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Merry Christmas!!!

rev jiam xmas card19

Spend up large folks! Keep the system going –  at your own expanse (97% of people)! Lol!

But seriously, Do have a merry Christmas and try to expand the day to the other 364 days too. Remember everyday is Christmas in Heaven!

Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to you all,

Please fell free to post this card to your friends and family if you want.

Also go to

to select one or more of 23 Christmas cards restored or made by me!

reverend j’iam



Merry Christmas One and All!!!

Another Christmas card for you.

I found this one last week and thought it matched the one I put up in the last post, even though today’s original is Russian and the other one is German. This one was easier to restore as it was less faded, spotty and torn. Once again I gift it to you to use in any non-commercial way, just don’t remove the copyright please, as I have invested time, effort and skill into this picture. If you want an original card they are available on the internet. I am also setting up a business that will be selling a large format variety plus hardcopy prints in the future. 

These two pictures go well together i feel. Enjoy! J’iam


A Christmas card for you to use!

Christmas is fast approaching, so I’d like to gift you something to make life a little easier – a Christmas card you can send out to friends and relatives by email! Simply download this card and save to your computer, then attach to an email Christmas list!

So Please accept this gift from me to you. 

The original was a Victorian card in a bad way that I fixed up, recoloured and enhanced, which is why i have put my copyright on the card. Please feel free to use this card for any non-commercial purposes. If you own a free picture site you can use it for that too, just don’t remove my copyright marks please (also it would be nice to receive an email acknowledging that you are using it for this purpose – I have other pictures you can use as well)     ENJOY!!!