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Part ONE. How the metaphysical imposes itself on the physical to energize it from 1 to 11.

This is part one of a two part article. Part two is on my other blog at

The physical plane is one of height, width, depth and mass (weight). It’s base value is 1. We will use the example of a dollar note which has width, height, thickness and weight and also the quality of strength and flexibility, plus it has had value added to it by printing as a dollar note (this added value is spiritually based. We will ignore this added value in the first part of the article). Below is a drawing of a dollar note



Now if we take this note and place it on top of two small blocks of wood it will support it’s own weight, but not any other weight – like a coin. It just doesn’t have the strength to hold a coin as it is.


We could starch it, but that wouldn’t increase it’s strength a great deal. We could dip it in fiber glass resin and that would make it considerably stronger, but it would destroy it’s value as money. No, what we need to do is to move up to a higher plane. The plane about the physical is called the Meta-physical. Meta simply means beyond, so the metaphysical plane is beyond the physical plane. The base value of the metaphysical plane is 10. So if we could impose metaphysical values on the note without changing the qualities of it, we would have a combined value of 11!

The physical world consists of facts. The metaphysical world consists on principles. So what principle can we impose on the dollar to strengthen it? The answer is the principle of triangulation. A triangle is the strongest shape in the universe. That is why bridges are made out of steel, made into triangular shapes. If we were to fold the note into triangles that wouldn’t change it height, width, thickness or mass in any way. So we are going to fold the note into triangles along it’s longest side like so…



which gives us a note shaped like this… 



Now if we put that between the two blocks what happens? it stays rigid. Even if we place a small pile of coins onto it!



It easily holds a small pile of coins. Try it for yourself. This is a metaphysical principle imposing it’s strength on a physical object. You can unfold the note and put it back into it’s original shape, unharmed. The metaphysical imposition doesn’t change any dimensions , mass or note value. It is still worth a dollar! 

And that is an example of how metaphysical principles can be imposed on physical objects to raise their energy/strength level from one to eleven!

The next stage is to show how spiritual principles can be imposed on both physical and metaphysical objects to lift the energy rating by 100 to a total of 111. 

Part two is on my other blog at

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