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A question about SYNCHRONICITY?

I was wondering yesterday what the opposite of synchronicity was, so I looked it up online this morning. It is defined as;: an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated.

Then I looked up for the opposite of synchronicity and found: asynchronism, desynchronization, desynchronisation, desynchronizing, asynchrony. Which all seems a bit silly to me!

So I asked the universe/God, ” what is it’s simple opposite to synchronicity in real life?” And the answer instantly came back as “CHANCE!”  So chance is the opposite of synchronicity! I then looked up the word chance and got many synonyms for chance but the one that stuck out for me was “at random

The antonyms(opposites) for chance are; designed, foreseeable, planned, understood. Notice I have crossed out foreseeable and  understood because synchronicity is neither of these. Synchronicity is not something planned and executed by man, so it must be Planned and executed by spiritual forces. The source of all spiritual forces is always God.

So what I am seeing is that synchronicity is a manifestation of Gods plans on earth on the spiritual/metaphysical  planes, whilst chance are random throws of the dice, a manifestation of Gods plan on the physical plane. Random Chance only seems to work on the physical plane so it must be connected to some Law on this plane. Is it Karma – the law of sowing and reaping? That doesn’t sit quite right with me, I so have just asked God “what law does chance work under?”

Now it is just a matter of time until the truth is revealed to me. Is there anyone out there who knows the answer to this question?

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