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A conversation

This is a conversation that took place about an hour ago between me and a friend. (used with permission)

(Me) so what are you doing with your time?

 (friend) not a lot

if you had a choice what would you do?

 make a web site

if you could take a little blue pill that would allow you achieve anything at all, what would your choice be? what website would you make?

 I don’t know.  I’d have to find someone that wants one made up

what website do YOU want to build? what i am really asking is, “what is your BEingness?”

 i don’t know

then ask the universe to reveal it to you in good and Godly circumstances under the laws of providence! Everyone should know what their BEingness is. This is the very KEY to LIFE!

i think its just my circumstances getting me down

Our BEingness is our very reason for existing – to fulfill our Beingness is to LIVE! Forget about your circumstances; if you don’t know what your BEingness is, your current circumstances will eventually disappear only to be replaced by other problems, equally as large and just as distracting!

 that’s why i went out into the garden yesterday, to get rid of some of the s**t that I am under

nothing changes until something changes and the biggest change we can make in our lives is to find our BEingness. That is the rudder of our ship of self! Once we have a rudder we can sail out of the sh**ty creek we are in out into the wide, clean ocean!

 sounds good

you have many talents, but they are not being used to help create a divine civilisation at the moment. Find your BEingness and you will find a way to help make the world a better place – to create a divine civilisation is good!

 i know, i’m hoping that once circumstances change i might be able to get a life of my own

You can’t wait for circumstances to change, because they won’t without outside help. Even if you say, “Higher spirit, i’m bored with the hassles of the world, show me what to do to make this world a better place, using my own unique abilities and talents!” that will change your life forever!

 I’m going to start saying NO to my circumstances

It’s not a matter of waiting for your circumstances to change. The universe is waiting for youto change!

 yes, well i can’t change until they (circumstances) do

your circumstances are just lumps of poo floating in the creek. Get out of the polluted creek into the ocean of love! You can move your ship anytime you want too! You are not dependent on on your circumstances – you are dependent on the universe! Your circumstances are just cobwebs that pretend to be iron ropes. If you believe they are iron ropes, then they are iron ropes and they stop you moving! If, however, you can see that they are just cobwebs, then you can simply brush them aside and move on! Pull up the anchor and move out the creek!

We are spiritual beings with free will. Are you are saying to me that you don’t have free will because of your circumstances? I am stating that you have, and always will have free will – the ability to turn towards Love or to turn away from Love ( that is what free will is!) We always have free will, every second of every hour, of every day, of every year – 360/60/24/365! And all you have to do to tap into the higher power of the universe, to lift yourself out of the physical crap you are now in, is to make a choice RIGHT NOW! You have to decide (make a decision) to commit 100% to yourself and to move yourself into spiritual energy, so you will become empowered! Empowerment means moving  up from an energy base of 1 (the physical plane) to an energy base of 100 (the spiritual plane.)

You are living in an ocean of spiritual energy, like a fish that swims in water but can’t see it, so why not start breathing it, living it, BEing it, right now? How? By simply asking for it to be shown to you! Ask, speak your question aloud and it will be heard and answered!

Friends who are reading this; please say a prayer to open my friends eyes to the supreme power of divine intelligence so they may be freed from the burdens of this physical world and enter the freedom of the Spiritual World!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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He can’t dance – but he tries hard!

Years ago I went on a six month art course. Part of the course consisted of two half-hour dancing lessons per day. So that is 5 hours per week times 26 weeks = 130 hours of dancing lessons. On my report card the dance section reads: “He tries hard.” That was the kindest thing they could say about my dancing! I was a dancing failure, but still i tried hard!

There are many things that many of us can’t do. Even before the dance lessons i belonged to a folk club where anyone could perform. This club taught me a lot about courtesy in it’s treatment of a tone deaf performer. He was literally tone deaf, and definitely couldn’t sing in key – it was simply beyond him. Yet he sang every week and was always applauded! And I noticed that after a few months his rhythm had improved!  The rhythm has nothing to do with the pitch department in the brain so the singing taught what could be taught in the rhythm department! Every effort produces a result, even if it is in a different area than what were aiming for!

Each of us is born with areas of lack. But God is not malicious and compensates by giving us abilities and “talents” to compensate. So I may not be able to dance but i am an observer of human behaviour. I suppose this is scientifically called anthropology. I have always had this talent and always will, as it is hard-wired into me. These hard wired talents are part of our BEingness.

Also I have the ability to “See” things. I can look at a brick and see a barbeque pit, a wall, a bridge, a building and so forth.  I tend to go from the beginning to the end first and then go back to the beginning to place the second brick. As a child i always read the last pages of a book first to see the end i was aiming for. As I no longer read fiction i don’t have to do that anymore but can pick up any non-fiction or spiritual book and start at any point in it. So I have a very non-linear mind. And that is okay with me as i’ve never know anything else or any other way. It is part of my BEingness!

We are all like this – not the same as me , but having different qualities in different areas. Some of us are lucky to have qualities in demand by man’s world and materialism. And often people like this are financially successful but totally removed from the spiritual realities of people like us (these people are the rich). “Why don’t you just get a job!” they say. You think we don’t try? I am always the last to get hired and the first to get fired because employers look at me an think “what a dork!” because my qualities are invisible to them until they get to know me. It is only when they take a chance and hire me that they discover my qualities (usually takes about a month) and put me in charge of their worse “problem department!” Which of course i fix up and get running profitably. But being the person i am, i like fixing things up but don’t like running non-challenging departments so i usually leave after a year to 18 months.

One of my qualities is problem solving. My two favourite phrases are “Why do we do it that way” and “what if?”

I will admit i am lacking on many social graces. I cannot make idle chit chat. I don’t suffer fools gladly – or at all! I am an alpha male. Yet I try to tread the spiritual path with practical feet.

So what I want you to think about is what are my qualities. and what are my shortfalls and where is there a position that uses both sets of qualities? And how can i use those qualities to promote personal peace and prosperity that will grow into world peace and prosperity? These are three VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – what, where and how! By asking these questions you will invariably be lead to the ultimate question of WHY? and when you get all four answered you will have found your BEingness in life.

And if you have the courage to follow your BEingness you will become divinely happy and live in the state the churches call heaven -although they will deny it is impossible to achieve on earth, yet persist that hell is easily achievable! If hell is achievable then surely Heaven must be achievable too! I know I live in heaven – not physical heaven, but spiritual heaven! And If I can do it, anyone can! It wasn’t easy, but who said it would be? It is easy to achieve hell on earth by simply doing nothing – like falling into a deep hole,  no effort required! But it is harder to achieve Heaven because it takes effort – but it’s not so hard that it is impossible, far from it! And it is far easier again if you have a mentor. I have been lucky enough to have had many mentors on the top shelf of life.

Know the name for the new age we live in is UNITY. “The earth is but one country, mankind its citizens.” This is why the politicians are subconsciously urged to create bigger and bigger units – the USA, the European Unity, Malaysia, etc All these things are an physical manifestation of unity. But because they are man-made they will not last. Already the EU is starting to fall apart at the seams. America is one of the most spiritually corrupt, violent and unequal countries in the world and Malaysia is run by idiots. But that is the way of mankind. God has revealed another system that will spiritually, metaphysicallt and physically unite you and then the world – and it isn’t like any system currently in place. You can’t even imagine what this system is like as it is perfect (a bank managers words, not mine!)

So I ask you to delve into yourself – not as a critic but as an observer. Treat yourself as if you were another separate person and analyse the good points and the weakness. Observe also the God-given lack of abilities as these are pointers of things not to do with your life. I am a non-dancer, the tone deaf man is a non-singer. What area do you lack in and what areas of life BEingness does this eliminate?

Then look at your qualities and talents. What areas do these open up for you to be successful in? To reach Heaven in? Take stock of yourself, but be honest, gentle, truthful and kind about it! And you will reach a point of insight into your own life where a door will open and you will suddenly KNOW your BEingness! And your life will change with this Knowledge because “you will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free!”

Isn’t freedom what life is ultimately about? Methinks so!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Stay true to your beingness!

Early this year I decided it was time to start earning my own income so I entered a network. That didn’t work,  so I joined another one through Ibo and that hasn’t worked either. Not because the networks don’t work, not that I didn’t try to work the networks, but simply for the reason that my Beingness stopped me!

I was reading a young chaps press release a few weeks ago and he was wondering why people don’t just join for the money. That is what I was basically doing. The reason is that our beingnesses are far more important to the world than us just making money. If we go for making money we are pursuing the goal of rich. By following the path of Beingness we are following the path of Wealth (wealth is a spiritual state, riches are a non-spiritual state – why did the rich man (and not the the wealthy man) ask Jesus how to leave the state of riches, where he was unhappy!)


Anyway, every step I took was blocked, obstructed, hampered by the universe! In the end i just gave up and after a few days i realised that I had made a choice against my inner Beingness. I realised that I wasn’t relying on God to lead me, but was setting off on my own separate path. God doesn’t want me to have an income yet. When he does I am promised that it will come “so fast and so abundantly that I will wonder where it’s been hiding all my life!” I have to be a demonstration of this principle. Everything happens in perfect timing and I just have to be Patient and wait for the results – “at the perfect time!”


Now I am back on the right path I have received the first inquiry into my Beingness! The beginning of the longest journey is always the first step. 

Jesus came to promote a better way of life, so why don’t we follow Him? Because very few people are actually demonstrating HOW TO LIVE THAT LIFE! That is my Beingness!


It is okay to be in a business, to be successful and get money. But the danger comes from success itself. If we get money without developing our Beingness we face a strong possibility of becoming rich. Rich is actually a poverty (dis-empowered) state that leads to unhappiness (hell).


Wealth, on the other hand is an empowered state that leads to Bliss/happiness/ contentment (heaven). It is simple (but not easy) to become wealthy, rather that rich. But the methodology is totally different, because we have to develop our Beingness, doingness and havingness. To be rich only require that we do and have! Can you see the difference? It is in our beingness where heaven lays!

Have you ever gotten involved with a project (perhaps a hobby) where you sat down and worked on a project and after a while thought, “gosh, I’m thirsty, I’ll grab myself a cuppa!” And you look at the clock and six hours have passed without a break and yet it only seemed like a few minutes? Well that, my friend, was you getting involved in your beingness! 


You see, your beingness is a reflection of your true spiritual reality. And there is no time in the spiritual world! And because you were involved in you Beingness, you lost all track of time. Think about what you have done in the past to evoke that state because that is a clue to your own real Beingness! That is what we should all develop if we want to be happy! It is not an either/or question but one of AND!  We must must develop our Beingness and our doingness and havingness to be balanced.

If you have never experienced this state then simply ASK God/the Universe to show you your own Beingness in good and godly circumstances!  And the answer will be given to you! I was totally surprised when I was shown mine in 1992 because I was an artist, not what I am today in my Beingness! But I have worked on it since then and still have another 24 years to complete my specific task (which I was offered, and accepted,  6 years ago). 

The thing I like about my beingness (and you will be the same) is that God asks you to do a specific task and then you split the work up between you and God – with 1% of the work being done by you,  and the other 99% by God! Lol! 

I know I am allowed to be on WordPress and thank you for all the people who have liked and followed me me –  do appreciate the support!

So bring on the next 24 years – and keep me on the path Lord! Amen


kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam



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Why I REFUSE to make a million dolars in a month

Having been on this earth for 62 years, I am aware of the way things work in the world. I have an associate who is always chasing after “easy money” with “no effort involved” He never seems to make it, is always losing money in the deals he enters! Why? Because they are all scams!

Now the person who makes the money in a scam, is the one who started it. I know how to start a scam – it is very easy! One problem for me though. IT’S NOT HONEST WORK!!! 

And that is why I refuse to make a million dollars in a month, because I’d have to rip people off! And in doing so I’d be ripping myself off! I’d be destroying my BEingness, that has taken 35 years to build! I’d be destroying my whole life! And no bits of paper (easy money) are worth doing that for.

My beingness is the most important thing in my life. If we build our beingnesses and do that, then we shall receive the rewards of our BEingness multiplied (“they that have (beingness) shall be given more“. Now the havingness to our beingness comes when it comes. We can see it coming, but we can’t predict the exact day that it will come – only God knows that. But when it does come, it comes so fast and so abundantly that we wonder where it’s been hiding all our lives! Lol! I can feel my abundance coming soon. And then I will be delivered abundance, not riches, in a few days , not a month. And I will live the rest of my life serving mankind, as I have for the past 35 years. My income Goal is to be able to gift 90% of it.

You see, CONTINUITY is the number one quality of the spiritual plane. Then STABILITY comes second. And last on the list is growth. But when growth comes it comes “so fast and so abundantly that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life!”

The formula for riches is simply Do and Have. The formula for wealth is to BE, do and have. BEing is far harder to achieve than not being. Wealth is far harder to achieve than riches. But riches are an empty victory – “what profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”

The Man (note the capital M) who gains their BEingness is happy with or without wealth – so he is given wealth to help build a divine civilization. And that is how the wealthy become wealthy, by helping to build a divine civilization! 

There are many ways to build a divine civilization in practice, but only two ways overall – the first way is to build a generalised divine civilization and the second way is to build a specific divine civilization.

You can build a generalized civilization simply by having children and bringing them up correctly, so they reflect your positive attributes. Your positive attributes are what is going to “leave the world in a better place when you leave it than what it was when you entered it

You can only build a specific divine civilization by utilizing your specific talents and abilities under your BEingness to create a part of divine civilization that only you and God can build together! You become, literally, a missionary.

My specific divine beingness is to introduce a Spiritual replacement for capitalism, communism and all “isms”. It was gifted to me in a vision in 1992 and i was asked to “develop” it. Little did I know that it was going to take 19 years just to set it up to the point where i got a second member! Lol! And now i have another 25 years to serve on WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy). And these are years of expansion!

So I am not going to lower myself to dishonesty to “get” a million dollars in a month” – I am simply going to wait until it manifests in it’s own time. For everything happens in perfect timing!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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But, I don’t to be rich!

I don’t to be rich, because I have experienced riches and they were not good at all, at all! (he said Irishly). Then I experienced poverty, which was even worse than riches – because in riches at least you have physical comfort. Not so in poverty! After many years of lack, i asked God “what are the alternatives to poverty?” and i was shown the states of Poor and Wealthy. I remember actually becoming Poor on my bicycle as i hauled up a long hill. At the bottom of the hill i was in poverty. At the top of the hill i was in the state of Poor! The transformation was a spiritual one, as i had asked the question, received the answer and somewhere on that hill I COMMITTED to the state of Poor. My commitment moved me into it!  That is all it takes – a commitment.

A commitment always comes from the Soul. It is also known as a decision. The word decision derives goes back to a latin base:  decidere ‘determine’, from de- ‘off‘ + caedere ‘cut‘. So basically decision means (spiritually) to cut off the old ways and implement new ways.

It is people’s attachments to the old ways that stops decisions being made and commitments carried out.  This was demonstrated in the bible when the rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked him how to become wealthy. His simple reply was, “Gift all your money to the Poor“. The rich man then turned around and walked away. But what if he had done what Jesus asked him to do?

If he had of gifted (note the word gifted, not given) all his money, he would have become detached form it and actually become one of the Poor. Because he had gifted the money he would have received it back multiplied (under the laws of sowing and reaping) and slid over from the state of poor to the state of Wealthy, where he has more money than he had before, but is still detached from it!

What was the rich man actually asking for in his request? He was asking for his Beingness to be fullfilled! The rich man gets rich by simply Doing and Having. The Wealthy man gets Wealthy by Being, Doing and Having! The single difference between a rich man and a wealthy man is BEingness!  The first state of beingness is the state of Poor!

Know that the wealthy man never leaves the state of poor. He never leaves the state of detachment from all except love! If he did he would simply become rich(which seems like death to a spiritual person)!

Know the first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor! It is the wealthy man’s inheritance to share with his brothers and sisters. Which why “philanthropy” (which is simply organised gifting) is so important to the wealthy. The lessons of gifting are learned in the state of Poor – the apprenticeship to Wealth).

What is the difference between giving and gifting? Giving is a lose/win situation. When you give you “lose” what you are giving and the recipient “wins” it! It is a one way transference system. Know that God never works on a win/lose format. He always wins on a win/win format, a circular flow of energy. So how is gifting different from giving? In giving you simply say, “Here have this!”

In Gifting there has to be an offer and an acceptance, so you say,” will you accept this gift from me?” If they say yes, then you gift them the gift. They are a winner because they have the possession you just offered them. And you are the bigger winner because the Higher law of sowing and reaping is invoked and you are promised a higher return than  the gift! (as you sow (gift), so shall you reap multiplied, 30, 50, 100 fold!)

Most people fear becoming poor because they subconsciously associate Poor with Loss. What they are actually doing is confusing poverty with the state of Poor. There is always loss in poverty. There is never a loss in the state of Poor! Ever!  Which is why it is called a Blessed state, “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Notice that the Poor are poor in Spirit, not material things. The second gift to Poor is Divine Protection. Protection against all negative physical states, including lack, which is taken care of by the laws of Providence. The laws of providence say, “whatever you NEED, you shall be given

So how do you work the laws of providence? You have to speak aloud what you need. Not think it silently. Thoughts are worthless in working the laws of providence. It HAS to be spoken (or written – the two forms of spiritual power are sound and light, speech and writing). It is hard going against the customs of man. We have been taught not to ask (aloud) for things, but to wish (think) for things. We have this as a lifetime habit and it is hard to break the habits of a lifetime.

But know that it takes only 30 days to change a habit and 60 days to make it permanent. And the beginning of that change is action. Even though I “felt” like a twit the first time i asked for something I needed aloud, the answer to that request vanquished my fear of doing it. The second request was Far Easier than the first, the third far easier again and now it is simply a part of my inbuilt nature to ask for what I need. As long as it is a need and not a a want, i can work the laws of providence. If it is a want then I have to work under the laws of Abundance.

What is the difference between the Laws of Providence and the Laws of Abundance. It is quite simple; under the laws of providence you don’t have to do anything, as these are training laws. All you have to do is ask and you will receive all your needs! Not cost at all spiritually(and no, or very little, cost physically.

The laws of abundance state that “Anything you want you can have“, but there is a cost! And what is the cost? You have to fulfill your Beingness! And there are two types of beingness – (1) a general beingness (which you fill when you are poor) and (2) a specific beingness(which you fill when you are wealthy!)

Our general beingness is things that anyone can do, things like adding to the world by being Detached, being Happy and Being peaceful.

Our specific Beingness is doing a task that only we can achieve. We are all born different from each other, with a balance of talents and abilities that makes us suitable for our specific beingness. This covers the two remaining areas of (personal) Success and Prosperity.

To be wealthy we have to remain  Happy and Peaceful as well, which is why the wealthy never leave the state of Poor! know that a very small minority of people cannot become wealthy, because they are Permanently Poor, usually in the state of Health, which is why i haven’t mentioned health in either states. The permanently poor are tested for life and reap their rewards in the next world. But the vast majority of us are capable of wealth in this world.

So do not fear of becoming Poor, but ask for it out of your mouth, aloud. The second gift of the Poor is divine protection! This is a hugely powerful gift! And that includes the laws of providence. Yes, you will be tested on your attachment/detachment from things, bit know this; once you pass the test you will have all things “lost” returned from you. This testing is like a mother removing a toy from a young child, until he learns to share it with others. Once he can share it, his toy is returned to him! So it is in the spiritual state. The removal of things is usually a test to help us grow spiritually, to help us learn to share our toys! Lol!

So  I don’t to be rich! Nor do I want YOU to be rich. You probably don’t want to be rich either! We are both good people and i don’t want to change that. I do want to be Poor and Wealthy though. And I want YOU to be Poor and Wealthy TOO. I want for Us to fulfill our BEINGnesses and become Good People, both Poor and Wealthy! Only by this transformation can we change our world and the world at large!

Amen, Amen, Amen,


P.S. For a way of achieving these two states of Poor and Wealthy, see the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network website at


BE!!!! That is the word of life. We are urged by life itself to fulfill our BEingness. What is our BEingness?? Know there are two kinds of Beingness – a general beingness and a specific beingness. To be whole we have to fulfill both. Our general beingness is hard for most people to find because it is not taught in schools or any of the mainstream institutes. So I will tell you right now. Each and everyone of our general beingnesses is “to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered it!” If even 20% of the world had this as there specific daily goal the world would quickly become a paradise.

Another way of expressing our general beingness is “to create a divine civilisation“. There are probably many expressions of the same goal in life but those are the two I personally focus on.

Once you have your general purpose under way you will have your specific purpose pointed out to you. I got mine as a 30 year task – to help solve a huge problem in the world and, more specifically, in our everyday lives. To aid me in this I was given the WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a tool that sets up our individual lives for continuous  Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity!

I realised today that I have always been, and will always be, a PROBLEM SOLVER. Ever since I was a child I have been solving problems. That is simply a part of my beingness. Some of the problems I solve are small, some of the problems are enormous (like WPPN) but I know that they will all come into beingness, because that is my Beingness in life – to solve problems.

As a metaphysician I solve problems too. Once I was dealing with a man who hadn’t seen his child for over two years, even though he had full legal custody of his son every weekend! So he had a big problem. But to me it seemed obvious – he was dealing with the problem on the wrong level, where he had no chance of solving it. So I suggested moving the problem up to a higher plane to be solved, to move it from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. On the physical plane the “law” is basically a set of man-made rules and regulations. On this plane possession is 9/10ths of the law and she (his ex-wife) had possession of his son, so she chose to deny him access.

With a few sentences we moved the problem up to the spiritual plane. On this plane higher law rules and there is no escaping their consequences. On this plane “Justice belongs to God” and God dictates what is to happen and woe betide you if you fight against it! Anyway with three sentences we cast it into the spiritual plane and within 18 hours (without any contact from us) she phoned him up asking him to take his son for the long weekend (three days away)!

You see there is no escaping spiritual law and this is what caused her to change her mind. One of the lower aspects of spiritual law is Karma – “what you sow is what you reap.” Our actions caused her be cast into her own Karma. The only escape from negative karma was to change her practices or to seek forgiveness (forgiveness wipes the negative returns of Karma – which is why “all things are made new” when we are reborn into the spirit! The first act of rebirth is total forgiveness of all past wrongs!) In this case she chose to change her practises – and solve her husbands problem at the same time!

So seek out your general beingness and start doing that – making the world a better place to live in because you exist!  And ask to be shown your specific beingness too! You are guaranteed an answer to that question (not always an immediate answer though, but when the time is right). To ask you have to speak it aloud, e.g. “I want to know what my specific beingness is in life (and then add this rider so it always comes to you in a positive way) in Good and Godly circumstances.”
Once you have said this aloud, then write it down and sign it. Put at the top of the page, “My name is ……………….”  this is your ownership of the question. Then when it is written sign it and this is your commitment to the question.  Very soon your life will start changing for the better, you will be led to the solution to your question and you will discover your own beingness! What a release this is! What freedom! Your life will change for the better, forever!


The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network Website – a new concept in BEing wealthy using the higher laws of the universe to give you long term Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity!