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Happy 300th Post J’iam! A look inside the creative process.

Today marks my 300th post! It seems as if I have reached the crest of the hill and from now onwards my path will be easier because I’ll be going downhill!


Yesterday I did a drawing with a woman with her mouth absolutely jam packed full of cigarettes! I am going to use that in a future article called, “The Perversity of Mankind.”


“Bing!!” I have just had the thought to put an inscription with it – “Doctor, never tell a smoker they are only allowed to smoke once a day!” In fact I’ll do that right now! There you are, you just saw an act of creation!


You see creation is a process. First I drew the picture on a piece of paper and then took a photograph of it. Then I cleaned it up in the computer to make it into a black and white picture only. Then I transferred to a colour format and proceeded to join up the lines so they contained the colour without spilling it out onto the whole canvas.


Next I coloured in the flesh tones, the hair, the lips and then coloured the cigarettes to make them look alight. Then I put highlights and dark tones into it and decided to decided to make the eyes look down instead of straight ahead. Lastly I added the smoke. Each step is saved as a separate picture so I can go back if I want to change something.


You see blogging is also a creative process for me. I have only once sat down without an idea for a blog and I wrote in the title box, “HMMMMM!” and went to the first line and the thoughts started flowing! Ten years ago I just couldn’t write, but God wants me to write now and so I am directed by Him – “His will, not my will!”


God will never ask you to do a job beyond your capacity. Just keep on improving yourself a little every day with a desire to succeed and you will!


Yesterday I purchased a 7B pencil as I have finally started to draw in pencil – black and white. It has taken me 60 years to reach this stage as I think and dream in colour pictures! Only by studying the masters have I started on this new path. So life continues till the moment we die. Do things to make your life better – a little each day.


That adds up to a lot of improvement over a years – 365 of them. And a huge improvement over 10 years 3,650 of them! And a massive amount over fifty years – 18,250! Do you think a person with 365, 3,650 or 18,250 improvements is still going to be on the same level as a man who does nothing to improve his life? Methinks not!


Life is either a do-it-to-yourself-project or a have-it-done-to-you-project! And guess who carries out the have-it-done-to-you part? Karma of course! Lol!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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