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A birthday card for the males from their Lovers! A perfect present (according to popular misconception!)


A birthday card for the males from their (female) Lovers! A perfect present -according to popular misconceptions! Some of the males it will suit perfectly, but not most of the “normal males” in life. That we are thought of as beer drinking, sex maniacs is an insult to us, ladies! But we don’t mind a bit of gentle ribbing like this card. Lol! 


Happy re-birthday J’iam

Today, 4th July, is my 21st re-birthday, the day on which i was reborn as a master and given a new name to mark it. I feel great today as I feel a long period of consolidation has passed and suddenly (after 21 years) I’ll become an “overnight success!” Yeehaaa!

I am seeing more and more that masters are born before their time to serve as they have to wait for the world to change so they can get a hearing ear! The world of today is a totally difference place from the world into which I was reborn. There were very few home computers in those days and windows 3.1 hadn’t been released yet. I remember buying my first computer for $2,000 and it had DOS and a 45 megabyte hard drive! We later compressed the herd drive and got it up to 75 megabytes! We thought we were the kings of the world. And then along came windows 3.1 and I had to buy a bigger computer (about 300 megabytes I think) at another $2,000! and so it progressed ever onwards and upwards (and outwards!). Out of all the windows versions there have only been  4 that really work well – 3.1, 95, 98 and XP. Many of the rest were absolute dogs! Woof, woof!

Why are we (the human race) addicted to change for the sake of change. This is simply called Fashion. There are many things in life that don’t need changing or can be done far simpler and cheaper. Many years ago I decided to try out hydroponic gardening. So I read many books and sought out lots of advice about gear etc. I kept on being told that I would definitly need two things 1) a pump to lift the water and 2) a metering device to replace the plant food. these two items cost $3,000 all together. yet i was only building an 18 square metre greenhouse! Then I found out the a years supply of food would only cost $28! Why buy a device for $1,500 to save money on $28 worth of food? Then It struck me what to do. Simply build the hydroponic piping as normal and then us two buckets for the containers. Put a hole in one bucket so it drips out over 24 hours and use the other as a collector at the bottom. Come into the greenhouse in the morning and empty the bottom bucket into the top one – Voila, problem solved, reducing costs by $3,000! And once a week I would throw the used nutrients onto the lawn and grow a wonderful lawn to boot!If it aint broke, don’t fix it! By the way the strawberries I grew were absolutely delicious!

So happy rebirthday J’iam and another 23 to come!