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Today I am sharing a copy of my book called “Class reunion 2025”

Today I am sharing a copy of my book called “Class reunion 2025”

This book is a fictional story that reveals a truth (like acres of diamonds or the richest man in Babylon.)

Note that it reveals the secret of material wealth only – the doing and having aspect only. The BE-ingness is not included at all and our Beingness is the secret of perpetual happiness! Just Be aware of this when reading. Enjoy!

Class Reunion 2025

Where the secret of material riches are revealed.

“Class of 05” announces the sign strung from the rafters of the hall where the twenty year school reunion is being held. There’s a large gathering around a man standing beneath the banner. He’s considered the most successful member of the 2005 graduating class, for he is wealthy and powerful.

Bob lives an enviable lifestyle. He donates large sums to various charities, yet each year sees an increase in his wealth. Strangely, he was not picked as the most likely to succeed in the graduating yearbook – in fact no mention was made of his potential at all. The gathered old boys, curious at his success, were crowding around asking questions.

“How did you do it? Is it luck? Did you inherit your riches? How do you manage to have everything while many of us struggle to make ends meet? You weren’t top of the class; you studied the same subjects, under the same teachers. Why has your life turned out so differently from ours?” The questions washed over him like a Tsunami.

Raising his hand for silence Bob looked around the sea of remembered faces, rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and replied. “Because you’re old school-friends I’ll share the secrets of my success with you tonight. The great news about my success is that you too can do what I’ve done, have the things I have, or even more, if you want.” He pulled up a chair and sat comfortably facing the audience, who moved into a circle around him.

“My friends, it is true that we shared common ground when we were at school. You will find nothing in our schooling that accounts for the differences in our fortunes – rather the answer lies in what happened AFTER leaving. For it was then that my true education began and the differences in our fortunes started. Know that knowledge is of two kinds. The first type is of things known. This is the type we receive in school and it’s commonly called general knowledge. Then there is the learning of unknown or empowering knowledge. This is available only to those who seek it.”

“It’s in this area of hidden knowledge that the principles of wealth creation, and retention, lay. If you are not wealthy it is because you either don’t know, or don’t practice, these wealth principles. Most likely the first. Neither luck or inheritance have a part to play in true wealth creation – it is the application of the wealth principles that creates wealth, and it is these that must be sought after, found and put into practice.”

“School teachers don’t know the wealth principles because they are not general knowledge! Think it out for yourself. If teachers knew how to be wealthy they would be driving around in Rolls Royces or Mercedes! No, the wealth principles lie outside of the schooling system and teachers never leave school to find them!”

“What about Luck, which some say is the source of wealth? I believe that luck is a fickle master that may lead you to unearned riches, then back into poverty with the same ease. Luck makes spendthrifts of many recipients, for there is no value to unearned money. Too soon the money will evaporate leaving only insatiable cravings and unfilled desires.

Others luck makes into misers who starve in the midst of their gold: they wont spend their money for they don’t know how to replace it once it’s gone. How can they? The money came by chance, not design, thus it’s not consciously repeatable. They hide themselves away in fear of robbery that could remove the money so easily gained. How unfortunate and lonely is the life of a miser! There may be some who can take their good fortune and make it multiply for them, still retaining their happy ways. But I have not come across many like this, so far.” A hum of agreement came from the listening group and there was a general nodding of heads.

One of Bob’s classmates spoke out, “So your wealth is not because of luck or inheritance – we now understand this. So please tell us how you came into your great wealth.”

“Certainly,” Bob agreed. “After leaving school it dawned on me one day that there were two paths I could follow. One led to wealth and all the good things in life, the other to small rewards with years of scrimping and struggling. I saw this reflected in the lives of other people in society, on TV, in magazines and in my friends and work-mates. Yet it is the latter path of refined poverty that the majority seem to travel, despite their unhappiness of this lifestyle.”

A member of the audience chipped in, “Money doesn’t solve all your problems!”

“You’re certainly right about that! In fact money only solves the problems that money solves,” replied Bob, “But that’s a heap of problems solved, my friends!” The crowd laughed heartily at this pithy truth.

After the chuckling had faded bob continued, “With money you have CHOICES. You can travel, buy fine artworks, always have the best and donate money to worthy causes. You have a freedom of lifestyle with money as your tool.

I decided that I would rather have money than not, as long as I could find a way that didn’t sacrifice my principles or inner happiness. A thought occurred to me that there must be someone in this world who’d already done what I wanted to do. “If only,” I reasoned, “If only, I could find that person and ask him HOW he did it, then I’d know how to do it too!” Little did I know that this thought had set in motion a chain of events that would lead me to unlimited prosperity! With the benefit of hindsight I know now that there are thousands of such people in the world, but at that stage I was totally ignorant of this fact. These people are living treasures and like all treasures they are not immediately obvious. Rather they are hidden, veiled if you like, and must be sought out. But I had made the first step, which was expressing the desire. I decided to dedicate my efforts to seeking this goal.”

“In the meantime, to keep body and soul together, I found work as a clerk in an accountants office. The pay was low for I was young and inexperienced. I laboured long and hard for, it seemed, very little pay. Even as time raised my income I found myself slipping into a vicious cycle of debt, with my outgoings easily catching up to my net income. I was on the same treadmill as everyone else and my dream seemed to slip further away with each passing day.”

“One day a wealthy client came in – it was the busy season and he wanted a complicated job done in a hurry. The boss promised to have it done in two days and promptly handed it over to me, proving the old saying, “Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.” Predictably the work wasn’t finished in time and the client was not pleased! But he could see that it wasn’t the fault of the junior, who had been handed a task beyond his means.”

As his anger was faded it occurred to me that here was a man who might have the answers I sought. This thought gave me the courage to say to him, “You’re a wealthy man and I am seeking the secrets of wealth! If I can finish your job before 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, will you teach me the secrets of your wealth?” He looked at me silently for a minute, thinking the challenge over, and replied, “Ambitious words for one so young, and it’s a hard task you set yourself. But such keenness commands my attention so I will accept on the following terms. If you deliver as promised I’ll pay you well and tell you the secrets of my wealth. If you fail, however, you will forfeit both money and secrets. Is it a deal?” He held out his hand to seal the deal and I took it and shook it.

“Start immediately, young man,” he continued, “for you haven’t a minute to spare. Should your energy flag focus on the reward, a secret worth at least three lifetimes money compared to your present income. I will return at nine o’clock sharp tomorrow morning to pick up the work.” Having said this he turned and quickly strode out.”

“Realizing that here, at last, was the answer to my goal to track the source of wealth, I quickly set to work. I pushed myself with a vengeance until my body cried out for relief. How the hours seemed to speed by as I raced against the merciless clock! On and on I worked, through the night until the rising of the sun, followed by the arrival of the first workers. I finished the work with minutes to spare.”

“As promised, on the hour, in he walked. “Well?” he asked. I could only look at him through bloodshot eyes, grin and hand him the finished sheaf of papers. “Well Done! Congratulations!” he exclaimed, after thumbing through to check for correctness.

“You have done extremely well. I have a cheque here to pay for your time and efforts. I suggest you take the day off to sleep before I share the secrets with you, for you will need to be alert. Come to this address at 8 o’clock tonight,” he said, handing me his card, “and we will talk.”

“Going home I crawled into bed and slept like a baby. I awoke trembling with anticipation with all sorts of thoughts running through my head. What exotic secrets would I learn tonight? Visions of philosophers stones and the Midas touch thrilled me. Now the minutes crawled by as I awaited the meeting hour.”

“I set out early on my journey and, arriving at the appointed time, rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a butler and I was ushered into the presence of my benefactor who extended his hand in greeting. “Welcome Bob.” he said, “Your work was most impressive – accurate and profitable too! Take a seat and we will begin”.

“You are young.” he started, “and youth is like lightning, flashing across the sky with its accompanying clap of thunder. Youth has great energy but lacks experience and so, like lightning, its effects are here and gone. The experience of age is more like the night star the sailors set their course by – the light is dimmer but twinkles consistently. So listen very, very carefully to what I am about to tell you, for if you fail to grasp the secret your nights great efforts will be lost. And if you lose it tonight it may be years before experience reveals the truth of what I am saying.”

“He leaned out of his chair and came close, looking me straight in the eyes. In a low voice he said, “The first secret of all wealth, Bob, is this…


Aim to pay yourself 10% gross of ALL your incomes and you will become very wealthy, as I have.” Then he sat there silently, still looking me directly in the eye.

“And?” I asked.

“That’s it. That IS the secret foundation of my great wealth. If you repeat my actions you could have the same and more.”

“But everything I earn is mine to keep!” I blurted.

“Is it indeed?” he asked. “Is everything you earn yours to keep? Let’s take a look at your situation.

“You are indeed most fortunate, in that you pay nothing for food, rent or electricity! You have no costs, living for free and have money coming out of your ears! Is this the truth? If so, you have no need of my wealth secrets as you are well on the path, what with all the money you invest!” That his speech was half mocking and half jest was shown by the twinkle in his eyes. “No, I think you miss the point. Your expenses are money you pay to other people – and once paid it has gone from your pocket forever. Where is your own share? What are you paying to yourself? Will you be like the majority who pay all others first and end up forgetting to pay themselves even a token of their own income? Such folly is truly the straight path to poverty! What foolishness to put others before ourselves when dividing our pay packets! Do they return in kind? NEVER! Yet this is the way most arrange their finances.”

“The first wealth rule is to ALWAYS pay yourself the first 10% of your income. This simple rule is the basis of all personal, permanent physical wealth.”

“Work it out for yourself. If you were to save 10% of your income for ten years how much would you have?”

“One years income”, I replied.

“NO! you would have deposited one years income but you would have accumulated double that amount by receiving COMPOUND INTEREST. You would actually have two years income for one years effort.

Think of your money as an eager employee who works hard for you – twenty four hours a day! The interest you earn becomes another silent employee who joins forces with the original one and then they both continue working to make you more. Thus it continues, with each batch of money duplicating itself, continually growing until the money reaches a size where you have a PERMANENT LIVABLE INCOME coming from the CAPITAL without stopping it’s growth. At this point you can retire from making money and start working solely for love.”

“It is wise to start this process immediately so you can reap the harvest all the sooner. Unlike the farmer, the perfect time to plant our crop is immediately. And while the farmer reaps his crops in one season we must wait for ten years or more to start reaping ours. Do not procrastinate or hesitate, for the longer it is left, the longer you will have to wait for your harvest.”

“Bob, I have revealed to you the foundation of all my wealth. It is a very simple formula so our knowledge on this point is equal. It is only our actions that differ, for I have used my knowledge and you have yet to begin. Whether you will make your fortune or not is entirely in the hands of one man, and one man only. Only YOU can do it! I’ll be here to give you progressive knowledge as you grow, for there are different needs for each step up to self sustaining wealth.”

“I have given you enough for one night, you must now absorb the knowledge. Go home and sleep on it. Good luck, and much persistence Bob.” Then he showed me out of the door, into a brilliantly clear night.”

“As I walked home I went over his words again and again, until I realized that here was the truth I had been seeking! Its very simplicity had hidden it from me. While I had craved for magical formulas and “No-Effort-Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes”, the truth had been hiding right in front of my nose. I’d missed it because it had presented itself in working clothes while I had sought it in ease and glamour. I decided then and there to start putting the wealth principles into practice. I worked up to saving 10% of my income as payment to myself and I continue to do this today. It was hard disciplining myself at first, but after a time I found I could live better on 90% of my income than I had on 100%! The wealth principles are powerful levers!”

“The sense of pride I got from my secret wealth helped me overcome the temptation of spending it. I laughed inwardly when I heard members of the staff, twice my age, complaining about their lack of money and security. I’d saved more than most of the senior office staff very quickly. I won’t pretend it was all plain sailing; there were setbacks and heartaches along the way. There was a time when I lost ALL my savings in a bad investment I took by myself: only afterwards did I consult my mentor! But it was a lesson well learned, for it was burned into my memory and has never again been repeated. And because the wealth habits were now ingrained I was able to restart and catch up very quickly. You can rest assured that I sought my mentors advice more frequently after that.”

“As time passed and my own wealth manifested I found that my counsel was being sought on many business transactions. I was able to multiply my wealth with wise investments of time, goods and money in these opportunities. Thus my fortune grew until I stand here, the wealthy man you see today.”

“I came tonight wanting to share with you the knowledge I gained that day, so I’ve prepared this card with the first three golden rules on it.”

“There’s a card for each of you here. Keep this card in your pocket and read it everyday. Put the principles into practice and you have started down the royal road to financial success. As you need more knowledge you can get it from World Peace and Prosperity network.”

“And so my friends, let’s end this conversation for there is a reunion awaiting us – good times to share and dancing into the night. I know at the next reunion, in ten years time, there will be a lot more wealthy men and women! I hope that you are one of them because.. .


the card

Always pay yourself the first 10% of all incomes

Invest your money into permanent incomes

Make safe investments,

Use wise council,

Avoid usury

kindest regards

reverend master j’iam


class reunion cover 2025 - 2013 master

Our thoughts are like a string of sausages!

Our thoughts are never singular unless we cut them off immediately. Otherwise they are like an endless string of sausages that keep on going and going and going!

If the thought is a good one we want it in our brain, but if the thought is a negative one we definitely don’t want that! The simple way of thoughts is that every thought will give birth to a similar or same thought!. So if we start with a single thought (and we must always start there because every thought string has a beginning) and that gives birth to another of the same ilk then we will have 2 thoughts. Within a short period of time each of these two thoughts will also give birth to a thought each and that will give you 4 thoughts. and so the pattern repeats itself  exponentially and it doesn’t take long to reach a million thoughts, unless we have some way of destroying the thoughts when the numbers are small.

Fortunately most of us do have ways of destroying negative thoughts. Unfortunately for most of us these tools are subconscious rather than conscious so we don’t actually know what we’ve done to destroy the negative thoughts! There are multiple ways to destroy negative thoughts before they even enter our brains!

If we do let the numbers grow until they are uncontrollable we become “Obsessed” and addicted to some form of addiction (and there are many, many forms of addiction!).

Did you know there is a spiritual laws that states all thoughts must make themselves known to you before they can enter the library of your mind? No, not many people do know that, so for many the doors of their library admit all and sundry, be they good or bad. But once you realize that law exists then you start demanding that each thought makes itself known to you before admitting it into your library/brain.

To admit a thought you have to erect an imaginary door to keep it out – don’t worry that it is only imaginary, as all thoughts are imaginary too – so an imaginary door can keep imaginary thoughts out! The thoughts have to knock and make themselves known to you to enter. When they stand outside the door they cannot lie to you. Good thoughts come in working men’s clothes whilst negative thoughts come in negative clothes like vampirs, bike gang members or zombies. So you can instantly recognize them.

So if there is a negative thought standing there with chainsaws and axes you simply say, “No way, go away!!” And if there is a cleaning lady there with buckets and mops you simply say, “Please enter!” This will stop all negative thoughts from coming into your brain in the future. After a few days of doing this you simply put an imaginary “watchman” at the door. In olden times this was known as the watchman at the gate. The job is so simple he can do it easily and you give him instructions that if he isn’t sure if a thought is positive or negative to call you to decide. You will have a few calls in the early days, but after a while they become rarer and rarer!

And then you have to go into your mind and clear out all the negative thoughts that are harbouring there from your childhood days. Children have no discrimination at all until the age of 8 or 9 years. So everything they hear in those 8 years is taken into their library and there they stay until removed! It is no use stopping new negative thoughts coming in and allowing old negative thoughts to remain. I have written a book called “Mind Gardens” which tells you how to clear your whole mind of all negative thoughts in less than a month, sometimes less then a week! As the Bible says, “When I was a child I thought like a child… now it is time to put away the things (thoughts) of childhood and act like a Man (note the capital M.)”

I will try to put my book, “Mind Gardens” on here in the near future. If you can’t wait and want a PDF version just drop me a line and I’ll charge you Double what I’m charging everyone else (what are you charging them? Nothing, it free! Lol!)

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Do you ever open a book read the ending pages and then start from the front?

Do you ever opened a book, read the ending pages and then staredt from the front? Only a small percentage of the world’s population actually do this. But WHY? I’ll tell you. Because people who do this are VERY GOAL ORIENTATED! They like to know where they are headed before they even start the journey (the reading of the book) so they can understand the path better!


If you are lucky enough to possess this trait, then you are probably going to BE successful in any field you love. To BE successful is every persons ultimate challenge in life. Success doesn’t just mean money – Mother Teresa was tremendously “successful” in her chosen field (looking after the Lepers) but had no money for herself at all!. 

Money is used as a primary measure of success in the physical world. In the spiritual world it is the last of seven measures of success. 


In the physical world all we have to do to be “Successful” is to Do and have. In the spiritual world we have to BE, Do and then have! Those who succeed in the physical world, but not the spiritual world are called the RICH. I was married into a rich family and what a bunch of misery they caused to all around them! The rich have all the trapping of success and yet not internally happiness! They cannot sit on a beach at sunrise and appreciate the rising sun, the sound of the surf and the seagulls in quiet contemplation. Those qualities belong to those are in the spiritual state of BE-ingness!

This is why the RICH man went to Jesus and asked him how to be wealthy! Jesus gave a perfect reply, “Gift your money to the poor!” (and that is all that is reported of the conversation). The rich man turned and walked away because he was too attached to his money. But if he had of listened, what would have happened?

If he has GIFTED (not given) his money to the POOR (not those in poverty) he would have become detached form his money. The first element of BEingness is always detachment! And because he had Gifted the money he would have invoked the law of sowing and reaping – “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied” so he would have received all his gifting back in an enlarged form and then slid across from the state of Poor to the spiritual state of ABUNDANCE. So he would have ended up happy in his BEingness with a bigger fortune – which is what he was asking for!

Because we are born into the physical world we are initially only aware of two states – riches and poverty. These are both disempowered states of the physical world. Why disempowered? Because the is no happiness (Bliss, ecstasy, joy and contentment) to them and they are not continuous states. Only spiritual states are continuous!

Why are only spiritual states continuous? Because continuity is a spiritual quality. It this continuity that we possess that makes life HAPPY. To gain continuity we have to become detached and then EM-powered, that is to say powered from the spiritual source (em means “from without”).

The two spiritual states are known as states of Poor and Abundance. 

The laws that rule the state of Poor are the Laws of PROVIDENCE, where “everything we need will be provided to us, basically free or cheap”.  

The laws that rule the state of ABUNDANCE are the laws of abundance (what a coincidence! Lol!) that state “anything you WANT you can have, but there is a price to pay!” and what is the price? You have to fulfill your BEingness! AHA!

The state of POOR is called the water in the Bible and the state of abundance comes under the FIRE (spirit). Many answer the call to the water, but very few answer the call of the fire. 

To reach the state of abundance you can follow a master. Where would you find such a master? Have a look at the author of this article – reverend master j’iam. You can do it without a master but it is new territory and fraut with pitfalls. It has taken me 35 years to master abundance – can you afford to take that long? No, of course you can’t. But a master can start you on the track immediately and cut the time down considerably, espescially when he has been gifted an empowering organisation called the Wholitic(Holy) Peace (Poor) and Prosperity(Abundance) Network (Synergy) -WPPN (HPAS).

By joining WPPN you instantly start building a VIRTUOUS CYCLE which is the foundation of both the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE! Both these states areEMPOWERING!

And so what has this got to do with reading books from the end first? If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up where your heading! If you read books from the end then you are like me – you like to know the end goal before you even start the journey (makes sense to me – I never head out in the car without a destination in mind!) 

WPPN Gives you the end destination before you even start – LOVE, Detachment, Happiness, Peace(Poor), Health(spiritual), success and then Prosperity (Abundance).

Start with the end goal in mind and then start working your way towards it -it is as simple as that!


Aim towards the end result & then work your way towards it through WPPN!

“Ye that eyes SEE and ye that have EARS LISTEN!”

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam



phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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skype: jiamwppn