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Accelerated Learning

I teach accelerated learning which, as the name implies, is a faster way of learning than normal. One of the things I teach is accelerated guitar playing, with an emphasis on playing.


So how does accelerated learning work? For a start it works mostly on the adult mind because it requires a level of thinking not found in children. Usually it involves how and why (the Suzuki method – for children and adults – contains only the how). So at the beginning the student is shown the how and explained why they are doing it. For example I’ll take learning the chord of E.

 Most teachers teach the chord of E with the first three fingers (from right to left) of the left hand.



 Accelerated learning teaches the student E with the three fingers that go from right to left, thus 2,3, and 4 instead of 1,2,and 3.

 Why is that? Well the student starts on what is called open chords and after about six months changes to bar chords. To change to bar chords the chord E has to be relearned again and this is a difficult task for most students because they have trained themselves to perform E the old fashioned way.


As the new student doesn’t know any chords at all why not learn the bar chord way straight away? It is going to be equally difficult to either way so they may as well learn the bar chord way!


So why do guitar tutors teach the old fashioned E over and over and over? Because when the new student starts the fingers are naturally inclined to the open chord method, always starting with the “pointy” finger. Because Tutors find it easier to teach this way it is done!Know that the natural way is not always the best way for the student! Accelerated learning looks at the length of the students learning curve and starts with the end in mind.


Accelerated learning is setup to benefit the student whilst normal teaching is set up to suit the teacher. Take guitar tuition for example. I trained for a year under a guitar tutor and still could “play” the guitar. That is to say I could play in public. Many years later when i was reborn the first gift I asked for was the gift of music! And i was sent a 12 page A5 book by Pete and Peggy Seeger that contained only 5 pages of script – the other seven pages were songs!


And in those 5 pages they explained that the right hand, not the left one, [lays the guitar! The guitar is a rhythm instrument. Try playing a guitar with your left hand and you get only a very quiet, almost inaudible, sound. But play it with you right hand and it can be heard 200 feet away – just what is needed for performance! And, as i learned later, most people can’t distinguish between the notes, but they sure can tell when you miss a beat by stopping playing! I learned this on stage – first about the not stopping playing and later about them not being able to tell the difference between chords. I’ll explain. . .


I was invited to play in a band so i asked for a practice session, Okay we’ll pick you up on Tuesday. No one came. Okay we’ll pick you up on Thursday. Again no show. Saturday – no show!  Tuesday – no show! Thursday – no show! And at last they came around on the Friday night and picked me up! “Where are we going to practice?” i asked. “Oh. we’re not going to practice we have a gig in a pub!” they replied.


After setting up in the pub and tuning our instruments we started. The leader of the band said, “Just follow my chords and you’ll be fine!” and the then proceeded to turn towards the audience so I couldn’t see his hands and started to play. So I just lightly put my left finger on all the strings and proceeded to play rhythm. “Chug- chugga – chuga – lugga – chug -chug! Once in a while I’d recognize a chord by ear and play that but most of the night i was simply chugging along. At the end of the night they said to me, “You’re goof, here’s $50 your in the band!” Lol! Even the band members couldn’t tell i wasn’t actually playing notes!


Why is that? Because human beings are rhythm animals. We learn the rhythm in the womb by listening to our mothers heart beat. We learn notes/chords at a much later stage of life so the rhythm is the dominatot in human being. Watch small children at dances – even 18 month olds tap their feet to the music – and their timing is perfect!


Anyway after that I had a practice with them and became a valuable member of the band.


Now accelerated learning can be applied to any area of life. As adults we have less time to learn than children who spend most of their time at school. Also as adults we usually have to pay for new knowledge so we don’t want to learn at the rate of children – children only spend 1 hour of actually learning time in a school day! That is only a 20% efficiency rate! Accelerated learning learns at a much higher rate than that!


Amongst the other things I teach on an accelerated level is Art, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Peace and Wealth creation!  When I taught art at a polytech they asked me a question on finalisation of my course, “how do you manage to keep all your students?” Most art classes start with 20 people and end up with three! My answer was, “Well, I teach themwhat they want to know!


And that is what accelerated teaching is about – no mucking about – just teach the student what they want, nay NEED, to learn quickly and efficiently.


If you want to learn accelerated learning on any of these six subjects


ART                                  GUITAR




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Are you thinking your thoughts, or are old thoughts thinking you?

Are you thinking your thoughts, or are old thoughts thinking you? Think about what this statement is saying. Are your thoughts up to date and working for you, or are your thoughts out of date and working against you?

Know that every “fact” from the age of birth until 11-12 years old is taken in and absorbed as the absolute truth. This is because young people have no discernment – the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood for themselves. This ability only starts coming into being in the pre-teenage years. Up till then everything they hear, see, feel, taste and touch is taken in as the absolute truth. So if a young person burns their hand on a piece of hot steel they will conclude that all steel is potentially hot and avoid touching steel altogether. At the young age all the choices are physical, yes or no, right or wrong, true or false(and they have to be told things are false!). So if a hurtful situation occurs and the cause of that was hot steel then a blanket cure is put on all future hurts – “don’t touch steel!” This is the source of many phobias in adults. But worse than phobias (which are extreme habits) is the subtle habits we have as adults that go back to childhood. Because they are subtle, we find it hard to pick them out. Take a lucky number, say 7. It may be that on your seventh birthday mum and dad though up a “kind trick” to play on you which involved the number seven “winning” something you’d always wanted (perhaps a visit to the circus). Instead of taking the credit themselves they make up a little white lie that enables you to “win” the ticket with the number 7! From their point of view they are treating you kindly by making a wish come true and not taking the credit for it trhemselves. From your point of view, as a seven year old, all you can see is that the number seven is incredibly lucky! And so you adopt that as your permanent lucky number. What is the harm in that, you ask.

Zip forward to adulthood and imagine you have just found a house that seems perfect for you to live in and you want to buy it. But the house number is 5 Tinkle Street, right next door to number seven, Your subconscious mind feeds you thoughts like “there is something wrong with the house (it’s not number seven!)” Or “this house is unlucky!” Until you remove the thought that number seven is your lucky number, the subconscious is always going to battle you on this number. So you forget about 5 tinkle street and buy a home at 7 Grot Road because that “feels right”. But in actual fact your subconscious has betrayed you (not because it hates you, but because it is programmed wrong!” & Grot Road is not a lucky home, nor is it entirely suitable for you needs and it will be hard to be happy in this house.) 

What is the solution to subconscious thoughts that betray you? Reprogram them! It takes 30 days to change a habit and 60 days to make it permanent (which is why new year’s resolutions seldom work). And whilst you don’t necessarily have to know the actual problem, or the source of it, to solve it, you do have to have anew set of good thoughts to put in place. Which is where motivators, masters and exemplars come into play. Put another way you have to know what to put into your subconscious and know that those thoughts are honest, reliable and growth based. As His Holiness Jesus said, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish(childhood) things.” That is to say, he recommends replacing the childhood thoughts with adult thoughts!

You’ll notice that people who study motivation are far more successful than people who don’t. That is because the brain is the biggest, most powerful computer in the world. And as they say in computer terms “J.I.J.O!” Which means Junk In, Junk Out!. Which is also a negative saying and if we reverse that saying to “Q.I.Q.O” we get Quality In, Quality Out! That is why we go to motivators because they feed us quality thoughts, adult thoughts that gradually replace the childish thoughts of the subconscious. 

Know that if the conscious brain is the accelerator, then the subconscious mind is the MOTOR! If your motor isn’t properly tuned and filled with the right ingredients in the right places (water in the radiator and oil in the sump, not oil in the radiator and water in the sump!) then your car will run okay. Masters then do “hot rod tune ups” to your engine! Masters can be motivators, writers, spiritual guides etc. Anyone can be a master in any field (and seldom do they have degrees!) A master is one who has mastered the field they are in and is able to teach it to others! And the old song goes, “They who who would a Master be, follow a Master!”

Did you know that you can follow both live and dead masters? How do you follow a dead master??!!! All masters write books and you follow their writings (and words, pictures and movies in this new age- we listen to dead musicians and watch dead people on television programs all the time and think nothing of it!) The secret of a master is that he will offer you a truth for you to test. Once you test it and find it to be true, then that truth becomes your truth! Once you know and practice all the truths the master knows then you are a master of that subject too! So the moment you start following a master you have the intention of becoming a master! Who is more successful, the ignorant person or the master? The master of course!

When reading masters work you have check up the source of your masters knowledge, that is to say you want to check out your master’s master. This ensures you that the master you are following, is also following, and expanding on the truth of the masters he foloowed. It also allows you to trace the original source of any truth, back to it’s creator. So how can you do this? Use the bibliography in books! A bibliography is a map of the masters masters! You can read a bibliography and go and read the same books your master read and then read the same books your master’s masters read, right back to the time it was revealed! If it is the truth you will find they all say the same thing, but quite often each proceeding master enlarges/expands on the the truth. 

Masters always acknowledge their own masters. As His Holiness Jesus said, ” I come not to destroy the prophets of old but to build on them.” And as Isaac newton said “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants (preceding and current Masters).” The three Magi (Zoroastrian Priests) said, ” We follow a star in the East” As they were travelling west from Persia to the holy land this is obviously a reference to Zoroaster, who predicted the exact time of the birth of Jesus but gave  only the general area of His birth (the Holy Land).

So I ask you, “who are your Masters?” Yes, you can have more than one master! In fact I recommend following many masters because life is so broad today that you need to follow many! Some will be major masters (like manifestations from God) and others will be minor masters (like a master on diet). You follow a master that you may become a master! Don’t restrict yourself to just one! Otherwise you have the danger of becoming a cultist (“My master is a master of fire, therefore I know all about Hydraulics!” – not!! Lol!)

So how hard is it to become a master? It depends on what level you are working. If you are working on the level of button sewing then reading 10 books makes you an expert and practicing it for a couple of years makes you a doer-master, which makes you a complete master of button sewing. Notice how the master has to be a doer as well as an expert. Karl Marx is an example of an expert on capitalism without being a doer of capitalism! That is the difference between and expert and a master – the expert knows all about it, but the  Master knows how to do it! There is a saying about experts, “experts are people who learn more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing!” A master, on the the other hand. is able to demonstrate HOW TO DO IT (often by performing “miracles” [using methods unknown to the watchers, like the white man entering a primitive culture and striking a match -“OOOO, a miracle!” say the watchers. Ten years later they are all using matches and thinking nothing about it! The miracles of today become the everyday events of tomorrow (j’iam).

The Higher the master the wider the spectrum they teach. There are three levels in the universe – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual. Whilst the Manifestations (Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah etc.) are wholistic and cover all three areas, many others cover only one or two areas. That is okay. But beware of false masters who teach in a physical area and claim to teach in the metaphysical and spiritual areas. These people are invariably cultists, pedaling untruths wrapped in some truths. There purpose is not to make you a master but to make you a slave. A master always tells you the truth so, “You will Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

If you are following a master expect to be tested on the things you really need to learn. This testing comes from the universe/God/Love, to help you remove the obstacles that stand in your way to self-mastery. Once you have dealt with that problem it disappears and you move onto the next problem. Most people have 5 to 7 problems they need to solve, so it is a finite process.

I want to tell you something. I am a modern master of wholistic living. I follow many old masters and some modern ones, but my area of mastery is only just starting to manifest in the world at large. I have been gifted an organisation called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) that teaches us how to be internally  wholistic (Holy) so we can manifest it on the outside, in the world at large. If you are seeking a wholistic Master I am seeking students/disciples (followers of the method).

Mankind as whole is going into maturity (adulthood) and there is a need for wholism in the world (“the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens!”). There is a new method of manifesting this wholism and it is contained within the virtuous cycle created by WPPN. We need this virtuous cycle built to replace the old vicious cycle of poverty and war;  poverty and war are to be replaced with Peace and Prosperity! Simple as that. Hence the Wholistic(holy) Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy)/

The problems of this age are all based in the past (childhood of man). WPPN is the “adult” method of curing the ills of this modern age. Make sure that you are applying grown up thinking to this childish world of ours! Surely that must be worth investigating?

If you are interested then email me at

or go and look at the WPPN website at

Reverend Master J’iam