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We are only human – born to make mistakes!

We are only human – born to make mistakes they say. But we are not born to be stupid. We are made to learn from and not repeat our mistakes. To keep making the same mistake over, and over and over, is stupidity.

Only by making a mistake do we have the chance to redeem ourselves by analysing the mistake and putting in place a system or method of preventing it happening again! We learn the remedies to mistakes and move on to tackle the next one! Thus do we aquire wisdom. We are not born to make mistakes, but born to rectify mistakes!

There are two ways of dealing with mistakes in life – one is to experience it. pick up the pieces and put in place a system to prevent it happening again. This is called the hindsight method.

The other is to read and educate ourselves about possible mistakes and put systems in place to prevent them happening! This is called the foresight method. Personally I prefer the foresight method as it is a lot less painful (better to prevent the chopping off of a finger in a bandsaw that to chop off a finger and never do it again!)

The world is in it’s current financiakl woes because the people have let banks and other usurious institutes rule the economic world for too long. The time has come to prevent economic fluctuations and disasters borne by the ordinary person (the banks fail and we pay for their mistakes!) The time has come for the entrance of spiritual (non-usurious) entities like WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) to start manifesting itself in the economic lives of us – the ordinary people of the world. Yes, we don’t have a lot individually, but many doing a little each does make a lot! And it doesn’t take that much to tumble usurers – only 3% of the population is needed to start a positive revolution (whereas 10%+ of the population is needed to start a negative revolution!)

So come and join the WPPN revolution – the WPPN website is at…