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If you are intelligent

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If you are intelligent

If you are dumb you want your life to stay the same – with the status quo. But to remain the same means we are actually moving down over time, because the world is always moving upwards!

To change means trying new things and people who addicted to the status quo fear change! Why is this? Because in the past they have experienced change from outside and change from the outside almost invariably involves pain/crisis/downward movement! So to them, change means bad things are going to happen and their solution is to try to control change by resistance, by sticking to the status quo.

But to people who are intelligent, well, they know that change is good if you are the initiator of the change! Because we can specify what sort of change we want and who ever heard of a (sane) person wanting negative/bad changes in their life?

So how do we initiate change? The safest way is to write a goal and then say it aloud! I’ll repeat that again…

Write a goal and then say it aloud!

By doing this you invoke the power of both light and sound, giving you goal and energy foundation of 110 (100+10) as opposed to 1 when thinking it! Thoughts have very little energy, in fact they are only 1 above zero! This is why new year resolutions basically don’t work – they are verbally based thoughts with an energy foundation of 1 + 10 = 11.

You see it is the energy levels we work on that determine our results. Know that the physical energy level of thoughts is 1. The metaphysical energy of speech is 10 and the spiritual energy foundation of light is 100! Far better to start from the top and work down!

Start from the top and work down!

Why? Because 100 can absorb 10 and 1, but 1 can’t absorb 10 and 100! So far better to start with the light and then sound and let the thoughts take care of themselves.

How do we work in light? By working in writing! Writing is placed on paper by our higher thoughts and are then transmitted to our subconscious by light transmitting the writing through the eye!

Sound is done through the voice. Simply read or say your goals aloud and the goal is transmitted to the ear, by-passes the conscious and goes to the subconscious too. Do you know we have two subconscious departments? Not many people do. One is for sound instructions and the other is for light instructions.

When both subconscious departments have the same instructions it is communicated to the “super ego” which is connected with the universe and it then goes out to the universe for fulfilment!

Notice that there is no thought department for the subconscious. But if we don’t set goals your subconscious listens to the words you speak and uses them as commands! That is why we have to watch our words – speak negatively all the time and you are programming your subconscious with your negative words! Speak positively all the time and you are programming your subconscious with your positive words – there is a gain in this. It is not a command, but positive has to be better than negative!

Know that every word you speak is listened to by your subconscious!

Every word you speak is listened to by your subconscious!

Therein lays the beginnings of all vicious cycles. We all know what vicious cycles are – a series of bad events that compound downwards – “For want of a nail a shoe was lost…

But what is the opposite of a vicious cycle? The opposite of a vicious cycle is a Virtuous Cycle!

The opposite of a vicious cycle is a Virtuous Cycle!

I’ll bet the majority of my readers haven’t heard that before! That is because most people (including our parents, our grand parents, our teachers, brothers, sisters etc. work in one dimension(partial)

I have always been Blessed with wholistic thinking. All negative things have an opposing positive pole! Find out what this is and life becomes much easier because you can set positive goals knowing what laws they are based on!

Set positive goals knowing what laws they are based on!

By doing this you Know that you are setting goals that are going to produce good effects in your life – “you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free!”

The truth always comes down from a higher law – “work the law and the law will work for you!”

Work the law and the law will work for you!

The laws I am talking about are not the rules and regulations of man in the physical law system. The Laws I am talking about are in the spiritual higher laws. These laws are absolute! They cannot be cheated by either ourselves or others in our lives.

Justice is mine sayeth the Lord.” By working under the higher laws we are working under God’s pure justice! “If God is with you, who can oppose you?” The hardest part is finding out what God’s laws are! In a small way they are the old testaments 10 commandments (on the physical level). And they certainly are the new testaments metaphysical 11th commandment (“Love thou one another as I love thee”)! But there are more laws than these eleven. And it is the missing laws that make us successful!

How can you set a course to get somewhere, if you don’t know where you are right now? And why you are there? Well, obviously you can’t. You have to learn the higher laws to find out where you are right now because you are there because you aren’t carrying out some of the higher (unknown to you) laws. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse!

I can teach you how to set goals correctly in both sound and light! That is part of my 30 year mission. More than that I can teach you to recognise vicious and Virtuous Cycles, and how to change from one cycle to the other. And how to gift (gifting is the secret of receiving). And much much more.

Do you want a losing economy, a stagnant economy or an ever increasing economy? These are the choices we are all faced with. Personally I am into the latter – an ever increasing economy!

Do you think that an ever increasing economy uses the same rules as a stagnant or a losing economy? Of course not! To have an ever increasing personal economy you are going to have to study and practice – like becoming a pilot for concord.

But first you will have to learn to fly a small plane – that is not too much harder than getting a driver’s license! And from their you will find each step easier than the first step. The first step is always the hardest! Because it is hard? No, because we have to overcome our fears! Our fears have only one power – to stop us taking the first step!

Fear has the power to stop us taking the first step

The beginning of the longest journey is always the first step. Fear has the power to stop us taking the first step and never starting the journey! But it can only do this if we let it! We can do the things we fear and our fears will disappear! Because we can change our realities without our fears coming true!

Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! Only by testing it’s pretences can we break the fear barrier!

False Evidence Appearing Real

So are you intelligent? To me the definition of intelligence is “Can I tell the difference between truth and falsehood for myself?” If you’ve been reading this and agreeing with most of what has been said here then I’d say you are intelligent.

And if you want to pursue this topic even further I’d say you are very intelligent!

As an intelligent person you will understand that different outcomes require different inputs. The inputs for Wealth are totally different for the inputs for poverty and riches! You cannot put the same seeds into the ground as last year and expect to grow a different crop! So we have to change our ground preparation and planting and growing methods!

New jobs require new tools!

Does a farmer guess at these three things? No, he reads up about them and consults experts! And then he buys any new tools he needs to do the job successfully! Basically, I am a wholistic spiritual farm advisor! I will show you all the things you need to do, all the tools you need, when to plant, what to plant and why you need to do things in a different way (e.g. plough the land deeper or plough across the fall of the land.)

You are basically changing from growing corn to building up an olive orchard. The first olives don’t spear for 9 years – so how do you make the transition from corn grower to olive grower? If done correctly it is a fairly simple task. But there is no way you can change the time transition! And you have to understand that, and still do it anyway!

If you can understand all the steps and see them happening as they occur, then you will understand the rewards at the end of the process and develop the patience to await them!

Do you want to develop wealth in your lifetime? Let me tell you this – it takes a minimum of ten years! If you cannot understand and accept this, then you are never going to be wealthy!

Many offer instant riches on the internet! So the world should be filled with rich people, but it isn’t!

They all offer immediate riches “$1,478.45 in 7 days!” Yeah, right! Of course you have to pay many hundreds of dollars for this information!

I remember reading an Archie comic many years ago where Archie was caddying for this millionaire. Archie asked him how to become a millionaire himself and he replied, “It’s easy son! First you save up a thousand dollars and then you do it a thousand times!” Technically it is the correct answer, but HOW do you save up the first thousand dollars? Any one can tell you what to do, but very few can show you how to do it! Those who tell how don’t have a method that works for everyone. My method is spiritual and will work for everyone!

Another illusion is that I should be charging big prices for my knowledge. I am a missionary whose job is to make the world a better place through the implementation of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN). One of the spiritual secrets of wealth is to make others wealthy first! And that all flows back to you multiplied! Lol! The laws of Sowing and Reaping!

The secret to wealth lays in the laws of Sowing and Reaping

Back to the olive farmer again! Lol!

So what is the advantage of being an olive farmer? Well, you have a crop that grows for at least 500 years! That is like a family bank that passes down through the generations of Your Family! Plus feeds you for the rest of your life! I can’t see any disadvantages there, can you?

The key thing that stops farmers growing long-term crops is short-sightedness! Nothing else.

The short term farmer grows a crop every year and laughs at the long term farmer who works for very little pay for at least ten years (there are simple ways around this, it is not an either/or question, but an And question!)

But after ten years it is the olive farmer who laughs last as he watches the short term farmer plant crops year after year, after year! And some years the crops fail completely! “He who laughs last laughs loudest!”

Another secret of wealth is persistence

The secret of wealth is persistence – applied patient actions! There are many quotes about persistence – hundreds of them! Most lost dreams are caused by lack of persistence.

The anti-wealth barriers

The anti-wealth barriers are as follows….

lack of desire to change

lack of goals

lack of knowledge

lack of a method

lack of persistence

Notice that these are all lacks, so the positive side of these lacks must be…

desire to change

written goals

higher Knowledge

a working Method!


So you need a desire to change. After that you have to commit to that desire with written goals! Then comes Knowledge. There are two types of knowledge – a “reinventing of the wheel” and a “proven method of achieving what you want to achieve – e.g. wealth creation knowledge.”

This latter type of knowledge is known as a method. As Henry Ford said, “you don’t have to know everything to be able to use everything!” This is what the method allows – a skipping of irrelevant knowledge and the use of relevant knowledge – steps A, B and C. This makes life a lot easier for the user!

And last on the list is persistence. This is extremely hard to do by yourself, which is why God has revealed WPPN. Many doing a little makes a lot! WPPN is actually a training system that immediately does everything right for you under higher law, without you initially actually understanding what you are doing. By doing this you are saving time – the usual method is to learn first and then set it up. The set up time for spiritual success (Wealth/Abundance) is 5 to 10 years!

With WPPN you have it set up first and then we start to understand it from the doingness! Actions always speak louder than words! You have to understand that WPPN is not a business but a tool for empowerment!

WPPN is not a business, but a tool for our empowerment!

How are we going to achieve world Peace, if we can’t achieve personal Peace?

How are we going to achieve world Prosperity if we can’t achieve personal Prosperity?

How are we going to achieve world Happiness if we can’t achieve personal Happiness?

Obviously we can’t without a method – and that method is WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!)

WPPN was a gift from God to me, for all of us!

If you are intelligent

If you are intelligent you will have understood most of this article. You may be intelligent but are you open to change?

If you are intelligent and open to change, but are you ready to commit, to take an intelligent chance? We are not talking a huge amount here, just $25 per month to change your life forever! And $15 per month of this $25 is your permanent savings -permanent gifts to yourself. There are also two other gifts of $5 per month which are the other two empowering tools! Three simple empowering tools!

But the way they spiritually leverage us is amazing! It is the levering that achieves the results, not the amount of the gifts themselves! This is carried out under a higher law called “invoking the token.”

No risk

you can try the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network yourself at no risk, as we offer a 3 months money back return policy on your own savings (we cannot ethically offer you a return on gifts made to other people in your name!)


I have written a master Goal sheet book that you will get in four parts. This book is secret, available to WPPN members only. It doesn’t have an ISBN number, because it is not for sale!

Written Knowledge

There are over 300 written articles on metaphysical and spiritual wealth principles, practical how to do it solutions.


There are least a dozen videos (although only 6 of them are posted on Youtube at the moment) More will come this year.

Video conferences

Video conferences are in the process of being set up this year.

Personal consultations

A limited number of consultations will be available in the early days. Obviously these will be recorded and stored so they can be tapped into at any time.

If you want to know more go to the Wholistic Solutions website at…

take your time to absorb it and email me with any questions you want answered,

kindest regards,

May Love, Happiness, Health, Peace, success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Happy Belated Easter!

In New Zealand Easter is a time for holidays, probably the last before winter. This year it was wet and miserable for most of Easter. I travelled to a city called Rotorua which is a thermal city. Almost everything in Rotorua is tourist based, it is the second biggest tourist town in New Zealand, yet the government still don’t classify it as a tourist town and the shops have to close on public holidays! 

Rotorua in a thermal city, which means there are lots of geothermal activities under the ground that break through into the air. There is a strong smell of sulphur in the air; they say that Rotorua is the only city in the world that you can fart in and no one will notice! You can walk down the street in certain areas and see boiling hot water bubbling out of a split between the road and the footpath.

But Rotorua is a manifestation of capitalistic practices too. There are hundreds of people who are homeless. Yet right across the road there is a ten storied building that is kept empty and unused, whilst people are sleeping on the streets! 

The main problem with capitalism is the “I’m alright, Jack!” attitude of the capitalists. They think that because they are successfull, they can let many live like wild animals on the streets of cities. But according to all the Scriptures of the world they are not alright under spiritual law. As long as they live in luxury and other in the same city live in abject poverty they are held accountable in the next world! But of course capitalistic thinking only thinks in terms of the future in how much money they will “enjoy”. 

Know this you capitalists/usurers, your time on earth is limited. Your life will be over in the twinkling of an eye (i know it seems strange, but it only takes about three weeks to get from 20 to 60 with hindsight!) and you will be standing in the next world being asked to explain your doings in this world. And it will be too late to go back and change a single deed! That is the hell in dying – seeing what evil your hands have wrought in this world (and know that doing mothing to help is the same as actively doing the negative deed – if you are not part of the solution then you are a part of the problem!!!). And that is the heaven in dying too- seeing what good your hands have done in this world to help others!

Of course most of us aren’t rich capitalists. And don’t want to be ether! Although we do crave for security! But security is only for a very few in the physical world of opposites. To get security you have to move to a place where it is available for all – the spiritual world of AND!(peace and prosperity are spiritual qualities, not physical qualities.)

People think that the spiritual plane is an airy-fairy place, but it’s not. It has very strict laws that must be followed to gain security! “ Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto (spiritual/whole)life, and few there be that find it.” Matt 7:14. The door is open to all but few find it! Why? Because we are looking for physical solulutions to spiritual problems. It’s a bit like a motorist looking for fuel for his caerr – he drives it into the lake to fill it up! WRONG!!!  The entry to the petrol tank is a small hole and only petrol, not water (although materialist will argue that they are both liqids! True, but good luck with filling you car tank with water!), can be used! The same goes with the fuel for the spiritual world. We have to find the small filler hole in our spiritual car!

So how do we do this? By ASKING! Ask to be shown the small hole and once you’ve seen it, it will be easier to fill you spiritual vehicle with the right fuel – LOVE!

How do we ask? Not by thinking the question. Thinking is a physical process and the answer can’t be found by physical processses! The spiritual question must be based in a spiritual form of communication. Know there are two forms of spiritual communication. Speech (aloud) and writing (on paper). Speech is the first form of vibration, spiritual energy. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1. Everytime we speak something out loud it goes out into the universe as  a vibration, to be answered by God. By asking God, ” if He exists and to connect with Him (remember God IS Love)”  we will be heard and answered! “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Norhing airy-fairy about that promise, is there? It is as simple as asking out aloud, directly!

Don’t worry if you feel like a right fool asking. It is something new, that you haven’t done before and, depending how far away you are from the source (of Love) your answer may be subtle or dramatic. Mine was dramatic – but i was far far, far away. I have seen others experience it as easily as putting on a pair of socks or opening a newspaper!

My words were, “God, if you exist, please show me” Those seven words changed my life forever (and I do mean forever!).

Give it a try – what have you got to lose? Only your burdens, woes and empty heart!

happy belated Easter!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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The questions are complicated, the answers are simple – but not easy!

The questions to all things in life are complicated, whilst the answers are simple – but not easy! How do we work our way through this mess? By understanding the process. Most questions originate on the physical plane – because that is where we initially live our personal lives. On the physical plane everything consists of “facts” – atoms of information. To handle facts we must have a method. The preferred method I use is the “six honest working men”  by Rudyard Kipling

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

Ask one of these questions and you’ll get the right answer. But the answer won’t necesarily come from the physical plane. It can (and does) come the metaphysical and spiritual planes as well.

The metaphysical plane is the plane of “principles”. Principles are like DNA – long chains of facts that always work to guide us to certain conclusions (like DNA is what gives us red hair, or blue eyes or a beautiful singing voice). Meta means beyond, hence beyond the physical plane. It’s first quality is deductive reasoning! Know there are less than 500 principles in life.

The spiritual plane is the AND plane. It contains the atoms, the DNA and the the whole body. Here the “Higher laws” of the univserse are dominant. There are less than 50 higher laws, many of which we cant work ourselves. But the ones we can work (Karma/the law of sowing and reaping, for example) make a huge difference in our lives!

So the questions lay on the plane of billions, the answers lay on the planes of hundreds and tens! I use this system all the time and any fact i get is instantly linked to a principle that is already linked to a spiritual law! This makes life a lot easier and far more tranquil.

Life is so much easier when any question is reversed – that is to say we start looking for the answers in the spiritual plane first, then in the metaphysical plane and then lastly in the physical plane. It’s like starting at the top of the pyramid and working down,rather than starting at the bottom of the pyramid and working up. It is always easier to descend than to ascend!

Know that all the really important answers to questions in life lay on the spiritual plane! The spiritual plane is our ultimate destiny in life and this destiny happens to us, whether we want it to or not, at the point of death! It is far more important for us to find out voluntarily than involuntarily.

How do we ask questions? There are two ways. (1) by speaking them and (2) by writing them! We cannot ask a question by just thinking it because thoughts have no power! Power requires a vibration and there are only two types of vibration in the universe – sound and light. Sound is the metaphysical energy and light is the spiritual energy. Sound moves at 700 miles per hourwhilst light moves at 128,000 miles per second!

So how do we apply sound and light in our lives. If we have a thought and we want to action it, it we have to speak it out aloud! As soon as we speak it (even in a whisper) it becomes vibration and jumps from the physical level to the metaphysical level. Know the physical level energy base is one (it exists) whilst the metaphysical energy base is 10(the first real power base).

Know also the the spiritual energy base is 100 (the difference between the speed of sound and the speed of light) and is the most powerful energy source available to man.

To invoke the 10 energy base we have to speak it out aloud. But how do we invoke the spiritual energy base of light? We can’t cast beams of light out of our eyes! No, to invoke the light energy base we simply have to write it down! This is why people who write goals achieve so much – they are using the light energy base of 100.

People who speak (affirm) their wants achieve less. But people who only think things achieve so little with their lives, because thoughts are only fleeting (passing swiftly; vanishing quickly; transient).

So if you have a question, what is the best way to deal with it? The answer is to write it down and then speak it aloud from the written word(read it out aloud)! This way you invoke a power base of 100 + 10 = 110! And the answer is sure to come to you!

Now, why are the answers not easy to implement in our lives? Because all spiritual answers go against the inclinations of mankind (man left to his his devices is inclined towards evil!) So the answers require courage to implement. Many people hear the call (the answer) but few are inclined to follow it! Because to follow the answer you must be prepared to leave your physical family, friends and associates! But you soon replace them with a new spiritual family, friends and associates! So there is no real loss in losing your physical friends etc. Their energy base is 1, whilst your energy base becomes 10 and 100 and “like attracts like”, so your life is quickly full of new friends! But it takes courage to leave the know for the unknown!

I remember when I was given my new name, I had a “friend” who I thought was quite close. I said, “I’m changing my name to J’iam!” expecting him to congratulate me! But instead he said, “I’ll never call you that!” And he walked out of my house that very moment without another word and I never saw him again! My jaw dropped! But friendship is something deeper than that, so my loss was fleeting and small. I think he recognized the “I Am” in my name and disliked that intensely and so was rejected from my life (not I from his!)

Sometimes we ask the wrong question. Like if I was standing at a door, trying to open it asking, “why won’t the door open?” The answer will come, “because you are doing it wrong!” You can ask this question a million times and the answer will always be the same! But the clue is in the answer – “you are doing it wrong!” Go back to the six working men and look for a different question. Try asking, “HOW do I open this door?” and you will get the answer, “Push the handle down and pull the door towards you” Do that and the door opens so easily! To get the right answer we have to ask the right question!

Every Knowable question in the universe will be answered, if you just ask the right question! You mean there are some unkowable things in the universe? Yes there are! God Himself is THE unknowable essence! It is pointless trying to find out the unknowable about God, as the question will never be answered. Many so called Holy men ask for just this very thing and spend their lives in futility!

So stick to the knowable answers. Ask to find the knowable essence of God (I Am) and your life will be good. The knowable essence of God can fill a hundred life times and still contain 99.9% of the knowledge we can ask for! LOL!

I hope this has been of use to you today in finding your way out of the physical world into the metaphysical and spiritual worlds.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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