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Today I am announcing a Plan for Peace and Prosperity, that can be implemented by every individual on earth. 

You see, world peace and prosperity cannot be achieved by the so called “leaders” of the world, but only by the individual people of the world – “for where the people go, the leaders follow!”

The plan is a very simple 5 step plan: it requires for the individual to. . . 

1) set a written goal for personal peace and prosperity ( I will show you how)

2) find a method of achieving it (very hard to do in the physical world – again I will show you how)

3) make a plan (impossible without a method)

4) action the plan

5) become personally peaceful and prosperous

6) take it to the world

The real sticking point is number two. But I have an answer for that – WPPN, the WholisticPeace and Prosperity Network, which is the only method I know of to achieve personal peace and prosperity.

One of the beauties of WPPN is that it is  duplicatable – it can be passed onto family members first, and then to friends and then to people you have yet to meet! SO not only is WPPN the only method I know off, it is definitely the only method that can reproduce itself in others at your bequest!  How is it able to do this? It can achieve this because it is based in the spiritual. not the physical. What this means is that it is working on a base of 100+ (spiritual energy base) rather than on the 1 base of physical energy.

You see, the so called leaders of the world always work on the physical and metaphysical levels (physical energy base = 1, metaphysical energy base = 10) so how can we fight their war mongering ways if we limit ourselves to those energy bases? We can’t because they have these energy bases set up to make them win and us lose!. So the solution is to move to a higher energy base! What is higher than the physical and the metapjysical? The spiritual. There the initial energy is 100. And It then expands to 1,000 when we start using a virtuous cycle to invoke the higher laws of the universe. By transfering to the spiritual energy base it becomes not a matter of “IF” we will win but “WHEN!” we will win.

Gandhi knew of the power of the spiritual foundations and that is why he said (and I quote) “First they ignore us, then the laugh at us, then they fight us and and then we win!”  By the time “they” wake up and start fighting the spiritual energy is so strong that there is no way they can win! The battle is lost for them before it even begins! The victory always goes to the spiritually stronger because it is 100 and 1000 fighting against 1 or 10!

Jesus was one man who found 12 followers and conquered the Roman empire! Muhammad was one illiterate man who conquered the east. Moses was a stutterer w-w-w-w-who was able to lead the people of Israel to freedom!  Once the spiritual plan is revealed and followed by people there is no stopping it! People may “strut like peacocks” in front of God but what chance has a peacock got against a mighty warrior on the war horse of truth? None whatsoever. “and then we win!”

So today I throw a gauntlet down in front of you, challenge you to pick it up, put it on your own hand and join the cause of Peace and Prosperity! This is the first chance you’ve had in your life to change the world by changing yourself! Pick it up and put it on!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

WPPN Website;



skype: jiamwppn


Peter and Paul, Faith and Humility

All names have a meaning. If you don’t what the meaning of your name is, then get onto the net straight after reading this article and look up the meaning of your name.

My old name meant,”Faithful servant of Saint Columbus” – Mal-colm. This was the physical name given to me by my parents. But it didn’t suit me spiritually, because whilst I was a servant, I was not a servant of St Columbus! So God gave me a new, more appropriate spiritual name which means servant of “I Am”. As I Am is the knowable essence of God and God IS love, it also means servant of Love. That has been my name now for 21 years. And I am very happy to have a perfect name for myself. 

If your name meaning suits you, then keep it. But if it doesn’t, then ask God/Universe/Love for a new spiritual name. And this will be given to you as it is an ancient custom, as old as mankind. And you’ll find that if you are given a new name it will suit you perfectly!

It the years around 0 A.D.  Jesus actually gave people new names on the spot. The most famous case was the one of Simon (which means “He (God) has heard”). Which is a very portentous name in this case!  As Jesus instantly named him Cephas. The meaning of Cephas is “rock”, as in rock of FAITH. Cephas was translated into Greek as Petros and then into roman as Peter. 

So the first foundation of spirituality is Faith.

After Jesus had left this physical world God struck down a vicious killer by the name of Saul, who was on his way to Damascus to kill yet more Christians. Saul means “Asked, lent, a grave. Demanded, lent, ditch, death” you can see what part of the meaning Saul the killer had in his makeup. However God struck him down and changed him completely (he was royally reborn). And in that striking down he was given a new name – Paul. Paul actually means “little, small, Humble”. We cab see that spiritually the third option (humble) is the true spiritual meaning of the name for Saul/Paul. So he went from being a merchant of death for Christians to being a merchant iof life for them! What a change! Lol!

So we have the two dominant figures in early Christianity carrying with them the qualities every spiritual believer needs – Faith and Humility! Faith is both knowledge and actions, whilst Humility is acceptance/surrender of our own wills to to the will of God.

Upon these two foundation stones any member of any religion, and any royally reborn soul, can build their life upon.

For a believer to claim that they still have free will means that they haven’t accepted Gods will above their own, so they can be filled with knowledge, but dangerous to mankind – as a “little knowledge is a dangerous thing (to themselves and especially to others). It is believers of all religions with a little knowledge who set themselves up as “Judge, Jury and Executioners” of other, thus causing grief and unrest in the world (fundamentalist, extremist, terrorists).

Humility in a sentence is expressed “Let Thy will, not my will, BE done!”

Faith is the foundation stone on which a divine civilization is built. Faith has Two parts – Knowledge and Actions. Knowledge without actions is blind, whilst actions without knowledge is lame or even destructive to Divine Civilization! 

So to be spiritual we have to have all three elements

Humility – submission


faith – knowledge and actions

submission, knowledge and actions are the perfect balance for spiritual souls.




Only these three together will allow you develop into a helper of creating a divine civilization! And know that to create a Divine Civilization are spiritual jobs number two and three for all humans beings! (Number one, our first task in life, is to make a divine connection to God (submission)).

The formula is perfect! To be lacking in any of these three critical aspects of spirituality is to be only partially spiritual. And to be only partially spiritual is to be like a hot air balloon that is only partially sewn up, or ship with a partially finished hull! It doesn’t matter if the majority is sewn or hulled it is the missing only a small part: it is the missing pieces that stops us flying or floating! For without all three parts are not Whole (Holy).

To put it another way we must BE both PETER and PAUL! We must BE submissive, knowledgeable  and action orientated!

I hope that I have explanation is sufficient for you, please forgive me if it isn’t clear, and ask God to provide you with the parts I’ve missed ou, under the laws of providence in Good and Godly circumstances.

Love, Peace and Prosperity

reverend master j’iam







Peace and prosperity is Possible, Probable, Inevitable!

If there is one man alone in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is possible!

If there are 7 people in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more possible! 

If there is one in 100 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is again more possible! 

If there is one in 10 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is probable! 

If there is one in 1 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more probable! 

If there is one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is  almost inevitable!

If there is one in 100 in this world with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity are inevitable!

Even if there are only one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace  and prosperity, then there are 70,000,000 – 70 million – people in the world with thoughts of peace and prosperity! And the strength of 70 million people thinking alike is phenomenal! Because each one can teach one one! That is to say that in ten years one person can teach another person to think peacefully, by conversation or exanple. So after 10 years there will be 140,000,000 peaceful people,

And each one of these can then teach another one person over 10 years, to give us 280,000,000 people with thoughts of peace. and prosperity. And in another 10 years the figures will again double, as the power of this divine thought increases to 560,000,000. At this point the rest of the world will fall into place with the dominant source of thought, as negative thoughts are only white noise but thoughts of peace  and prosperity are a single note chiming – like a bell – throughout the world, and becoming a part of the human consciousness!

Peace is not just a thought, but a spiritual essence that rings louder than any thoughts of confusion. This is why I say peace is inevitable! 

And the support for peace is always prosperity for the individual, just as the support for prosperity is always peace for the individual. For prosperity is also a spiritual quality, that has never been displayed in the world at large to date. It has always been contained within the elite few, who have reigned with either benign or malevolent dictatorships. In this new age we – the individuals of the world – have to start accumulating and spiritualizing money, tools, assets, goods and services. It is the spiritualizing of these things that produces a democratic prosperity.

For if the people are spiritual and own most (if not all) of the assets, then who can manipulate those assets to there own end? Certainly not the usurers of the world, certainly not the rich of the world, certainly not the bullies of the world. Certainly, only the people of the world!

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but are not the dreams of yesterday the realities of today? They are. I can remember a time when ipads and hand held telephones, computers  etc. were only dreams in comic books! But today they are reality, The internet has “sprung up out of nowehere” and taken the world by storm, and, although the world is closer in degrees we are still only slightly closer to communicating love to each other! But slightly closer is an improvement. And slight improvement upon slight improvement, upon slight improvement compounds upwards. Today we stand on the edge of a divine civilisation , the likes of which mankind has never seen before

Today we have, for the first time in the history of mankind, the TOOLS to achieve personal peace and prosperity. And one of those tools is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. And once the whole world is personally peaceful  and prosperous then the world too will be peaceful and prosperous! For what are we as individuals? The cells of the body of the world! If the cells are all healthy, then the body must be healthy too!

So with the will, the actions and the tools, Personal Peace and Prosperity are inevitable! Wirh personal peace and prosperity inevitable then world peace and prosperity is inevitable too!

I call all spiritual brothers and sisters to Peace and Prosperity.

Amen, Amen, Amen!

reverend master j’iam