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The soul is our real owner!

As I have explained previously the soul is the real owner of us. We consist of the body (the ship) and the ego (the captain of the ship) whilst the soul is the actual owner of the ship and the ego is his servant.


Sometimes the ego thinks he is the captain and refuses to let the soul on board (the soul usually ascends in a helicopter) by locking up the heliport and filling it with junk (like negative thoughts and denials).


In this case the captain brings either complete idleness to the ship or disaster if the ship leaves the dock as the captain cannot make decisions and its efforts to do so usually end up with the ship on a sandbar or rocks!


When the captain is ready to admit the owner on board he clears the helipad and must actually radio the owner or boss (God/Love) for the owner to come aboard. Note how the ego must ask out aloud for this to happen. He cannot just think it there must be a communication from the captain to ask the owner aboard!


I had a request from a friend asking me to put karmic punishment on a brother who had done something wrong. I answered with an answer that I thought was appropriate and the moment I tried to send it my computer crashed and was off for three days!


After three days the internet came on again and I sought more information on what was going on. It turns out that a brother had molested children and had been caught and sentenced to ten to fifteen years in prison. He was completely unrepentant and shooting off at the mouth and this had made the sisters angry and sought revenge. Ah, the penny dropped for me and my answer changed completely, the ego was in charge of this man! And his childhood circumstances had lead him to his offending.


You see the whole family was abused and sexually molested as children. Most of them had recovered as adults and brought their children up the exact opposite 9this is why we were given contrarian thinking by God!) But this man hadn’t, this man had followed in the steps of his abusers (the children will inherit the sins of the fathers (and mothers).


As children we have no choices, as adults we have choices as long as the soul is control! If the ego is in control it simply follows its up-bringing. This is expressed in the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention and the father of crime.” if the soul is in charge invention takes place, decisions are made to protect children and change happens. If the ego is in charge nothing changes and the crimes of the past become the crimes of the present!


Now this brother had been caught and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison so he had been punished by the physical law system. To call upon metaphysical punishment in the form of Karma would has represent “Double jeopardy” – the same crime tried twice and punished twice for it! God is just and doesn’t ever allow someone to be punished twice for the same crime.


The brother in law was upsetting the sister by insisting that they keep in contact with him because he was a good friend 9 a fair weather friend would have just abandoned him) so he was doing the right thing. I pointed out to the inquirer that the 15 years would give him time to come to terms with what he had done and seek a new answer. The only answer that will work is to cast out to god/Love to come into his life! So he was on a course of opportunity. I also pointed out that if nothing happened in those 15 years and he came out completely unchanged and intent on doing it again, then they could ask for karmic protection of his intended victims and that would be carried out!


It always causes trouble when we are outraged at a person and insist on punishment even if they are already being punished. And the justice applied in this case is always against the one seeking double punishment. Jesus said to, Resist not evil.” Does this mean we are not to fight evil in any way? No it means we have to accept the punishment handed to the offender and if the punishment was wrong allow God/Justice to apply a remedy.


So how can a punishment be wrong? In this age at present there is no death penalty in most of the western countries. This is because of misinterpretation of the old laws in the current age. The old “thou shalt not kill” is being applied to law. But in this new age there are three death penalties – One for Murder, One for arson and another for drug pushing. Those are the only death penalties that apply today. Arson covers such things as bombing so all terrorism is arson.


Now, by not applying the death penalties we are actually applying “Double jeopardy” to those sentenced to life imprisonment, because jail time does not satisfy the spiritual requirements of the death penalty. By sacrificing his life the criminal wipes that wrong (the killing) from his account on the next side. This is a great relief to his soul. But by sending him to jail, the spiritual debt is not wiped and he still has to answer for that murder on the next side.


All this may seem very confusing at first but it simply comes down to one thing – is the justice…


Physical (fines and jail),

Metaphysical (karmic) or

Spiritual (death penalty and/or accounting on the other side)


It is as simple as that in its structure. Obviously if the crime is physical then physical punishment must be applied. If the crime is metaphysical then metaphysical punishment must be applied and if the crime is spiritual then spiritual punishment must be applied. Know we cannot apply spiritual punishment. Only God can do that. So we simply have to hand the criminal on to God for handling. And that involves simply putting the person to death in a totally detached way – not for punishment or revenge.


All the current death penalties are out of date and man-made. I suggest that a person should simply be drowned by dropping into a tube of water with weights on their feet. This is a natural way of dying and, once the initial panic is passed, a very easy and pleasant way to die (I know, for I have drowned myself and passed over to the other side.) Once released from their bodies their souls no longer have to account for their ego’s actions of murderer, arson or drug pushing. Which is a great boon for the soul.


After all the soul is the real owner of the body. To imagine that the ego is the owner is like saying that the tail wags the dog!


kindest regards,


May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,


reverend master j’iam



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How I got the parable of the ship – over a period of time (15 years) PART ONE

I promised to write about the parable of the ship. And this is part one.

Many years ago i got the idea of destroying my ego (because I’d been told it was a bad thing to have!) and so set to work to do this. Being a visual i chose a visual method of doing this. At first i tried pulling out a gun and shooting him. But he appeared to be so fast that he dodged the bullets all together! Then I tried boxing him into submission, but no matter how hard i fought him he would appear in the next round fresh as the moment he started. Then i tried having him eaten by a ferocious crocodile, but that didn’t work either. I tried for 6 months until I turned to God in frustration and asked, “why can’t I destroy my ego???!!!” 

To which God replied, “Because your ego is your servant and a gift from Me to you! Why are you trying to destroy my Gift to you?” 

“What do you mean by a gift?” I asked?

“Your body is a ship that i have gifted to you also! Every ship needs a captain to drive it. Your ego is the captain of the ship. If you destroy the captain who is going to drive the ship for you? How will you get anywhere without a captain?” 

“Duh!”, I said, “I’m a dummy! If the ego is the captain, then how do i fit onto the ship? I thought I was the captain of the ship!”

“No, You are the owner of the ship!” said God to me! “The owner tells the captain where he wants to go, the captain sets the route and orders whatever needs to be done to prepare for the trip and the ship is then sets off and is then safely guided to where you want to go to!”

“Duh, duh, duh!”I said said smacking myself on the forehead – I was so dumb!

“So what do i have to do with MY EGO now?” I asked.

“You have to approach him and make peace. Offer your hand of friendship, tell him that you control where you want the ship to go but that he is in control of getting it there! That will make him very happy indeed!”

So I did this and He (God) was right (as usual!) and the captain and I became good friends of the ship together. I didn’t interfere with his job and he didn’t interfere with mine! We created the first part of our internal synergy – the allocation of the correct jobs to the correct people! Next we talked about the crew and I set the conditions of the crews treatment and the keeping of the ship – “ship shape and Bristol fashion” That bought the crew and the ship into the synergy as well and so we had a complete internal synergy [value of 111 = 1(ship) + 10 (captain) +100(owner)].

Know that without this internal synergy we can never be whole and the ship can never sail to it’s destination! [“A house divided (unsynergised) can never win(sail)!” – “A house united (internally synergized) will always win(sail)!”]

And that is part one of the parable of the ship. We are born as the ships hull, the captain comes on board around age 8 and the owner should come on board as early as the age of 15, but because of lack of spiritual training it is usually far later than this (I was in my late 30’s).

The parable of the ship also explains the whole of our life and what happens at death. I’ll explain that in part two,

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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YOU are God’s Business!

YOU are God’s Business! He created you and Loves you wholly and unconditionally. There is only one fault that will deny you God’s love and that is hatred of the Holy Spirit (God’s knowable essence) but to achieve this sad state you have to be reborn, Know the Holy Spirit and then turn against Him! All other states are open to healing by contact with the Holy Spirit – I Am Love! 

God the unknowable essence is just that – unknowable. Some people spend their whole lives chasing after God the Unknowable, but it is unknowable in this world! So what is the point! We have to reach out to the knowable essence of God, the Holy Spirit.

Why did God create us in the first place? Here’s why…

I loved thy creation, hence I created thee. Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life.

Wherefore, do thou love Me means “why don’t you love Me”, which means “Please Love Me

So, translated into modern English it reads…

I loved your creation, hence I created thee. Please Love Me, so may name your name and fill your soul with the spirit of life.

Our very FIRST purpose in life is to make a connection to LOVE/GOD! There are many ways to do this but the primary way is to simply ask! “This most great, this fathomless and surging Ocean(of Love) is near, astonishingly near, unto you. Behold it is closer to you than your life-vein(the vein in your throat)!” God is so close to us that we cannot find him at first – until we ask. I compare this to a fish floating in and breathing the water, looking for the water! We are immersed in God every day, but don’t know it until we ask and it is revealed to us!

Once we find God our purpose again is very simple – to help create a divine civilization! To leave this world a better place when we exit than it was when we entered! Everything is Simple with God, unlike man who constantly wants to make things more and more complicated! It is this very simplicity that blinds us to God.  

We look for God here, there and everywhere! But God is inside of us waiting for us to ask the question – “where are You?”! That is how God hides from us – we have to look inside ourselves to find the answer. For WE are made in the image of God. Not our bodies, not our brains but our souls! And only the soul can awaken and be reborn! For the body and brain are awake and “aware” from the time we are born! Lol! Awake to the world and all it’s traps, but not awake to the permanent part of us that lives forever – our souls! 

I hope this helps you on your path to Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

kindest regards

reverend master j’iam

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3 Levels of the universe # 1

A couple of years ago I was inspired to write a chart down. It was the culmination of 35 years of studies into metaphysics. The time has come for me to release this chart to the world (everything has an order!)

The chart works on three levels and interconnects all three by describing the properties of each level. So, including the descriptive header the chart is 4 rows deep. Below is the very left hand column…

Plane                       >        
Spiritual                >
Metaphysical     >
Physical                 >

There are many (30+) columns of descriptions. The first two columns are as follows…

Plane                          Type                   Status  

Spiritual                   Soul-mind            Owner
Metaphysical        Brain-ego             Captain
Physical                    Body                       Ship

So the first column (Type) describes the three integral parts of all beings on earth, that of the Soul, the Brain and the Body. So on the top level we have the Soul/mind (did you know that your mind doesn’t reside in your brain? It resides in the eighth chakra and is connected to the brain from there) The next level down is the brain which is also called the ego. And the lowest level, the physical, is the body.

Each of these levels are described in the status column as Owner, captain and ship. So you/ your mind are the Owner of the ship and the captain must work for you. The captain is your servant who cannot make decisions (all decisions come from the soul) and who is liable to run the ship onto the rocks if he takes it out onto the harbour of his own volition. However if you tell him where to go he doesn’t have to make a decision and can carry out the whole trip safely and quickly, no matter where you want to go, exactly to your orders.

The ship is controlled by the captain and you have to let him do this. You also have to make sure he treats the ship and the seamen fairly and tell him off if he doesn’t (or praise him if he does!)

At one stage I spent six months trying to destroy the ego (captain of the ship) and in the end I asked God why I couldn’t do it? “Because I created him to serve you,” He replied, and he is under my protection. If the ship has no captain, who is going to sail it for you? DUH!!! (says I at my Idiocy) So I had to go to the captain and make peace with him, give him command of the ship, layout how I expected him to treat the crew and keep the ship in good shape (“ship shape and Bristol fashion!”) After that life was so, so much easier. I tell the captain where I want to go, he plots the course and gives orders to the crew on what to do, when to do it and where to steer the ship! In the end we all get to our destination safely and happily!

I hope that is a clear description. If you have any questions on something you want clarified please email me at