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The travel from “sleep” to the highest state of spirituality

Know the Biblical “day of resurrection” took place in the 1840’s. It appeared to be a day like any other day. There were no bodies jumping up from the graves and coming back to to life – where would we have put 100 billion people? And fed them, and clothed them etc. No the day of resurrection was a day in which all the people of the earth were raised from the state of spiritually dead to spiritually alive! The unfortunate thing about this is, even though they are now spiritually alive they are not spiritually awake. They are spiritually asleep!

But because everyone on earth is spiritually alive, the holy spirit had a lot more people to pump energy through and that gave birth to our tremendous industrial revolution and the advances we have made from there. We literally live in a new age of mankind. Look around you – after five thousand years of horse travel we can now fly in jets that caryy uo to 700 people at 600 miles per hours an hour! We travel daily in air conditioned comfort in our cars at 60 miles per hour! We can pick up a phone and call anywhere in the world at the push of a button! And the list goes on and on and on!

So everyone born on earth today is born into spiritual life, but they are asleep. So how do we awaken? By asking to be shown the spiritual path, the first connection to Love. Once we do that we will be “reborn” and shown what it is to be awake. Awakening is the first spiritual state, the first rebirth. Our energy increases from 0 to 1 in this state. This is the state of religion.

Imagine that God the Source is a torch. The closer you get to the torch the brighter the lighter becomes in your life! Know that there isn’t just one rebirth but 3 rebirths and a graduation on the path to Godliness!

As I said the first rebirth is when we move from being asleep to being awake.


The next rebirth is when we move from being awake to being alive! Our energy levels increase from 1 to 10 on this plane



The third rebirth is when we move from being alive to being a creator. This is the first of two creation phases. This first state is called generalized beingness or generalized creation. What are we creating? A generalized Divine Civilization! On this level our energy levels increase from 10 to 100.



The next stage is our “graduation”, This when we start building a specific divine civilization.What is a specific divine civilization? It’s using the special talents, abilities and inclinations you were gifted at birth to create a special part of divine civilization. Only you can carry out this specific task. It is specific to you and no one else – for no one else has your exact mix of talents to create this specific task! At this point you literally become a missionary for divine civilization. On this level our energy levels increase from 100 to 1,000.


Notice how the light grows in intensity as you approach the bulb. As I said, the asleep section has an energy level of 0. The awake section has an energy level of 1. The alive section has an energy level of 10. The generalized creation section has an energy level of 100. Whilst the specific creation section has an energy level of 1,000. This is the energy levels given to us as we move up the spiritual ladder – because at each level we NEED those levels of energy!

At the highest level we also get energy from the light bulb (this is called empowerment, because it comes from outside of us) at 10,000. This energy comes from the workings of the higher laws. There is only one level of energy higher than this and that is straight from God (the unknowable source) and these are usually called “miracles”. I’m not even going to attempt to put a numerical energy level on these!

So, I hope that today’s talk has helped you see the “Big Picture ” of spirituality. It should be each of our goals to reach the ultimate stage of empowerment, that is to say “creating our own specific divine civilization!” We cannot do this without Divine Guidance and Help. But if you know where to head, you know where to set your goals!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Religion or Spirituality?

In the olden days we had two choices – to be of the “dead” (the spiritually dead), or to be of the living (the spiritually alive – religious). Today we live in a new age where all the previously dead have been resurrected into spiritual life and the two classes now consist of the spiritually asleep and the spiritually awake. That is the main difference between people of the old age and people of this new age.

If you are spiritually awake today you are likely to class yourself as “spiritual” because the responsibility for spiritual growth has been removed from the churches of the world and placed on each individuals shoulders. We, not any outside influence, are the captains of our own spiritual ships. 

If you are spiritually aware you will eventually come under the reign of the higher laws of the universe. To come under the reign of these higher laws, you have to submit your will to God’s will and actually LIVE the higher laws! Under the higher laws there are definite freedoms and definite “no go” areas. As long as we stay out of the “no go” (forbidden) areas and work within the permitted areas we will always be building ourselves a virtuous cycle. As soon as we go into the forbidden areas we lose all our virtuous cycle and inherit a vicious cycle instead. In the old days the virtuous cycle was called heaven and the vicious cycle was called hell. Either way, virtuous /heaven or vicious/hell, the end results still feel the same! 

Because the rules have changed we can no longer go to the former institutes (churches and faiths) for guidance because they are still using the old ways. Instead we must seek out masters of the new age. The supreme source manifestation of this age is Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God – it’s amazing that most of the churches in New Zealand have “to the Glory of God” (to Baha’u’llah – this is Persian for the Glory of God) written on their foundation stones!). Then there are various masters, on various levels at different ages since 1844. Today I am a master who has been sent to new Zealand.

There is no glory in being sent a master – we are always sent to spiritually bankrupt places and New Zealand is definitely spiritually bankrupt and corrupted. Almost invariably the local masters are initially ignored by the ones they are sent to counsel. And that has been my experience to date. But we just have to keep on keeping on. There are masters who have entered this world and departed with exactly zero followers. This is not a failure, because the master is the single disciple during his life time. And the master is also a bubbling wellspring of new knowledge and enlightenment, and this is still poured into the world because of his very existence on earth!  To date we have 3 and a half disciples (including myself). I am hopeful that the half will become a whole, as soon as he recovers his health. I am open to receiving another 97 disciples at the moment to build a perpetual synergy of Wealth and Prosperity. The next sub-target is for members is 9, then 19, then 49 and then the 100. All in the Good Lord’s time, not mine.  

Sometimes I use J’iam’s prayer for patience, when I am feeling low and alone. It goes like this…

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY!” (the gestures in this prayer consist of shaking one’s fist up towards the heavens!) And then laughing out loud! God has a wonderful sense of humour! When we laugh together, I always feel connected and my spirit soars!  Lol!

But back to serious now. We have been given these choices because this new age is one of Unity. The first unification is the unity of body, brain and soul – the self. A spiritual unity is also called a synergy. Once we are internally synergsed as people, then we can synergise with other synergised(whole) people to create bigger units. Like a cell can unite with other cells to make a kidney or a heart etc. Only by having whole cells and uniting them together can we make the body (the world) whole, peaceful and prosperous). So world peace and Prosperity starts with us, the individuals of the world. You and I both know that politicians can’t achieve world peace – their weapons for peace are war and fear! (talk about an oxymoron!) Weapons and fear only achieve dominance, and dominance is not peace.The tools for peace are example (within ourselves) education and actions. We all know the theory that politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but that isn’nt going to happen until the usurers of the world are gotten rid of and the people actually own the vast majority of the worlds assets. Only then will the politicians start listening to the people. For although they claim to be leaders, where the people go the politicians follow

Gandhi had a saying..

“First they ignore us

then they laugh at us

then they fight us

and then we win!”

This is the classic path of all the masters of the world. At the moment I am in the ignored box. But soon I will be recognised by more and more people and then they will start laughing at us. Then they will start fearing us and start fighting us. This is when we have reached a certain percentage of the population (the princople of the 100th monkey) and by then it is too late to fight and win against us. And of course we naturally “win” and our ways become the ways of the world at large and then everyone wonders why we were resisted!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) is a system designed by God to enable the people of the world to grab a hold of their own assets and remove them from the hands of usurers. I suggest you take a look at WPPN. There is a teaser website(no website can contain all the knowledge of the network) at…

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love, peace and prosperity to you.