical level. It took only 3 minutes to perform our reunion task and another 18 hours of time before the mother phoned him up and asked him to take his child for the long weekend! There was no more custody battle after that. All i did was move the battle from the physical level to the spiritual level!

I have saved a business from bankruptcy against the owners will (even though he asked for my help) after 6 accountants had told him to go bankrupt (and instantly charged him from $400 to $600 cash up front for the advice! After all they wanted his money and “knew ” he was going bankrupt!) He asked me to help and I agreed and then he wouldn’t cooperate with me (he was self destructive) so I created a synergy with the five staff and we took the business over. Within a month we had increased turnover from $13,000 per month to $23,000 permonth (it’s pre-crisis level) and over the next six months increased it to $31,000 per month. So these methods do work and work very effectively once implemented. I used three business sized cards planted around the business to achieve these results.

I saved another business from the same fate where the marriage synergy had been shaky and had effected the business synergy. (the business synergy always reflects you personal and marriage synergies!) They had compounded the problem by working first 6 days and then seven days a week. Each time they extended the time worked, the income of the shop went down because they were destroying their own rest and re-creation. I told them to take the Sunday off and their till would increase (sometimes less is more!) and after that happened to take two days off and the till would increase again!

But they could believe this so I showed them a way to increase their til by gifting (with $2 worth of 5 cent coins). They were so desperate that they did this and, because the money had come from the till it returned to the till. As I predicted their till rose from the returns of the gifting by over a seventh and they took a day of and the till increased again! So they took two days off and the till increased  yet again. With two days off for rest and recreation they were able to restore their marriage synergy and life became very good for them again!


If we have a problem in life, I find the answers are usually spiritually based. Because most problems occur on the physical plane on an energy base of 1, I move up to the spiritual plane for solutions – and the spiritual plane provides solutions on the energy base of 100!  We use the higher energy base to solve the problems of the lower energy base! It’s as simple as that!


To repeat, if you have a problem that you can’t solve then the solution probably lays in the spiritual plane. Call me and have a free half hour chat ($50 value). I’ll probably be able to help you solve it – I am a problem solver!  Know that most problems are solved for less than $300 – knowlege efficiently applied doesn’t have to cost a lot

Another discount – if you will agree to give me an anonymous written account of our results to your problem, i will give you a 50% discount! (limited time offer).

Plus a money back guarantee. If the solution doesn’t work for you, I will refund your money! (if it does work and I refund your money you will lose all the benefits gained! Lol! “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!”)

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Do and Have, and Being is missed out. Be and Do, and Having takes care of itself automatically!

Do and Have, and Being is missed out.

Be and Do – and Having takes care of itself automatically!

If we simply do and have we don’t fulfill our own true inner potentials by Being. It is our beingness that leads to our internal happiness! If we are in a job for the having only, we are more than likely to be unhappy – because we are not fulfilling our inner desires, our own inner potential and our talents and abilities.

If, however, we fulfill these things and work at a job doing this, then we are “paid to play” The work becomes secondary to the pleasure we receive from the work! This is the secret of a long and happy life – always fulfill your BEingness!

What happens to our states when we chose either road? If we chose the doing and having we actually enter a poverty state called riches. We have all heard Biblical stories of rich men. We know that riches don’t bring happiness. I personally know because I married into riches in my first marriage! There is an old saying, “Money can’t buy you Love!” and this is absolutely true. But don’t dispair because the opposite IS TRUE! Love does buy you wealth (Abundance + Love).

Wealth is a spiritual state known as abundance. In abundance we have to develop our LOVE firstly and then move into abundance where the money manifests itself! To reach abundance we have to enter, and go through, the state of “Poor”. For the vast majority the state of Poor is a state of empowerment that has very little to do with our state of possessions. Poor is a spiritual state in which we learn to be BE detached from all things except Love (God). It is as simple as that!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” What does this mean? It means that in the state of Poor we learn how to BE Ecstacitically and Blissfully Happy! Once we achieve that we can move onto the state of Abundance where we use our surpluses to look after the Poor! Abundance is also the state of the Peacemaker where “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  The children of God must somehow be different from the children of men? I’ll SAY!!!

So those are our two positive states of Beingness.

If you want to set a goal right now, then I recommend that you set the Goal of becoming a Peacmaker. Because if you don’t set the end goal, you will never arrive at it! And by setting an end goal of peacemaker you will be taken to the first empowering state of Poor and through to the second, higher, empowered state of Abundance!  With this goal the path is straight as a die!

Would you buy an airplane ticket with now idea of where your were going? Of course you wouldn’t! It’s the same with our lives. We are here for just a “Twinkling of the eye” Although it seems a long way to 60 from the actual age of 20, it is only 3 weeks in hindsight from 20 to 60, at the actual age of 60! (believe me, I’m over 60 and i wonder, “where did my past life disappear – and so quickly?”)

Set the end goal and your soul will guide you towards it. Set it in writing so the power base is the highest and it will happen sooner, rather than later. And then you can live your life in a state of BEing fulfillment! The time will still fly by – but you will be blissfully and ecstatically HAPPY! Better to lead a life like this, than an unfulfilling, unhappy one!

So back to the original heading. Have i strayed off the point? No, i don’t think so. Our purpose in life is to be happy. This is best achieved by serving our souls firstly and by serving other souls secondly. This is best achieved in the state of Poor/Peace (first) and Abundance/Service/Prosperity (second).


Can you SEE the direction? Can you see it? Then come and join me in achieving it – immediately! Through the WPPN enabling/empowering network synergy. Come and BE, Do and Have!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Leap up to the top of the Empire State Building!

Can you imagine standing at the bottom of the Empire State Building and a motivator saying to you, “To achieve your goal just leap up to the top floor (the roof) of this building!”(which is 1,250 feet in height!). We all know that this is impossible and we would be foolhardy indeed to try to even attempt such a feat.


But there are ways of reaching the top. Assuming we are in the middle of a power strike and there are no elevators, it is still possible to reach the top by simply climbing the stairs one step at a time! This is expressed in the saying ” How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” and “Inch by inch life’s a cinch, by the yard is very hard!” 

Our subconscious has trouble with dealing with increases over 50%, so it is better to work in states of less than 50%, say like 25% increments. So we are starting with $10 and we want to get up to $100. If we use a 25% step by step increase plan, it will only take less than 11 steps to achieve our $100.

0 $10

1 $13

2 $16

3 $20

4 $24

5 $31

6 $38

7 $48

8 $60

9 $75

10 $93

11 $116


If we increase it by a larger amount, but below the 50% belief threshold – say to 40%  – then it rapidly increases by the compounding effect and decreases the time/steps needed to achieve it by 58% to just less than 7 steps.

0 $10

1 $14

2 $20

3 $27

4 $38

5 $54

6 $75

7 $105

Can you see working how step by step is easy?  Yet as we increase the percentages (from 25% to 40%) then the dollar amount at each step also increases in size. This is called compounding! “How do you give a banker an orgasm? Talk about compounding!(you sexy beast, you!“)

The steps between what we have on the physical plane and what we are taught to want is far to big to over come with physical thinking. Which is why we have to forget about a million dollars and start thinking about wealth (also called Abundance). Abundance is not limited by six zeros. Abundance is a FLOW of things into and out of your life. As an abundant person we know that we are not the source of the flow and the only thing we can do is block the onflow through to others. This is what gifting is about.

As human beings our needs in life are limited. There is only so much food you NEED to eat in a day, only so much clothing, housing, travelling etc we all need in each day. After we reach a certain level of comfort, it is extremely hard to be motivated by money alone. After a certain level we need to fulfill our lives by fulfilling our beingnesses!

Then we find we need a lot more money for other people (the ones we are looking after in our beingness fulfillment!). By the time we have reached this stage we are no longer attached to money and have formed a sacred trust with our money and the money of others – we simply don’t use it beyond our needs because that would be stealing – did you ever see Mother Teresa going to the local casino and spending the lepers money? Of course not! One of the hardest steps towards true wealth is detachment. The first state of detachment is the state of Poor. From here (in this new age) we naturally progress onto Wealthy. Know the first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor!

So, what I am saying is,we need a system to break the steps towards spiritual wealth down into smaller, simpler, easily achieved steps. And that system is called WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!

I was watching a video today and the narrator was talking about mind-holes – areas we have in our mind that block our steps upwards! The same thing exists on the spiritual plane – we have soul-holes, areas in our souls that don’t know what to do to achieve spiritual. metaphysical and physical wealth (spiritual fulfills all three steps, metaphysical fulfills two states and physical fulfills only one state – itself). That is why the recommendation in spiritual terms is  – “They who would a Master Be, follow a Master”. 

As a master I have a saying too, “first you must BE wealthy and then you will become wealthy.” (on all three levels)

I can sit down and teach you what you need to know and it will take you 10 years (minimum) to graduate. Then you will have to set your own system up and that could take another 20 years(it took me that long to set up WPPN and it wasn’t even my idea, as it was gifted to me in an ephiphany/ Vision in 1992) 

WPPN is, overall,a replacement for capitalism that is based entirely on gifting, lateral thinking (out of the box thinking) and multi-generational cooperation.  By coming into WPPN you instantly start setting yourself up a virtuous cycle and wholistic future wealth system for yourself, your family, and the world at large! We literally think global and ACT LOCAL (by working on ourselves spiritually) from day one of joining. 

Spiritually speaking the old way was BE, then Do and then HAVE. This is a slow way of doing things as it can take many decades to find our beingness, and some, many, never find it going to their graves unfulfilled. But in the network we DO first, and learn to BE from our Doings in the network, and then we Have!  

So we start building our virtuous cycle from day one, in a way that is protected from our own malicious subconscious thoughts (thought holes). As our system grows and we learn from it, we start to set up a secondary system of our own so we have two asset building systems in our lives. When our children join into the network we have at least two asset building systems going(I have three with my two sons). ARGHHH! I think I’ve orgasmed, and I’m not even a banker! Lol!

I am not promising you a million dollars overnight, but I am offering you permanent wealth within 20 years! It may take you 40 years to accumulate a million dollars, but if you don’t start today the 40 years will pass and you’ll still be where you are today spiritually, metaphysically  and financially (physically). And after 40 year it is probably too late to start at all.

Step number One is always commitment. Before a commitment can be made you have to investigate to see if what I am saying is true, because we live in and age of independent investigation of the truth. So to investigate it I suggest you go and look at the WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) website at..

If you want you can also read my blog (if you are reading this anyplace other than my blog)  at…

Here I cover such topics as the virtuous cycle (in three parts, with diagrams) and many other things

or you can simply email me with any questions you have to…

Love, peace and prosperity









DO, BE and HAVE – not Be, Do and Have!

I advocate the process of DOing, BEing and HAVEing rather than Being, Doing and Having! Why is this? Because the hardest step of all is our Beingness! It is better to start off with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) and start on the doingnesses that introduce the correct Beingnesses into our lives. WPPN is the only organisation in the world that does this. I am trying to set WPPN up successfully on the internet but can’t find out who my competitors are, because i don’t have any yet! (if you can give me a clue as to who I am competing against, please let me know!)

As a member of WPPN we start using our money in a spiritual way on a small scale  ($25 per month into three forms of gifting, which is called “invoking the token” spiritually). This invoking of the token teaches us new spiritual habits that lead to spiritual solutions to economic problems! It also creates a new virtuous cycle to get us out of the old vicious cycle.  Plus it moves us from a linear based income solution to an exponentially based income. In this new system we don’t see any increase in the first two steps as they are both indentical – 1 and 2! It is the third step where we see a small increase of 33%, because the physical/linear system goes 1, 2, 3 whilst the spiritual/exponential system goes 1, 2, 4.  4 divided by 3 is 1.33, which turned into a percentage is 133%, minus the original 100% equals a gain of 33%!

The next step is even bigger as the sequence then goes 1. 2. 4, 8, as opposed to 1. 2. 3. 4.

8 over 4 is 100% increase in this stage. And that is how the path to abundance is opened up for sure/with a certainty! First the doing, which is followed by the  being which is then  followed by the havingness – three simple steps!! No capitalistic or usurious system allows the individual to do it in this way, only WPPN.

Wppn is very simple in it’s setup. Step A is followed by step B and so forth. An initial look makes it seem complicaqted, because it is very, very big. But in reality it is a series of simple steps, all tied together in a logical sequence. This makes it look compicated at first glance, but once you get used to the simple steps to abundance/Wealth each step becomes as plain as the nose of your face, and you wonder where this has been hiding all your life (Well, it didn’t exist at all until 1992 when I received it in an epiphany! And then it took another 19 years to set it up to take it out to the world!)

if you want to get a glimpse of it, see the Wholistic Peace and Propserity Network at…




the law of abundance

I am currently watching a series of webinars on the computer about the law of abundance and i realise that taking that law and working it in isolation is a mighty dangerous thing to do. There are at least 4 other laws that are needed to be working in our lives to make abundance permanent (and what good is abundance if it is only temporary? Better not to have it at all than to have it and lose it!)

The other factors we need are Continuity, stability, detachment and growth (of all things, especially the soul;- abundance is primarily growth of goods, services and money.)

If we have four of these things without detachment they still wont work as detachment is the central pile in the foundations of life. So if you have four – abundance, stability, continuity and growth  – then these make up the four corners. from the four corners comes beams that meet in the middle in an X formation. thes beams are not long enough to reach from corner to corner, otherwise we would only need 2 beams. If there is no central pile we can cobble these together but as soon as abundance comes and puts a grand piano on the centre it will collapse as it outweighs the holding capacity of the floor. To support a grand piano we have to have a pile at the centre of the X shaped beams! Does that make sense?

another thing is that we have to put our foundations down in solid rock or heavy soil. No good putting them in quick sand! The quicksand of humanity is emotions. The solid rock of humanity is reasons backed by emotions on all three levels (the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual) Only this way can we be whole. Only a whole house can ever win ( “a house divided can never win”). Biblically speaking a whole house is a holy house! The word holy literally means whole. A holiday is a day on which we take time to reassemble the different distributed pieces of ourselves and make them whole again , To re-create our energies is a two step process 1) rest and then re-creation. if we have only rest and no recreation we remain in pieces (un-whole/ unholy)

if you have any questions on this article please feel free to email me with a question and/or questions at