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He can’t dance – but he tries hard!

Years ago I went on a six month art course. Part of the course consisted of two half-hour dancing lessons per day. So that is 5 hours per week times 26 weeks = 130 hours of dancing lessons. On my report card the dance section reads: “He tries hard.” That was the kindest thing they could say about my dancing! I was a dancing failure, but still i tried hard!

There are many things that many of us can’t do. Even before the dance lessons i belonged to a folk club where anyone could perform. This club taught me a lot about courtesy in it’s treatment of a tone deaf performer. He was literally tone deaf, and definitely couldn’t sing in key – it was simply beyond him. Yet he sang every week and was always applauded! And I noticed that after a few months his rhythm had improved!  The rhythm has nothing to do with the pitch department in the brain so the singing taught what could be taught in the rhythm department! Every effort produces a result, even if it is in a different area than what were aiming for!

Each of us is born with areas of lack. But God is not malicious and compensates by giving us abilities and “talents” to compensate. So I may not be able to dance but i am an observer of human behaviour. I suppose this is scientifically called anthropology. I have always had this talent and always will, as it is hard-wired into me. These hard wired talents are part of our BEingness.

Also I have the ability to “See” things. I can look at a brick and see a barbeque pit, a wall, a bridge, a building and so forth.  I tend to go from the beginning to the end first and then go back to the beginning to place the second brick. As a child i always read the last pages of a book first to see the end i was aiming for. As I no longer read fiction i don’t have to do that anymore but can pick up any non-fiction or spiritual book and start at any point in it. So I have a very non-linear mind. And that is okay with me as i’ve never know anything else or any other way. It is part of my BEingness!

We are all like this – not the same as me , but having different qualities in different areas. Some of us are lucky to have qualities in demand by man’s world and materialism. And often people like this are financially successful but totally removed from the spiritual realities of people like us (these people are the rich). “Why don’t you just get a job!” they say. You think we don’t try? I am always the last to get hired and the first to get fired because employers look at me an think “what a dork!” because my qualities are invisible to them until they get to know me. It is only when they take a chance and hire me that they discover my qualities (usually takes about a month) and put me in charge of their worse “problem department!” Which of course i fix up and get running profitably. But being the person i am, i like fixing things up but don’t like running non-challenging departments so i usually leave after a year to 18 months.

One of my qualities is problem solving. My two favourite phrases are “Why do we do it that way” and “what if?”

I will admit i am lacking on many social graces. I cannot make idle chit chat. I don’t suffer fools gladly – or at all! I am an alpha male. Yet I try to tread the spiritual path with practical feet.

So what I want you to think about is what are my qualities. and what are my shortfalls and where is there a position that uses both sets of qualities? And how can i use those qualities to promote personal peace and prosperity that will grow into world peace and prosperity? These are three VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – what, where and how! By asking these questions you will invariably be lead to the ultimate question of WHY? and when you get all four answered you will have found your BEingness in life.

And if you have the courage to follow your BEingness you will become divinely happy and live in the state the churches call heaven -although they will deny it is impossible to achieve on earth, yet persist that hell is easily achievable! If hell is achievable then surely Heaven must be achievable too! I know I live in heaven – not physical heaven, but spiritual heaven! And If I can do it, anyone can! It wasn’t easy, but who said it would be? It is easy to achieve hell on earth by simply doing nothing – like falling into a deep hole,  no effort required! But it is harder to achieve Heaven because it takes effort – but it’s not so hard that it is impossible, far from it! And it is far easier again if you have a mentor. I have been lucky enough to have had many mentors on the top shelf of life.

Know the name for the new age we live in is UNITY. “The earth is but one country, mankind its citizens.” This is why the politicians are subconsciously urged to create bigger and bigger units – the USA, the European Unity, Malaysia, etc All these things are an physical manifestation of unity. But because they are man-made they will not last. Already the EU is starting to fall apart at the seams. America is one of the most spiritually corrupt, violent and unequal countries in the world and Malaysia is run by idiots. But that is the way of mankind. God has revealed another system that will spiritually, metaphysicallt and physically unite you and then the world – and it isn’t like any system currently in place. You can’t even imagine what this system is like as it is perfect (a bank managers words, not mine!)

So I ask you to delve into yourself – not as a critic but as an observer. Treat yourself as if you were another separate person and analyse the good points and the weakness. Observe also the God-given lack of abilities as these are pointers of things not to do with your life. I am a non-dancer, the tone deaf man is a non-singer. What area do you lack in and what areas of life BEingness does this eliminate?

Then look at your qualities and talents. What areas do these open up for you to be successful in? To reach Heaven in? Take stock of yourself, but be honest, gentle, truthful and kind about it! And you will reach a point of insight into your own life where a door will open and you will suddenly KNOW your BEingness! And your life will change with this Knowledge because “you will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free!”

Isn’t freedom what life is ultimately about? Methinks so!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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