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God is the source of all Happiness

God is the source of all Happiness, all Contentment, all Joy, all Bliss and all Ecstasy!

He is immensely powerful, beyond our comprehension – God need only say Be and it is!

Miracles are just actions beyond our understandings. God is above the laws of Man and Nature!

So Be reasonable and expect miracles every day

021 expect miracles

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It’s Raining!

It’s Raining!!! Praise be to God for this wonderful day!

It rains upon good and bad alike and all we have to do is decide which group we are in! Lol!

It rain upon the happy and the miserable alike and all we have to do is decide which category we belong in!

It rains upon us all and we all have a choice on HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES whether it be in rain or sunshine!.

The choice is always ours! Make your choice once and stick with it! I’ve made mine! lol!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll equals E,B,J ‘n’ C

Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll are touted to be the ultimate on the physical plane and perhaps they are, but not on the spiritual plane. There is a saying “As above, so below”. This saying is also reversible, so it reads “As below, so above!” This ties in with another saying which is ,”The more things change, the more they stay the same!” So by combining these two saying we can see that there must be a spiritual equivalent to sex, drugs and rock and roll. And that equivalent is  E,B,J ‘n’ C, which equals Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment!

The thing with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll id that it only covers the physical base, whilst Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment covers the Spiritual (Ecstasy and Bliss) the metaphysical(Joy) and the physical(Contentment) bases – it is whole, not partial.

If we look at the components individually we can see they are the same. Sex is about “orgasms” and the “after-glow”. An orgasm is the physical equivalent of ecstasy – why do you think women cry out to God when they are coming, if it isn’t? The “after-glow” is the physical equivalent to Bliss. This is why sex is so popular because it is the closest people can come to the spiritual equivalent  on the physical plane!

Drugs are the equivalent to Joy on the metaphysical plane. Drugs tend to hide the worries of the world and make us be in the moment. This is exactly what Joy does on the metaphysical plane, The problem with drugs is that they are addictive and subtractive whilst true Joy is non-addictive and additive – it actually adds to our lives and we can have as much as we want and the results will never diminish!!

Rock and roll is sexual music. Music is a relaxation on the higher planes. Relaxation tends to make us Content with life. Know that Contentment is the physical planes highest state! Contentment tends to be reached from above, not below. What I mean by this is that Bliss and joy tend to breed contentment as a side effect of their BEingness. It is very hard to reach true contentment on the physical plane alone because the lack of Bliss, Ecstasy and Joy tends to bred discontent!

So the presence of  Bliss, Ecstasy and Joy tends to breed Contentment, whilst their absence tends to breed discontent!

“Always start at the top and work down” is actually a spiritual saying, not a physical one, because it is describing a way of achieving things on the physical plane by using spiritual energy (which is equal to 100+, rather than the 1 energy of the physical plane). I have explained the differences in energy on the different planes many times before (see my blog. “ENERGY! Life is all about energy levels!” )  It is always easier to succeed in life if we move from a higher energy source into the lower one! It is like moving into a tunnel with a bright lamp – much easier to see the way. Whilst trying to move out of the tunnel without a light is simply a matter of fumbling about trying to find the door and risking (at any moment ) falling down a vertical shaft! Know we are all born in a dark cave called the physical plane!

So if we are living in the darkness of the physical world how do we get to experience true Ecstasy and Bliss? Simply by asking! It’s like we live in the darkness, yes,  but unbeknown to us there is an automatic light switch that will turn on the lights. And all we have to do is ask the universe to connect to Love (and God is LOVE!) to be connected. I was an atheist for 14 years and one night (in desperation – i knew I was going to die without Love) i asked to be shown if God/Love existed. Simple as that. I still remained an atheist the next morning, but that simple act had changed the direction of my life – before i was moving away from Love and at that moment I changed direction and started moving towards Love and, more importantly, it started moving towards me! You see, it is no use us moving towards love if it is not moving towards us, because it will always outrun us!


The simple act of asking out aloud invokes the principle of vibration of sound(actually a sub-division of the “power of command”) and our merest whisper is acted upon! This action – the right to be united with God/Love is an inborn RIGHT/GIFT we all possess! But it’s not much use having such a powerful gift if we don’t even know we have it or refuse to use it! All I ask is for you to ask God/the universe/whatever you call it, to reveal to you the source of LOVE. This will unite you with this source. And when you make the connection the darkness is replace with blazing light! This moment of connection is called “Rebirth” because we are reborn into the spiritual plane! It is the equivalent of an ant being changed into an elephant! LOL! You’ll certainly know when you are reborn (and those of us already reborn have such pleasant memories of our first day spiritually ALIVE!)

Once we are reborn our job becomes to acquire the attributes of wholeness in the spiritual realm (including bringing the metaphysical and physical worlds under the domain of the spiritual). Our goal is always to seek wholeness (“a house united will always win“). Whilst i talk about wholeness today, the same word in the Bible is called “HOLY”. We have to become Holy men and women. The Biblical equivalent is a “Holy Man” The word Man is a metaphysical station that denoted neither male or female, but soul. It is unfortunate that English uses the words man and woman for male and female. Personally i no longer use the words man and woman, using the scientific description of male and female instead to eliminate the confusion between man (male) and Man/Soul(note the capital M).

So as I said in the beginning, everything has a higher equivalent. . . 

Ecstasy and Bliss are the equivalent of sex 

Joy is the equivalent of drugs 

Contentment is the equivalent of rock and roll 

on the higher, spiritual plane! And well worth pursuing! Because we can’t take sex and drugs and rock and roll with us into the next world but we do take Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Some thoughts on death


I have made death a messenger of joy to you. Why then do you grieve? I made the light to shed on you its splendour. Why do you veil yourself from it?

In the spiritual aspect death is a welcome friend rather than the enemy of man as known on the physical level ( a skeleton bearing a scythe! I ask you!) God’s Love for us is whole, complete and unconditional. How could death be a punishment. It is actually a reward for the soul because at death the soul is freed from the bopdy and the brain (ego) into the next world. However the ego sees death as a punishment because it actually annihilates the ship (body) and the captain of the ship (brain). It is only when we, the soul (the owner of the ship) approach the captain and make peace with him that things settle down into a peace, instead of the warring that is so dominant is so many peoples lives!

Seen from the spiritual point of view means the ship sinks at sea and, as tradition dictated, the captain goes down with the ship! The owner just hops into the helicopter on the helipad and flies away to safety! (I bet you didn’t know there was a helipad and chopper aboard, did you?). That is why the soul is in charge – he actually owns the ship and understands that all earthly things have a limited life span. But the soul is not earthly at all, it is made in the image of God and God is eternal – as are we! So the death of the ship means the release of the soul from the ship! That is why death is a messenger of joy to the soul. We are butterflies, designed to fly in the sky and this world is the caterpillar and chrysalis stages before the birth of the butterfly. 

Everything looks different from the souls point of view. The death :penalty” is not actually a penalty but a form of forgiveness that frees us up from three major types of crime – murder, arson and drug-pushing. Why these three? Because they all interfere with God’s creative process. If we just decided to eject a baby from the womb at any time we felt like it many babies would die from premature birth. God decides when a baby is born, whether it dies or not is up to God. The baby that dies at birth misses the pains and sorrows of this world but also misses out on the free will tests and trials that most os have to suffer through to learn out lesson! (that we must submit our free will to Love. God!) But for that child nothing is missing in the next world because one of the first gifts we receive is infinite knowledge (I know because i have died and passed onto the next world to receive this gift. And i really cried when i was put back here on earth and felt that knowledge slipping away!)

In this new age the death penalty is prescribed for these three crimes because God doesn’t engage in “double jeopardy” If we kill someone we can get forgiveness for that crime by forfeiting our own life. In doing this we receive forgiveness for that action and don’t have to account for it in the next world. If we kill someone and spend the rest of our life in prison we still have to account for that crime – which is being punished for the same crime twice, “double jeopardy!”

I believe that the most humane way of dying is to drown, as it is quick, painless and, once the ego stops fighting for life, very pleasant indeed! I know, because that is how I died at the age of twenty one at a beach (read my blog on a near death experience).

So murder is the deliberate taking of a human life (manslaughter is the accidental raking of a life) Arson is setting fire to things as well as causing explosions (bombs etc) whilst the death penalty for drug makers and pushers is because drugs separate the soul from the body and brain. So basically the owner is denied access to the ship! And that is a silent form of murder. We have all known addicts and know that they are soulless. And that is reason why the death penalty for drug pushing. And one day alcohol will be declared a drug too (it has been banned since the seventh century!). 

I know that having written this it won’t make me popular, but I am not here to win a popularity contest but to point out the truth of situations. The philosopher Socrates, who drank hemlock after his trial for allegedly corrupting the youth of Athens is an example of the soul over-riding the body and ego because the corrupt system was going to kill him anyway and it is better in those circumstances to do the job yourself. 

My son is named Anis and he was names after a martyr who offered to kill the Prophet,  “The Bab” (who actually asked for a volunteer to kill him) Because of his devotion Anis was allowed to be martyred with the Bab and their bodies were forever mingled after being shot by an execution squad of 750 shooters! What I an trying to point out is that the actions of the soul are different from the actions of the body and brain because it works under the same laws, but on a different, higher level!

Take the law of attraction. It, like all laws manifests differently on each of the three levels. On the physical level the law of attraction states, “Opposites attract”. And this is true; yin and yang, day and night, black and white, goof and bad etc. But on the metaphysical level the same law is the total opposite and states, “Like attracts like” or put differently, “birds of a feather flock together!”. And on the spiritual level the law of attract states, “Love attracts all, except the human heart that chooses to turn away (remember, we have free will). If you have a problem with the law of attraction you have to trace the source of the problem – is it physical, metaphysical or spiritual? Find the source of the problem and the solution becomes obvious and easy (to see, not necessarily easy to do!)

Well I hope that I haven’t offended too many of you, but if i have ask yourself. “is what I’ve said the truth on the spiritual level?”  If it is, you are having problems with the physical or metaphysical over-riding the spiritual and making you life un-happy. If I haven’t offended you, congratulations you are detached from death and should seek out the Benefits of death to you (not just the impact on you)

I love you all,