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From Rocks to an Angel – the WPPN Procedure in pictures

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The WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network)procedure is multi-layered. I am going to start from the absolute basics because you will either recognise it, because you have already achieved this level, or you will need to recognise it because you need to do it!
The first stage is where we are internally disunited, which means our bodies, brain and soul are not united. A house divided as such can never win. A house internally united will always win!
Here the three elements are shown disunited, laying in the sand. They are represented as rocks/statue parts because they can never win and are therefore inert (or spiritually dead.)
 wholeness0097 200
The first thing we have to do is align the pieces into the correct order. This is done by the three gifting programs within the Network. The first three months will start your alignment
wholeness0095 700
Once you become a full member (after 3 months) you will glue the pieces together (you may have already reached this stage.)
wholeness0093 700
Then you will be “welded together” to complete your internal unity.
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The next stage is to hoist the statue upright…
wholeness0091 700
On achieving spiritual “uprightness” your stone will transform to spiritual flesh
wholeness0087D 700
At this point we start to develop spiritual colour
wholeness0087C 700
And then the spiritual “Brain” awakens! This is when you see the power of God’s Higher laws! And you start to get the spiritual “Powers of Command”!
At this very point you move spiritually from Water to Fire, from the Knowledge of God to the Actions of God!
Once we show we have the actions of God as our Major Dominant Purpose in life we are promoted up to the level of an Angel on earth.
For this we are given Wings to fly with…
wholeness0087A 700
These wings represents the station of “Poor.” It is in the state of Poor where we start flapping our wings and learning the aspects of flight. No one knows exactly when is the first time they will fly freely. But it is inevitable if we continue in the state of “Poor.”
And one day we simply take off and fly! That is our entrance into the state of “Abundance!”
wholeness0085A 700
And what we do with our abundance determines our true Wealth!
Now, you may be at any of the stations I’ve described and just need a helping hand up to the next stage. The higher up you get in the stations the more obvious it becomes that this is a plan from God and that we all need to do it because it is God’s Bidding – “All are His servants and all abide by His Bidding!”
Jesus had no need to be baptised by John the Baptist, but went through with it anyway simply because it was God’s bidding upon mankind! Even if we don’t want to do it we need to do it because we are beacons of light to the lost. If any of the beacons are missing it is easy for seekers to lose their way or to fall into holes!
I don’t drink alcohol, although I used to before I was reborn (I was a whiskey “connoisseur”!) But it is a 1,300 year old command of God, and my will is submissive to the will of God, therefore I don’t drink alcohol! Only by being “Whole” can we achieve the stations of “Poor” and “Abundance.” This is why it is called the “Wholistic” Peace and Prosperity Network. Because it has the whole picture within it.
If you have read this far and there is a fire burning within you, that is your soul telling you that this is the truth. Contact me and see the bigger picture, judge it for yourself and join to start the New Age process in your life and the life of your family, that you may Be uplifted Now!
Join now whilst it’s still small and be way ahead of others at the due date of 2035 – when it will come into world-wide reality!
May Love Happiness, Health, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours, through the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network
reverend master J’iam
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The beginning of light

Take a look in the mirror. Really closely in the mirror. Focus on your dominant eye.

Look deeply into the black of your eye. It is not black.

Look closely and deeply enough and you will see the entire universe within your eyeball! This is because we are at the top level of the universe! Only one step below the angels.

We are the end of darkness and the beginning of light! THE BEGINNING OF LIGHT!!!

Reverend Master J’iam

our place in the universe

As man thinketh in his HEART, so it shall BE!

The longest distance in the world for each of us to traverse is the 14 inches(36 centimetres) from the head to the heart.

In the head thoughts are known as knowledge. In the HEART our thoughts are also known as Knowledge. There is only one capital K separating the two states, but that capital represents a huge difference in thinking. The energy of knowledge(on the physical level)  is just 1. The energy level of Knowledge (on theSpiritual level) is 100! This is why Jesus said “You will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!” Notice the capitals in Truth and Free as well! All these capitals represent the difference between physical states of freedom, truth and knowledge and Spiritual Freedom, Truth and Knowledge! The difference is the difference between 3 and 300 in energy levels! It is the difference between entrapment and Empowerment!

A baby elephant is tied to a peg that it cannot pull out and it becomes so used to being trapped by the peg that the circus owner never enlarges that peg as the elephant grows in size and strength! The grown elephant can easily pull out that peg and go where it wants. The only reason it doesn’t is because the elephant believes in it’s heart that it’s strength is still that of a baby! It Believes that it’s strength is 1 not 100, so it stays trapped to the tiny peg – never ever even trying to pull it out!

Mankind is the same. A we grow from children into adults we stay in our thoughts believing that they are our true strength. But as adults we are 5 – 6 times larger than children; it is the same in our minds! What we call our mind as children becomes our brain as adults. What is our mind as adults is actually our soul! Our soul has a strength of 100. Our brain has the strength of 1 or 10 depending what level we use of it at. It is only when we move our control from the brain to the soul that we are set Free!

Whilst it may appear to be a simple task to change our centre of thinking from the brain to the soul, simple is not easy! SIMPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS EASY!  That is why it is called the long fourteen inches!

So let’s get down to the heart of the problem – how do we move from the brain to the Heart? We have to ask out aloud for it – as a gift! All we have to do is speak it out aloud and ask to be shown the path to the spiritual world. Not just think it, but ask it out aloud! Why is this so? Because it all comes down to energy levels. If we think it in our heads then the energy level is 1. This is the closest we can get to zero without actually existing. To think something in our heads is, spiritually speaking, like a flea thinking something and expecting and answer. To ask out aloud is like the flea roaring like a lion becaue the first spiritual energy is SOUND.  Thoughts have no spiritual energy. THOUGHTS HAVE NO SPIRITUAL ENERGY!!! This is supported in the Bible by the words, “In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with (from) God, and the Word was God (spiritual).”

I was an atheist for 14 years. After 7 years i drowned, went over to the other side and returned to this world so I Knew in my heart that we didn’t cease to exist for seven years until I was “Reborn” in to the spiritual world. Why did it take seven years for me to be reborn (move from the brain to the soul)? Because it took me seven years to actually ask the question out aloud! I had thought it a million times, but nothing happened. It was only when i lay in bed one night and said out aloud to God, “If your exist, please show me” that anything happened! Within 6 months I was reborn into the spiritual world as my centre of thinking! Know that it is a long 14 inches because we cannot make that leap in our brains. We have to go (as AA says) to an outside source to make the leap. How do we get help from that outside source (God/divine spirit etc.)? By asking out aloud! It is as simple as that! But the asking is not easy! It is the asking aloud that is the incredibly hard part (for our brain – it has to let go of “power”)!

Once we have uttered the words out aloud, a series of changes start taking place. It is a process much like the caterpillars transformation into a butterfly. The butterfly becomes a chrysalis, the chrysalis actually dissolves the caterpillars body and reshapes it into a butterfly and then the finished butterfly emerges! The caterpillar represents the energy level of 1, the butterfly represents the energy level of 100! The chrysalis process in humans is started the moment we ask it to start – aloud!

The moment we ask for it the transformation process starts. We cannot see it ourselves. Nor can other people see it happening, except that we become “hidden’ inside a chrysalis. We all know “something” is happening, but only the spiritual can see it happening with hindsight and know that the changes are taking place and that we are in the process of being “reborn” (TRANSFORMED, from the physical to the spiritual.) And off course God sends a series of spiritual people to help the process along – sort of like spiritual mothers (male and female). They can be religious or not – spirituality has very little to do with religion! 

Nor do we have to be “worthy” (deserving) of asking – all we have to do is ask! That is incredibly hard for some people to understand and stops them from asking at all!

So I hope i have helped someone, somewhere to let go of their thoughts and just utter the words our aloud, so that they may start the longest journey (with foresight) of there lives – because it really is the shortest journey of our lives (with hindsight! LOL!) Ask and you WILL Know the truth and that truth will set you free (of the limitations of the physical world!)

You can always contact me if you want help. Amen.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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As you may have guessed, I’m not here for the money!

As you may have guessed, I’m not here for the money! So I apologise to all the members who have contacted me with deals etc. but i have a mission to do and that is why I am here. A huge transformation is rapidly approaching the world and we really should be preparing ourselves for it if we are to continue our businesses as we are today. The coming change will affect us – you and I! As our businesses are sub-dominant to ourselves, then whatever affects us also affects our businesses.


When the change comes it will be too late to prepare for it because we will be tossed into it with the rest of mankind. What we need to do is to build a life raft that will float us above the coming (not literal) inundation. And the only way to build a lifeboat is to start a virtuous cycle. A VIRTUOUS CYCLE!!! 


Most of us won’t know what a virtuous cycle even is. It is way above the business cycle -way, way, way above! The virtuous cycle takes money and spiritualises it. This creates energy for us at a much higher level (up to 111 and 1,111, as opposed to the 1 and 11 we currently work in) So virtuous cycles are simply spiritual efficiencies that build our energies up to enable us to ride the coming flood.  

It doesn’t interfere with your business, in fact it tends to increase your business because virtual cycles work on the law of “They that have (the virtuous cycle) shall be given more!”

So I invite you all to at least have a look at my website – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity network. It is not a business opportunity. Rather it is the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your spiritual energy by instantly creating a virtuous cycle.


I am not a salesman by any means. Of those of you who come and look, many will hear the call, but few will actually action it in their lives. For we are still at the “heroic” stage of building. But at least have a look so you will see a difference reality of life.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, 

Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

WPPN Website;



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today is the 11th of the 12th of 2013 – 11.12.13!

Today is a special number day. It is 11.12.13! And that is the last time nearly a century that this sequence will appear (the next one in is on 01.02.03 (2103)! 

Also it has special significant in that by adding all the numbers together we get 36. If we add 3 + 6 we get 9 (and 9 is the number of completion.)

So expect changes in the world today! I know it has changed in my world, as I am now a peacemaker! As of today! Lol!

And expect changes in the world at large in the future, as the energy of Peace and Prosperity compounds and replaces the usurers of the world with the peacemakers of the world! So BE it!

love, peace and prosperity



How to change your current old age lifestyle into the New Age lifestyle

It is not an easy thing to do initially, but there are ways of making it a lot easier than normal. You have to imaging the we are all born into a small life boat abroad a vast ocean. This is okay when the weather is fine, but when the sea get stormy, windy and wavy we look for a bigger ship to transfer to. And the new age is a bigger ship, by far. It is one of these gigantic, 15 story ocean liners that will pick you up – if you ask it to. But you have to want to be picked up (we have freewill – the ability to stay aboard our lifeboat or to jump aboard the ocean liner.)

But there is a problem. The small boat we are on moves up and down with the waves, whilst the huge liner doesn’t. What this means for us on the small boat is that the rope ladder dangling down the side of the ocean liner appears to be moving up and down by double the height of the waves! So if we have 6 foot waves, our boat will rise 6 feet to the top of the wave and then fall 12 feet to the trough (bottm) of the wave. We can just about manage a 6 foot wave but when we get 20 foot waves it becomes impossible to jump onto the ladder. Also we notice, the rungs of the ladder are three feet apart, so even if we get onto the ladder it is very hard to climb up it!

But there is a solution. We are on the wavy, physical ocean and the liner is based in the deeper metaphysical and spiritual waters below the the waves and appears not to move at all! So if we go to the other side of the ship – the leeward side – we are sheltered from the waves and the wind and enter into a zone of calm, with perhaps a foot of waves. Also the ladder has 10 inch rungs, so even the children and the elderly can climb aboard! So we get the ocean liner to turn around (it is far easier for it to do that, than for us to make our way around the ship in the storm!) 

So we get to the leeward side and are able to get onto the ladder. And then we have to climb it onto the deck many stories above our heads. To climb the ladder we have to do certain things that change our state of balance from the wavy ocean to the stability of the liner. At first it will seem as if the ocean liner is moving up and down and we can get disorientated by the apparent motion. But the motion is all inside our heads. We have been on the sea so long our brain has adapted to the motion of the ocean! So when we get onboard the liner our sealegs tell us it is moving it direct opposition to the ocean. Know that this is only an illusion and will soon pass

The first action we need to change is to stop living on 100% of our incomes. This is like living on the water ration of the life boat, which is basically hand to mouth survival. If it doesn’t rain for a few days, the water has had to be rationed. On the liner we have to learn to use the water taps. This is covered by the laws of sowing and reaping. So we have to live on 90% of our income and start gifting to ourselves and to others in small amounts initially, and then in larger and larger amounts as time passes. 

On the ocean liner (named “HMS New Age”) we no longer have to feed ourselves from tins, but have to go to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining rooms. Again a change of habits. 

On HMS New Age we get to sleep in beds, with sheets and blankets, in a stable situation (no wavy motion). Again we have to change our habits. For the first week or so everything will seem new and strange to us. but after a while it will start to settle down and you’ll discover a new form of happiness creeping into your life – security! Security is something youve never had on the (physical) open ocean, because you were always at the mercy of the waves!

So the biggest change is not the change from ocean to ocean liner, but the change of habits you’ll need to adopt to be happy aboard. These habits are personal habits you’ve had all your live, whilst living in the lifeboat. Know that personal habits are the hardest things of all to change! We are slaves to our habits; if they are good habits, great! But if they are bad habits, oh woe is us! It takes 30 days to change a negative habit into a positive one and another thirty days to make it permanent. Fortunately there are some habits that are more powerful than others in assisting personal internal change. It like a body builder deciding to have the most powerful fingers in the world. Even if he practices finger exercises for a year and has the strongest fingers in the world, what is he going to DO with his strong fingers and weak body? Better to build the strength in his legs, because then he can at least walk. and the leg strength makes it far easier to build torso muscular strength. And once that is built arm strength is worked on. so we become well developed and strong overall. Then we can afford to build the strong fingers!

So what are the strongest parts of our new age body? What are our new age legs, torso and arms? Our legs are higher (spiritual) laws, our torsos are metaphysical principles and our arms are physical rules and regulations. And it is best if we try to develop all three at once as there is no point in having super str5ong legs and no torso and arm build ( that is called, “being too spiritually minded to be of any earthly good!”)  In the new age we have to build ourselves up evenly so we become balanced and whole.In the physical world we tend to do one thing at a time. In the new age we have to all the things we need to do at the same time.

So we do one leg exercise, one torso exercise and one arm exercise on the first day. We do this for a week and then increase it to two motions of each exercise for the second week. And then on the third week we add another motion to make three for legs, three for torso and three for arms. In that way, we are moderate in our exercises but wholistic as well – we are building the whole body, not just a part of it! In doing all three we are also increasing the hearts and lungs capacities – without strain. This slow way of increasing the amount of overall exercise is called “Invoking the token“.

So what are the exercises we need to do to join the new age ship? They are..

1) Being True to yourself

2) Gifting to yourself in a particular was

3) Gifting to others in a particular way

4) leaving the vicious cycle and entering the virtuous cycle (this is started by numbers 1 to 3)

5) changing our foundations from a materialistic economy to a Love based economy – basically implementing Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems!

Those are the five foundations stones of the new age system. We can compare them to legs. torso, arms, brains and Soul.

Legs, torso and arms have a strength of 1.

The brain has a strength of 10

and the soul has a base strength of 100 (although few people ever experience this level of power, because the churches, who should teach it, don’t!)

You can also see the danger in developing spiritual strength without controls – this would be like giving an eight year old a stick of dynamite and a box of matches! What do you think he is going to do with them? Blow himself up of course! We have to learn the rules to get our license to operate dynamite, before being given our first stick!

Because we do live in a new age, a new system of learning has been set up to teach us what to do. The normal setup for the new age is Be, Do and Have. But the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is set up to Do (in a token form) so we can learn to Be from the Doing and then to Have.  So in the end our beingness is still the most important but in the WPPN system we set everything up so it is  building immediately, and we can do, observe it’s growth and learn to be from that how to Be. Then the having takes care of itself automatically!  Be, do, have, – Be, do, have – Be, do, have! On all three levels – spiritual, metaphysical and physical!

For $25 per month you can join the network and have all five factors listed above going for you, automatically in token form. From there, you can learn within the network how to grow in areas you need to grow in (for example you’ll receive a book called commitments in four parts, over 4 months, that contains all the goals you’ll ever need to obtain your generalized divine civilisation creation method. From this stage we will help you discover your specific divine civilisation creation method! Then you will become wholly happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous and be living your life to the maximum!

That is the promise of WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network). How do I know it works? Because I have been testing it on myself for the past 21 years and it is definitely working!  Of course I was the first to test it, so you won’t need anywhere near as long as I have taken. I didn’t even officially start WPPN until after 19 years of testing, because it took me that long to test it fully! Now we have other members who are growing and developing at a much faster rate than me, because I have done the vast majority of the leg-work for themn (because that was/is my personal divine civilisation building mission!)

I realise that in reading this article the answers all seem airy fairy, but believe me they are not. The majority of them are invisible laws that we have to learn by testing for ourselves. Only after testing them, can we actually see the invisible laws. Kind of like putting on special glasses to see in the dark!  WPPN sets them all up like a row of dominos. You only need to push the first one down to see the second domino fall which leads in turn to the third one falling and so forth.

Try joining WPPN because the is a three month free trial period, where you get a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your state in the network (about a 2% drop-out rate)  and a further 9 month “apprenticeship” period, before you are accepted as a full active member. 

see the webpage at –

or email me directly at

another step taken towards success…



only TWO things in life are INEVITABLE? – WRONG!!!!

It is a very old saying that only two things in life are inevitable – Death and Taxes. It is because it is an old saying that, over time, it has become wrong. It was written at a time when people lived only in the physical world and in the physical world those were the only two things that inevitably affected people. But the world changed about 200 years ago with the beginning of the industrial revolution and things moved into the Metaphysical realm. In the metaphysical world only three things are inevitable – death taxes and CHANGE! See how the world changed in the industrial revolution! Huge steps were made forward in thinking and human actions. At the same time huge backwards steps were made too. War became more and more killing instead of tactical. One many could kill 100 men in an afternoon at the end of the industrial revolution, whereas he would have been hard pushed to kill 5 at the beginning of it!

The industrial revolution was really a metaphysical revolution, in that thinking moved from the body to the brain. The body is physical and the brain is metaphysical because the brain uses other ways of knowing about life. One of the first ways is deductive reasoning instead of just the five physical senses of sight, sound, touch taste and smell.

so in the metapjysical world only three things in life are inevitable 




The industrial revolution lasted until the beginning of 1900 (the twentieth century) before thinking took yet another change again. In the the twentieth century thinking turned to spiritual (LOVE) even though it took sixty years to manifest in the “hippie” revolution (all you need is Love!) In the love revolution a new element is introduced – LOVE. So in today’s world only FOUR things are inevitable – death, taxes, change and Love! And quite by “coincidence that is also the order of things in life; to overcome death and taxes we have to Change our attitude to one of Love! This must be done at an individual level before it can be achieved at a universal level. We have to think globally, but act locally (on ourselves, not others) The way to internal Love that manifests Peace is repentance an old fashioned word which is defined today as ” involving a commitment to personal change and resolving to live a more responsible and humane life” This can also be expressed in another word – change

Only by changing ourselves within, can we manifest the qualities of Love – things like detachment, compassion, humour, charity (Love in action) etc. within ourselves. Only by manifesting these things in our own lives can we change the lives of others. Only when others can SEE a person who is Whole and Happy can they compare their own lives to our lives! And that is the source of change in the spiritual world. Sooner or later most of us (but not all) get disillusioned with the physical and metaphysical ways of life and start seeking some other way of life. It is only then that we can see what some people are manifesting in the Path of Love! And in seeing that we want to be like them (in our souls and that is a mighty pushing force for change! Lol!) Of course this change comes about through repentance, the regrets of a life not fulfilled and a commitment to a new way of life when we are “reborn” into the spiritual world!

So the list now includes four inevitabilities…





By Moving to Love, death becomes an inevitability that is looked forward too! Because that is our release from earthly life into the next world of spiritual eternity! Love also welcomes change – change in the self, change in the family, change in local society, change in the nation and change in the world!(and that is the order of happening too!)

Because of our Knowledge of release from this earthly life into the next world of spiritual eternity, we get so see the fifth inevitability – transcendence! The rising above earthly things in this life and in the next life. This state is called “Heaven on earth”! So when we do eventually die we are not suddenly awakened to the reality of heaven, but instead it moves from a light to a blazing light. The spiritually sleeping (no one is spiritually dead any longer) move from blackness to blazing light as promised in all the scriptures of God.(“the last to come, is the first to get paid“!) The payment is transcendence into the next world. Obviously those who are living in heaven of earth are more prepared for death than the blind who live in the physical world only. So now we have 5 inevitabilities…






In transcendence death becomes as a memory of yesterday – it was lived, but no longer has any reality in fact.

And those are the five, not the two, inevitabilities of life!


!#@*ing Beer

Whilst working on a painting job in Palmerston North motels we met an electrician who seemed quite attracted to the crew: At every opportunity he would come across and talk to us. Trouble was he had the habit of swearing and none of us painters did, so it tended to grate a bit.  
One lunchtime we were sitting in a unit when this chap came in and started a conversation, or should I say a monologue, about beer. “I think the !#@*ing price of !#@*ing beer is too !#@*ing dear! I went down to the !#@*ing pub the other !#@*ing night and they !#@*ing charged me .  .  . etc.”
We were all sitting there cringing at the assault on our senses so I silently asked, “How can I get rid of this man?” The answer that came back was, “He wants to feel important, but doesn’t know how to communicate so he is using the only words he knows to fill in the gaps. Inject something good into the conversation.”
So I said to him, “If beer is so dear, why don’t you drink water. It’s clean, it’s cheap and it doesn’t give you a hangover!”
A Miracle! The whole conversation turned around to something positive and we talked as a group for the whole lunch time. He became the centre of attention and didn’t utter another swear-word the whole time!