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Spiritual Warriors


To be a spiritual warrior is to be a builder rather than a destroyer. Yes, there is some destruction involved but that is only a minor part of the war. The spiritual warrior’s aim is always to build something new to replace something old, decrepit, corrupt or rotten. It is not enough to just tear down the old system without a replacement, for what are we adding to the world by doing that? Simply destroying a system to replace it with nothing but anarchy and all the misery that brings!

Any form of government is better than no form of government. But when you have a better form of government then you must fight to bring it into BEingness in the world. This is the task of the spiritual warrior. The spiritual warrior must possess qualities much higher than the ordinary soldier. He/she must possess internal Happiness, a sense of Justice, they must be calm, kind and possess a certainty backed by courage of conviction. These are the qualities needed to change the world for the better.

And the spiritual warrior must first conquer his greatest enemy – himself! To eliminate the fear, doubts and worries that bind him to the physical world! Only then, when he/she is complete within, can they ask anyone else to do what they have done!

A spiritual warrior always leads by example!

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