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Stupid is as stupid does!

The link between IQ and smartness and lack of IQ and stupidity, is not as obvious as one would think. In my lifetime I have met many people of both Low and High “intelligence”. One of the “smartest” men I ever met had an IQ of 172, yet was also one of the stupidest men I have ever met too. He co-owned the patent to making artificial diamonds – a potentially trillion dollar market. But his thinking was so elaborate on what to do with the idea, that he was trying to save up $30,000 to employ an “expert” to tell him what to do with it. I was earning $60 a week at the time, so that was $3,000 per year. Thus he was trying to save 10 years income to be told what to do with the idea. His personal idea was to go into space and make perfectly spherical ruby ball bearing, for some reason. At the time we were just heading for the moon and space factories were undreamed of (and are still not working today, 30 years later!). My suggestion to put the diamonds into glass cutters was dismissed with a wave of the hand as impractical. They retailed for $50 each, so I can’t see why they weren’t practical. They would have generated his $30,000 For a start!

Another example of stupidity came my way when I was a budget advisor and was handed three clients with three cars on hire purchase, with only two unemployment benefits between them all. I pointed out that they had the choice of getting rid of their liabilities and keeping their sole asset (their home) or getting rid of their home and keeping their cars (which were really double liabilities – cars are a liability [unless you are a taxi driver] which is why all businesses can claim tax relief on them, and having a loan is a liability too. So cars on hire purchase are double liabilities – a liability financed by a liability!)

There’s nothing like excess double negative compounding to take you down, down, down. Unless you are stupid and choose to sell your house to keep the cars! Which is exactly what these people did. Now THAT is stupid! I gave up on them as they weren’t listening, but I was certainly learning from them! Six months later I received a phone call from them and they were in trouble again, as they had sold all their old cars and bought three new ones (all on higher purchase again) except that this time they had financed one for their border, who now wanted to pull out of the deal and wanted his money out of it! I gasped at the idiocy of these people! They had two loans out themselves and had taken responsibility for someone else’s loan as well! I’m afraid I wiped my hands of them, as they just wouldn’t listen to good advice!

Over the years I have written many books. One was a book against scammers, pointing out their techniques and explaining the principles they were breaking in getting involved with them. One day I received a letter from a lady (a total stranger to me) who was contemplating “investing” in the latest scam going around, a variation of the plane game. I wrote back a detailed letter pointing out why it was a scam (no wealth is created, only seemingly legitimate theft) and adding a complimentary copy of my book for her to read. I heard nothing for three months until i received another letter advising me that she had bought into the scheme and had on-sold three of the “seats”, which had been declared illegal by the commerce commission. Now she had to pay back $2,700 dollars to her victims and she had spent all the money! What could I do? Nothing, she had made her choice against good advice by following her emotions! And that is the root of all scammers gains – they rely on their victims greed (one of the seven deadly sins) to over-ride their common sense (common-sense is one of the least common of all the senses!) 

If I was to write you a letter stating that I was planning stealing $9 million from an African bank and wanted somewhere to hide it – for a fee of $1million – would you do it? Of course you wouldn’t. But the scammers write exactly that, but in an emotional letter that fires up the fuels of greed – something for nothing! Then you have to get involved by making a deposit of “good will” to the scammers, who instantly disappear with all your money – onto the next victim! And you are left looking stupid, penniless and greedy! And you deserve to look that way too because you went into one of the seven deadly sins without thinking about the morality of the situation.

Nowadays they (scientists) are introducing new tests like EQ (Emotional Quotient) and, very faintly yet, MQ (Moral Quotient) – which has always been a big part of Spiritual Teachings!. The big commandment we break in getting into scams is the 7th commandment – “Thou shalt not steal.”  Greed always leads to some kind of theft. Resisting greed and obeying the 11th commandment* always leads us away from theft! Simple really.

That is why, in advice books on investing, we are told over and over and over – “Always seek good advice from people who know the subject!” Jesus said, “Thou shall Know the truth and the truth will set you free!” Notice how the word Know has a capital K here. There is knowledge, knowledge and Knowledge – physical, metaphysical and Spiritual Knowledge. Physical knowledge is always fact based(rules and regulations), metaphysical knowledge is principle based and Spiritual Knowledge is Higher Law (JUSTICE) based! If you want to be wealthy you must build your wealth on Spiritual Laws. If you want to be rich then build it on physical rules and regulations. It’s as simple as that. Do you want to be Wealthy or rich? 

Again, I ask, do you want to be Wealthy or rich? If you want to be rich then just do and have, it’s as simple as that. If you want to be Wealthy then you have to BE, do and have. There is only a single word separating the rich and the wealthy – BEingness! To Be, you first have to Become Poor, the Spiritual (not the physical) state of detachment from all things! Once you have become Poor (“blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven“) you can then move onto the Spiritual state of Abundance (most people don’t even know that this state exists!).

To Be poor doesn’t mean losing all your possessions. It simply means losing your attachment to all your possessions – except LOVE! And when the rich man went to Jesus, the Christ, to ask how to transform from riches to Abundance, he was given the perfect answer! By Gifting all his money (not all his possessions) to the Poor, he would have lost all his attachments to his money and become one of the Poor. But by gifting (not giving away) all his money he would have invoked God’s laws of Sowing and Reaping (also called Karma in the east) and all his money would have returned to him multiplied! And he would have just slid over to abundance! (to reach abundance we cannot leave the state of Poor – the first inheritance of the Abundant is the Poor! Which means we cannot leave the state of Poor; otherwise we would return to the negative states of riches and poverty).

Which brings us back the opposite of stupidity – which is sensibility. The poor are sensible as they work under God’s laws of providence, which state, “everything you need will be given to you” at no cost (or very cheap, within your means). The Abundant work under God’s laws of Providence AND Abundance. The laws of Abundance state, “everything you WANT will be given to you but their is a cost” What is the cost? You must fulfill your BEingness! That is the cost of abundance!

And How do we Spiritually fill our Beingness? By helping to create a general (Poor) and a specific (Abundant) DIVINE CIVILISATION! I have talked about this before and will talk about it again. God has created an organisation called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Peace being the state achieved by the Poor and Prosperity by the Wealthy) which  firstly helps us create the general divine civilisation and then,  secondly, a Specific divine civilisation.

If this is the first time you have read about this it will seem confusing (unless you read it with your soul, when it will stand out as one of the most obvious things on earth and in heaven! Lol!)

So contemplate this writing for a while, and ask for clarification and more Knowledge to fill in the picture for you. Both of these things are achievable by simply asking out aloud (not by thinking about it).

I hope that this talk will help you find your path to a higher station,

Love and Peace,



* The 11th commandment is the single commandment given by the Christ which reads…

” A new commandment I give unto you, “That ye Love one another; as I(Christ/I Am) have loved you.”  John 13:34