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Answers! We can all be Christians despite our individual Faiths

I have devised a good test to tell the difference between Christians and Jesus-ites (a Jesus-ite is a follower of the cult of Jesus and a non follower of I Am – the Christ spirit.)  I simply ask them if they know what the eleventh commandment is.

If they answer,”there are only ten commandments” they are a Jesus-ite or a Moses-ite.

If they know it, they are on the way to being a Christian.

If they practice it they are a Christian. If you practice the eleventh commandment you are a Christian no matter what religion or faith you follow! The first Christian I met at the age of 18 was a both a Christian and a Muslim! I was an atheist at the time and his advice to me was “God always Provides!” This is pure simple Christian advice!

You see the Christ is above personal faith. It’s name is I Am and it is accessible to anyone. I had what is called a “Royal Rebirth” and was asked by the Christ spirit to become a Bahai – which I did after reading the words of Baha’u’llah, Muhammed, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha and seeing that they were all written by the same hand (Christ) only in different coloured pens!

So, where will you find the eleventh commandment? Look up John 13:34

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Notice how the words, “One another” are repeated twice. This is the clue to the Wholistic mature of this commandment. One is the old fashioned English word for yourself – “How is one today?”

An-other is the old fashioned way of describing other people.

So translated in modern English the commandment reads, “Love Yourself and other people” Twice it repeats this to emphasise the importance of this aspect.

Love yourself FIRST. Why? Because “as within, so without.” If we cannot love the God within how can we love the God without? If we don’t pay ourselves first how can we pay others second? If we don’t obey our inner, higher selves how can we obey our outer, higher selves? Well, quite simply, we can’t!

If we don’t Love the God within us, we cannot love the God without us! If we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love others!

So that is the What to do! Next, how do we do it? The answer is God’s way – “As I have Loved you.” So How does God Love us? Why wholly and unconditionally, of course! So we must love ourselves, Others and God wholly and unconditionally! This is the simple secret to Heaven of Earth!

And, the crux of the whole thing, what is the Method? There must Be a method, for without a method, nothing is achieved (except by chance – and we have all won the big lotto prize by chance, haven’t we? Lol!) The method for this time and day is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (church, organisation, Method, Synergy)

This (WPPN)was revealed in 1992 and created in 2011. It took 19 years to be fully understood for the first time!

So anyone of any religion can Be a Christian (I Am, is the Christ! Jesus (Blessed Be His name) was the Christ on earth for only three years.) He went into the desert as Jesus the Man and came out as Jesus the Christ after fasting for 40 days and nights (5 weeks and 5 days).

Since then there have been three other Christs on earth. But the eleventh commandment still stands. None of the other human Christs revoked it in any way! In fact they added to it, refined it even further!

In this New Age the churches and religions are fading away. In their place are rising a new breed of believers, who call themselves “Spiritual.” Know that the spiritual way is the way of the Fire (The Holy Spirit) and Jesus told us we must be reborn into both the Water and the Fire (the Holy Spirit) to Be whole (Holy)

We live in age “the likes of which Mankind has never seen before!” Look around you and see what is happening in the world as it metamorphoses from a caterpillar to a butterfly! We live in an age of miracles, most of which are so “common” these days that they are totally ignored!

Take the car for example. We have been travelling behind horses backsides for over 5,000 years! And travelling at 4 to 12 miles an hour for all that time! Yet today we can all travel at 60 mph at any time (By car, train, bus or motorcycle) and can travel at 550 mph in a jumbo jet! Is this not a miracle with a capital M? YES! It is! But we take it for granted every day!

200 years ago it would take a letter at least six months to travel around the world from England to New Zealand. Today the letter is becoming extinct, instead we email each other and complain when it doesn’t arrive in half an hour anywhere on earth!

So the times have changed and the old methods of life have changed as well. In the New Age the old methods only allow some to live comfortably. In the New Age all are allowed to live comfortably and we don’t have to suffer under the reigns of capitalism and communism any more, because the keys to our Own Freedom are in our Own Hands (WPPN)!

Know you have to have 6 elements aligned to succeed –

(1) a desire

(2) a Goal

(3) a method

(4) a Plan

(5) activation of the plan and finally….

(6) fruition of the plan

After that we return to number one again.

And what is the most common lack that stops people succeeding? Why the method of course!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is the Method and the Activation of a New Age plan of success – simple as that!

If you want to know what the method is, simply contact me on <> There is no pressure, no obligation I am simply one man and two followers of the WPPN Method. I offer you the truth and you have to decide whether to accept it or not! If you accept it you start a 30 year journey that offers you success under the higher laws of the universe (God never backs out on His promises!)

There are no short cuts, the commitment is to yourself for the rest of your life. But I guarantee that within 5 years your life will have totally changed for the better, as you see the results manifesting from the virtuous cycles you create in WPPN.

You see we all know what a vicious cycle is, but far less of us know what a virtuous cycle is. And even less of us know HOW to create a virtuous cycle, and even less know how to create wholistic (Multiple) virtuous cycles that lead to permanent, stable and ever growing success that we pass onto our children (if they want it) our grand children, our great grandchildren down through the generations for at least 500 to 1,000 years!

Only WPPN works on God’s virtuous cycles to create wealth (Abundance + Detachment) over the period of our whole life! By 2035 it will dominate the world economy and people will be free, peaceful and prosperous! And then my mission will be completed and I will die in 2036 to go home again!

Come and join me in spreading the truth to the world. The best way to spread the truth is by demonstrating it to the world by manifesting it in our own lives!

Kindest regards,


reverend master jiam00427

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058-it rains on good and bad alike

It’s Raining!

It’s Raining!!! Praise be to God for this wonderful day!

It rains upon good and bad alike and all we have to do is decide which group we are in! Lol!

It rain upon the happy and the miserable alike and all we have to do is decide which category we belong in!

It rains upon us all and we all have a choice on HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES whether it be in rain or sunshine!.

The choice is always ours! Make your choice once and stick with it! I’ve made mine! lol!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Stay true to your beingness!

Early this year I decided it was time to start earning my own income so I entered a network. That didn’t work,  so I joined another one through Ibo and that hasn’t worked either. Not because the networks don’t work, not that I didn’t try to work the networks, but simply for the reason that my Beingness stopped me!

I was reading a young chaps press release a few weeks ago and he was wondering why people don’t just join for the money. That is what I was basically doing. The reason is that our beingnesses are far more important to the world than us just making money. If we go for making money we are pursuing the goal of rich. By following the path of Beingness we are following the path of Wealth (wealth is a spiritual state, riches are a non-spiritual state – why did the rich man (and not the the wealthy man) ask Jesus how to leave the state of riches, where he was unhappy!)


Anyway, every step I took was blocked, obstructed, hampered by the universe! In the end i just gave up and after a few days i realised that I had made a choice against my inner Beingness. I realised that I wasn’t relying on God to lead me, but was setting off on my own separate path. God doesn’t want me to have an income yet. When he does I am promised that it will come “so fast and so abundantly that I will wonder where it’s been hiding all my life!” I have to be a demonstration of this principle. Everything happens in perfect timing and I just have to be Patient and wait for the results – “at the perfect time!”


Now I am back on the right path I have received the first inquiry into my Beingness! The beginning of the longest journey is always the first step. 

Jesus came to promote a better way of life, so why don’t we follow Him? Because very few people are actually demonstrating HOW TO LIVE THAT LIFE! That is my Beingness!


It is okay to be in a business, to be successful and get money. But the danger comes from success itself. If we get money without developing our Beingness we face a strong possibility of becoming rich. Rich is actually a poverty (dis-empowered) state that leads to unhappiness (hell).


Wealth, on the other hand is an empowered state that leads to Bliss/happiness/ contentment (heaven). It is simple (but not easy) to become wealthy, rather that rich. But the methodology is totally different, because we have to develop our Beingness, doingness and havingness. To be rich only require that we do and have! Can you see the difference? It is in our beingness where heaven lays!

Have you ever gotten involved with a project (perhaps a hobby) where you sat down and worked on a project and after a while thought, “gosh, I’m thirsty, I’ll grab myself a cuppa!” And you look at the clock and six hours have passed without a break and yet it only seemed like a few minutes? Well that, my friend, was you getting involved in your beingness! 


You see, your beingness is a reflection of your true spiritual reality. And there is no time in the spiritual world! And because you were involved in you Beingness, you lost all track of time. Think about what you have done in the past to evoke that state because that is a clue to your own real Beingness! That is what we should all develop if we want to be happy! It is not an either/or question but one of AND!  We must must develop our Beingness and our doingness and havingness to be balanced.

If you have never experienced this state then simply ASK God/the Universe to show you your own Beingness in good and godly circumstances!  And the answer will be given to you! I was totally surprised when I was shown mine in 1992 because I was an artist, not what I am today in my Beingness! But I have worked on it since then and still have another 24 years to complete my specific task (which I was offered, and accepted,  6 years ago). 

The thing I like about my beingness (and you will be the same) is that God asks you to do a specific task and then you split the work up between you and God – with 1% of the work being done by you,  and the other 99% by God! Lol! 

I know I am allowed to be on WordPress and thank you for all the people who have liked and followed me me –  do appreciate the support!

So bring on the next 24 years – and keep me on the path Lord! Amen


kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam



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Do and Have, and Being is missed out. Be and Do, and Having takes care of itself automatically!

Do and Have, and Being is missed out.

Be and Do – and Having takes care of itself automatically!

If we simply do and have we don’t fulfill our own true inner potentials by Being. It is our beingness that leads to our internal happiness! If we are in a job for the having only, we are more than likely to be unhappy – because we are not fulfilling our inner desires, our own inner potential and our talents and abilities.

If, however, we fulfill these things and work at a job doing this, then we are “paid to play” The work becomes secondary to the pleasure we receive from the work! This is the secret of a long and happy life – always fulfill your BEingness!

What happens to our states when we chose either road? If we chose the doing and having we actually enter a poverty state called riches. We have all heard Biblical stories of rich men. We know that riches don’t bring happiness. I personally know because I married into riches in my first marriage! There is an old saying, “Money can’t buy you Love!” and this is absolutely true. But don’t dispair because the opposite IS TRUE! Love does buy you wealth (Abundance + Love).

Wealth is a spiritual state known as abundance. In abundance we have to develop our LOVE firstly and then move into abundance where the money manifests itself! To reach abundance we have to enter, and go through, the state of “Poor”. For the vast majority the state of Poor is a state of empowerment that has very little to do with our state of possessions. Poor is a spiritual state in which we learn to be BE detached from all things except Love (God). It is as simple as that!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” What does this mean? It means that in the state of Poor we learn how to BE Ecstacitically and Blissfully Happy! Once we achieve that we can move onto the state of Abundance where we use our surpluses to look after the Poor! Abundance is also the state of the Peacemaker where “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  The children of God must somehow be different from the children of men? I’ll SAY!!!

So those are our two positive states of Beingness.

If you want to set a goal right now, then I recommend that you set the Goal of becoming a Peacmaker. Because if you don’t set the end goal, you will never arrive at it! And by setting an end goal of peacemaker you will be taken to the first empowering state of Poor and through to the second, higher, empowered state of Abundance!  With this goal the path is straight as a die!

Would you buy an airplane ticket with now idea of where your were going? Of course you wouldn’t! It’s the same with our lives. We are here for just a “Twinkling of the eye” Although it seems a long way to 60 from the actual age of 20, it is only 3 weeks in hindsight from 20 to 60, at the actual age of 60! (believe me, I’m over 60 and i wonder, “where did my past life disappear – and so quickly?”)

Set the end goal and your soul will guide you towards it. Set it in writing so the power base is the highest and it will happen sooner, rather than later. And then you can live your life in a state of BEing fulfillment! The time will still fly by – but you will be blissfully and ecstatically HAPPY! Better to lead a life like this, than an unfulfilling, unhappy one!

So back to the original heading. Have i strayed off the point? No, i don’t think so. Our purpose in life is to be happy. This is best achieved by serving our souls firstly and by serving other souls secondly. This is best achieved in the state of Poor/Peace (first) and Abundance/Service/Prosperity (second).


Can you SEE the direction? Can you see it? Then come and join me in achieving it – immediately! Through the WPPN enabling/empowering network synergy. Come and BE, Do and Have!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Why I REFUSE to make a million dolars in a month

Having been on this earth for 62 years, I am aware of the way things work in the world. I have an associate who is always chasing after “easy money” with “no effort involved” He never seems to make it, is always losing money in the deals he enters! Why? Because they are all scams!

Now the person who makes the money in a scam, is the one who started it. I know how to start a scam – it is very easy! One problem for me though. IT’S NOT HONEST WORK!!! 

And that is why I refuse to make a million dollars in a month, because I’d have to rip people off! And in doing so I’d be ripping myself off! I’d be destroying my BEingness, that has taken 35 years to build! I’d be destroying my whole life! And no bits of paper (easy money) are worth doing that for.

My beingness is the most important thing in my life. If we build our beingnesses and do that, then we shall receive the rewards of our BEingness multiplied (“they that have (beingness) shall be given more“. Now the havingness to our beingness comes when it comes. We can see it coming, but we can’t predict the exact day that it will come – only God knows that. But when it does come, it comes so fast and so abundantly that we wonder where it’s been hiding all our lives! Lol! I can feel my abundance coming soon. And then I will be delivered abundance, not riches, in a few days , not a month. And I will live the rest of my life serving mankind, as I have for the past 35 years. My income Goal is to be able to gift 90% of it.

You see, CONTINUITY is the number one quality of the spiritual plane. Then STABILITY comes second. And last on the list is growth. But when growth comes it comes “so fast and so abundantly that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life!”

The formula for riches is simply Do and Have. The formula for wealth is to BE, do and have. BEing is far harder to achieve than not being. Wealth is far harder to achieve than riches. But riches are an empty victory – “what profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”

The Man (note the capital M) who gains their BEingness is happy with or without wealth – so he is given wealth to help build a divine civilization. And that is how the wealthy become wealthy, by helping to build a divine civilization! 

There are many ways to build a divine civilization in practice, but only two ways overall – the first way is to build a generalised divine civilization and the second way is to build a specific divine civilization.

You can build a generalized civilization simply by having children and bringing them up correctly, so they reflect your positive attributes. Your positive attributes are what is going to “leave the world in a better place when you leave it than what it was when you entered it

You can only build a specific divine civilization by utilizing your specific talents and abilities under your BEingness to create a part of divine civilization that only you and God can build together! You become, literally, a missionary.

My specific divine beingness is to introduce a Spiritual replacement for capitalism, communism and all “isms”. It was gifted to me in a vision in 1992 and i was asked to “develop” it. Little did I know that it was going to take 19 years just to set it up to the point where i got a second member! Lol! And now i have another 25 years to serve on WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy). And these are years of expansion!

So I am not going to lower myself to dishonesty to “get” a million dollars in a month” – I am simply going to wait until it manifests in it’s own time. For everything happens in perfect timing!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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We both agree! Be true to yourself!

We both agree! Be true to yourself!

The truth is the truth, is the truth, is the truth!

surround yourself with NO men

If you want to be rich, then you will surround yourself with YES men, who will agree with everything you say. If you want to be WEALTHY, then surround yourself with NO men, who will not be scared to disagree with you if they think you are doing something wrong. That is a fundamental difference between wealth and riches. The richest man in the world (Howard Hughes) surrounded himself with yes men who allowed his to starve himself to death! Howard Hughes died of “malnutrition”  which is a fancy word for starvation. Yet he owned more assets than any other man in the world! Surely he can’t have starved himself to death? But that is exactly what he did. The first step towards this was to find men who loyalty was not to him, but to his money! Yes men will gladly goes against the morality of the world, their boss and themselves for money. They have no inner morality and simply agree to carry out the bosses actions, no matter how morally repugnant it is! They are toadies of the worse kind. 

On the other hand, a NO man is self contained. He has his own inner morality that is not for sale. If he(/she) see their boss headed for the cliff face they’ll yell, “WATCH OUT, CLIFF FACE!!!” They may be totally wrong 9 times out of 10, but it is the tenth time when their value really shows! It takes a wealthy man to employ NO men, because he is not employing mirrors of himself, but reflections of the worlds og physical, metaphysical and spiritual morality (laws)! This is the value of NO men. They reflect the spiritual world back to their boss, so he can see reality, not simply a mirage reflection of himself and his own inner cravings. 

A visitor to Henry Ford’s factory passed an office with him, and saw a man sitting on a chair with his feet up on a desk fast asleep! He turned to Henry and said, “Why don’t you fire that man?” To which Henry replied, “That man once presented me with an idea worth a million dollars (a billion dollars in today’s money), if he never has another idea, he has paid his wages for many lifetimes. But who knows he may come up with another idea!” As a wealthy man we have to leave the physical “money is exchanged for time” payment system behind and use the “money for service/ideas/value” system. This is where NO men reside. As wealthy men we have to surround ourselves with different reflections of the world. We don’t have to necessarily have to listen to then, but we have to allow ourselves to view their ideas against ours so we can test the truth of our ideas! This is the value of NO men.

No men are our own private “skunk works” too. Apparently NASA had three teams of scientists who are all given the same idea to develop independently and often they come come with three separate “only possible ways” and the best one is picked out and used. There is a saying, “wake up and smell the roses!” With NO men the saying is “Wake up and smell the S**T!!”. To test the truth we must always set up two experiments – one to build our idea, TWO to destroy our idea. If we cannot destroy it and it grows, that is a double confirmation of the truth of the idea.

This is exactly what I did in 1992 when I received the idea for the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. I tried it out in my own private economy and I tried my very best to destroy the principles it was based on. The truth can never be destroyed, ever. After about three months of trials it was working and I couldn’t find any flaws in it. So I took it to an independent bank manager friend (a very rare item indeed!) and laid it out in front of him. His response was, “It seems too perfect to be true!” My response to him was, “Can you please take it home with you and try to destroy it – I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working on a false idea!” He did just that and when I went back to him he said, “No (i cannot destroy it), it is perfect and I want to join!” But I had nothing for him to join! It would take me another 19 years to have an organisation called WPPN for him to join! In that time I have lost contact with him (come back and join! Lol!)

Why did it take so long??? Because “The wheels of God Grind exceeding slow, but exceeding small!” God manifests everything in His own time. In 1992 the world was a different place from the world today. It was kept underground like a silent seed in the forest, waiting for the heat of spring to awaken it. Over the years I have seen the world move slowly (Oh, so slowly!) move towards the WPPN Concept. Today the world is in a crisis that can only be solved by WPPN. Sooner or later people will start to wake up to it and start joining in droves. At the moment we have four members (after two years) and God is whispering in my ear to expect the number to increase to 1,000 in the next 12 months. I have no idea how to achieve this, but God and I are partners are in this concept and we split the work up beteen us – 99 to1! That is, I do 1% of the work and God does the other 99% of the work! Lol! And that is about right! After all I am finite and He is infinite! He gives me little jobs to do in the business that clear the way for Him to work in peoples hearts! “All are His servants and all abide by His bidding

So it is Good to surround yourself with NO men, independently thinkers who Know the truth of the spiritual, metaphysical and physical worlds. Once you meet and employ men like this, never let them go until God gives them something else to achieve (their own specific BEingness). If you have a violent argumenr with them, give them a months leave on full pay to let you both cool down – “parting makes the heart grow fonder“. But don’t let your anger rule your heart and head. If after a month if you can see his point of view and live with it, then take him back – it is the irritant in the oyster’s shell that manifests the pearl! You don’t actually have to LIKE your employees, but you do have to Trust them (notice the capital t!)

And the most important reason of all to surround yourself with “No men” is that they are not a reflection of yourself. It is too easy to turn into a yes man yourself and start following every “thought” without testing it. I’ll just take a snort of this drug this (evil) fellow is offering me for free! I’ll just engage in extra marital sex this young horny woman is offering me, just this once. I’ll just stop eating anything containing contaminants of the world in them (everything contains the world’s contamination!) – “Oops, I’ve starved myself to death!”

The difference between a rich man and a wealthy man is contained in one short word-BE. The rich man is rich through doing and having. The wealthy man is wealthy through BEing, doing and having. The Being method is the long, straight path. The doing and having is the quick jump off the cliff, through the brambles method to riches – whic never provide satisfactiom. The difference between the two is like a 6 course banquet of the finest foods and drinks and a six course banquet of potato crisps, sugary treats and fizzy pops! These things are okay in small doses, but 6 courses in one meal???? That is starvation by excess!

So again, I ask you – BE wealthy, surround yourself with NO men, stick to the higher laws of the universe to build yourself a “Virtuous Cycle” and work slowly (like the tortoise) towards wealth! 

WPPN will help  you achieve these things!

Love, Peace and Prosperity,


ImageWeakth, NO, 


But, I don’t to be rich!

I don’t to be rich, because I have experienced riches and they were not good at all, at all! (he said Irishly). Then I experienced poverty, which was even worse than riches – because in riches at least you have physical comfort. Not so in poverty! After many years of lack, i asked God “what are the alternatives to poverty?” and i was shown the states of Poor and Wealthy. I remember actually becoming Poor on my bicycle as i hauled up a long hill. At the bottom of the hill i was in poverty. At the top of the hill i was in the state of Poor! The transformation was a spiritual one, as i had asked the question, received the answer and somewhere on that hill I COMMITTED to the state of Poor. My commitment moved me into it!  That is all it takes – a commitment.

A commitment always comes from the Soul. It is also known as a decision. The word decision derives goes back to a latin base:  decidere ‘determine’, from de- ‘off‘ + caedere ‘cut‘. So basically decision means (spiritually) to cut off the old ways and implement new ways.

It is people’s attachments to the old ways that stops decisions being made and commitments carried out.  This was demonstrated in the bible when the rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked him how to become wealthy. His simple reply was, “Gift all your money to the Poor“. The rich man then turned around and walked away. But what if he had done what Jesus asked him to do?

If he had of gifted (note the word gifted, not given) all his money, he would have become detached form it and actually become one of the Poor. Because he had gifted the money he would have received it back multiplied (under the laws of sowing and reaping) and slid over from the state of poor to the state of Wealthy, where he has more money than he had before, but is still detached from it!

What was the rich man actually asking for in his request? He was asking for his Beingness to be fullfilled! The rich man gets rich by simply Doing and Having. The Wealthy man gets Wealthy by Being, Doing and Having! The single difference between a rich man and a wealthy man is BEingness!  The first state of beingness is the state of Poor!

Know that the wealthy man never leaves the state of poor. He never leaves the state of detachment from all except love! If he did he would simply become rich(which seems like death to a spiritual person)!

Know the first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor! It is the wealthy man’s inheritance to share with his brothers and sisters. Which why “philanthropy” (which is simply organised gifting) is so important to the wealthy. The lessons of gifting are learned in the state of Poor – the apprenticeship to Wealth).

What is the difference between giving and gifting? Giving is a lose/win situation. When you give you “lose” what you are giving and the recipient “wins” it! It is a one way transference system. Know that God never works on a win/lose format. He always wins on a win/win format, a circular flow of energy. So how is gifting different from giving? In giving you simply say, “Here have this!”

In Gifting there has to be an offer and an acceptance, so you say,” will you accept this gift from me?” If they say yes, then you gift them the gift. They are a winner because they have the possession you just offered them. And you are the bigger winner because the Higher law of sowing and reaping is invoked and you are promised a higher return than  the gift! (as you sow (gift), so shall you reap multiplied, 30, 50, 100 fold!)

Most people fear becoming poor because they subconsciously associate Poor with Loss. What they are actually doing is confusing poverty with the state of Poor. There is always loss in poverty. There is never a loss in the state of Poor! Ever!  Which is why it is called a Blessed state, “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Notice that the Poor are poor in Spirit, not material things. The second gift to Poor is Divine Protection. Protection against all negative physical states, including lack, which is taken care of by the laws of Providence. The laws of providence say, “whatever you NEED, you shall be given

So how do you work the laws of providence? You have to speak aloud what you need. Not think it silently. Thoughts are worthless in working the laws of providence. It HAS to be spoken (or written – the two forms of spiritual power are sound and light, speech and writing). It is hard going against the customs of man. We have been taught not to ask (aloud) for things, but to wish (think) for things. We have this as a lifetime habit and it is hard to break the habits of a lifetime.

But know that it takes only 30 days to change a habit and 60 days to make it permanent. And the beginning of that change is action. Even though I “felt” like a twit the first time i asked for something I needed aloud, the answer to that request vanquished my fear of doing it. The second request was Far Easier than the first, the third far easier again and now it is simply a part of my inbuilt nature to ask for what I need. As long as it is a need and not a a want, i can work the laws of providence. If it is a want then I have to work under the laws of Abundance.

What is the difference between the Laws of Providence and the Laws of Abundance. It is quite simple; under the laws of providence you don’t have to do anything, as these are training laws. All you have to do is ask and you will receive all your needs! Not cost at all spiritually(and no, or very little, cost physically.

The laws of abundance state that “Anything you want you can have“, but there is a cost! And what is the cost? You have to fulfill your Beingness! And there are two types of beingness – (1) a general beingness (which you fill when you are poor) and (2) a specific beingness(which you fill when you are wealthy!)

Our general beingness is things that anyone can do, things like adding to the world by being Detached, being Happy and Being peaceful.

Our specific Beingness is doing a task that only we can achieve. We are all born different from each other, with a balance of talents and abilities that makes us suitable for our specific beingness. This covers the two remaining areas of (personal) Success and Prosperity.

To be wealthy we have to remain  Happy and Peaceful as well, which is why the wealthy never leave the state of Poor! know that a very small minority of people cannot become wealthy, because they are Permanently Poor, usually in the state of Health, which is why i haven’t mentioned health in either states. The permanently poor are tested for life and reap their rewards in the next world. But the vast majority of us are capable of wealth in this world.

So do not fear of becoming Poor, but ask for it out of your mouth, aloud. The second gift of the Poor is divine protection! This is a hugely powerful gift! And that includes the laws of providence. Yes, you will be tested on your attachment/detachment from things, bit know this; once you pass the test you will have all things “lost” returned from you. This testing is like a mother removing a toy from a young child, until he learns to share it with others. Once he can share it, his toy is returned to him! So it is in the spiritual state. The removal of things is usually a test to help us grow spiritually, to help us learn to share our toys! Lol!

So  I don’t to be rich! Nor do I want YOU to be rich. You probably don’t want to be rich either! We are both good people and i don’t want to change that. I do want to be Poor and Wealthy though. And I want YOU to be Poor and Wealthy TOO. I want for Us to fulfill our BEINGnesses and become Good People, both Poor and Wealthy! Only by this transformation can we change our world and the world at large!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. For a way of achieving these two states of Poor and Wealthy, see the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network website at