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We are what we are, but we can become far better!

As human beings we are born with certain talents and abilities and those remain a part of us for life. All we can do is either improve our talents and develop more or ignore them.

A leopard is born a leopard, lives a leopard and dies a leopard. It can never become a fish, but it can learn to swim. It can never become a bird but it can fly in an aeroplane. We are the same, we are born with talents, and we have them and can never change them. But we can improve them and learn other talents too. Today most people can swim. But in Victorian times most people couldn’t. In 1879 there was a collision of two boats on the Thames and 550 people died. Why? Because most people couldn’t swim a stroke and simply went to the bottom of the river! Those that survived held onto floating bits of ship for life rafts. Every child on board drowned because their parents couldn’t help them by keeping their heads above water!

So we can’t change our actual BEingness, but we can improve or decline ourselves. We are all playing the same game and the only real prize for us, as human beings, is Love. I’m not talking about sexual love here, but spiritual Love. Without Love life is pretty worthless. You can have really bad health and yet be full of love. In the past fortnight a young Englishman died who raised 5 million pounds for cancer charities. He has been given a heroes funeral. He didn’t even have basic fundamental of life – health is number one fundamental – because he was dying of cancer, and yet he was full of spiritual health! This is a state called Poor. “Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of God”

Even when dying he managed to BE the best person he could BE. And that is our primary purpose in life, to simply BE the best we can. If we are a leopard, BE the best leopard! If we are an elephant, BE the best elephant, if we are a bird, BE the best bird!

If you are young and crave for money and assets, you are not alone. But let me tell you this, if you go out and work for these things you’ll get them. But if you don’t work on your soul and leave it to shrivel you’ll find that once you get all these trappings of riches it leaves a hollow taste in your mouth! All the riches in the world cannot buy you Love. Respect has to be EARNED, but true spiritual LOVE has to be GIFTED to you!

So you have all these possessions and are still lonely. You are still discontent (the first stage of unhappiness). You are still miserable inside of yourself. You are unhappy in the parts that most other people of the same ilk cannot see. But the happy beggar in the street can see your unhappiness! The so called “miserable” teenage boy dying of cancer can see it – but he is too busy raising money for charity and fighting his disease to tell you what the real secret of happiness is – LOVE.


As the Beatles wrote, “All you NEED is LOVE!” You don’t need huge amounts of money. “Money can’t buy me Love”. You don’t need a huge mansion, fast cars, private aeroplane, diamonds, maids, butlers, etc, etc. All these things are the trappings of riches.

You do need to have Love though! And how do you get this Real Asset? Just by asking aloud for it. People fail to understand that it is as simple as this. All we have to do is ask for it. Not think about it but ask aloud for it. For Love is closer to us than our “Life vein” (the artery that feeds the brain in our necks) If we could but see it, we are like fish swimming in an ocean of Love. The fish cannot see the water it floats in until it becomes aware of it by asking the right question.


There is nothing wrong with riches – if you already have LOVE. In fact this state of LOVE and assets is called WEALTH and wealth is in fact a spiritual state. In wealth your assets are used to improve the world. They are used as tools! Our primary internal purpose is to make ourselves the best we can.

OUR primary external purpose in life is to make the world a better place when we leave it than it was when we entered it! Simple as that. Or put another way our external purpose is to help create a divine (spiritual) civilisation. Do these two things and heaven on earth is yours!


If we are achieving our inner and outer purposes we are filling our very purposes as a HUMAN BEINGS. We are being the best Leopard, the best elephant, the best bird that we can and the kingdom of earth is better off for us being in it!

So it doesn’t matter if our school friends have become adults and have a big house, a token wife/husband and all the flash trimmings. Scratch the surface and you’ll probably find misery. Nor does it matter some of them have become drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals and slime balls. You can see that they are definitely lacking something here! But life is Good and anyone in these two states of poverty (yes, riches are poverty) can change by simply asking a question aloud. “Love/God (God is Love and Love is God), where are you? Show me!” But they probably won’t. People in the negative states only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing! It is truly amazing how much self-inflicted pain a human being can stand!

And we don’t have to be radically sick not to ask. Why do you think the middle classes are called that? Because they are in the middle, balanced between heaven and hell, Love and Lack! The middle classes are a human trap that stops many asking for the source to reveal itself! Notice that I have said itself, not himself or herself. The spirit of LOVE is always referred to as an abstract, “I can do all things through Christ WHICH (not who) strengthens me!” This is to distinguish between Jesus the man and The Christ (Holy) Spirit which descended on Him (as it can descend on all of us, if we will but ask!)

So I say to you, take a look at yourself and ask, what animal am I? What did the universe make me for? Do I have the spirit of Love inside me (You’ll know if you do!) am I fulfilling my two purposes in life – the internal and the external)? Am I making myself Supremely Happy and am I making the world a better place to live in?

Answer those questions and see what comes up. If you come up with any lack just ask for it to be removed by filling the lack with LOVE! For the two cannot occupy the same place! Either it is full of Love of not full (thereby in lack – it cannot be “full” of emptiness!)

Ask you will receive, knock and the door will open!” This is not just an empty promise, but an ironclad guarantee!

I hope this has helped you today.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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By all means read “Think and grow rich” but this book is far superior..


By all means read “Think and grow rich” but this book – “Success through a positive mental attitude” –  is far, far superior! Why? Because it was written at a later date and the 13 principles of “Think and grow rich” were expanded to 17 principles by W clement Stone’s and Napoleon Hill’s SYNERGY

Not only that, but in”Think and grow rich” the principles were hidden and you had to turn a glass over every time you found a principle – I never did find more than three of them. But in  “Success through a positive mental attitude” they are written down in a list on page 37 as (and I quote)…

These 17 principles are:

1. A Positive Mental Attitude
2. Definiteness of purpose
3. Going the extra mile
4. Accurate thinking
5. Self-discipline
6. The master mind
7. Applied faith
8. A pleasing personality
9. Personal initiative (universal law)
10. Enthusiasm
11. Controlled attention
12. Teamwork
13. Learning from defeat
14. Creative vision
15. Budgeting time and money
16. Maintaining sound physical and mental health
17. Using cosmic habit force

Remember that this book was released in 1960 – over 54 years ago and still the book  “Think and grow rich” (1932) is touted as THE BOOK! Since 1960 more principles have been discovered and the list has been organised into three levels – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual by reverend J’iam – and organised into a system by God (1992) called WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!

If you want to read “Success through a positive mental attitude” then download it as a PDF by typing “success through a positive mental attitude PDF” into google and pressing the top ranking entry. Simple as that!

Okay so “Think and grow rich” was published in 1932 whilst “Success through a positive mental attitude” was published in 1960, a difference of  28 years. The leap forward between the two books was considerable(amazing actually).

1960 was 54 years ago, do you think there has been progress on these principles since then? Yes there has, and the leap forward is even larger than the original (1960) leap. So who has made the leap forward? Reverend Master J’iam! How come I’ve never heard of him? Why isn’t he famous already? I must respond with a question of my own – why haven’t you heard of  “Success through a positive mental attitude“? It was published over half a century ago! At the moment I am in a “hidden” position. When the time is right (everything happens in perfect timing!) I will be revealed to the world. As it is I am revealing myself to you! (if you are reading this, it is because you have been guided to me!) Take a hint from the Universe/ God/ Love! 

Know that the higher up the knowledge chain you go the less people there are reading and absorbing the knowledge! For every 100 who read “Think and grow rich” there are only 10 who read and practice “Success through a positive mental attitude“. For every ten who read  “Success through a positive mental attitude” there are only 1 who has even heard of reverend master jiam, and, at the moment only 1 in a thousand who practice what he teaches! There is a lag in the implementation of knowledge, usually at least 40 years (the solar cell was invented in 1960 too and is only just coming into it’s own now!) 

Fortunately for the world I am a missionary with a 30 year mission. By the time I die the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (SYNERGY) will be up and running in such a large scale that it will be unstoppable. That is why God gave me the mission – I have spent the whole past of my life on a different path from others and am now to spend the whole rest of my life on the same different path! Lol!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is not simply a motivation system, but what is called a spiritual “Virtuous Cycle” Once a “Virtuous Cycle” is set up in a members life it proceeds to grow invisibly (to others) and when it is big enough manifests in the members life as the positive side of the law of sowing and reaping – “They that have (the virtuous cycle) shall be given more!” This is commonly know as “good luck” by those not in a virtuous cycle themselves – B.S! – there is no such thing as chance in the virtuous cycle – we simply do this, this and this and THAT happens! Always has and always will with the higher laws of the universe!

If you want to work 82 years in the past with “think and grow rich” or 54 years in the past with “Success through a positive mental attitude” then by all means go ahead. Just don’t expect instant success using old knowledge

If you want the latest and greatest knowledge, and system, in the world today, then I would suggest that you investigate WPPN. See if it is true! See if it works! If these two things are true (and I give you my Word they are!) then, is that what you want? 

One man can lead a horse to water, but ten men can’t make him drink! Lol! If you want to drink the water of the bubbling wellspring of life then take a look, ask questions, test the truth! And then have the courage to “Be different!” and join the network

kindest regards, 

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Skype: jiamwppn