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God is my constant friend

God is my constant friend and I am His. I am made in the image of God, so He is my Father, my friend and my brother! I Am God in all ways except for two – I am not the creator and I am not the controller of justice! But in all other ways I an a reflection, a divine image of Him.

I Am He, as you are He, as we are He and we are all together!
Mankind is one and the earth is his home, his only country!

Just as God has a knowable essence and an unknowable essence, so too do I have these two parts! And I can discover my unknown essence as I grow from childhood to maturity in this world! But I can never discover the hidden essence of God in this world – and I don’t know if I can discover it in the next until I get there, but the knowable essence of God is infinitely big enough to keep us amused in this world!

So thank you, thank you, thank you for revealing yourself when I asked you too, just as you have promised to do since the beginning of Mankind!